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[SIZE=4][FONT=arial][COLOR=green]Alright, and welcome to [B]Siege of the Necromancer[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]


[I]A necromancer named Nilothakir has disrupted the lives of eight warriors and set himself upon the throne. The setting is Faerun a world of mytic teachings and divine nobel and prosperous magic races. It is early spring(will change) and the year is A.N. 07
Nilothakir is a powerful Black Mage skilled in all forms of Magic. He disturbed the lives of 8 proud warriors. He then set himself up on a throne of darkness after killing Serenol's (ElvenFoxKnight) father (Muirin), the king and wise teacher of the elvish race. Especially in the art of fighting.[/I]


[B]Current Members of this RPG[/B]
- Phantom
- ElvenFoxKnight
- MysticDarkElf
- Mist
- The unholy Newt
- The Harlequin
- Arikel
- Kool_Aid13

n/a, also means NO SIRVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[B]I forbode you![/B]

- High quality content....this has to be a good rpg, and we want it with people who can perform, grammatically, and with passion.

- Minimum characters per post will be 400.

- If you can only play dbz style we do not wan't you... You must bee able to play in a style fitting for middle earth Elven style.

[B]What we need from you[/B]

Eye color:
Hair Color:

Short Bio:
Spells: Maximum of four, and one may be "special" and only used once
Abilities: (transmutation, enhanced senses.etc)
Strong against:

(you cannot be immune to everything so please....keep it realistic?)

[B]We also need...[/B]

Each character has lost their weapons, so in order to do this, we all must have a quick role play at the end of each of our applications. This role play will just be a quick description of how your character found his/her current weapon.

Each character will find his/her [B]special[/B] weapon midway through Rpg. Five will be found in a temple of light, and the other three (Phantom's, Fox's, and MysticDarkElf's) will be found in dungeons.

In the character intro, you will need them to issue their equipment, their future mystical weapon, and the way Nilothakir disturbed their life.

If you need any more info on the content issue... click [Here]

Also...Goodluck!!!! This RPG my friends, shall give Neil (SuperSayain) what he wants to see and more!


:whoops: :whoops:
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Name: Tharivol Ilphukir (Thar for short)
Age: 130
Race: Elf
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin
Deity: Heironius
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170lbs
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Weapons: Greatsword (Holy)
Armour: Full Plate
Description: Thar's long golden hair is tied into a ponytail, behind his head. His deep blues eyes are hardened through his battles with evil. On his right arm, he has a tatto of the fist of Heironius holding a lightning bolt.
Short Bio: He was born a remote village. When he was 29 his village was set upon by evil warriors of Hextor, (Heironius' Arch-Nemesis) and was burned to a cinder. His parents were killed in the battle but he survived and made it to the capital of Faerun where he trained in the temple of Heironius to become a Paladin for the cause of good.
Spells: Lay on Hands - [i]The ability to heal himself.[/i]
Holy Weapon - [i]Blesses any weapon and makes it holy.[/i]
Control Undead - [i]Exactly that[/i]
Disrupt Undead - [i]Causes damage to any undead creature.[/i]
Abilities: Infravision (See at night) Blind fighting, Ambidexterity
Weakness: Symbol of Hextor
Unholy Water
Strong against: Orcs
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[B]Name:[/B]Fox Hunter (Serenol Ashenmyst)
[B]Class:[/B]Holy Knight when I hold Alaris, Ranger otherwise.
[B]Weight:[/B]185 lbs.
[B]Eye Color:[/B]Silver
[B]Hair Color:[/B]Silver

[B]Bio:[/B]A High-Elf that died in his first encounter with Nilothakir. He came back to life when he fought to save Heaven, and he earned the holiest blade, Alaris, which Chronos forged from Heaven-Silver. He recieved the order of Holy Knight, but only when he holds the sacred blade. He also recieved emerald wings.

[B]Spells:[/B]Holy Explosion, Musical Healing, Focused Beam, and Wing Slash.

[B]Abilities:[/B]Flight, Transmutation (Midnight Wolf), enhanced speed, hearing, and strength, and Vorpal Slash, a move that can only be performed by he who holds Alaris.

