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RPG The Posessor 2 - Invasion


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[I]It has been 3 years since the old posessor came to Earth...Luckily, a group of people killed it, and thought they were finally safe...[/I]

[QUOTE]Die Hard 2:

They say lightning never strikes twice...They were wrong.[/QUOTE]


Suzuku: *Sticks on the TV*

[B][I]Well folks, heres something for you all! Anyone remember the posessing incident that happened 3 years ago?[/B][/I]

Suzuku: I do...My brother Ryu was killed by it...Made him jump off a skyscraper, then jumped outta his body at the last minute...

[I][B]Well, it looks like the "posessing disease" is coming back! Recently today, a few soldiers have been going crazy and shooting all the equipment in the bases! So remember people, if you suddenly feel as if you're in the freezer, call 999 (911 for Americans) for the police! Because YOU might have a posessor after you! ;)[/B][/I]

Suzuku: Dumb bastards are making a joke outta this! They don't know what the fu** is happening...I gotta get all those other guys!

(Stormwing, Raiha, Rico, and everyone else that was in "The Posessor", thats your cue to join!!)


To join just post your:


Name: Suzuku

Age: 20

Personality: Pretty calm most of the time.

Appearance: (See attachment, just imagine the sword is his machine gun)

Fave long-range weapon: Machinegun.

Fave short-range weapon: Daggers

Bio: Brother of Ryu, a char from the original. They were both raised up together and finally went their separate ways a few years before the first posessor came...(Ryu had called Suzuku on the phone to warn him, as they both lived in the same area, but just didn't do as much stuff together)


Seeing as the rules are "Sign ups and Plays have to be in the same topic" we are just gonna start straight away!
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[COLOR=royalblue]WOOHJOO!!!!!! SAYURI PRIDE!!!!!!!

Name: Sayuri

Age: 17

Personality: Calm and collected, unless she is under the control of the possessor.

Appearance: Ever seen Ah my Goddess...? She looks like Urd.

Fave long-range weapon: 9mm.

Fave short-range weapon: slingblade

Bio: Daughter of Sayuri from the original, not nice, not friendly, has prerecognition powers......and so on and so forth...[/COLOR]
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Can I join?

Raiha: NO! YOU'RE EVIL ENOUGH! *throws a dagger*

*cough* ....Please don't ask where that came from...

Name: Drake

Age: 18

Personality: Quiet, but get him pissed, and HOOOOOOOOOOO BOY!

Appearance: Dammit, I'm tired of filling out Appearances!

Black and red flaming shirt. Black, slate, and white thorn design pants. Shotly, naturally spiked black hair. Very big and muscular. Can punch a person through a brick wall, if needed be. Six foot three, and 215 pounds. Capible of almost anything.

Fave long-range weapon: BIZ-2

Fave short-range weapon: Four Foot long Katana

Bio: Ghetto street-trash to the T. Has basically no heart, no remorse. Kills for no reason, only to have fun. Not too bright, and when it comes to killing, it's all a game. Not much else is known.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]WOOHJOO!!!!!! [/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]


Anyway, I remember the RPG quite well... Guess it's time for Raynor to return...

Name: Raynor

Age: 20

Personality: Calm, serious and cool under pressure.

Appearance: 6'4", short black hair, blue eyes, black trousers with red streaks, black shirt, black trenchcoat.

Fave long-range weapon: 9mm

Fave short-range weapon: Gunblade (I've been playing [i]way[/i] too much FF8 lately...)

Bio: Still an undercover cop, he continues to infiltrate Drub Dealers. (Sorry, just had to do that).

Seriously though...

Bio: After the first Possesor incident, Raynor retired from his undercover job for a year, and when he returned, he was greated by men in black suits. Seems he had been recommanded to a secret severice agency. Now, he continues his job as an undercover man, but now working under an agency...
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Name: Vinn

Age: 21

Personality: Calm and nice at times...but when provoked, he can be a very poor example of self-control.

