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Pokemon Gotta Kill Em All!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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if ud like to kill a pokemon plz email me th following....
pokemon u want to "play with" ur name and age and what weapon u have.

name zaden
weapon: primary- machine gun secondary- injections hehe
place: remote area in the desert
pokemon: pikachu the annoying little buut-wipe thunder rat mother humper (takes medication) huh oh thats better.......
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Name: Master Shiro Aramada

Weapon: Gundam Physlis with a nuclear payload, hyper bazooka, and beam rifle with beam sabre! oh yeah, A castor gun with unlimited ammo

Location: Low-Orbit around the Pokemon world

Target: all of'em The trainers with one big @$$ M*th*r F*uck*n Nuke to the world and good bye you F*ckers and pok'e trainers
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Krillin6913 [/i]
[B]name-agent w
weapon-cmp150(from prfect dark)
primary-automatic secondary-emploding bullets
place-uhhh you mean where i live?

pokemon-pikachus dad, chansey and jigglypuff, also jynx and...........ash!!! they will all perish [/B][/QUOTE]
no imean where you "play" hehe with them at......
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Weapons-Assault rifle,Callisto(from PD),Desert Eagle,Buster sword(from FF7),and a caster with infinite ammo.
Place-I travel the world to kill pokemon.
Pokemon-Raichu,Charizard,Blastoise,AND MISTY!THEY ALL WILL DIE!
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ok lets start..............
ash walks in to vegeta's pharmacy
pikachu: pika pika???
ash: yeah thats right pikachu im buying you a potion to make u all better man the way you beat that gang of charizards sure wore you out (its retarded how pika shoots 1 blast and kills 3rd stage pokemon)
vegeta: hmmm what would you like??
ash: a potion!!!
vegeta: hey moron!! if you dont watch it youll be the one who needs it!!!!!! yells to his assistant go get a potion whats your name......
assistant: uhhhhhhhhh my name isnt whats your name my name is.............
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Cloud-My name is Cloud!Here it is.*throws potion*
Vegeta-Thanks Cloud.Here ya scrub!
Ash-What's your prob?
Vegeta-That costs 1000 dollars.
Ash-:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: *runs out with potion*
Cloud-I got this.*takes Desert Eagle and Shoots pikachu*
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my place is the pokemon sancuary.sry

ash runs over to where pikachu was blasted back to, he trys to put pikachus guts back into him.
ash:noo pikachu i love you, i will not letyou die until i can make love with you one last time!

vegeta:hey, here is a special potion, it may beable to save pikachus life!!!(fingures crossed)

ash uses potion, as he isspraying it on, the acid like substance starts to melt through pikachus skin and slowly works it way through his entire body killing him.


cloud:that is some embarrasin ****!
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vegeta: oh my gosh!!! pikachu has a highly contagius diesease!!! here ash take this kwik so u dont catch it!!!!! (hands him lethal injection)
ash: oh thanx im sure glad i have friends like you to help me out!!!
cloud: dont mention it what are friends for hehe.......
ash stix himself in the arm- oh i dont fell so good.......
vegeta: well you shouldnt hahaha!!!! die poke freak die!! vegeta pulls out a klobb and fires reapeditley bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! click click
vegeta: ah d@mn outta ammo will you do the honor cloud????
cloud: haha itll be my pleasure!!!!
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Agent W and Master Shiro Aramada walk into the pokemon sancuary, we see that trainers are walking in the park with pokemon cuddling with them.

Agent W:what the hell, where are all the strip dancers? We need to put an end to all this!

Eric wasnt thinking of killing them, instead he was just about to make fun of them, but instead, armada pulls out his Bazooka Phybeam and starts blasting people to hell.

Aemada:die you mother f****rs!!!!!!

Agent W: awwwww what the hell.(pulls out cmp and puts bullets in peoples heads) god i love this!

Armada: hey look there is a pokemon sitting over there, lets go have fun!!!!

