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RPG Yu Yu Hakusho: Jewel of Darkness


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[color=blue][font=gothic][i]Tani was standing in front of a very worried Koenma who was ranting on about how the Human Realm will be destroyed if the artifact wasn't returned soon, being bored out of her skull.[/i]

Koenma: This is just horrible! That jewel has the power to cause universal chaos! You have got to get it back!

Tani: Don't worry, Koenma. I'll get it back. What do we know about who stole it?

Koenma: Nothing!

Tani: What? Nothing? What do you mean nothing?!

Koenma: Exactly what I said! Somehow the thief evaded all our ways of identifying intruders.

Tani: Great. So I don't even know who I'm going after.

Koenma: Right. You all will have some work ahead of you.

Tani: You all? You mean I have a partner?!

Koenma: [i]Partners.[/i] Plural. There's no way you can do this job by yourself. Whoever stole the Jewel of Darkness is very powerful and a master thief to get past our security system.

Tani: *mutter*This is some.....ugh. Well, who are they? And why aren't they here?

Koenma: Hehe! See, that's the thing! Heh heh! Uhh, you need to go to the Human Realm and find them! Here's the list of names and addresses!

Tani: You have got to be kidding. *sigh* I guess I'd better get going then. *mutter* Faster I find'em, faster I can get rid of'em.

Koenma: Oh and Tani, take this concealer. Can't have you just walking around like that.

Tani: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

[i]As Tani went off to the Human Realm to find her new partners, the thief was silently watching, waiting to see what new adversaries she had to face......new adversaries she had to kill.[/i][/color][/font]
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Tani-this is a joke. How the heck am I supposed to find some criminal that left no evidence?!

???-well, you just have to keep looking. I'm sure you'll find him eventually.

[i]Tani swiftly spun around to see a girl with blue hair and purple eyes wearing a pink kimono flying on an oar paddle.[/i]

Tani-Who the heck are you!?

???-The name's Botan, the Grim Reaper. Koenma said that you'll be needing my help and so he assigned me to be an assistant to the spirit detectives.

Tani-SPIRIT DETECTIVES?!?! As in more than one detective?

Botan-yes. There are several Spirit Detectives, in fact.

Tani-*mumbles some stuff* fine. Let's just find them so we can get this over with.
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Kain walks up to Koenma and Botan.

Kain: What do you want Koenma?

Koenma: Well Kain I got another case for you.You'll be working with a group of Detectives.A precious and dangerous artifact has been stolen from us...The Jewel of Darkness.I want you all to find the thief and retrieve the artifact.Now first you must go find the other detectives.Now hurry we don't have much time!

Kain: Sure.
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Guest Zero
*Hayato slowly walk down a street as if just woke up*

Hayato: I'm so hungry.

Koenma: This is no time to think about your stomach!

Hayato: And why is that?

Koenma: Go found Botan and she will explain everything t you now go! There is no time to waste.

Hayato: And where can I found her?

Koenma: Keep walking and she'll found you.

Hayato: But I'm still hungry.

Koenma: Just go!

Hayato: Fine.
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[COLOR=red]*Meanwill, Cara Nisotono walks to school. Its seems like another boring day, then suddenly a bush shakes! And a little t.v thing pops out. Koenma is on the t.v.*

Koenma-"Cara, theres been a break in! We need you here a.s.a.p!"

Cara-"I'm on my way! " *Jumps on her mountan bike tords HQ*

Cara-"This always beats school!"[/COLOR]
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Kyoto walked to the kitchen tiredly and as she opened the door, someone popped into her head.

"Kyoto I need your help! Someone stole the Jewel of Darkness." the familar voice spoke, making Kyoto fall in shock.

Irritated, Kyoto spoke, "So? I tried to steal it. Whoever stole must be one lucky son of a--"

"Hey, watch your language! Anyway, are you going to help me?"

"Hmm..." Kyoto thought, "I'll help you...but it'll cost you."

"Cost me?!" Koema replied, angrily. "I saved you from going back to the demon world to become a slave and I'll cost me? You must be joking!"

Kyoto snickered, "I'd hope that you didn't remember that. Alright then, I guess I have to do it. But I work alone, you know that."

