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some wacky ff7 rumours


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The Ultimate Materia!(not Ultima!)

You are supposed to get three master materias and show them to BugenHagen before he dies and he'll tell you about another materia hidden in his lab and he'll open the door and give it to you. You're supposed to get all the commands and summons in one.

Zack On Your Party

You're supposed to give a digestive (from the grocery shop in Wall Market) to the man in the pipe near Aeris' house then he'll reveal himself as Zack and join you. Hey! He has a number 2 on him! He's a Sephy clone!

Tifa Kills Herself?

If you are mean to Tifa through the whole game (E.X. give the flower to Marlene instead of Tifa, tell Aeris that Tifa is not your girlfriend), When Cloud dreams of Aeris running away, Tifa will push Aeris out of the way and kill herself and you will have Aeris for the rest of the game. Who would want that! What a dumb rumour.

Get Good'ol'Sephy!

Supposivly, if u collect 12 1/35 soldiers and bring it to the weapon selleer, he will fuse them and make them the Ledgendery Soldier! (for all you poorly informed people, the Ledgendery Soldier is SEPHIROTH!). Yeah sure! Who're you gonna fight to beat the game then?

Get Cloud's Lv.5 Limit Break

To get the secret lv.5 break for cloud take dios diary to yuffie's father then he will discover dios weakness and attack him, the gold saucer will crash into the sand and is immediatelty eaten by the ruby weapon who in his gratitude give you the lv.5 break.

Get 44 Magnum and Meteor Materia

The sick guy in Midgar is useful.U must have Vincent armed with his ultimate weapon and in ur party.When he sees him, he realizes it's Prof.Gast and fights him alone.He morphs into a giant robotic tank body.If you manage to beat him, using no materia, you'll gain the 44 magnum (his 'real' ultimate weapon) and the key item "Gastbomb" set it off on Emerald Weapon and Emerald Weapon will cough up a large emerald and fly off.Go to the Golden Saucer and give it to Dio, then kill Dio to gain the 5th Huge Materia.Take it to Cosmo Canyon and place it there.It will turn into Meteor Materia.

Get a Three Legged Chocobo

How to breed a secret 3 legged chocobo: First breed a gold chocobo then go to the bone village and did in the top left corner to get a zag nut(do this again to get the zig nut), Then go to chocobo sage and he will comment on how nice your nuts are, catch a bad chocobo and feed him 30 stylkis greens then realse it choco billy will begin beating you viciously with a mallot then he will give you the rare puke green catch wonderful chocobo. breed it with the gold with the zig nut to get a 3 legged chocobo.
lv.5 limit break for Cid

Go to Nibelheim basment and get the secret item atomic subway sandwich, then go to rocket town and in the fight with palmer feed him and he will explode if you survive you will receive the limit break item lardass.

Cloud's LVL 6 limit

To get Cloud's LVL 6 limit, tear up Bugenhagen's machine by pulling the levers alot.You'll hear an explosion.When you tell Bugenhagen, he gets pissed.He'll try to fight you, but his strongest move is Quega, which he only does once.Once you defeat him, he'll cough up Cloud's limit level 6 manual.

Hidden Galaga Game

To play the hidden game of Galaga, do this.At the Gold Saucer, in the gameroom, win one hundred games of Super Dunk basketball in a row and the ticket lady will ask you if u want to rest.Say yes and you'll awaken in the back room.There are defective games in the room.All of them are broken except Galaga.Plug Galaga in the wall and you'll play.

Tifa in the Shower

To see the secret FMV of Tifa in the shower, well you can't do it, but it just happens in certain inns.It can only be seen once a disc and it's a 1 in 1000000000 chance here, but I've found one place on all games where you can see it.Disc 2:Mideel, doctor's office.Keep resting until it shows up.
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[SIZE=1]They... sound weird... who the hell would make up that crap and feed it to gullible FFVII players? Actually... don't answer that.

