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Anime Why do you hate sakuya so much


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[COLOR=blue][SIZE=1] I am the only member of the Sakuya Fan club I love her she is just so cute and love's Tenchi so much. I do not understand why people dis-like her. She actually was my favorite female character til I saw the last episode then it was back to Kiyone.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Twinzam v [/i]
[B]I hate her i hate her haircuit to me she looks like one of those inocent school girls who always cry

I spit on her [/B][/QUOTE]

Now I'm takin' there side! Mwa!ha!ha!:laugh: Well actually I may think about it...:whoops:
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Guest Hikaru Ichijyo
First off:

She's a shadow and not a real person
She's a cry baby that runs around wanting attention
Her voice is annoying in both the Dub and Japanese versions
She can't defend herself, need I say more?
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She's no Ryoko.
She's an Ayeka.
Shes a shadow, a tool, an idiot.
Unlike Ryoko who actually exists and
has a soul shes merely a reflection
Yugi. She, apparently caused so much
pain and destruction throughout the Shin
Tokyo series for everyone that i just came
to hate her. She treats Tenchi like he's
married to her yet he already seems to be
swaying in Ryoko's direction (<-question my
beliefs on Ryoko and you just provoked suicide)
Tenchi isnt thickheaded, he's fair! He's got 6
other girls 6 million times better than Sakuya,
and they met him first anyway. It's even polite
he's letting her see him. And in love both the
lovers give something, Tenchi gave Sakuya alot of
things, all she gave him was hell. Bullcrap. Thats what
she is. A whole load of bullcrap.
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Guest AnimeGurl
Can't everyone tell why? I hate her because
-She's so obsessed with Tenchi
-(No wonder) She's a Weirdo! lol
-She's so boring
-And more.....
She shouldn't even have been in the show.She's so.... hmmmm what's the word? BORING and dumb that they cancelled the show!
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Guest AnimeGurl
I think Ryoko is better off with him, I love the episode when Ryoko and Tenchi went robbing the bank, with the music, it was sweet and nice
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