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ok people. this is my first rpg so bear with me if i make mistakes. I wanted a Stars Wars rpg that happened 30 years after the Yhuzan-Vong invasion so that will be the time setting for this rpg. what i need for characters are as follows: 3 non jedi characters, 4 jedi (2 masters and 2 padawans), 4 sith (2 masters and 2 sith padawan).

ok. the rules are stated. this is what u need for your character.

Age(human years please):
Class(jedi,sith,senator,smuggler, etc):
Brief Bio:

ok. now i will not be i master. i am going to be a padawan just because i like to. first 2 people to choose themselves a master for jedi or sith are the masters and they choose their padawans from the padawans that are available in the posts. of course i hope to be in my rpg so whoever becomes a jedi master choose me!

there is a 10 word minimum and 600 word maximum unless i give permission otherwise. I hope i'll get at least one or to expierienced rpgers in this to help.

My Character:
Name:Matt Skywalker
Class:Jedi Padawan
weapon(s):ice blue light saber
Description:matt is 5'4", 129 lbs, dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes.
Personality:Matt is much like Luke Skywalker in the sense that he is calm, cool, and always tries not to fight unless it is needed. He is completly devoted to the Jedi Order.
Brief Bio:Son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. He has an extremely high medi-chlorian count. The Order took him in when Luke and Mara died and started his training.

The plot is that the Jedi Order have very little Jedi now because of the Yhuzan-Vong. The Council have seen a new Sith threat in the near future. They have selected 2 masters and their padawans to train hard to destroy this new Sith threat.
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Name: Darth Raider
Race: (darth maul's race)
Age: 23
Class: Sith Master
weapon(s): Bloody red Light sabre.
Description: 1.96 mtr tall and looks like Darth maul
Personality: Allways up for a challenge, but doesn't talks to much in a battle.
Brief Bio: The new Darth from sith. He was chosen because of his high power.
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Name: Jubei Oyu

Race: Human

Age: 19

Class: Jedi Master

Weapon: Green Light Saber

Description: Long black hair,green eyes,black pants,black muscle shirt,black cloak over it all.

Personality: Wise and always fights strategically.

Bio: N/A
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yay! a new star wars rpg!! okay! um, can I be two char please??

Name: Kaikei (kei) Asamiya (learns last name later...)
age: 14
Race: human/asian/azelean
Class: padawon
weapon: yellow lightsaber
discription: kei is 5'3 105 lb, dark brown hair with shades of ice blue near the bottom. she also has ice blue eyes just like dysan's.
Personality: (real) secrative, but often friendly. Since she is a spy, she prefers to not trust anyone 100%. she is very determined and tries to do her duty as best as she can.
Bio: Kei found herself stranded on the planet of naboo laying in some sort of junk pile (which happened to be her ship). the last thing she could recall was her parents getting killed by a sith, for they were jedi spies. She later fixes then flies to corusant to be tested as a jedi. She is accepted at the age of 10, even though she is too old, she has a capability to disquise her true personality which could be useful to the jedi. She can also see the future, but only as mere shadows...
(later on) her master, dysan helps her retrace her past, and finds out that she was a princess of a tiny planet on the outer rim known as azelea. Azeleans all have the same capabilities as kei, to hide their true personalities.

(if I can have two char)

Name: Dysan (later on finds out last name) Asamiya.
Age: 29
Race:human-asian- azelean
Class: Jedi Knight
Weapon: lime green lightsaber
Discription: Dysan is 5'6 and 139lb. He has dark brown hair and ice blue eyes.
Personality: Dysan is also very secrative. even though he cn be very friendly, he prefers to think about doing his duty as a jedi and is very determined.
Bio: He was sent to be a jedi when he was only 3. he doesn't remember much about his family. At that time, kei wasn't born. When trying to help kei recover her past, he finds out that he is not just her jedi master, he is also her older brother and the 'prince' of azelea. He later on falls in love with a sith, but she is later on killed by her own master.
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[color=red][size=1]Yes, Juu is here! I think I'll join...
Name: Mara Heartlock


Race: Human

Class: Politician (Republican Senator to be exact.)

Weapon: Republic issued blaster

Ship: None

Description: Mara is about 5'4 and is very pale and light. She wears robes of silky gauze, which are an off-white. Underneath, a elaborate silver dress flows, giving the impression of swirling water. She has curly raven hair, that is tied into a loose ponytail. She has dark jade green eyes. She wears a thin gold anklet above her light silver sandels.

Personality: A good-hearted and rash politician's daughter, Mara is very stubborn. She has delusions about the glory of war and has envied many Jedi she has encountered. Although ignorant, she wants to become a help to her planet. A bit haughty and proud at moments, Mara doesn't make friends easily and has more enemies then she can handel.

Backround: Born to a well-respected family, Mara only knows of the world of splendor. Sheltered and proper, Mara has never experienced the horrors of poverty, hunger, and such.
Mara had always been very close with her older brother, who was three years older than her, but when he was sixteen, he was killed by a seperatist (on accident). This dramatic event changed Mara's life, for she joined the Jedi and Republican's.

Bio: A current senator for the planet of Marion, Mara is well respected by many. She works for the betterment of the universe and her planet.[/color][/size]
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hey this is a reply to juus question about if she can have 2 characters. i'll let you if we dont get enough characters. if not many people sign up some people might have to play 2 characters. if i let you play 2 characters you CANNOT have dysen die. the 2 masters for the jedi and the sith cannot die. either can there padawans.

this is 2 dark_apocalyps. im guessing you are choosing to be a sith master but i just want to be sure. just edit it into your post if your a master or padawan. also darth mauls race is the zabrak. and try to look a little different from darth maul. like if you have his tattoos make something besides red and black. thanks.
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