We tie the pokemon to a tree and we throw rocks at it..big ones!!
then we cut its stomach open while its still alive!!(its a chikorita if your wondering).

Agent W:You may take it from here Armada, make it good.hahahaha
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Suddenly Ash appears in a Giant Pikachu Mobile suit!
Ash- I'll wipe you guys out!

The entire Earth Federation Forces are wiped out by Pikachu's oversized fart gas!

Everyone stares at the menace and fights back the urge to run like hell away. Suddenly out of the Blue, comes these giant transports! The transports belong to the Black Dog Squadron. A cute girl (the one in the download) appears and approaches Master Shiro Armada all the other guys blush and start drooling. Suddenly,

Cute girl: Major Rachel reporting for duty sir! I'm here to deliver the prototype Anti Pok'eMon MS. She hands a clip board to everyone.

Vegeta-Wow this is some simple controls! Even a baby could control these.

In background, Ash continues to Kill off the rest of the Earth Federation. He picks up a RGM Mobile Suit and humps it to death, and continues to do so to all other GM.

GM 1- Holy cr*p, That is one long.......! ( blows up )

GM 2- Cr*p come in Andrans! Sh*t! Noooooo! ( Pickachu sticks a giant tree through the cockpit.)

GM 3- Oh sh*t! Guys!??! (almost wets himself) (Pikachu is right in front, is about to hump the GM to Death when,)

Cloud-Oh no you sick b*st*rd I'll kill you! ( pulls out a beam saber and cuts off pikachu's arms) (blood gushes out but giant tentacles sprout out!)

Cloud blocks with his sheild while Agent W Starts firing his Bazooka>

Agent W- I can handle this f*cker! Unexpectedly Pickachu's head blows off and blood gushes out but other pokemon come and join pikachu and it gets Bigger! and Uglier!

Zaden appears and cuts and slashes everyone does the same, Pikachu counter attacks with acid and melts the armor of the Mobil suits.

Armada- My friends! I will not fight for the Earth Federation but, I will fight for my friends! He lunges foward to kill Pikachu by exploding on him.

Sudddenly Major Racheal appears and pushes him out of the way.

Major Racheal- YOU KILLED MY FAMILY YOU B*TCH OMNI SEXUAL! She's piloting a Huge @$$ Mobile Armor and lunges foward there is dust and a explosion.......

Someone take it from here! Is the Pikachu dead?!? I the Major alive?!?!?
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yesssss pikachu is finally dead!!!!!!

agent w. well i guess im the only one left(heres a voice)

Raechel:hey yur alive!!

eric walks over to raechel, she is naked, he cannot overcome his hornyness as they have the best sex they ever had.......wait a sec, this isnt working out to well, any one gotta better one.
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The Pikachu was defeated at a high cost!

Everyone was alive it seemed that Even Racheal had survived, ( even though she was naked) Suddenly Pikachu appears again.

Well, no one was really caring about this, they were too busy staring at the nude Rachel! ;) Of course Shiro evacuated everyone into underground bunkers.

Master Shiro Armada was the only one who reacted. He transfered to the Gundam Physlilis and jumped into space.

He locked on with a Nuke and fired.

The Cloud was seen from space and Pikachu and Ash's guts and remains were scattered across the world.

What was the end came at a huge price.

Well, for Pok'e world, that is, everyone except the people who live on Pok'e world got on to spaceships jetted back to earth.

Before going, everyone got into Gundam Physlisies and launched Nukes to the world and eradicating all things Pok'emon. And they returned to earth happily!

As for the Team, I heard Racheal has a few sisters! :D
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Name: Dbzman

Weapon: Ki

Secondary Weapon: My FISTS!

Place: Golden Rod City (Of G/S)

Poke'mon: Pikachu, Ash, Brock and Misty:devil:


Narrator: Here we are, another peaceful day in the world of Jhoto! Ash and his friends are peacfully walking along and-hey! What are you doing in the recording booth???!!!


[COLOR=red]Starts blasting the narrator into the wall and millions of peices of the narrators body rip of and splatter all over the room[/COLOR]

Guy from behind the soundproof window doing all the music and stuff: What the?!