Appearance: 5'11, shaved head, brown leather jacket, sleevless muscle shirt, silver cross, tough material black pants.

Long Range weapon: .357 Magnum

Short Range: Brass Knuckles

Bio: Straight off the wrong side of the tracks, Vinn runs a rather small grocery store. He's a commoner...with many neighborhood friends and a very short fuse...[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]
[B]Fave short-range weapon: Gunblade (I've been playing [i]way[/i] too much FF8 lately...)[/B][/QUOTE]

No, seriously? I thought you were talking about RollerCoaster Tycoon......:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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[SIZE=1][color=indigo]Hey hey! I remember this! Fun fun..

Name: Piro

Age: 20

Personality: Pretty layed back, enjoys a good fight, likes doing dirt work.

Appearance: [see attached file]

Fave long-range weapon: High powered uzi [an uzi with power near an M-16 but doesn't fire as fast as a normal uzi :drunk:]

Fave short-range weapon: Combat knife

Bio: As time has passed Piro has gotten out of the computer hacking business. He lets his hair fade back to its original black color and he has cut it much shorter than before. He now works as an 'errand boy' for many local gangs. It's a risky business as many of the gangs are rivals and he is constantly having to work against his own employers. He doesn't just work with gangs though, he run errands for anybody that needs them done. Even though he is layed back, he knows when to get down to business.

[i]In a run down apartment, Piro sits in his favorite ripped up dusty leather recliner watching tv eating stale chips from last week. His peacefulness is disturbed by a sudden ring from the phone. Piro sets the chips aside and stands up cleaning off the chip crumbs from his shirt. The phone continues to ring as he slowly makes his way over to it..[/i]

Piro: Ya ya, I'm comin' already..

[i]Piro picks up the phone only to receive some disturbing news..[/i]

[i][b]Suzuku: Piro! It Suzuku! Bad news![/i][/b]

Piro: What is it now?

[i][b]Suzuku: Gear the **** up! It's come back![/i][/b]

Piro: What's come back?

[i][b]Suzuku: IT!!!.......................... the Posessor...[/i][/b]

[i]There was a sudden chill of silence. Piro stood unmoving with the phone just held to his ear.[/i]

[i][b]Suzuku: This is bad.. very bad..[/i][/b]

Piro:...................... I'll be there in a few minutes..

[i]Piro hung up the phone and dashed into his room put on his coat and armed himself with his combat knife, high powered uzi, and a simple pistol. Hurriedly he climbed out the window down the fire escape where a bunch of cars were stopped at a red light. Being that he didnt have any wheel of his own he took the next best thing. Walking nonchalantly up the station wagon in the front of the line he jerked the passenger door open took at his pistol and pointed it at the driver.[/i]

Piro: Get out.

[i]The driver turned his head unknowing of what was actually happening. When he faced Piro there was a red glow in his eye. Out of reflex Pyro immediatly shot the driver. The blast sent the peds running. The red glow was actally the glare of the stoplight on the man's eye but it was too late. Piro climbed into the car and opened the driver side door pushing the dead body out and then closing the door. Despite the red light Piro floored it and headed off to Suzuku...[/i][/size][/color]
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yes!! siren is back!!

Name: siren kojia

Age:17 (i was 15 in the last one)

Personality: feirce and challenging and when the option arises will always fight. loves to joke in the face of a battle but is calm and serious in situations that demand it. has a wry sense of humor and likes to try and get a rise out of ppl

Appearance: black hair w/ red streaks,black baggy pants, burgandy tank top, saphire eyes, 5'11"

Fave long-range weapon: pistol

Fave short-range weapon: long sword

Bio: i hate bios...*click* boom!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonballzman [/i]
[B]Seeing as the rules are "Sign ups and Plays have to be in the same topic" we are just gonna start straight away![/B][/QUOTE]


[I]Suzuku grabs his Machine Gun and Daggers, then goes to the nearest radio station...[/I]

Suzuku: Lemme broadcast summit...

