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My Life's work!

Desert Shadow

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[b]Hey, this is my new thread idea. I will post a something i've created every time i post. I will post as much as i can, BUT, i won't post twice in a row. So if you want to see more goodies, you need to post next after me! I will keep posting, drawings, banners, poems, etc. until this topic fades away. If you guys can drive me hard enough, i'll have to start creating new stuff each post! Good luck! :)

First off, a drawing. I did from in my math book. Its old....[/b]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Desert Shadow [/i]
[B][b]Heh, umm. intresting!

Anyway, here's another old old one. Hey, you gotta start somewhere! :) [/b] [/B][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]He looks like a cross between that one gu and vegeta! I cant think of the other guys name but he does!![/SIZE]
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I've seen Vegeta smile like that before at Goku (the good-natured smile one, that is, if it's good-natured at all), it was sometime in GT
I'm not sure what he was sayin' though, cuz the person who made the clip put an X-Men commercialish voice part to it. LOL, was it ever funny:D:D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Transtic Nerve [/i]
[B]i should really start drawing again..... but it normally takes me a few days to draw something cause I'm a perfectionist..... -_-;.... just look... I've been working on this one pic for over 2 years now... 2 years!..... i'll never finish it.... [/B][/QUOTE]

[b]My goodness! 2 years?! I wish i had the patience fer that. I bet it looks awesome. I would love to see it, even if it's not done...

Anyway, now fer the next on showcase...

A drawing! (ha, i bet yer not surpised)
So there it is, i did it on my birthday....

It's actually got two parts:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AJ2K1 4 Life [/i]
[B][b]I was just wondering whether or not it would b physically possible to play this game when he isn't logged on..meh[/b] :rolleyes: [/B][/QUOTE]

[b]No it isn't, thats why i'm so delayed this time, sorry. :o :blush:

Anyway, i've got a poem fer ya. Old-schoolers might remember this one. Sorry fer the, ummm.. violence.
It's a very touching poem about Bean Dip. No better subject then that.

Many titles....[/b]

----=====Bean Dip Poem (Poem of Bean Dip) Poem about Bean Dip (The Dip of Beans Poem)======------

I looked at my lonely bowl of bean dip,
Sleeping pathetically on the table,
Then I looked at the bag of chips,
And wondered if I was able,

To cause such destruction and torment,
To destroy a poor young chip?s life,
I reached into the bag,
Not knowing the start of strife,

The young chip was begging on his knees,
Crying, and sobbing in terror,
I didn?t really notice, or if I did, I didn?t care,
About my fatal error,

Quietly sobbing and choking,
He began to sneeze and cough,
I stuffed him down into the dip,
Pulled him out, and bit his head off,

It ?twas a very terrible thing,
A particularly gory site,
I didn?t really notice though,
About my fateful bite,

I bit into his lightly toasted corn,
Salsa splurting everywhere,
And there I was munching quietly,
Killing without a care,

All his friends were horrified, staring silent, starting to cry,
Until finally a leader arose,
Standing strong,
Handsome, as far as chips go,

He stood bravely giving orders,
A brand new strategy formed,
?Let?s show that pathetic human,
We?re better than him, or I?ll be corned.?

At first they were surprised,
Then a cheer shuffled through the crowd,
They smiled and agreed quickly
Chips jumped, and shouted aloud,

A great commotion tipped the bag,
And out marched an army of chips,
Charging right at me,
Yelling insults and throwing the dip,

I backed out of my chair,
Pushing it back, nearly tripping,
Dodging the dip, watching the chips,
Yahooing and Yipping,

They jumped upon me,
Knocking me to the floor,
They were very strong,
Strong as a boar,

As a team they lifted me,
Carried me to my backyard,
They threw me over the fence,
And I landed really hard,

And as I landed, I started to roll,
Soon I spun around a bend,
And got hit by a car,
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