"Umm...well..." Koema sputtered. "You kinda have partners for this one."

"Partners?!" she yelled. "Who Botan? I worked with her last time and remember what happened?"

"Yes. In fact I'm still induring some hardships from that one. But seriously, I said 'partners' with a 's'. Meaning more than one."

"More people?! I can't work like this! But, knowing you, I'll have to do it anyway, so when can I meet my partners?"

"Right now if you hurry. Come on over to my office." Koema disappeared afterwards.

[I]Great...I have partners now. One of these day, Ky, you're going to become Miss. Popularity.[/I]
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A man wearing a strange armor was floating in the sky, watching the city below as he smiled.

???- Finally...I'm going back to life. Woohoo!

He blasted towards the city. Down there, he flew by the buildings, looking for the cemetary. He found it, then he landed and searched for his tombstone. After a while, he found it.

???- This is so exciting!

He opened the coffin, only to find a half-rotted body.

???-:eek: What the hell? Koenma told me my body would last at least 25 years without rotting!

Koenma- Charlie Fortune! I need you to do us a favor!

Charlie- Why should I, you liar?

Koenma- Because I can repair your body.

Charlie- Okay then, what do you want me to do?

Koenma- Head over to my office, where you'll find your partners. They will inform you further.
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[i]Tani and Botan walked (and floated) along the sidewalk while heading towards the first address on the list.[/i]

Tani-Botan, will you stop flying on that thing?! People are staring and the last thing I want right now is to get their attention.

Botan-alright. *lands* Who's the first person on the list?

Tani-some "Hayato." According to the address, his house should be close b----

[i]Tani and a young man bumped into each other head on.[/i]

Tani-Watch it! Who are you?

???-I'm Hayato. And you are?

Tani-I'm Tani.

Botan-And I'm Botan.

Hayato-Oh, so [i]you're[/i] Botan. Koenma said to keep walking and I would bump into you. I didn't think he would mean it literally though. He said you would fill me in on everything that's happening.

Botan-I'll explain it when we've found everyone who's working on this case. That way, I don't have to keep explaining it over and over.

Tani-well, we found one person on the list, so let's find the others.
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Cara-"Finally, i'm here! Whats up Koenma?"

Koenma-"The Jewel of Darkness has been stolen! Botan and the the others are on their way here as we speak, so just sit tight until they get here. Then you can meet your new partners."

Cara-"Partners? About how many partners?"

Koenma-"You'll see for yourself. Now just wait for a moment please. Ever since the Jewel was stolen, the paperwork here has tripled! There's so much stress and whatnot....."

*Cara walked over to a corner and sat down as Koenma began to talk to himself. She hoped that they would get here soon so she wouldn't have to listen to Koenma's blubbering.*

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Charlie arrived at Koenma's office, where he found the small guy talking to himself. In a corner, a girl was sitting.

Charlie- (She's no human.) Koenma, I'm here. Now will you tell me what the hell do you want?

Koenma repeated the same speech he had given everyone else.

Charlie- So, I suppose that *faces Cara* she is one of my partners?

Koenma- That's right. Now, why don't you go introduce yourself? After all, you will be working together.

Charlie walked towards Cara.
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[i]Tani, Botan, and Hayato continued walking along when they heard a small[/i] beep!.

Hayato-what was that noise?

Botan-That's my communicator.

[i]Botan looked around her and then led the others into a small alley.[/i]

Tani-Why are we going into an alley?

Botan-because we can't just stand there in the open when someone might here us. *takes out the communicator* What is it, Koenma?

Koenma-I'm just checking on how you're doing. How many people on the list have you found?

Botan-Just Hayato. We're heading towards the next address now.

Koenma-Don't bother. It seems that our Spirit Detectives have decided to come directly to my office. Some are already here.

Tani-And all this time we've been wandering about the city wasting time?!?!

Koenma-It seems that way, now doesn't it? Now just hurry here so we can get started on this mission!

Botan-We'll be there shortly, Koenma. *puts away the communicator* Well, we better get going again.
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[i]After a short while, Botan, Tani and Hayato arrived at Koenma's office. Tani looked over her new "partners" and slowly shook her head.[/i]

Tani: Look, Koenma. Are you sure that we have nothing to go on here? I mean, there's no way I can start anywhere unless I go to....never mind. And does your father even know about this?