Guy: Uhhh...Ok...I'll be timing you.

Suzuku: [B]Everybody! The "Posessor" report on the TV is REAL! You may not believe me, but it's true! Those soldiers really WERE posessed! If any of you are in the street, and see a glint of red in someones eye, please, REPORT THEM STRAIGHT AWAY![/B]

Guy: Alright thats £2. £1 for every 10 seconds.

[I]Suzuku pays up, and walks out into the street...[/I]

Suzuku: [I]I'll bet no one cares about what I said...[/I]

[I]Someone taps him on the shoulder...[/I]

Suzuku: Yeah?

Guy: Tell me, hum-...friend, where is the nearest gun shop?

Suzuku: ...No.

Guy: Not very friendly are you?

[I]Suzuku steps closer to the man, and whispers something in his ear...[/I]

Suzuku: [SIZE=1]...I know who you are.[/SIZE]


Guy: H-How...? URK! What...The...*Dies*

Suzuku: [I]Damn...It got away...At least thats proof that they're definately here...[/I]

[I]Suzuku runs off just as the police show up...[/I]

Suzuku: [I]I need to find all of Ryus other friends...We have to stop this before MORE of those...THINGS...show up...[/I]

[I]Suddenly shivers and feels as if he's rolling in the snow naked...[/I]

Suzuku: :eek: NO!

[I]Runs off as fast has he can, trying to stay away from the coldness, then bumps into someone![/I]

Piro: Hey, watch it man...Suzuku!

Suzuku: Run! There's a posessor here!

Piro: :eek: What!?

Suzuku: Seriously! It's after m-EERRRKKKK...

Piro: :nervous: W-Whats wrong?

Suzuku: ...*Ahem* N-Nothing...Nothing at all. :D

Piro: :demon: Whats your name?

Suzuku: Uhhh...Ummm...Suzuku...?

Piro: Age?

Suzuku: [I][COLOR=red]Vts[...Jr lmped...[/COLOR][/I]

Suzuku: My age? Why do you want to know that?

Piro: *Takes out combat knife* Tell me.

Suzuku: EERRUUKKK...W-What happened?

Piro: You were posessed. :demon:

[I]Both of them suddenly hear some shouting and gunfire a few metres away from them![/I]

Suzuku: Let's go.

[I]Both of them run into the street and see the police shooting at a guy with a chaingun!![/I]

Piro: Theres more of them? *WHACK*

Girl: Hey I wanna piece of you!

[I]Pyro grabs the little kid by the wrist and stares at her...[/I]

Girl: ...What? W[COLOR=red]h[/COLOR]ats wrong?

Piro: DIE!

[I]Piro takes out his combat knife again and is just about to slash it through the girls head when all 3 of them shiver and the girl starts crying...[/I]

Suzuku: It's gone...

[I]Both of them run to a phone booth[/I]


Bring bring...Bring bring...

Siren: Hello?

Vinn: Hello?

Sayuri: Hello?

Raynor: Hello?

[I][B]It's Piro and Suzuku. They're back...[/I][/B]
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[SIZE=1][color=indigo][i]Piro and Suzuku finish their phone call with the others and agreed to meet at the downtown fish market. A place that's usually booming with people, less likely the possessor will show up there, being that it mainly stayed in suburban area.. at least, that's how it was last time.. Piro jacks another car this time without killing the driver and take off to the fish market..

About fifteen minutes pass as they finally arrive. They get out of the car and beginto walk around the area. They pass by a large open alley and Piro stops walking.[/i]

Piro: Go on. I'll catch up with you in a moment, I have some business to attend to.

Suzuku: All right, watch yourself though.. who knows where it may show up.

Piro: Right.

[i]With that Piro took off down the alley and Suzuku kept walking...[/i][/color][/size]
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[I]Suzuku walks along, when suddenly, a guy in the market screams loudly and starts punching and kicking people![/I]

Suzuku: Crap! There it is!