[B]Weakness:[/B]Unholy magic and silver (when in his man-beast form)

[B]Strong against:[/B]Lycanthropes and Ice magic.

[B]Equipment:[/B]Steel Longsword, Mythril-chain vest covered by white laquered armor, thigh-length leather boots, shadow-black cloth pants, a white cape, a sapphire cloak when not in battle, a crossbow, and a magic harp.

[B]Future Mystical Weapon:[/B]Alaris, a holy longsword made of Heaven-Silver

[B]Nilothakir's intervention:[/B]A Necromancer walked into Muirin Ashenmyst's Training Hall, where Muirin was training his son, Serenol, and a new pupil, Ilythiirtar. The Necromancer, Nilothakir, murdered Muirin, and Ilythiirtar hid, knowing his training was not sufficient. Serenol challenged the Black Mage and lost his life. Serenol took on the name Fox Hunter when he came back, and swore revenge in his father's name. He set out to find Ilythiirtar and complete Ilyth's training.

[B]Weapon loss:[/B]Fox lost Alaris when he tried to destroy the mage himself. Ilythiirtar and Eve also lost their mystical weapons, forcing the warriors to seek help and their weapons.

[I]As Hunter stood outside Blackheart Tower, the home of Nilothakir, which stood just south of Ashrenia, the kingdom that Hunter was prince of, he felt a surge of fear. He drew out Alaris, calling out the Black Mage. Nilothakir appeared in a flash of darkness, whipping out Shara'st, his black broadsword of darkness. Hunter charged forward, aiming Alaris at the Necromancer's black heart.[/I]

[B]Hunter:[/B]I shalt get mine vengeance. Thou shalt pay for thine crimes upon my family!

[B]Nilothakir:[/B]You need more than thine sword.

[B]Hunter:[/B]Alaris, WING SLASH!

[I]Hunter fired his second-most powerful attack, but Nilothakir shook it off easily, then he began to chant.[/I]

[B]Nilothakir:[/B]Eight are needed for mine death, but now I put thine sword to rest. So your friends shall feel the sting, Into five temples, weapons I dost fling!

[I]Hunter's sword vanished, flying toward the Palace of Eternal Night. He trudged back to Ashrenia, disheartened at the loss of his sword, to finish Ilythiirtar's final lesson, which was the art of drinking ale. He came upon an angel, an angel that spoke.[/I]

[B]Angel:[/B] no longer hold thine vorpal blade. Until you do find Alaris, thou shalt be a Ranger, no longer a Holy Knight.

[I]Hunter, even further disheartened, began his slow march home to his awaiting public and his awaiting pupil. He stopped at a swordsmith and bought a longsword. He needed a weapon on his long journey, and he would hate to explain to Ilythiirtar that their weapons had been lost. Hunter wondered if Eve had lost her Shinkoru as well...[/I]
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[B]Name:[/B] Ilythiirtar
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Race:[/B] Elvish
[B]Class:[/B] Shadow-Knight
[B]Height:[/B] 6"3
[B]Weight:[/B] 210lbs
[B]Eye color:[/B] Varies, however usualy off grey.
[B]Hair Color:[/B] Brown.

[B]Short Bio:[/B]
Ilythiirtar is an elvish knight, who studies the darker form of the elements... Thus his palpable ambition to become a Dark-Knight. His master, Muirin was the King of Faerun. He died at the hands of Nilothakir. Serenol taught Ilythiirtar his final lessons in Knighthood. As Serenol was Muirin's son.


[B]Armor:[/B] Wirefleece Chest guard, covered by an impenitrable scarab husk given to him by Serenol, his mentor.
[B]Helmet:[/B] Only the hood of his mystic dark cape.
[B]Tailisman:[/B] An amulet that permits him divine control over the planes of wind, given to him by Eve, a frined of his youth.
[B]Blade:[/B] Tulwar
[B]Gloves:[/B] Cryptic Vampirebone Leather gloves.
[B]Boots:[/B] Mirror Greaves
[B]Crossbow:[/B] Lotar Crossbow, fast xbow that renders enemies debilitated.
[B]Intstrument[/B] Gold-plated Lute.

