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Deep in the digital world an evil darkness lives in the darkest deepest cave he calls a lair......Now Digimon need to stop him before the darkness grows more then it alredy has.....(more later but for now........thats all)


Digimon: (YOU ARE THE DIGIMON) Renamon
Attack: Diamond Storm & Kohenkyo
Digivolution: Kyubimon = Taomon = Sakuyamon
this is an rpg where you ARE the digimon not the tamer or digidestined..........oky day

NOTE: hay hay hay if i dont have the rpg up in 7 days pm me email me get ahold of me in msn or yahoo (MSN: [email]fsdigigal@hotmail.com[/email] YAHOO: ribbons_da_pkmn )

jsut make sure you remind me to put it up
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attack: pepper breath, mechanical bash,mega crusher
digivolution:greymon(virus)=metalgreymon(virus)= blackwargreymon.

greymon(virus)attacks:nova blast,mega flame,great horns attack/great antler,fire wall

metalgreymon (virus) attacks:giga blaster,giga scissor claw,mega claw.

blackwargreymon(virus)attacks:dragon killer,terra destoryer,black tornado,nova force,mega claw.
lol i love black lol it so matches me.
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Attack: Bunny Blast,Terrier Tornado
Gargomon:Bunny Pummel,Gargo Pellets
Rapidmon:Tri Beam,Rapid Fire
MegaGargomon:Gargo Missiles,Mega Barrage,Power Pummel

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can we use mad up digimon?if so then her i am.

Digimon: Waterbilmon (virus)
Attacks: Fin Blade, Tital Wave
Bastetmon(virus): Gods Wing, Gold Collar Magic
Bastetrinmon(vaccine): Gold Charm, Staf Ice Shot, Eclipse mask
HighBastetmon(vaccine): Last Charm, Feather Charm
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ugamon [/i]
[B]hey no fair no mega right off the bat! if you did that i will get to warp digivolve! [/B][/QUOTE]

Hey,uh..who are you talking about??? No one has a mega, aside from the one in their digivolutions.
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Digimon: Guilmon
Level: Rookie
Attacks: Fireball & Rock Breaker
Digivolve to: Growlmon

Digivolution: Growlmon
Level: Champion
Attacks: Exhaust Flame & Plasma Blade
Digivolve to: Megalo Growlmon
Digivolution: Megalo Growlmon
Level: Ultimate
Attacks: Atomic Blaster & Double Edge
Digivolve to: Dukemon
Digivolution: Dukemon
Level: Mega
Attacks: Final Elysian & Royal Saber
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Ugamon if you saw

Apocomon thats not APOCLYMON so stop bellyacheing

no used a mega right off.......... i checked they just listed the mega digivolutions

OH and Sacred Warrior.... the rookie to growlmon is GUILMON not gillmon....oky day

were fine for now
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Here you go and i have armor and hybrids

rookie; raptormon{guilmon with flaming spikes on his back}
attacks:flaming darts,flaming shot.

champion;tyrantmon{large fire dragon with the legs of a bull}attacks;dragon fury,inferno gust

ultimate;metamon[if you played legend of legaia that meta but if not it is a suit of samuri{?}armor with no legs.were the stomach would be is a fire ball.the head has a spike on the back,fire is spewig from his neck,and were the eyes are is a green line of armor.he also has a huge sword}
attacks;ending blaze,death inferno

mega:roninmon dragon mode{a large with dragon in the armor of the white ronin warrior stands on all on all 4s.has angel wngs.a large cannon on his back}attacks,nova cannon,divine strike

mega;roninmon ultimate mode{the white ronin warrior but were the eyes are is a peice of white armor and the eyes are gold and glowing through.has angel wings}attacks;eding beam,sword of legend
rookie; raptormon{guilmon with flaming spikes on his back}
attacks:flaming darts,flaming shot.

Name: Dragoonmon
Attacks:Hades Blast,Slamander Crush
Level:Hybrid Human of Fire
Desc.:A Mix betwen a Dragon and a Human.Skin is as hard as Diamond. All red.Chest is Gold and inside of wings are black.Carries a spear and sword as hard as diamonds.has red armor like Agnimon's.

attacks:Triumph Fire, Calling of Heat
Level Hybrid Beast of Fire
desc.: Looks a little like Greymon but has a Gold with Blue streiks Helment.Has red Angel wings.All f the body(not the head or wings)Is coverd ind a red diamond armor.At the end of each wrist is Diamond sword.Weres a gold neckless with a ruby inside

armor;chronomon{a warrior in white heavenly armor with the key of time as his weapon.symbol of hope on chest }attacks,vortex of time,time of ending

armor:Infernomon{ifrit from FF10 with the armor of rage covering him}attacks rolling fire,inferno blast
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shaun........i dont think armous will even need totake a play in this rpg bt Its allowed....but thenthe digivolution would have to be like this



Hawkmon figts growlmon

Hawkmon digivolves to aquilamon if he digivolves again he wil go to silpymon


Hawkmon agenst Greymon

Hawkmon digivolves to halsemon is he digivolves again he will go into shurimon...

get it

so both are allowed



see get it./.............OK then
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no thats the way they do it on digimon wrold 2......veemon flamedramon raidramon imperialdramon......................

thats why i did that.......

i know armours are between champion and rookie......but not in this rpg
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[i]Can I still join? If so---->


Digievolution: Angelicmon, magnaAngelicmon, Royal Angemon

Type: Vaccine

Egnamon: Double slash
Angelicmon: Power slice
MagneAngelicmon: Devils Gate
RoyalAngemon: Finish Royal[/i]
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yeah may i join up as well heres mine if im allowed:

name: fladingomon
type: data
Group: nature
level: rookie
attacks: laser wing, air tackle
description: A small doglike digimon that is said to bring misfortune to their foes. blue fur with tiger stripes, a blade/horn on top of her head a dinolike tail and small colourfull wings and youve got fladingomon.
digivolution: fladingomon--> ardonimon--> armedonimon--> nindonimon

name: Ardonimon
Type: data
Group: Animal
Level: champion
Attacks: Hurricane strike, Laser Blast
description: A bigger verion of fladingomon except this digimon walks on all fours has her wings comming off her back instead of being attached to her front legs and has a helmet on her head that is harder than a dimond. Dont get ardonimon mad if you want to live to see another day.
Digivolution: Armedonimon--> Nindonimon

name: Armedonimon
Type: data
Group: none
Level: ultimate
attacks: Armoured fist, Bladed hurricane
decription: It's ardonimon... In armour?
digivolution: Nindonimon

name: Nindonimon
Type: Data
Group: Ninja
Level: Mega
Attacks: Thunder blade, poison stars
description: Shes as big as Fladingomon but no wings this time shes a killer ninja that doesnt back down even if shes outnumbered and would not win. she wears a white karate outfit and a dark blue eyemask
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I'd like to join, if it's not too late...

We can use areown Digimon, right?

Digimon: Gyromon
Level: Rookie
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Gyral Kick, Gyro Sphere
Digivolve to: Barrimon
Digmon: Barrimon
Level: Champion
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Pulse Blast, Cross Chop, Skull Smash
Digivove to: CyberBarrimon
Digmon: CyberBarrimon
Level: Ultamate
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Cyber Stride, Vortex Cannon, Cyber Shut Down
Digivove to: Imperialmon
Digmon: Imperialmon
Level: Mega
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Imperial Cannon, Razor Wing, Heat Wave
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we arew going strong and uhh we could use some MEGA help......maybe you should be in mega form and defeat a mega then de digivolve AND join our group

jsut a sugesstion........go check out the play
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