[I]Suzuku runs up to the guy and grabs him[/I]

Suzuku: Tell me! Why have you came back!?

Guy: [COLOR=red]Ejsy fp upi ,rsm?[/COLOR]

Suzuku: :confused:


Note: Anyone that can figure out how to translate this gets a doggy biscuit as a reward! ...Make that a cookie. -_- :tasty:


Guy: [COLOR=red]Mpe ;ry hp![/COLOR]

Suzuku: Quit screwing about with me and speak normally!

Guy: [COLOR=red]Niy O fpm#y d[rsl ji,sm![/COLOR]

Suzuku: GRRR!!! *Takes out daggers*

Raynor: Don't kill it.

Suzuku: Raynor! :wow:

Raynor: I did some research back at base...It's their language. Not many of them speak human. The one your brother and the rest of us faught was a commander, so it was taught how to speak in human languages.

Suzuku: Have you found out how to translate it?

Raynor: Well, back at base I made device which translates it!

Suzuku: Alright, round 2! TALK! What is happening?

Guy: [COLOR=red]O#;; mrbrt yr;;!!![/COLOR]

Raynor: ...it says "I'll never tell!!!"

Suzuku: Alright, lets try a little more force...

[I]Takes out machine gun[/I]

Guy: [COLOR=red]O#, mpy dvstrf![/COLOR]

Raynor: ..."I'm not scared!"

Suzuku: You should be.

[I]Loads it[/I]

Guy: [COLOR=red]Pl pl O';; ys;l![/COLOR]

Raynor: ..."Ok ok I'll talk!"

Suzuku: ...Much better...*Shivers*

Guy: H-Huuuh? Whats going on? ARGH! HE'S GOT A GUN!

[I]Runs off[/I]

Suzuku: Damn! It got away!
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Raynor: I'll check the outskirts of the market, you go down that way. *Points though a group of people*

Suzuku: Alrighty.

[I]Raynor slipped his hand into his jacket, fingering a 9mm. He pushed past large groups of people, some who backed away, obviously realising that Raynor could have a 9mm within a few inches of his right hand. [/I]

Raynor: (Doesn't look like it's around here.)

[I]Raynor began to turn around, but instantly heard what sounded like a riot a few blocks away. He pulled out his 9mm, and ran...[/I]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sayuri's es littered and she turned to look at the man behind her. His eyes were glowing an unatural red and his teeth were bared. She whipped her blade upwards, cutting him wide open.[/i]

Sayuri: Don't tell me to do that again.

NPC: *dead*

Sayuri: ........*walks off*

Vinn: Hey Sayuri!

Sayuri: Hey yourself.[/COLOR]
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[i]Drake walks down the street, oblivious to everything. Cure for the Itch blares in his headphones. But the sounds of gunfire made his head slowly rise. Reaching from behind his back, he pulled out a .45 in his right hand. He continued to walk at his relaxed pace, leaving his CD player on as well, towards the sound of battle..[/i]
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[SIZE=1][color=indigo]As much as I'd like the doggy biscuit, I don't think it would be fair since you told me how to translate it :p
[i]Piro strolls down the alley way keeping a firm hand on his pistol. He came upon a stack of boxes piled on top of each other. He looked around to make sure there was no one around and then knocked on the boxes. He stepped back a bit and waited. A few moments later, a portion of thew boxes opened like a door. An abnormally tall Chinese man stepped out and looked at Piro. The man's name was Chong.. that wasn't his real name but that's the name Piro was given to address him as..[/i]

Chong: Ah, Piro. We just phoned your apartment and you weren't there.

Piro: I had some unexpected business to attend to with some old friends.

Chong: Come, Mr. Ani has some business for you...