[COLOR=red]Powers up, and all the glass in the window shatters, jabbing into the guys eyes[/COLOR]


Dbzman: Your whole fu*kin' bodys gonna be bleeding soon DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]Jumps on the guy and starts punching his face into the ground at a tremendous speed, then when he gets off, the guys face is all mashed up asnd bloody[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Hehe, now lets get down to buisness!

[COLOR=red]Grabs a machine off the dead guy which lets him go into the Poke' world[/COLOR]


Dbzman: Here we go! "AHHHHHHHHH!!! HELP!!!! ITS TEAM ROCKET!!!"

[COLOR=red]Ash and co here Dbzmans (Fake) shouts for help and rush over to where Dbzman is, outside the Goldenrod Depaertment store[/COLOR]

Ash: Dont worry mister!

Brock: We're here to help!

Misty: everythings under control!

Ash: Yeah, coz we're nice people! Right Pikachu *Insert nerdy laugh*

[COLOR=red]Dbzman puts his hands to his ears in pain[/COLOR]

Dbzman: ARRRRRRGH! SHUT UP!!! SHUT-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]Powers up, and his muscles get bigger[/COLOR]

Ash: Wow mister! Do you lift weights?


[COLOR=red]Punches Ash in the face, smashing him through a window, and then through the wall of the building[/COLOR]


Pikachu: PIKA PIKA PIKA PIKA PIKA-[COLOR=red]Dbzman grabs it, and starts stretching on its face[/COLOR]

Dbzman: GRRRR!!! RIP FACE, RIP!!!

[COLOR=red]Dbzman goes SSJ and instantly rips Pikachus head in half, then he throws it into the air, and kicks it about a mile away[/COLOR]

Brock: How could you be so mean?!

[COLOR=red]Misty runs over to Ash[/COLOR]

Misty: No Ash! You can't die! You still owe me a new bike!!! And there's a bike shop in Goldenrod! Lets just buy a bike, THEN you can die!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ASH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HES DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dbzman: He is?!?!?! :( Awww...I wanted to rip his balls out while he was still alive! Oh well!

[COLOR=red]Flys up to Brock and rips his balls off[/COLOR]

Brock: :eek:

Dbzman: :devil:

Misty: So, you think you're pretty tough, huh? GO, STARU!!! :ball:

Dbzman: You know, your Poke'mon aren't so bad, its the shi*ty trainers that raise them that make them weak!!!

[COLOR=red]Lets the water blasts hit him head on, and he doesn't move an inch[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Mmmmm...Been a while since I had a shower anyways!

[COLOR=red]Flys past Staryu and grabs Mistys tuft of hair, then starts swinging her around at an incredible speed, then charges up some fire in his hands while spinning, then puts mistys hair on fire, (while still spinning) then throws her as hard as he can until she reaches space and suffocates[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :devil:

Brock: P...P...Poke'ball...Go...:ball:

[COLOR=red]Onix pops out[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :smirk:

[COLOR=red]Grabs Onix and lifts it up, then swings it round and then WHAM!!! hits Brock with it and sends him flying miles away[/COLOR]


- To be continued...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Krillin6913 [/i]
[B]that was fu(kin Funny man, i want more!!!!!!!!!!!! [/B][/QUOTE]

Who, me??? Ok:


Dbzman: Hmmmm...What to do now...I know!!!

[COLOR=red]Grabs everyones Poke'balls and starts running off[/COLOR]

Boy: Hey, stop right there!!!

Teenager: Yeah!

Girl: Yeah!

Poke'mon: Pika!

[COLOR=red]Dbzmna drops all the Poke'balls and turns round with blood red eyes[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :flaming:

Boy: I'M the REAL Ash!!! And these are the REAL Brock and Misty! You only killed our stunt doubles! Same with the Poke'mon, heres our REAL ones!

