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who knows anything about Japan's culture???


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I had heard something and I want a more input. I was talking with some people, and someone said that most of the people in Japan don't really have any love for black people. I later, asked a friend of mine (black) whose father had been there, and he told me the same thing. So now I ask this of any of you who have knowledge of Japan. One day, I'll find out for myself, but I can't afford that vacation right now.

This is an innocent question about the country, not about the Japanese race, just to make it clear.
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Guest Hikaru Ichijyo
Being the fact that I have been there already two times, I can safely tell you that Japanese people are not racist towards black people. However they are very ethnocentric, meaning that they really are not that friendly to foreigners, and tend to only mingel with other Japanese people generally!
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[color=indigo] My friend lived in Japan for a year and he said that visitors there get the same vibe that visitors to the US get, it varys from person to person, place to place. Some people there often get annoyed with tourists and hate forigners, others are as nice and helpful as can be...[/color]
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Ok just a quick question, I';ve heard this Japanese word a couple of times, once off GTA3. 'Gaijin; (sp?) I presume it means white person, I'm not too sure.
My teacher went their and she said they're really friendly, I guess prejudice can exist especially in England but from what I've heard, they go out of their way to make you welcome. I doubt this is true, but I know the Chinese are very friendly. But I've seen alot of interviews, and Japan seems like a very comfortable place in a sense.
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So it seems to be just a tourist thing? That's good (in a sense). I can understand that the natives would be agitated with tourist who don't care to try the language. I was actually thinking about trying pick up japanese as a third language (I'm a spanish minor right now), but I hear that it's more difficult than the norm for other tongues. We have three or four classes offered here, but I don't think that it would be enough.
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Darn...I thought this thread would be another opportunity for me to flaunt my unending knowledge of Japanese history :(

Oh well...there is racism all over the world. You can't go pointing fingers at one culture or country any more than you can it's neighbor.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Justin [/i]
[B]Darn...I thought this thread would be another opportunity for me to flaunt my unending knowledge of Japanese history :(

-Justin [/B][/QUOTE][FONT=century gothic]Darn....I thought this thread would be another opportunity to read about your unending knowledge of Japanese history :( [/FONT]
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To reiderate some more...

Obviously Japan is not going to be totally accepting of any people but Japanese people.. and othter Asian people. Why? Because simply put this way. Japan doesn't have mixed cultures like America or Europe or whatever... It's pure Japanese from south to north. Everyone there is Japanese, everyone there looks Japanese, and everyone there speaks pretty much Japanese. Ofcourse with dialect... Osaka (the Japanese "hick" accent), normal (Tokyo) etc etc. So when you introduce something different into their society, ofcourse they aren't going to react everytime as possitively as the next. Just think if you had a group of bees in a bees nest and you threw in a beetle in the mix, what would happen? exactly.

Thats why if you go there and aren't Japanese, they might just call you "Gai-jin"... I love Japan, but they aren't perfect, after all they are human... well most of them... J-Rockers are gods... ::sigh::
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zidane [/i]
[B]Ok just a quick question, I';ve heard this Japanese word a couple of times, once off GTA3. 'Gaijin; (sp?) I presume it means white person, I'm not too sure.[/B][/QUOTE]

[font=comic sans ms][i]Gaijin[/i] means 'foreigner'. But, not to knock Japanese down, since anyone who loves anime would somehow love their culture, but they are quite biased against Koreans, and it's only now that they are opening up to Koreans...somewhat...[/font]
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i like got this from lelola but now they have it anymore japanese!

Aishiteru - I love you
Kitto kitto dare demo
Tsuyoku nareru ne

Akai - Red
Akuryou - Evil Spirit
Ame - Rain
Anime - Animation
Aoi - Blue
Atarashii - New
Arigato - Thank you
Arigato Gozaimasu - Thank you very much
Ashita - Tomorrow
Atarashii - New
Atashi - I (female)

Bakari - Only
Boku - I (male)

-Chan - Suffix for familiar young person
Chi - Earth
Chibi - Small, little
Chikara - Force/Strength
Chouwa - Harmony

Daijoubu - It's all right
Dare - Who
Densetsu - Legend
Dejitaru - Digital
Doko - Where
Dokyou - Bravery
Doragon - Dragon
Dosei - Saturn
Doushite/Nande - Why

Ea - Air
Etowa-ru - Star

Faia - Fire
Faita - Fighter
Foto - Photo

Ga - In Comics and Such
Ganmou - Wish
Genki - Full of Engery/Well
Genzai - Past
Gahan - Rice/Cooked meal
Go-guru - Goggles
Goku - Quiet
Gomenasai - I'm Sorry

Hai, Sou - Yes/OK
Haru - Spring
Hate - End/Limits
Hikari - Light

Iie - No
Ima - Now
Itsu - When
Itsudemo - Always
Itsumademo - Forever

Ja ne - Later!
Jousho - Emotion/Feeling

Kage - Shadow
Kakkoii - Cool
Kako - Present
Kaminoke - Hair
Kanjou - Emotion(s)
Kawaii - Cute
Kaze - Wind
Kiiroi - Yellow
Kimi - Feeling
Kitto OK - Surely OK
Kodoku - Loneliness
Kometto - Comet
Konnichiwa - Hello
Korosu - To Kill
Koto - Thing
Kouyuu - Friendship
Kuroi - Black


Mae - Before
Matataki - To Wink
Me - Eyes
Merodi - Melody
Midori iro - Green
Mikomi - Hope
Mimi - Ears
Mirai - Future
Mochidzuki - Full Moon
Mono - Person
Motto - More/Farther
Murasaki iro - Purple

Naito - Night
Nani - What
Neko - Cat
No - (It's a possessive particle)

Orenji - Orange

Pan - Bread

Sayonara - Goodbye
Sarabada - Farewell
Seishinseii - Sincerity
Sunnen - Millennium
Seta - Sweater
Shinka - Evolution
Shite - Hero/Protagonist
Shiroi - White
Shizuka - Quiet
Sono - Garden
Sora - Sky
Soratobu - To fly in the sky
Sotto - Softly
Soyo - That's right

Tachimukau - To fight against
Tada - Free
Taihen - Tough
Taiyou - Sun
Ta-getto - Target
Takai - Death
Te - Hand
Tenshi - Angel
Tesuto - Test
Tsubasa - Wings
Tokoro - Place
Tomodachi - Friend
Tooi - Far

Uraomote - Opposite
Uzu - Swirl

Vijon - Vision

Wahei - Peace
Waizu - Wise
Wakari - Understanding
Warai - Laugh/Smile
Wasabi - Japanese Horseradish
Watashi - I (polite)


Yamato - Ancient Japan
Yasashii - Gentle
Yasashisa - Kindness
Yoake - Dawn
Your - Goshujin
Yuki - Snow
Yuku - To die
Yume - Dream
Yumemiru - To dream of Yuri - Lily
Yuuki - Courage
Yuumei - Dark & Light
Yuusha - Hero

Zoukan - Special Edition
Zujou - High In Sky

One - ichi (the ichi of Taichi)
Two - nee
Three - san
Four - shi, yon
Five - go
Six - roku
Seven - nana/shichi
Eight - hachi
Nine - kyuu
Ten - jyuu
Twenty - ni-jyuu
Thirty - san-jyuu
Forty - yon-jyuu
Fifty - gou-jyuu
Sixty - roku-jyuu
Seventy - nana-jyuu
Eighty - hachi-jyuu
Ninety - kyuu-jyuu
One Hundred - hyaku

hope it helps!
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