[i]Chong leads Piro into the secret area, even though he had been through it amny times before, they weren't known to take chances. Mr. Ani also wasn't the real name of the guy he was going to see. Everyone was given a false name. Even the gang's name was given a more American name "Firebirds". This was to keep a low profile on the streets since the Chinese weren't the most welcomed gang in the city and they were small in numbers. Piro knew the real name of the gang, it was simply the "Dragon Clan". Which worked into their Americanized name "Firebirds"..

Piro finally came to an open, well lit room. Chong stopped him neaer the entrance and walked up to a cluttered desk at the opposite end of the room that had a chair behind it that was facing backwards. Chong whispered something to Mr. Ani who was in the chair. After a few seconds the chair turned around to face Piro..[/i]

Mr. Ani: It's been a long tim Piro...

Mr. Ani: Recently I've been hearing news about people being possessed and causing chaos among the public.. do you know of this?

[i]Piro nodded his head, though he didn't like where this was going..[/i]

Mr. Ani: Lately the Blank Clip have been giving me some trouble..

[i]The Blank Clip were another gang in the northern part of town. Their name comes from what would be left in their gun after they were done with you. Cheezy maybe, but they weren't a gang to take lightly..[/i]

Mr. Ani: Those bastards have been running through our territory all month, knocking over our fish stands and what have you.. literally. You saw the five we have out there right?.. There used to be twenty!! Countless money has been taken and countless money has been expended to repair what damage we could afford! Our business has been cut back for too long now! I want you to head up to their turf and empty your own damn clips on them!!! Either that, or you find what's driving people to shoot this random fire and give a taste to them!! That way their deaths won't be traced to you or us! Now go!!!

[i]Piro nodded and turned around heading back down the long hallway of twists and turns. Piro finally found the door and let himself out back into the alley. Just as the door closed behind him he felt a sudden chill go past him. He knew what it was.. he just wished he knew where it was headed..

Piro shook it off and walked to catch up to DBZman who was still out in the fish market supposedly...[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Vinn and Sayuri had been good neighborhood friends ever since they were old enough to walk. Their mothers were best friends and, in turn, Vinn and Sayuri were also.

Vinn looked at her bloodstained slingblade and looked at her red face.[/i]

Vinn: What did you do? Kill someone?

Sayuri: Yeah...I mean, c'mon...if he wanted to get me laid...at least he should have tried talking to me instead of backing me up against the hood of his car...

Vinn: Gezz...this place is already bad enough without peope like that...

Sayuri: So how are things?

Vinn: Slow...you want something to eat?

Sayuri: No thanks...your cooking sucks!

Vinn: Hey! You better be lying!

Sayuri: I'm just kidding, I love your cooking...

Vinn: Anyway...I was thinking of closing up shop...

Sayuri: Why?

Vinn: I mean it's an honest buisness selling groceries...but eh...not enough...

Sayuri: It's all about the money 'aint it?

Vinn: The root of all evil...

[i]Vinn and Sayuri looked up at the television set in his small store...

"Several murders have taken place here in this fine city...spitting a pattern of homicide, all related to several different people who claim the were under the control of 'demons' (excuse this commentative laugh HA!!)..."[/i]

Vinn: Well, will you look at that..

Sayuri: I've hand enough of dead bodies today...grab me a soda...[/COLOR]
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Suzuku: [I]Sh*t...I can't believe theres more of them![/I]



[I]Suzuku turns around to see a guy in a car speeding through the streets while shooting a nailgun at everyone!![/I]

Suzuku: :eek:

[I]Runs into a shop for cover, to find Vinn and Sayuri![/I]

Vinn: Hey Suzuku, whats going o-

Suzuku: DUCK!!!