[B]Weapon Loss:[/B]
Sacred fire enchanted Shasmir, dubbed Shin-Bar.

[B]Nilothakir's Intervention:[/B]
As described above in EFN's Nilothakir Intervention.

[I]Elemental Surge[/I] (A rift of all elements in the darkest form that destroys anything it touches, leaving it in ashes.)
[I]Feral-Ire[/I] (When in Midnight wolf form, his body is set aflame, rendering Lycantar immune to fire and wind. Only can use if angered to the point of no return.)
[I]Energy Transversal[/I] (the absorption of the earths spirits, to drive himself to deeper, stronger attacks. It also allows him to draw energy to merely stay alive)
[I]Atmospheric Shroud[/I] (the bending and manipulating of gravity's forces, also can include minor dimensional shifts...such as the shaping of a inanimate object) One time use.

Transmutation (Midnight Wolf), enhanced senses, Tele-amphoric movement (Teleporting).

Silver (Only when in beast form), Hell Magic, and the fact that he is naive, for he is curious and still young and must learn the ways of the world in depth.

[B]Strong against:[/B]
The fact that he has so much room to grow, and learn, makes his potential quite undaunting. His greatest strength is with a sword brandished as he focuses his mana'st, to use against his foe. Can kill tremendus amounts of orcs in seconds.... If so that is considered a strength

[I]His eyes slowly flicker open as the light shines through the open window. It is morning, and Ilythiirtar, a newly brandished Shadow-Knight awakes for his morning exercises.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (yawning) "Hmm, what dost find it's way to mine schedule for today?"

[I]After his morning yawn, he dresses, pulling his tattered undershirt over his rippling chest first, smiling as he sees the scar made by his mentor two years in the past. Knowing he will be seeing Serenol later this afternoon.

T?was strange how they met, Serenol and him. Was the slaying of his mentor that brough these two together, in an epic battle that could have killed them both, now that Ilythiirtar things of it....All by the doings of Nilothakir to boot...That being so called as a Necromancer destroyed the lives of so many, taking this young Elvish Knight with him...

Now fully dressed, he slings his newly gifted breast plate over his shoulder as he walks out the door.... Realizing he has forgot his Shasmir, Ilythiirtar walks to his shelf of blades searching through them.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] "Odd, I swear I laid you to rest right here, my good Shin-bar...."

[I]Ending his fervent battle to find his mystical Shasmir, he runs out the door with a badly beaten Tulwar to subdue him until he can reunite himself with his beloved Shasmir.[/I]
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Necromancer's Intervention:
[i]Thar was closing in on his final revenge. The Grand Temple of Hextor was in sight. He quickly raised his blade, The Blade of Heironius, Ilvellios and smote the Temple Guardsmen. He burst down the cast iron door with one kick and entered foul temple. He smashed every idol of Hextor he could find and threw holy water everywhere. He was then set upon by Clerics of Hextor. They cast their evil magic at him, but he resisted and ended their foul existence in this realm. He hoped that the Abyss had a lot of room, for when he was finished with this pagan temple, the plane would be full. Then, a figure clothed all in black appeared. He drew for his belt, a black steel sword. They fought but they were too evenly matched. From under his cloak, the man pulled something out. It was the symbol of Hextor! His eyes burned at the sight of the unholy object. He burned with agony and fell to the floor. The man mumbled under his breath and his holy sword, Ilvellios rose and disappeared. The man laughed and disappeared. Thar limped out of the temple, still in pain from the symbol. He grabbed the Guards sword and crossbow. He blessed the blade and made it holy and then continued on his way after setting the building alight.[/i]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Lacroix
Age: 217
Race: Drow
Class: Assasin
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 75 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Black

Short Bio: To him: No memory of his past, he only knows that he is able to fight, and carries a lot of vicious scars. Slightly deranged.

Real bio: Lacroix was left to die in the Underdark by a priestess of Lloth, for heresy. He somehow made it to the surface, and was attacked by a mob of angry villagers. He has no memory of the next few decades.

