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In a land not like ours, dragons and mankind live in peace. Yet, there are the ones that think differently and cause mischief, but those are only few who choose the wrong path. In the year 1300 D.S.R. (1300 Dragon Spirit Reborn), humans became Dragon Tamers. They are the ones who own a dragon and use thm to fight in combat. most do it for the championships, but there are those who use it for evil.

Your 18 years old and you find that Dragon taming is very interesting. Why, if they could do it, so could you. You live in a kingdom known as Salvia. Saving up money as you did, you try to buy a Dragon Moon which gave the power of summoning dragons. No one is a Dragon Tamer without it. You make it to the shop only to find the price enhanced. Now what will you do? You only have 300G (300 gil) and that's not enough for a Dragon Moon by far. you sit by the lake and see something flash. You get up and wlak towards it curiously.

Suddenly, the flash becomes too bright to see and it shoots out of the water into the sky. It seemed like it flew into the sun when it came crashing down into the palms of your hands. Being very hot, you drop it into the cool stream. Picking it up again, your relieved of it being cold now. It seemed to be a Dragon Moon! Yet, different... It had a strange indent on it in the shape of a dragon head. You shrug it off and suppose it was from dropping it.

What really mattered was, you had a Dragon Moon. You had the power. You'll soon have enough for a dragon egg. Destiny awaits for your to tame a great drake and recieve the power of the championships! Others may stand in your way, but u won't give up.

This is now the year 1630 D.S.R...

... you have a dragon egg; you have a dragon moon; you have 300G left; you have a fate...

now, you can't unsummon a dragon 'til it's past 3 years old. Once then, you don't have to carry it around. Since it's an egg, ya do. Eggs usually take a day to hatch, so if you post your stats today, it'll be ready tomorrow.

Here's the stats you must use (I'm posting my stats. Just follow them):

Dragon Tamer: Real
Dragon: Gil
Type: ---------- (You don't know yet)
HP: 100 (all start with 100)
MP: 30 (All start with 30)
Attack: 20 (all start with 20)
Defense: 20 (all start with 20)
Item: Herb (all get one herb for starting)
Staves: (I'll explain later)
Spells: (explain later)
Age: Egg (all should place egg down for now)
Money: 300G (all start with 300G)

Post these stats in your sig. It makes it easier for other Tamers to battle you.

For the Battle System, it works as so-

Commands are:

Attack, Defend, Spell, Staff, Item, and Run

When u want to use a command, use the "<" with it. For example, if you want to attack, set your turn like this:

Attack <

Attack will just be your normal attack. Defend will be when you defend. Spells are your magic which use MP. Staves are when the tamer uses a staff (explain later). Item is when you use an item. And run, that's when u run frm battle. Wait until I say you've ran before you go off and do stuff. you can't always run and you definatly CAN'T run from a Tamer Battle.

Tamer Battle: A battle between two Dragon Tamers. You can't run from them, but you don't have to except either. Either it's a CPU (none-human tamer taht's made up) or a REAL person tamer like you, it doesn't matter. Can't run from any TB (Tamer Battle).

Feel free to use your 300G that you got. Gil is money. Before every TB, the two tamers must agree on how much money they will put into the fight. Be wise to how much. If you don't have the money, you go in debt and become negative.

The town system will be explained once people start joining. Enjoy!
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Right. Thanx, Siren. We need more people for this.

Here's more info on it:

[B]Thieves:[/B] Very sly and tricky people. They'll try to get you and steal from you. They even try to steal your Dragon Moon. So if you stay in an inn, try not to sleep all throughout the night or... OOPS!

Luckily, if you catch them stealing, you go into combat with them. Having a dragon sick on a human will be easy, but if it's a monster theif, it'll be more of a challenge.

Fortunately, here in Kingdom Salvia, there are no theives, but in Salvia Forest, there are some rogues. Monsters too which is good for training. Be prepared...
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[SIZE=1][color=firebrick][b]Dragon Tamer:[/b] Piro
[b]Dragon:[/b] Orip
[b]Type:[/b] ----------
[b]HP:[/b] 100
[b]MP:[/b] 30
[b]Attack:[/b] 20
[b]Defense:[/b] 20
[b]Item:[/b] Herb
[b]Staves:[/b] ---
[b]Spells:[/b] ---
[b]Age:[/b] Egg
[b]Money:[/b] 300G[/SIZE][/color]
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Sounds like fun, but this'll be the last RPG for me to join for awhile if I'm going to make another of my own.
Did you say "Kingdom Saliva"???