[I]Sayuri and Vinn both drop down as the window of the shot shatters from all the bullets![/I]

Guy: [I][COLOR=red]J,,,///Oy#d jo,![/I][/COLOR]

[I]The guy suddenly stops the car and starts to walk up to Vinns store...[/I]

Suzuku: *Takes a little look up* [SIZE=1]Fu**! He's coming![/SIZE]

Vinn: [SIZE=1]Why here?[/SIZE]

Suzuku: [SIZE=1]I dunno...Maybe he thinks I'm Ryu? I mean, we ARE identical twins![/SIZE]

Sayuri: [SIZE=1]Whatever. I don't care who he thinks you are because I'M GONNA KILL 'IM![/SIZE]

[I]As the guy opened the door to the shop, Sayuri lunged forwards and slashed at the guys neck with her slingblade![/I]


Vinn: WTF...?

Suzuku: These posessor things can jump out a humans body before they di-*Shivers* Uh Oh...

[I]All of them stay still, not moving an inch, to see if the posessor will leave...[/I]

Suzuku: :nervous:

Sayuri: :nervous:

Vinn: :nervous:

[I]The coldness goes away...[/I]

Vinn: [SIZE=1]I think...It's gone...[/SIZE]

[I]All of them give off a big sigh of relief and run outside[/I]

Vinn: Whats going on??? :confused:

Sayuri: Thee's aload of monsters in this city, DUH.

Suzuku: We ne[COLOR=red]e[/COLOR]d to get Pyro...
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[COLOR=darkblue]Vinn: You okay, man?

Suzuku: I'm alright...just nervewrecked...

Sayuri: I wonder where that "thing" went to.

Vinn: Beats me...

[i]Vinn runs around behind the counter of his shop and takes the keys and an automatic shotgun, sawed off. He loaded several dozen rounds into the loading bay and locked it in. He closed the door and locked up the store tight.[/i]

Vinn: What's up with Piro?

Suzuku: He's probably the one who can explain what's happening...

Sayuri: Do you know where he is?

Suzuku: He should be around the neighborhood.

Vinn: ALright...

[i]Vinn hands Sayuri the keys to his GTO convertable and they run to the back of the shop where the parking lot was. All three of thme jumped in, with Vinn riding shotgun (nyak!), Suzuku in the back seat, taking a breather, and Sayuri driving. She pulled out into the alleyway and into the streets...[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sayuri turned a sharp corner and picked up her cell phone. She dialed Piro's number and continued to drive.[/i]

Sayuri: For once in your life.........pick up the phone.....


Piro: Yeah?

Sayuri: Whew....okay, this is Sayuri.....remember me?

Piro: How could I forget.......?

Sayuri: :rolleyes: ......okay, well we're coming over, I've got two visitors, one of which is interested in learning more about the possessor. Can you give me the directions?

Piro: Sure.......hang on...[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][color=indigo]Ooooooooo, an actual reason to post! Woohoo!
Piro: Alright where are you now?

Sayuri: Umm.. I exited the downtown market about fifteen minutes ago and I'm currently heading northeast...

Piro: ..... Would you by any chance be driving a GTO Convertable?

Sayuri: Um.. yeah?

Piro: Ok, STOP!

[i]Sayuri slammed the brakes on out of half reflec and half from jumping from Piro shouting into the phone..[/i]

Sayuri: Ok, I know you live in a piece of crap apartment building.. and I don't see any around here..

[i]Suddenly the the backseat passenger side door was opened and Piro climbed inside..[/i]

Sayuri: Where the hell did you come from?

Piro: Well I was seeing one of my employers in the market and I left there looking for you guys.. and so here I am now..

Sayuri: Where to?

Piro: Start heading north west.. take the next left so as to avoid the Mafia that is stationed not far ahead..

Sayuri: Not friends with them are?

Piro: No no, I am.. just don't feel like seeing them right now..

[i]Sayuri took the left turn Piro instructed her to make..[/i]

Piro: Ok now keep going straight until you can't go no more.. and then take that right turn that will be there..