Spells: Levitation, faerie fire (normal drow spells), psychokinesis
Abilities: Increased speed and agility
Weakness: Holy magic
Strong against: Unholy magic, any magic that seeks to disrupt the mind or soul.

Equipment: Twin scimitars, mithril chain mail, vambraces, black clothing (all he ever wears),

Future weapon: Magical scimitar "Twinkle" (anybody who reads enough Forgotten Realms will know who I'm going off), a scimitar that lights up when hostile beings are nearby, and is wickedly sharp and almost impervious to all damage.

Nilothakir's intervention: Nilothakir visited Lacroix's city and made the accusation of heresy against him. It was due to Nilothakir that Lacroix was exiled to the Underdark. Lacroix has no real knowledge of who Nilothakir is, but if they encounter each other, Lacroix will instantly recognise him. Lacroix's drow weaponry melted at the touch of the sun when he came to the surface. He then waylaid a passing soldier, killing him easily even when unarmed, due to his martial arts skills.


Lacroix: Your will Matron Malice?

Malice: Our...esteemed friend here has some rather interesting things to say about you.

[I]Lacroix looks around but sees no one. Then he feels a hand on his shoulder, like the grim, icy touch of death itself. He whirls, hands going to scimitars. The man behind him simply laughs, and speaks in a strange hissing tone.[/I]

Man: You will have no need of them. Yet.

Malice: Lacroix. Do you worship Lloth?

[I]Lacroix starts to affirm, but finds his tongue caught, as if swollen. Malice casts a glance of triumph at the man.[/I]

Malice: You were right. Lacroix, for you heresy, you will be left to die in the Underdark.

[I]Lacroix sees the world shimmer around him, scintillating colours forming a panorama of reflections around him. He awakes, in a large cave, still with his weapons and armour, but nothing else. He struggles to his feet, and starts off.

After several years of solitary existence, Lacroix finds a tunnel with a light at the end. He follows it, and is immediately blinded by the harsh light of the sun. When he regains his sight, after nearly three days, he finds his magical scimitar Twinkle a smoking ruin. Taking up the wrecked weapon, he stows it in his pack, confident he can have it reforged, and reimbued.[/font][/color][/I]
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Name: Elsyan Eglaannûn

Age: looks about 15 (500+)

Race: High Elf

Class: warrior

Height: 5'4''

Weight: 110

Eye color: blue

Hair Color: brown

Short Bio: Elsyan is determined to find some way to stop Nilothakir since he destroyed her village and killed her mother durring the attack. Her father trained her in the arts of swordmanship, so she is well-prepared. She is quiet and tends to keep to herself, but she doesn't mind a good conversation now and then.

Spells: healing hand, Agility, Spirit of Light, and Elemental Flare.
Abilities: swiftness, keen hearing and sight, and excellent fighting skills

Weakness: Dark Magic

Strong against: earth magic

Equipment: a black cape, an elven blade that her father gave her, and leather armor.

Future Mystical Weapon: An Elven Sword that is called Nevloria.

Nilothakir's intervention: he raided and destroyed Elsyan's village when she was little and killed her mother.

Weapon loss: Elsyan lost the sword durring the attack.
[i]Elysan woke up to the sound of a tap on the door. She sat up in her bed as her father Sylsanmar came in.[/i]

Sylsanmar-Elsyan, it's time.

Elsyan-time? Time for what?

Sylsanmar-I know you have been wanting to leave so you may get revenge for your mother. My dream confirmed this.

[i]Elsyan turned to look out the window. It was true. She had been planning on leaving for some time.[/i]

Sylsanmar-So, I brought you this.

[i]Sylsanmar withdrew a bundle wrapped in cloth. He unfolded it to reveal a new, Elven sword.[/i]

Sylsanmar-I had this made specially for you. Take it.

[i]Elsyan took the sword and held it carefully. It was light-weight, and made of mithril.[/i]

Elsyan-Thank you. It's true. I have been meaning to leave soon. When shall I go?

Sylsanmar-As soon as you're ready.

Elsyan-Then I shall leave at once. Good bye.