Dragon Tamer: Axel
Dragon: Choices, chocies! Zeak
Type: ???
HP: 100
MP: 30
Attack: 20
Defense: 20
Item: Herb
Staves: ???
Spells: ???
Age: Egg
Money: 300G

Wow, Robobo with dragons! I'm going to try to keep up in this one, I'm blown away in RBB!

And I can't put this in my sig, the mods like to crack down on my sig cuz of the nonsense I like to put in it.
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That's okay, Cloud. Heh, good old Robobo. It helped me plan a little of this, but believe me, I've mad it WAY different.

New info:

[B]Spells:[/B] Spells are the magic powers of a dragon. They are used with MP. If all MP is gone, no more spells. And like in any RPG game, each spell has it's own amount of MP used.

No one knows any spells at the beginning, but will learn them. You'll soon find out.

[B]Dragon Limit:[/B] Booyah, baby! This is something u want! But the only to get it is... well, to get hurt. Pain is the game. You must get hurt a certain amount of times before your drake can unleash it's Dragon Limit. As the drake gets stronger, it's Dragon Limit spell changes.

All start with the first Dragon Limit spell, [I]Dragon's Fury[/I]. This powerful move is way more effective than a regular attack and beginning spells. The higher your attack, the better it is. The Dragon Limit doesn't take any MP either. I will imform a person before their turn if they are able to summon the move.

[B]Staves:[/B] bought damn time I explain them. The Tamer may buy one and use it as many times as the staff is able. When selected in battle, like so-

Staff <

... the staff may be used once that turn and then the dragon will attack normally for that turn. If the staff isn't used for as many turns as it can be, it'll still break at the end of battle.

Example: Wood Staff- 10 damage- 2 turns

You use the wood staff once in a battle. The staff will still break and u lose it even tho u didn't use it twice in that fight. Us ethem wisely.
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Ah. Good question.

[B]Damage and Stat Change:[/B] When you are damaged, I will post the damage done to the foe by refering to the offense of the attacker and the defense of the victim. For example, i'll use Cloud and me:

Cloud's Turn-

Attack <

Cloud attacks Gavin!

Then I'll post the impact:

Gavin takes 30 damage!

Since it'd not be fair to judge my own fights, I am going to have another person to share the powers of battle judging. don't wine at me for the job or I won't pick you. We'll see who it is before the hatching.

I will also accumulate if your stats grow from battle. There may not be levels, but your strengths, defense and HP all grow still. That and you will learn spells and new Dragon Limits. I'll post such changes like this:

Cloud's stats grew! Congrats!

HP: 330
Attack: 100
Defense: 80

Learned new spell!
Learned: [I]Pummel Rage![/I]

These changes will only happen after winning so many battles. Also, there are items that change stats. They can freely be bought. Armor and weapondry may only be equiped with certain dragons. Speaking of which...

[B]Armor Dragons:[/B] One of the strongest kinds of dragons, these drakes are able to use armor and weapons. They may be costly because of the armor and weapons, but it's well worth it when a foe falls because of it. If you want to know more about them, just ask.
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[B]Dark Tamers:[/B] Try not to run into these guys. They are worse than thieves. Lose to them and they'll take more than just gold and pride. they are strong with the dark spirits and you should only challenge them if your up for it.

Their dragons are usually dragons like [I]Cale Dragons[/I] and such. Ones that seem to be evil.

[B]Cale Dragon:[/B] Known as "The Venom Spewer", their acid attacks can poison and burn thir opponents. A tough handler indeed. If you want destruction at your hands, Cales can do the job.

[B]Wild Dragons:[/B] Not often seen. They can be calm and not bother with you or attack furiously. Finishing them will do nothing, but gain you experience. If lucky, you will be given the egg of that dragon. Wild Dragon combat has something called "Slay".

Slay gives you the ability to kill the dragon. Once you've defeated the dragon in combat, Slay will appear with choices as so:


Yes <

Slaying the dragon may give you valuable goodies. Then again, doing so, your popularity rate will fall. Many will hate you and you soon may not even be able to enter a store... or town..
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Well, let me explain.

