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Movie quotes!


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[COLOR=royalblue]Post a few quotes from any movie.. [/COLOR] :) Heres a few from The Mummy & The Mummy Returns.

[COLOR=orangered]-The Mummy-[/COLOR]
"Death is only the begining.." -Evelyn Carnahan
"Its just a book, no harm has ever come from reading a book" -Evelyn Carnahan

"Hurry up Evie.." -Jonathan Carnahan
"Patiance is a virtue" -Evelyn Carnahan
"Not right now it isn't...." -Rick O'Connell

[COLOR=firebrick]The Mummy Returns[/COLOR]
"Mum, dad, I can explain everything..." -Alex O'Connell
"Its just a chest, no harm has ever come from opening a chest" -Evelyn O'Connell
"Oh I hate mummies" -Rick O'Connell
"You, lighten up, you big trouble, you, get in the car.." -Rick O'Connell

"Goodevening" -Locknah
"Who are you? What are you doing here" -Evelyn O'Connell
"I'm looking for the chest of course" -Locknah
"Give it to me now" -Locknah
"Get out of my house" -Evelyn O'Connell
"Whoa mom, maybe not the best idea" -Alex O'Connell
"Alex get back there" -Evelyn O'Connell
"Definitly not the best idea.. I think its time to call for dad now" -Alex O'Connell
"Now I will kill you and take it anyway" -Locknah
"I think not" -Ardeth Bay
"Ardeth, what are you doing here?" -Evelyn O'Connell
"Pherhaps explaintions are best kept for later" -Ardeth Bay
"Ardeth Bay..." -Locknah
"Locknah" -Ardeth Bay

Ok um theres a few.. I've seen TMR more than TM so I memorized almost everything they said in TMR, word for word. :)
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[color=crimson][i]Twilight Zone: The Movie[/i]

- "Wanna see something.... [i]really[/i] scary?"
- "The day we stop playing is the day we start getting old. Start watching the clock. Waiting for the days to hurry up and end. Counting the years."
- "You're never too old to play."
- " There's a destiny that shapes our ends, rough hewn though it may be."
- "When I rest, I rust."

[i]The Silence of the Lambs[/i]

"Evil's just destructive? Then storms are evil if its just that simple. And then there's hail and we have fire. Underwriters lump it all under "Acts of God."

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Oh sorry, I haven't been on for sometime now so I hadn't payed attention to that. But this isn't only for favorite movies, its for any movie. I only mentioned favorites becuase TM & TMR are the only two movies that I know almost word for word. But yes your right and I'm sorry, I'll be more careful the next time I post something.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Spikey [/i]
[B]Once again another favorite thread, would you please read "a Few Slight Changes to General Discussion" please. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=deeppink]If you had read it completely, than you would have seen that this has nothing to do with favorites.

Also, if you had read the thread, you would have seen a little something else that directly broke one of the rules, but I will not say any more because I don't want to brake that rule.

"Master, I am not afraid."
"You will be".

Yoda and Luke Skywalker, [i]Return of the Empire[/i].
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Nerdsy [/i]
"Master, I am not afraid."
"You will be".

Yoda and Luke Skywalker, [i]Return of the Empire[/i].

Ok, ok...call me a SW dork for catching this, but...you got the quote wrong, and the name of the movie! :laugh: But, hey....We can't all be perfect little Yoda's...:shifty:

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Guest Jabroni3:16
"Let me get this straigh,t you are going to take his face... off?!"

"No more Drugs for that man!"

All from Face/Off

I don't know why this thread should be closed, if anything moved to the game forum so you could do the "ok what's this quote from" game.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Justin [/i]

Ok, ok...call me a SW dork for catching this, but...you got the quote wrong, and the name of the movie! :laugh: But, hey....We can't all be perfect little Yoda's...:shifty:

-Justin [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=purple]*blinks stupidly*

Gah! I'm a moron... [/COLOR] :drunk:

[COLOR=purple]Okay, so I got the quote wrong. I haven't watched [b][i]THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK[/b][/i] since I was 12. So sue me.[/COLOR] :wigout:
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[color=red][b]well. i can always use some SW quotes:
All SW movies:
I have a very bad felling about this....

Episode 1:

Qui-Gon: Credits will do fine.
Wato: No they won't!
Qui-Gon: Credits, WILL do fine.
Wato: NO, they won't! What do u think u r waving ur hand around like that thinking ur some kind of Jedi?

Episode 4:

Leia: Will somone get this walking carpet out of my way?!

Episode 5:

C-3PO: The odds of successfully navigating this asteroid field is exactly 5,632,520(don't know the exact number) to 1!

Han: Never tell me the odds!

Episode 6:

Han: Great Chewie, always thinking with your stomache.

The Matrix:

Trinity: Dodge this!

Neo: I am the One!

The Rock:

i forget: Hey Mason, u ok?

Mason: Yes, perfectly fine u fcking idiot![/b][/color]
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Here's two from Dogma... a great movie that I think EVERYONE should watch.... very thought provoking in a twisted manner... but thats ok...