Dbzman: [COLOR=royalblue]Yaaawn[/COLOR]

Ash: MUHAHAHAHAHA *Cough cough* Urgggghh...Pikachu! THUNDERBOLT ATTACK!!!

[COLOR=red]Zaps Dbzman and all his hair gos big and frizzy[/COLOR]


Ash: Huh?

Dbzman: [COLOR=royalblue]Sigh...[/COLOR] Simpleton. I'm a Fusion of the Z Fighters, and in order to get Vegetas hair, I had to put him in control of my body then out then in then out until my body got used to it and I got his hairstyle!

Ash: I don't get it.

Dbzman: :mad:

[COLOR=red]Runs up to Ash, rips his balls out, takes them out of the bag, then puts some superglue on them, then sticks them to Ashs chest[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]Misty falls over laughing, but while shes in histerical laughter, Dbzman jumps on her face[/COLOR]

Misty: MMMF! M MMM'F MMMMMF!!!!!

Brock: Whats that Misty? "Help"..."I"..."Can't"..."Breath"...?

[COLOR=red]Misty trys to nod her hed[/COLOR]

Brock: I don't understand you!

[COLOR=red]Misty sticks her fingers up at Brock[/COLOR]

Brock: Well that wasn't very nice!

[COLOR=red]Dbzman jumps off Mistys face[/COLOR]

Misty: I can BREATH again!!! YEAH!

Dbzman: Hmmmmmmm.....How about......No.

[COLOR=red]Slashes Misty in half with his hand[/COLOR]


Dbzman: Shush...My yeast is rising...

Ash: Hey mister! Do you watch "Ed Edd n' Eddy"? Coz coz, hur hur, I remember Ed doing that! Har har! :babble:


Ash: No sir! O.O

Dbzman: Now shut up! I need to take out the trash.

[COLOR=red]Grabs Mistys head and rips it off, the rips her arms off, then her legs, then stuffs all the pieces into a bin bag, and puts the bin bag into: What a suprise! A BIN![/COLOR]

Brock: Now its my turn! Goooooooooo Onix!

Dbzman: Thank you, Brock.

[COLOR=red]Grabs Onix and slams it on top of Brock, crushing him into the ground[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :laugh:



[COLOR=red]Blasts Pikachu, and nothing is left but a furry little *** on the floor[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :smirk:

[COLOR=red]Grabs the *** and smears it in Ashes face, getting poo all over it[/COLOR]

Dbzman: EAT IT!!!

Ash: The...poo, or the...***, mister...?

Dbzman: Both :devil:

Ash: *Gulp*

[COLOR=red]Dbzman sits on a chair like ppl have a the beach, with a whip, as Ash eats Pikachus *** and all the poo from it[/COLOR]

Dbzman: FASTER!!!

[COLOR=red]Whips the *** in half[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]Grabs the *** and crams it in Ashes gob[/COLOR]


Dbzman: Good for you.

[COLOR=red]Sits down and starts reading a Playstation Magazine[/COLOR]

Ash: [I](Maybe now that he's distracted, I can run away!...No! A Poke'mon master never runs away from a fight! I'm gonna smear this thing in HIS face, and see how HE likes it!)[/I]

[COLOR=red]Ash runs up to Dbzman shouting "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Then Dbzman blasts him while still reading the magazine[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Get back to work...

Ash: *Chomp* Its...All...Finished...Mister...Dbzman...Sir...

Dbzman: Good.

[COLOR=red]Walks up to Ash and grabs his head[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Goodbye! :devil:

[COLOR=red]Crushes Ashes head, then walks off...[/COLOR]
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Cloud-Bye you little ****er!

Kills a sandshrew.


Boy-That was'nt nice!

Cloud-Shut-up!*blasts the boy's lip off*

Boy-:( :( ThA urt!

Cloud-Huh?I can't hear you!:laugh:

The boy puts up the finger.

Cloud-Why you.

Rips off the boy's balls and superglues it to his head.

Cloud-Look everybody that kid has a horn!

Girl-:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Cloud-Huh?*turns around*
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