[B]Slaying for Goodies:[/B] If you slay a wild dragon, you will get items such as herbs and junk. You could also get weapons and armor for [I]Armored Dragons[/I].

Though, just beating a wild dragon in combat is good enough to earn it's egg. You don't have to slay it for one. Eggs come 20% of the time. Oddly unfair, aye?

[B]Getting Wild Eggs:[/B] Now here's a dilema. You fight a Wild Dragon and get a dragon egg for it. You have many choices. Each town will have a place called The Hatching Shrine. There, you can hatch eggs. Only one problem. you can only have one dragon.

By hatching the egg, your giving up the other dragon in exchange. Though, you can pay money to examine the egg before you hatch it. Examination will tell you the starting stats, what type it is, and if it is really worth the switch.

Now, in this part, you REALLY have to be careful. Once you hatch, you never get the other back, sadly. Maybe sooner or later, once this thing gets far enough, I'll allow more than one in a party.

Oh. What did u want to know about Armored Dragons?
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[B]Armored Dragons Continued...:[/B] Being able to use weapons and armor, they are rare and costly. But the price is right, Bob! Equally fit with the other regular dragons, they can use the W/A (weapons and armor) to grow their stats quicker.

Only one or two of the Dragon Tamers will start with a Armored Dragon. Cross your fingers for one or not for one.

Yet, there are other problems. They may be better, but the heavy armor and such make it harder to hit. They may miss sometimes in combat. Like so:

Attack <

Cloud attacks Gavin!

Cloud stumbles and misses!

Using an armored dragon to face a dragon that knows Counterattack is a bad choice. If the Armored Dragon misses, the other Dragon will still use counterattack. Big time trouble.

Armor Dragons also lose the ability to fly in most cases. Spells will also be taken away. They learn fewe spells, yet many strong ones they DO learn.

[B]Fly Ability:[/B] Most dragons learn this. It helps the Tamer not only in combat, but out of it. They can fly to certain areas others can't. In battle, it saves them the trouble of being attacked for one turn. The next turn, they attack with even more power than a regular attack would do.

Enhanced Flying moves will do other amazing tricks!
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Dude, I love questions. I like answering stuff about my creations. makes me feel good. Ask away!

[B]Offense/Defense:[/B] The stat that allows you to attack is offense. The more this ability is, the better you strike the foe. The defense ability is used to block an attack. Example:

Cloud Stats
Offense: 20

Gavin Stats
Defense: 10

Cloud would attack Gavin. Since Gavin's defense is 10, it'll do a certain amount of damage. It wouldn't do 20 damage.

Here comes the tricky part. Defense is used an a percentage. So if Cloud attacks Gavin with 20 attack power and Gavin has 10 defense, Gavin would take 90 percent of 20dmg.

[B]Armored Dragons 3:[/B] Armored Dragons are not a type of dragon. They are just a group of types that can equip W/A. Some types of dragons that are in the Armored Class are rare.

[B]Classes:[/B] The bigger group that has many types of dragons in it are called "Classes". Armored Dragons would be a class.
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Here's a special treat. The Dragon Tamer Picture Gallery!


This is the pic I've had for quite some time. It's of a Cale Dragon. See it's [I]Acid Spray[/I] attack?


This is a Cronor. It's in the class of the Armored Dragon. This Cronor in the pic is aged and full grown. I'd say it's about 200 years old.


See the bueatiful sights all around the world of Dragon Tamer. Each new area you visit will have it's own picture!


This is a warrior fighting a Wild Dragon. Remember, if it's a mother, it may have eggs.
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The Cale Dragon pic I've had for a special case of needing it. The others I found on random sites I can't recall.

Alright all, now for your types. Pick a # between 1 and 6. Each number is attached to a type of dragon. 2 are armored. Once everyone chooses a number, I'll take the remaining one. And I won't cheat. I'm jotting down the numbers and types. choose:

1 2 3 4 5 6
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Darn you, Kizu. Kizu chose #2. The Axe Dragon.

[B]Axe Dragon:[/B] An axe dragon is a strong-willed Armored Dragon Class dragon. It completely lives on W/A. It learns no spells, but does learn physical moves such as fly which is rare for a Armored Dragon.

It can equip all weapons and armor except for bows. Kizu got a strong fighter. Who can beat him?

The numbers left are: 1 3 4 5 6
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