[b]Bethany:[/b] What's he like? (refering to Jesus)

[b]Rufus:[/b] He likes to listen to people talk. Christ liked to sit around the fire listening to me and the other guys. You know, whenever we were going on about unimportant ****, he always had a smile on his face..... His only REAL beef with mankind is the **** that gets carried out in his name.... Wars, bigotry, televangelist..... The Big one though, is the factioning of all the religions.... He said mankind got it all wrong by taking a good idea and building a belief structure on it....

[b]Bethany:[/b] You saying having beliefs is a bad thing?

[b]Rufus:[/b] I just think it's better to have ideas... I mean, you can change an idea, changing a belief is trickier.... people die for it, people kill for it.... the whole of existance is in jeopardy right now because of the Catholic belief structure on this Planetary Indulgence bull ****! (You walk under some arc and all your sins are forgiven)... Bartelby and Loki, whether they know it or not are exploiting that belief.... And if they are sucessfull, you, me, all of this ends in a heartbeat......... all over a belief....


[b]Serendipity:[/b] It's not about who is right or wrong. No Denomination is neglegent, because they are so self ritious to realize that it doesn't matter what you have faith in, just that you HAVE faith
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Guest Dougen
BERT: I am totaly OUT of ammo!.....thankfully most of them were infront of the truck so i poped it in to 6 wheel and ran em all over ....the i come to fine one of the little SOB's was only stuned ..so i....so detained him..(that last part i cant remember the exact words) < TREMORS 2 AFTERSHOCKS>

mia: SHUT UP....I AM NOT A PRINCEES< princess dieries>
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[I]Shampoo is better... I go on first and clean the hair..... Conditioner is better I leave the hair silky and smooth... oh really fool.... really??? -Billy [/I] Remember that one BabyGirl? :p


[I]Oh.... I know.... it's called a Belgian Dip! -Dr. Evil[/I]
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Austin Powers 2

austin: So, your saying if I go back in time to visit my former self, that meens that it is possible that I could come back and realize that---Oh no Ive gone cross eyed.

austin:OK bazel, ill go back in time! recharge my MoooJooo, defeat docter evil and be back in time for tea!

venesa: do you smoke after sex?

austin:i dont know baby ive never looked, hehahahha.Hmmm.

colnel: and try to loose some god damn weight.

fat bastard: ohh arnt i a hard case he said, mr. englishmen, tellin me to loose weight! well listen up sonny jim! I ate a baby! Oh eh, baby! the other, other white meat, baby! its whats for dinner!! (drools)
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Farquad(referring to Shrek): Ugh..it's hideous

Shrek(looking at Donkey): Now that's not very nice...e's just a donkey
- - -- - -

Fiona: What are you doing!?
Shrek: Saving my ***!

- - - -- - -- -

Fiona: You're meant to charge in here, sword drawn, banners blazing (etcetc) like all the other knights did

Shrek: Yeah, right before they burst into flames
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Princess - You mean you didn't slay the dragon?
Shrek - It's on my to do list!

Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones:
Anakin - We came here to rescue you (getting chained to a large pillar)
Obi-Wan - (looks up at his chains) Good job.

Count of Monte Cristo (I might mess this up a bit):
(forgot his name >_<) - You are richer then anyone I have ever known. What would you like to buy?
Zapato - Revenge.
(forgot his name) - O.k.
(few lines later)
(still can't think of his name) - I don't see what the big deal is! I go to Paris, BAM BAM BAM BAM, I come back and we spend the gold!

Super Troopers (Wow. . I can't really think of their names. . ):
*As a white miata flies by, Cop1 looks up* - Mother of God.

Local Police 1 - Ah yes, I'll have two tacos
Local Police 2 - And I will have a challupa.
Rabbit - tacos? I don't get it.
(Cop from above qoute) - They think I'm Mexican.
Rabbit - You're not?

Sorry. . most of these are fairly new movies, and the Star Wars 2 qoute was taken from the second trailer =P So. . sorry ^_^ But those are the most recent quotes that I have really laughed hard to! LOL
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DIGIMON the movie:
terriermon: why do we have to walk.....my souls are worn out and i dont even wear shoes
*terrriermon leaps on willises head*
willis: what do you think your doing?
terriermon: this way i dont have to walk and you can stay in the shade
willis: i dont sapose you could turn into a glass of lemon aid too could ya?

*wiliis orders a huge pizza with tons of toppings*
davis: sounds great but arent you going to have anything?
terriermon: if davis eats all that food *puffs himelf up to look really fat*
Davis: i dont have an ounce of fat below my neck

izzy: do you know what a semi-conducter is?
tai: a guy who works on a train part time?
izzy: AAHHHH nevermind

izzy: he is really smart hes only in elementry school but hes already taking classes at COLORADO STATE
tai: sooo i go to junior high school and i am taking classes in junior high school

patamon: i was surfing the net and wiped out
patamon: hay is TK on this ride?
gabumon: hes not tall enough


willis: i need to do this alone
davis: great i'll go with you

( i just had to name a bunch of quotes from that movie sence i love digimon so much)(dougen glad you could find this place)
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