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There's a redwall TV show??:therock: Thats news. I had no clue. I red the first Redwall book on about 2 weeks in the summer of my 4th-5th grade yrs. I haven't had the interest to pick up another one yet. It was a good book though. I dont remember much about it
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Redwall is one of my favorite series' of books. I've read [u]Redwall[/u], [u]The Outcast of Redwall[/u], [u]Pearls of Lutra[/u], and uhh... if there's another, I've forgotten.

Heh... I just recently saw the Redwall series on T.V. I never knew there was one, until I decided to watch early morning television... I think WAMI was playing it, at like... 7am... o.O'

Anywho... the books are great.

[u]For Flying Panda:[/u]
The Redwall [i]series[/i] basically revolves around the Abbey of Redwall (like a huge community of small animals.) Every book in the series has some new adventure... usually involving your typical shady figure and your typical hero/heroine/clan of heros... all trying to either attack the Abbey, or save it. The books in the series DO go in chronological order... something I didn't realize at first.... *dysfunctional* (( so read Redwall FIRST ))

Redwall the [i]book[/i] is based on Matthais(sp?) the mouse's search for his identity, and the sword of Martin. He eventually has to help save the Abbey when it's attacked by a crazy rat, who's name is evading me at the moment.

Hope some of that made sense. :)
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[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]yep read all of them so far (in paperback) so i havent read the latest one... taggerune or something like that...

this is the chronological order (i think)

The Legend of Luke-Martins father and the story of his travels after his wife is slain. (half the story is after Mossflower thou)
Martin of Redwall-Story of Martin before he went to Mossflower and did what did in that story.
Mossflower-the story of Martin and how he got his sword and saved the Mossflower creatures. also starts the building of redwall here
Redwall-Mathias has to find the Sword of Martin and he becomes the protector of redwall
Mattemo-Mathia's son is kidnapped and he has to go save him. Mattemo is the kids name lol.

the others i could figure out when the took place but i dont have the books in my room... they in a box somewhere lol

Salamandstrom-the great mountain of the bager lords. is being overwhelmed by vermin.
Mariel of Redwall-mariel is washed ashore and found by the members of redwall. goes to rescue her father Joesph the bellmaker.
The bellmaker-mariel, joesph, and 3 other members of redwall sail south to save a kingdom from being overrun.
Marlfox-7 (or maybe 9) kinds of the queen of the island (same island as in the begining of salamandstrom) they want the abby so they go to war... is pretty cool how things play out in this one of espianose and betrayal. is awesome
Pearls of Lutra-is a story of how to find the pearls of Lutra. is probably the saddest one i remember (the St. Ninina's or whatever part)
The Outcast of Redwall-probably the most oddest of them... the 'bad guy' is the good guy lol
Long Patrol-Story of the Long Patrol and some pretty cool 'monarchs' lol that get their booty kicked

ill do a post on 'cool places of redwall' later ;)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[color=green]I've read one of the books, and to me it's one of those books you just don't understand..... I read through it, and than wondered what most of the story was about.... I enjoyed it though.[/color]
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[color=indigo]I own and have read all but the newest book. I really enjoyed them, and I'd like to read the latest one. I had no idea that there was a TV show or movie, though!

Here's the order that they're set in, excluding the latest book (since I haven't read it) :

1. Martin the Warrior (my favorite)
2. Lord Brocktree
3. The Outcast of Redwall
4. Mossflower
5. The Legend of Luke (These last two are set at the same time, for part of the books. I put The Legend of Luke after Mossflower because it goes past where Mossflower ends).
6. Mariel of Redwall
7. The Bellmaker
8. Salamandastron
9. Redwall
10. Mattimeo
11. Pearls of Lutra
12. The Long Patrol
13. Marlfox[/color]
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I've read all the bboks, even the new one. It took me awhile: I'd read all of them but Pearls of Lutra, my brother had checked it out at our library... but I couldn't find it..... I'd thought it was in the kid's section 'cause all the other Redwall books are... when I used the computer it said Young Adult section.... Go figure!!!:rolleyes:
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