[i]While they drove along this long road Pir explained the whole Possessor incident that happened the past few years ago... He explained what it was, what it did, and that it was almost impossible to actually harm it when it's in its natural state. That you have to get it when it's inside a persons body, or else you'll have a much harder time defeating it. And that this time, there was definatley more than one of these things.. which was bad.. very bad.. If you feel yourself controlled by it, threaten it that you'll kill yourself, normally and most times it will get out. Mosto f the time though you won't have the slef-control to threaten suicide, especially if you weren't heavily nvolved with the first Possessor incident. If someone you know is suspected of being possessed and you dont want to kill them on the spot.. ask the questions, like their name.. their age.. the possessor won't know these things and will bail out cause it knows you'll just kill the person right there, and in killing the person you'll kll the thing thats inside that person. It takes the possessor a second or two to fully leave a persons body. If you kill the person quick enough you'll completely kill the possessor in the body, but if you catch it as its exiting, you'll only injure it. Which is rather pointless being that it tends to slowly regenerate. That is the general jist of the possessor,. anything else you'll learn from experience..

Sayuri came to the end of the straight road and turned right..[/i]

Piro: Are you a good driver? I mean.. at high speeds?

Sayuri: Yeah kinda..

Piro: Get up to about 70mph and stay at that speed. When you get up the road much farther there's going to be a difficult left turn. I want you to take it and start heading down that way and don't take your eyes of the road. Drive as striaght as you until you reach the overway, from there I want you to peel out and driver back down the road and then take a left at the intersection you entered the road from, got it?

Sayuri: Yeah.. but.. why?

Piro: No questions. Suzuku. Vinn. Keep yours heads down.

[i]Sayuri pciked her speed up to 70mph and cruised down the road. It was about 7 minutes when the turn that Piro mentioned came into view.. this area had many people in it, all of which appeared very similar.. and all packing heat..[/i]

Piro: Put your heads down..

[i]Not knowing why they had to, Vinn and Suzuku slouched lower into their seats as Sayuri kept a good eye on the road. Piro took out his high powered uzi and loaded it with a fresh clip.[/i]

Piro: Get ready...

[i]Sayuri camed to the turn and winged the car sharply to the left and floored it to get back up to 70, Piro flung his arm outthe window and fired the uzi consistently. Many of the unsuspecting people died right there, their heads blown clean off their body, or their chest emptied out.. immediatly gunfire began to return.. Sayuri came to the overway and slammed the brakes on and turned the wheel as hard as she could as the car spun a 180. Sayuri floored it once more as people armed with 9mm came running straight the car..[/i]

Piro: Don't stop..

[i]Sayuri made those people roadkill in a matter of seconds. Piro chose not to fire any more bullets as it was needless.. Sayuri came to the the turn where she turned left and awaited further instruction...[/i]

Piro: Ok then. You can slow down now, and take the next right, then take the next right after that and keep goign straight.. from there you can find my apartment its pretty obvious...

[i]Vinn and Suzuku sat back up in their seats somewhat freaked out...[/i]

Suzuku: Possessor???

Piro: No.. just some business I had to attend to..

Vinn: You are so damn lucky you didn't ruin my car or I'd have your head...

Piro: I've had this planned for a while... lets just get to my aprtment and rest for a few minutes...[/size][/color]
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[I]All of them walk into the apartment and take a breather...[/I]

Vinn: So how are we going to stop them?

Suzuku: Meh...I dun[COLOR=red]n[/COLOR]o...Like Pyro said, theres lots of em, and I don't feel l[COLOR=red]i[/COLOR]ke going on a killing spree...

Vinn: ...:demon: What's your name...?

Suzuku: Su[COLOR=red]z[/COLOR]uku...

Vinn: ...Age?


Suzuku: ...What the!?

Vinn: What???

Suzuku: I just heard summit! Sounded like a bomb!!

Piro: ...It was him banging on the wall...He's posessed.

Suzuku: :eek: M-Me!? No w[COLOR=red]a[/COLOR]y!

Sayuri: Care to explain why your eye keeps flashing red? :therock:

Suzuku: Uhhh...New conta[COLOR=red]c[/COLOR]t lenses? T-Tey sometimes refl[COLOR=red]e[/COLOR]ct light...