Yup, there's loadsa rumours like that but, not just for FFVII, for practically every game! And [i]none[/i] of the work...[/SIZE]
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Guest Voodookanaka
the tifa in the shower bit, there is a hentai vid of that i got off win mx....um...................never mnd....but thats prolly how it got started.
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Actually, [B]Yes[/B] I have heard of the Cheese Weapon!! I saved the method to get it because it was so darn funny. I'll put it up:


Cannot complete Rocket Town Materia quest
Need a Transform, Odin, Titan, Typhoon, Knights of the Round Table, and Exit Materia.

The hidden WEAPON:
Cheese WEAPON - The WEAPON found on the moon. Needs a Weird Chocobo.
Finding the Weird Chocobo:
Begin this quest by defeating Jenova Synthesis, Bizarro Sephiroth, and Safer Sephiroth. When the battle between Cloud and Final Sephiroth ensues, start to run away. You will not be able to, but keep doing it. Sephiroth will hit you for 1 point of damage at intervals. Keep running. You have a 1 in 128 chance of escaping when he hits you. When you finally escape, you will be standing outside of Midgar (don't ask me how.) You will have a brief moment of thought and then you will commence the battle with Meteor.
Meteor Stats:
HP: 9,999,999,999,999
MP: 0
Attacks: Earth Crush (used one minute into the battle, which destroys the planet and ends the game.)
Meteorain (as per the limit break)
Comet, Comet2
EXP: 1
AP: 0
Gil: Like a big rock would carry Gil!
Prizes at the end of the Battle: Some scars and the praise of billions.
Steal: Comet Materia, Space Junk, Moon Rock
Morph: Tissue
In a nutshell, you have exactly one minute to kill Meteor before it hits Earth, but here's how you can do it. You will lose this battle if you don't have a Transform materia in your party. You need to cast Mini on Meteor five times. You can insure doing this by casting Haste on yourself. After you hit Meteor five times with Mini, the battle will
end and you get 1 EXP and 0 AP.
Meteor will get mad and crash down on earth, but it's only the size of a house and lands on Don Corneo's mansion.

