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some of you may remember this Rpg from a long way back and some of you may not...but here's the back story:

[i]The year is 3025, humankind has been spining dangerously closer to extinction with every
new "idea" or "invention" they come up with. Earth has become a barron wasteland, a cesspool
criminals condemned to wander its deserts and toxic oceans forever. The reminents of the human
race live in a giant space city "monatabius" located just beyond the moon. Dreamers of the
human race wander among the stars, looking for hope.
Yet there are no more dreamers in Monatabius. People live day to day hoping that a comet
would hit the city or the oxygen would run out. Society has taken a turn for the worst, the
law matters to only a small percentage of the population now. Large crime syndacates control
the people of monatabius like pawns on a chessboard. If you had money or power you were above
the law.
Children were no longer hearded to schools or looked upon as an essential to humanity.
Children offten grow up not knowing their parents, and are put into orphanages or "facilities"
as they are called, until they can support themselves and live on their own. These accidents
of passion are offten sold to factories on the black market as soon as they learn to walk.
If you were lucky your slave driver would go easy on you.
Life was hard, time was short, humans were sh*t. Welcome to the year 3025.[/i]
sign-up goes like this....(I'll add mine later)


once the story starts a problem or issue will be established and your characters, binding with others or not, will try to handle it.

Happy Rping!
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I'm so happy you've decided to do this again!

Name: Ataryi Maski

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Weapon specialist

Bio: Abanded as a child, Ataryi was taken in by three loving and kind women who taught her about the world. In her teens, a army stormed into her camp and killed everyone. She was gone that day. Her and a few other kids came home to see the carnage that was left. One of the women was still alive but not for long and she talked to Ataryi. When she finally died, she packed her things and left. Then she met a pair of twins who owned a gun shop. They allowed her to stay with her and she learned about weapons and combat fighting. One night, a sorcereor gave her a potion to drink. I was for eternal life but she said it was supposed to give you strength. So she lived, for decades, for centuries, milleniums watching the shop after they both died. As then, she was in the bounty hunting business. She was and is the best. Finally the shop closed, and she took all the possessions and went to space...

Appearance: She has dark blue hair with pink eyes and is seen wearing a star black top and a silver skirt with black boots and a pair of black fingerless gloves.
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I think I remember the orginal, that was a long time ago.....

Name: Abob Ttef

Age: 14

Occupation: hacker

Bio: Abob was born on the space station, his mother dumped him on the street and walked away. He was taken in by an older couple, who took care of him untill they were robbed and murdered, he was 11 at the time. He has since worked for various crime syndicates.

Appearance: Short, with white skin, green eyes and black hair. He looks like a street urchin, and is someone who blends easily into cowds.

Also I wont be around for a week after tommorow..., so dont be suprised if I am gone....

When I return, I will give this RPG my full attention.
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Name: Tyron Apoco
Age: 23
Occupation: Pilot
Bio: also abonded as a kid. He had to find a way to survive. And after a few years he could become a pilot.
Apperance: long black hair, scar throu right eye and 1.96 mtr tall.
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Name: D'Sprye
Bio: D'Spyre never knew any kind of family until a crime syndicate took him in. He grew up with with tough love. Although he is young he has mastered the use of the kintanas and is an excellent marksmen.
Appearence:5'10" 158lbs ice blue eyes with jet black hair.
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