[i]Elsyan got dressed and attatched the sword to her belt. Her father had already prepared a small pack for her, so it wasn't long before she was away.[/i]
Is that enough? :)
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Name: Alriy
Age: Unknown
Race: Dhampire/Human
Class: Thaumaturgist
Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 210lbs
Eye color: red
Hair Color: white

Short Bio: Days before Alriy was born his mother was bitten by a vampire, As she died in childbirth her curse was partially passed on to her child. His father sensed the curse upon him and fled leaving him to be raised in an orphanage. He had to escape from there at the age of 7 because of an incident where he frenzied and drained one of the other children of their blood. From there he grew up on the streets learning much about the things that go bump in the night. Alriy got in good with the black market of sorts and was able to work his way into the lab of a blood magician "persuading" him to take him as an apprentice. Once his training was over he repayed the magician by draining him of his blood and taking his power. From there he took his masters weapon Sangre Barra(that will be special weapon) the blood rod, A large staff of Oak engraved with mystic runes and soaked in the blood of a thousand men.
1.) Read Blood-Alriy must taste the blood in question to glean knowledge from it.
2.) Blood Boil-With a touch, Alriy may boil the blood in his victims body to the point where they will cook themselve's from the inside out.
3.)Heal-Also a touch spell allowing him to heal the wounds of a desired target.
4.)The Curse of La Magra-This powerful spell causes acidic blood to rain from the sky and burn the flesh and bone away from the body of anyone that it touches(excluding alriy).
Abilities: Supernatural Physical Attributes, Rapid Healing, Vampire Rage.
Weakness: Direct Sunlight, Fire(both minor.
Strong against: Charm Powers, Physical Damage.

Equipment: Quarter Staff, Dagger, Cloak,Travellers Clothes.

Future Special Weapon: Sangre Barra, The Blood Rod. See bio for description.

Nilothakir's Intervention:Alriy was hot on the trail of the one that destroyed his life before he was even born when he encountered the master of his mothers killer.. after a valiant but shortlived battle Alriy was at the mercy of the powerful necromancer.


dust whipped across his face fiercely as he lay on the ground, the tip of the black blade sitting at his throat. If Alriy so much as breathed the wrong way he would be headless. The man glared down at him with those black eyes and frowned spitting on the ground next to him.

Man: You have much potential, you are even more powerful than your sire... Join me and we can rule!

Alriy: I'll never be slave to you monster!

The man let's out a dark laugh the tip of the blade nicks his flesh and Alriy bleeds slowly.

Man:Good night.

There was a heavy thudding sound on his head and when he awoken he was completely devoid of his equipment except for his traveling clothing. Travelling for days without rest through the desert he finally came upon a small village with a few horses. He hid behind the dune's until nightfall in which he would enter the town. Night came and Alriy entered the town through the shadows. Stalking the night like a panther searching for it's prey. There he found it, an elderly mage stumbling from the ale tent towards his knapsack. He slid up behind him and before the mage could react he had already snapped his neck and started to drain the man right there in the middle of the street... Noone was around to watch the specatcle, after it was over he took the mans cloak and weapons and walked to a horse breaking the rope and leaving with it which brings him to the present.
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Name: Mara Heartlock
Age: 27
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Noble/ Assassin
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Eye color: Jade
Hair Color: Raven

Bio/History: Mara was raised by her "father", a human, in the forest until she was nine-years-old. He was not really her father, but who had been taking care of her ever since she could remember. Her mother, an elf, had died at a very young age and Mara never knew her. Mara does not remember much about this period, except that in the middle of the night, her father told her to run. Mara arrived at the home of the elves, taking up residence in the same forest. They took her in and taught her the ways of the elves. When she emerged from the forest, she found that her real father, a human, had died, who was a noble. He left everything to her in his will, as an apology to his abscence. She is now with the court of Nilothakir and secretly plotting with his down fall.

She is also known plainly as Mara, a skilled assain by night. (Yada, yada, yada, you know the drill!)Spells: Maximum of four, and one may be "special" and only used once

Abilities: Mara has an uncanny sense to know of things the night before they happen. They appear in broken dreams, most times cruel, which feed to Mara's hate of sleep. She is very quick and agile, which makes up for her average strength.