Go back into Midgar using a disabled key item called the "Pogo Stick." To get the Pogo Stick, wait till the scene that has the party on the Highwind. When everyone is silent, examine the tin of rubbish in the Chcoobo stable. There, you will find a Pogo Stick, which can only be found when Meteor has crashed into Corneos Mansion. Go to Corneo's Mansion and you will see a Spotted Chocobo. Speak to the Chocobo to give it name. You must give the Chocobo a name that is opposite to this gender, or it will run away. Its a 50/50 chance of getting it right, so I suggest saving the game before speaking with it.
Now ride the Chocobo out of Midgar and ride it to Rocket Town. (Note that you cannot go on mountains because the Weird Chocobois afraid of heights.)
Run around the Rocket ten times and you can enter it. Now you will be asked: "Where to?"
You can answer one:
"West Side"
Choosing Disneyland will take you to Gold Saucer, where all the costumes will be Disney-oriented.
West Side takes you to a hidden area in Midgar where Barret really grew up.
Party will take you to Costa del Sol, where Cid is insanely drunk in the villa with everyone other character in the game, including the Turks, who were waiting to die.
But you want to select the fourth hidden option.
This will bring up another question: "Are you sure?"
Answer "Yes" and you will fly to the Moon. When you land you have ten seconds to run
into the Cheese WEAPON, who is skipping by just as you land. If you touch him, you can fight him. If not, game over.
Stats of the Cheese Weapon:
HP: 2,000,000,000
MP: 20,000
Attacks: Sharp Cheddar (a physical attack, causes around +8000 damage)
Cheese Sneeze (Causes +5000 damage to all plus poison and confusion)
Cheese Freeze (Ice based, causes +7000 damage to one)
Cheese Breeze (Wind based, causes +5000 damage to all)
Cheese Degrees (Fire, causes +8000 damage to one)
Vitamin Cheese (Heals the Cheese Weapon for 9999 HP)
Death by Cheese (Causes 9999 damage to all, used when HP is down to 1,000,000. Can only be blocked by casting Shield or Barrier before hand)
EXP: 1,000,000
AP: 1,000,000 (like you'd need all that anyway)
Gil: 1,000,000
Prizes at the end of the battle: Cheese Ring
Steal: Cheese Armlet (If you can equip it during battle, which you really can't, it will absorb all damage taken from the Cheese WEAPON as HP)
Morph: Cheese Source (raises stats of all characters to 255)
In Battle:
The Cheese WEAPON will summon four Cheeseasaurus Rexes (yes, the ones from the Kraft Cheese and Macaroni commercial.) They can attack you for about 3000 HP each, and can steal items from you (they usually wind up stealing everything you have, but you can steal them back. You win them back at the end of the battle, anyway.) The easiest way to beat the Cheese WEAPON (I tested this and it ALWAYS works) is to summon Odin, which will turn him into cheese slices. Then summon Titan to turn him into a cheese sandwich. After Titan, summon Typoon to turn the sandwich over. Then summon the Knights of Round to put toppings on the sandwich.
They will put on Ham, Turkey, Salami, Bologna, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pickles, Olives, Lettuce, Tomato, Peppers, and Onions. Then the big guy at then end (I think it's King Arthur) will cut the sandwich in half.
Feed the sandwich to your Spotted Chocobo and it will transform into the Bizarre Chocobo (it has two heads and looks like a peacock.)
The Bizarre Chocobo will say "Kraw" instead of "Wark." If it doesn't, use a Hyper on the Chocobo and he will spit up the sandwich. Use Life2 on the sandwich and you'll fight the Cheese WEAPON all over again. Refer to above to beat him again.
Repeat this until your Bizarre Chocobo says "Kraw!" When it does, you can ride him back to
Earth (the FMV of this looks like E.T. riding over the moon.) Take the Cheese Ring to the man in Kalm. He will give you the "Cow Lure" Materia.
Once you equip the Cow Lure Materia, you can fight Cows instead of Chocobos. You can breed them too!
Then a new option on Choco Billy's menu appears. It is "Milk". When you milk your cows, they will produce cheese. You have to milk a "Smelly Cow" to get Limburger. Milk a "Holy Cow" to produce Swiss, and milk a "Patriotic Cow" to get American. I heard there's a Blue Cow that will give you Blue Cheese, and an Italian Cow that will give you Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese.
If you go to Wall Market, you'll find the Honeybee Inn has been vacated. You can buy the building for 1,000,000 Gil. Then you can open a Deli. You can serve sandwiches with your cheese, and in the International Version of FF7, you can get the Salmon Materia and have
Salmon Cheese, which sells for 10,000 Gil on a sandwich.
Interesting Insert: If you go into the pub at Kalm, you will find the polygon render of Nobuo Uematsu (the FF7 Music Composer.) He is incredibly drunk and will tell you that he is sick of the Prelude Theme and is going to take it out for FF8.
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Guest Voodookanaka
lol, thats just ridiculous...........

gotta save that

on another note, i know for a fact that that wont work coz i tried running away from final sephiroth and u automatically counter-attack
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Voodookanaka [/i]
[B]lol, thats just ridiculous...........

gotta save that

on another note, i know for a fact that that wont work coz i tried running away from final sephiroth and u automatically counter-attack [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=purple]Really? Well, thanks! You saved me countless hours of actually trying this code! ^_^

Bah, you should hear some of the ones I've seen... They aren't quite as funny as the Cheese Weapon, but they're pretty funny.

There's something about getting Joe (the Chocobo Jocky) as a hidden character, as well as Holy and someone else...[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Crazy White Boy [/i]
Now ride the Chocobo out of Midgar and ride it to Rocket Town. (Note that you cannot go on mountains because the Weird Chocobois afraid of heights.)
Run around the Rocket ten times and you can enter it. Now you will be asked: "Where to?"
You can answer one:
"West Side"

But you want to select the fourth hidden option.
[color=indigo] If it's hidden how do you get to it?[/color]

[COLOR=indigo]I'm gonna pick this apart to make sure, even if you can run away from Sephiroth... [/COLOR]
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Those are some pretty wacky rumours, Seph... On the subject of rumours... *ahem*

FFVIII-Do this on Disk 3, with GARDEN not the Ragnarok.

