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Whats your favorite PS2 Game

Guest Safer Sephiroth

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Guest Majin Gohan
My favorite game is Twisted Metal Black. I've been a long time fan of Twisted Metal (I didn't like 3 at all but 4 was ok. stupid 989 Studios).
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MX2002!!! ok, its not that great 1player, but this is what u do for the ultimate test of fun:
-get sum1 else to play with u (2p)
-goto "multiplayer", then "freestyle"
-select "bus jump" for ur track
-set time limit either 10 or 20 minutes
-now, pick sum1 to be "it"
-u will play the ultimate game of tag...on motorcycles!
ok, it sounds stupid, but ive done this with 4 of my friends, and we ended up playing frum anywhere of 2 hours to 6 hours of nothing but tag. why? because there are 2 secret places u can get to in this level and its just fun to play tag on motorcycles.
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