Weakness: Sword holding and niceties. Mara is very weak physically, and as I said above, she makes that up with speed. She is only nice to her friends. She is weak to see suffering, so she is frightened of dying.

Strong against: Phisycal damage and men's charm.

In the character intro, you will need them to issue their equipment, their future mystical weapon, and the way Nilothakir disturbed their life.

Why don't I just do that now?

Equipment:A ellpisein, a weighted chain with two sharp disk at the end. The chain is made of silver and the disks are of real jade. She also carries an handkercheif. (You never know when you'll need those!)

Mara's future weapon will be a an wisten; it looks like a sheath of wavy daggers bunched together as a fan. She will posses two of these and use them together. They are plated on the edges with emerald.

Nilothakir disturbed her life by taking the thron and throwing the noble class into chaos among others. He has hurt her people and she is in a position to hurt him right back.
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[B]Name:[/B] Manatsu No Eve (Called as Eve)
[B]Age:[/B] 643 (looks seventeen)
[B]Race:[/B] High Dark Elf
[B]Class:[/B] Dark Ranger
[B]Height:[/B] 5"7
[B]Weight:[/B] 130lbs
[B]Hair:[/B] Red w/ Dark purple highlights.
[B]Eyes:[/B] Deep forest green

[B]Short Bio:[/B]
Manatsu No Eve, last daughter of darkness. Alone in the world except for her brother and sister of the same name. Traveling from forest to forest looking for the evil that has killed out her kind. Eve will not rest until this evil has been destroyed and her forests rejuivnated. A red dragon named Ryuu is her only companion on her travles.

Kiseki (calls upon the power of Eve's goddess sending her overwhelming power, gives divine protection to Eve)

Namida (Eve can only do when a friend or loved one is hurt, it allows her to blast her opponent with acidic water)

Shinzin (allows Eve to gain temporary control over her surrounding environment, meaning she can bend the plants and trees to her will, making them to do her bidding)

Eve Chikara (creates a disc that glows neon green around the rim but the rest is black. It has razor sharp edges and self destructs when touches anything but Eve. Making a small explosion)

Transmutation (just to plain old kitty)
Skilled battle tactics

Light Magic
Hell Magic
Lack of strength in Kitty form

Elemental Magic
Dark Magic
Ice Magic

A black cloak which is able to change colors according to weather or Eve's likeness, she wears a Heathrow undershirt, silver belt of protection, scabbard worn around her waist, and boots with hidden holsters in both sides where she stores very sharp dagger in each. Her pants are made of an almost impenetrable tree bark. Also she carres a staff with the carving of a dragons head upon it top. If anyone but Eve voluntary touches the staff the will be knocked unchoncshous.

[B]Future Mystical Weapon:[/B] Shinkoru, a blade of divine ice. It freezes anything to the touch.

[B]Nilothakir's Intervention:[/B]
It is Nilothakir that has destroyed her race and is destroying her forests. He is the evil of whom she has been searching, and for this he must pay.

[B]Eve *yawns*[/B]

[I] Eve sits up and rubs her eyes, blinking a couple of times.

Yawning again she sits up and grabs her clothes and gets dressed. Finally finishing after a quick shower she searches for her sword.[/I]

[B] Hum.. Shinkoru.. wheir did I put it.. I got home, got undressed, passed out. It was right here.[/B]

[I]Calling Ryuu she asks him if he saw what she did with it.

He shok his head in resopnce.[/I]

[B] Dammit! Must have been stolen.. oh well..I will get it back.[/B]

[I] She walks to a trunk in a the corner, lifting the lid slowly she reaches in pulling out a glimmering red sword.

It is Gensou sister sword to her Shinkoru. Its blade is incased in flames as her sword is in ice.

Sliding it gently in to the scabberd at her side she processes to the door wheir Ryuu was waiting for her. Jumping out the door and on to his back Ryuu too off in to the air.

She was heading to find an old friend she had caught wind of that he was in a town nearby[/I]
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