Vinn: *Holds up brass knuckles* Get out of Suzukus body...:demon: Or I'll beat you out.

Sayuri: *Gets out slingblade* And if that doesn't work I'll cut you out...

Suzuku: Look, guys! You go[COLOR=red]t[/COLOR]ta believe me!


Suzuku: :blackeye:

Vinn: Get out of his body!

Suzuku: Please! I'm tel[COLOR=red]l[/COLOR]ing the truth! I'm not posessed!

Piro: ...Fine...We believe you...:rolleyes:

Suzuku: Fina[COLOR=red]l[/COLOR]ly. :)

[I]Suzuku steps forwards when Vinn suddenly punches him in the face, sending him flying across the room and crashing into the wall![/I]

Suzuku: AAA[COLOR=red]A[/COLOR]RGH! What did you do that for!?

Sayuri: He did that because we know whats going on...You can't fool us.

Suzuku: Grrr...Stupid h[COLOR=red]u[/COLOR]man scum! You'll all be dead one day!!!-URRRHHHHHH! ...:drunk: What happened...?

Piro: *Helps him get up* You were posessed.

Suzuku: I-I was!? Wait a second...Where is it now?

Sayuri: Hell if I kn[COLOR=red]o[/COLOR]w...:devil:
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[COLOR=royalblue]Vinn: No way...

[i]Sayuri fought the posessor's control angrily, then collapsed to the ground, her eyes going back to their normal shade of blue. Vinn picked her up carefully, cradeling her limp head.[/i]

Suzuku: Are you okay...?

Sayuri: ...ung....yeah...

Piro: Damn...and this is just the beggining.

Sayuri: *cough*[/COLOR]
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Suzuku: ...We need to find a way to stop this...Fast.


Piro: What was that!?

[I]All of them run to the window and see a couple of buidings fall over!![/I]

Vinn: I don't believe it...These things are planting bombs!

Sayuri: Don't you...Think this would be a good time...To go?

Vinn: Good idea, glad I thought of it!

Suzuku: Bad joke. Now lets go!

[I]All 4 of them run out and bump into Raynor![/I]

Suzuku: Raynor! These things have started to plant bombs everywhere!

Raynor: I know. Well, I WOULD give you some more weaponry, but the guys back at base...Well, they think I need serious therapy...So I can't help much with any things like that.

Piro: ...Damn. So where were you?

Raynor: Someone got posessed...

Sayuri: We need to-

*[I]All of the TV's in the town suddenly changed channel and showed a guys face![/I]*

Guy: [B][COLOR=red]People of the world...Do not worry. We have only came to take over your planet. :) But instead of stealing all your bodies one by one, well, we'll just keep our doomsday device secret right now. :devil: Also, once we have took control of this planet, we won't need your pathetic buildings anymore, so we're going to blow them up. As you humans say: Have a nice day. :)[/COLOR][/B]

*Click* *Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* *Goes back to normal*

Everyone: *Screams*

Suzuku: -_- There. One more thing that makes this day perfect. Mad posessors probably trying to wipe us all out by firing a giant laser...-_-

Piro: No...Remember when the first one that came? It said that they don't live very long...If they live over 5 years then they're considered VERY lucky! They wouldn't just kill us...It's probably gonna be some sort of energy wave maker that renders everyones body to stop moving, making them easy targets, or something like that...

Vinn: I guess all we can do is wait...

Sayuri: We can do more than that! We can trace where that signal came from! And then we'll be able to get some answers, as to where it is, and then we can go destroy it!

Piro: Good idea...
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[SIZE=1][color=indigo]Piro: So howdoyou suppose we go about doing that?

Raynor: You wouldn't happen to have radio signal tracking devices would you?

Piro: ... No..

Suzuku: ...So how are we supposed to find out where that came from?

Piro: Beats me.

Sayuri: ..... :confused: Well this just puts a damper on things...[/size][/color]
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