First, You Battle 100 Tonberrys after you beat the Tonberry king. (You have to have Zell in your Party, and Irvine.) After 100 of them, Zell says: "Squall, why are we battling these guys?" and then Irvine says: "Yeah? Can't we just go to the Garden Training centre or something?"
Squall says: "Whatever..." and the scene cuts to Squalls dorm. He says something about Boredom, and then you appear in the cockpit. Nida says you should go to FH for some relaxation, but when you are almost there, a disaster happens...Garden Gets attacked and begins to sink!! As garden is going down, Students, SeeDs and Monsters Alike scramble off of the huge Garden, But Xu gets trapped! Squall and 2 other members (You choose them) go down to rescue her. It's difficult, though, Because Garden is Flooding up with water, and it's on a high angle...You go down to the B1 floor, and the Shumi village people will be there running around madly. They battle you, and then you see Xu after the fight. The 2 other Party Members Escort Xu out, Whilst Squall very Respectfully goes down with his Ship. He blacks out, and when he wakes up, Garden is on the Bottom of the Ocean floor. He looks out a window and sees some rubble, and some wreckage that looks like it's from Esthar. Squall gets a call on the Emergency Radio from Laguna. He tells him this is where the Lunatic Pandora was sunk 17 years ago. Laguna, Kiros and Ward Send the Ragnarok over to the Crash site to retrieve garden. But when it gets there, Garden is too heavy for the Ragnarok! Laguna thinks.... and thinks...and thinks and thinks and thinks...Eventually he decides to take the Ragnarok into space to find the other 2 Esthar Spaceships: Masamune and Excalibur! After a whole lot of cool FMVs, the three Spaceships go underwater and get Garden with Squall safely inside. Then you appear back on the Ragnarok with Squall and Laguna. Squall asks Laguna; ?Why did you go to so much trouble to rescue me?? Laguna reveals to Squall that he is his father?then you get Laguna in your party!! Now you head to the place in Trabia where the huge crater is. You find this Item called ?Crystal Orb?. You go into the menu and use it, and the Lunatic Pandora begins to move! It moves to over the Centra ruins, and suddenly, a Giant beam of light hits the ruins! The ruins rise up and reveal a giant Monolith below it! The ruins were only the tip of the giant spire. The Lunatic Pandora moves back over to tears point?. Land the Ragnarok on top of the spire, in the Original Ruins, and work your way down to the very bottom. Many Tonberrys, Forbiddens and Monsters called ?Ancient Guards? or ?Ancient Cavalry? Whom resemble Odin will battle you. (Yes, the Mini Odins CAN use Zantetsuken so watch out!) Once you reach the bottom, you?ll see a huge book. Read it, and it will tell you about the Centra people. On the last page there is a hidden compartment. (Search the Last page about 50 times to find it) In the compartment is a riddle, which leads you to the Forest due south of Obel Lake. Put on Enc-None and Run around in the Forest tapping Circle. After about 15 minutes, you will go into a battle screen, but it?s not a fight, it?s a City!
(Remember ?Mirage? from FFV?) The City is called Mirage, funnily enough, and the people who live there are the Centra! They tell about what happened, why they took to Hiding, the secrets of the Deep-sea deposit, and so forth. Then, they tell you about a Mysterious force near Trabia?. Go to the place where you have the Laguna scenario about the Ruby Dragon (Trabia Canyon, Remember?) And you will fight?Get this?an EMERALD DRAGON!! He?ll use Hyper Breath Straight away though, and your whole party dies?but then, someone casts Life2 w/all on you?it?s Emerald Weapon! He does Emerald Shoot on the Dragon and kills him in one shot. Then, Squall asks him who he is:
Squall: ?Who are you??
Emerald: ?I am Emerald Weapon!?
Squall: ?Uhhh, Okay then??
Emerald: ?I have a gift for you SeeDs.?
Squall: ?What is it??
Emerald: ?It?s called [MATERIA]. Here, have 10 pieces each!?
Squall: ?Gee, thanks!?
Emerald: ?No Problem!?
Then, the battle ends and Squall, Laguna and your other Member equip the Materia. Then, the first step you take, you get battled! It?s Emerald Weapon!
Squall: ?Hey, Emerald.?
Emerald: ?Hello Squall. I forgot to tell you??
Squall: ??What.?
Emerald: ?Don?t trust a Weapon!?
Then he casts Aire tam storm on you and all your Members die because it does 9999 damage! Then you appear, but you?re still alive! Squall looks around, and realises that he is in Balamb Hotel. He goes downstairs and finds his Comrades (including Kiros, Ward and Laguna, who can now be in your party) And a New GF: Emerald Weapon!
Emerald Weapon has a Pre-Learned Menu Ability called ?GF Search? You use this, and Emerald Weapon goes off and looks for new GFs!! (Note, while he is gone, you cannot junction or summon him, until you turn ?GF Search? from the Menu screen.
The GFs You can find are: (In order)
Dark Phoenix
Dark Alexander
Gigamesh (not Gi-l-gamesh)
Master Tonberry
Jumbo Cactuar
Omega Weapon
And finally?
DarkNeo KoTR Deluxe!!
(It hits 1000 times, doing more than 20000 damage every time!!)

DNKoTRD has a special Menu ability called ?Clone Machine?. It takes 20000ap to learn, and it lets you clone people to put in your party. To clone someone, Select ?Clone Machine? From the Menu abilities screen, and turn on active mode. Then when you go up to someone, hold R1 and R2 when you press Circle. This activates the Clone Machine. In about 10 mins of play the Clone will be complete. This means you can get anyone in your party. (Note to get Clones of Seifer, Pr. Deling, and People like that, Under the ?Clone Machine? Submenu, Select ?Archive mode? Rather than ?Active Mode? then you can Clone people like Adel, Seifer, Ultimecia Ellone and so on.)

Possibly one of the most elaborate rumours i've ever seen. Come to think of it, I wrote that 2 years ago. :p
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[color=indigo][size=3][b]DEATH... BY... [i]CHEEEEEZE!!!!![/i][/b][/size]

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
That was one screwed up rumor! LOL!

Edit: I would've written more in this post, but I kind of had to log out in a hurry...

I've saved the "Cheese WEAPON Quest" to a .txt file... I'm going to have to show that to my friends. :laugh:
When I was reading it, my brother was sitting next to me, and we were both laughing so hard, it hurt, Lol.[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Voodookanaka [/i]
[B]lol, thats just ridiculous...........

gotta save that

on another note, i know for a fact that that wont work coz i tried running away from final sephiroth and u automatically counter-attack [/B][/QUOTE]

ah, tis because you had counter attack equipped on cloud....
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NOT a normal fight!
For one, there's a stare-down, between Sephiroth and Cloud, then in the actual fight,
Cloud doesn't have any moves
(no ITEM or ATTACK, or MAGIC, or SUMMON, or D.BLOW, or E. SKILL, or STEAL, or SENSE, or any other command that comes to your head)


When you go to it, you'll have Omnislash. yes, even if you didn't win it from the Battle Square, all you lazy people will get to use Omnislash once in the game.
9999HP per hit, 15 hits, and a background color change per hit, and cool sound effects, and awesome speed, and then....
the Sephiroth-belly-light, and then the last FMV

No ordinary boss fight :)[/b]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Fou lu [/i]
[B]dont forget the enhanced graphics. cloud and sepiroth appear in MUCH more detail. lol but sum of those rumours make me laugh. cheese!!!:laugh: [/B][/QUOTE]

I haven't heard of the enhanced graphics one before :smooch:
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[B]OK heres 2 that I've heard before, that don't directly relate to the game, but do in a certain kind of way-

1. FF7 was going to get turned into a movie by square pictures (the guys who did The Spirits Within- for those who don't know)

2. ::I got this one off a cheat website:: If you run around Tifa 7777 times at any point on the 2nd disc when she is standing still, you will be able to use her seventh heaven at all times and her HP will be 7777 constantly.

[color=darkblue] What a load of tripe [/color][/B]
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