Koenma: *sweatdrop* Ahahaha! Well, no. And I'd appreciate if you didn't tell him. You know what would happen.

Hayato: Could someone fill all of us in on the details?

Tani: *irritated sigh* Look, this is what we know now. Don't worry, it isn't much to remember. A thief somehow slipped past security two nights ago and stole the Jewel of Darkness from storage. We don't have any idea who it is nor how they got past security.

Cara: What exactly does this "Jewel of Darkness" thing do anyway?

Tani: Well this "Jewel of Darkness" thing has the power to take all the Spirit Energy from any mortal and transfer it into the user.

Koenma: How did you know that? I've never told you.

Tani: Did a little digging last night. Blame Jorge. He let me into the classified files. Anyway, you never answered my question earlier. Have we come up with anything new?

Koenma: As a matter of fact....

Tani: Yeah?

Koenma: No.

All: *fall over*

Tani: Then it looks like I'll have to go there after all.

Botan: You don't mean the.....

Tani: Yeah. You guys should go off to the Human Realm and try to formulate a plan of some sort. Botan, you go with them. Most of them are humans, so they can be affected by the Jewel's power.

[i]Tani walked out of the room with everyone looking after her except for Botan, when Kain asked what was on everyone's mind.[/i]

Kain: Where's she goin'?
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[COLOR=red]Cara-"How should I know? Well, if you guys need any help on the Earth, just ask. Now when can we start?! I have other important things to do ya know!"

Koenma-"Hang on! I'm tring to find out were Tani went!" *Starts talking to himself again* *Charlie looks at Botan*

Charlie-"how long does it take for him to find out about this kind of stuff?"

Botan-"A long time. And we can't go untill he says!"

*Everyone falls over*
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Charlie- Koenma...Are you finished?

Koenma- Please be patient!

Botan- *Whispering to Charlie* You better not do that. He could get angry.

Charlie- And?

Botan- He's repairing your body, right?

Charlie- Yeah.

Botan- Last time a detective angered him, he threw his body into a pool of Plutonium.

Charlie- Really?

Botan- No.

Charlie- Thought so.
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Kain: Come on Koenma!!

Koenma: Be patient Kain!!!!

Kain: I don't have any patience!!!!!!!

Koenma: Kain!!!!

Kain: Fine...

Botan: Don't rush him Kain.

Kain: Its been a half hour!!

Charlie: This is ridiculous.
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Koenma: Oh! I see now! Okay, you all can go now.

Kain: Well, where is she?

Koenma: You don't have to worry. She explain when she meets up with you all later. She's perfectly fine. Now go on and get on with your mission!
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[COLOR=red]Cara-"Ok....So were do we start?"

Koenma-"In the Spirt world."


Koenma-*Sweatdrop* "Um, uh, Botan, will lead you to the place!"

Botan-*thinks-"He forgets the importanest things!"* "Right this way!" *Runs out*
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Guest Zero
Hayato: The question at hand is where to start.

Charlie: That's right we know nothing of the thief.

Kain: So Botan know where to start?

Charlie: First of all I want my body.

Hayato: Koenma give him his body already.

*Koenma just keep mumble on*

Botan: Sir?

Koenma: Done.
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ooc: If you want to go into more detail about how you got your body back, Charlie, be my guest. ;)
Koenma-there. You now have your body back.

Charlie-It's about time.

Koenma-Now start looking in Spirit World for more clues!

Botan-But Koenma, we do know some things about the Jewel. It was taken into the Human Realm, and it steals Spirit Energy from mortals.

Koenma-Yes, but why are you stating the obvious, Botan?

Botan-Well, don't you think that we would find more clues by looking in the Human Realm instead of Spirit World?

Koenma-hmmm. You may be right, Botan. Alright then! Don't just stand there! Go to the Human Realm!!

Charlie-(to Hayato) Does he even know what he's doing?

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[COLOR=red]*Cara lookes at Botan and says-*"What else do you know about the Jewel? I mean besides the things that we know."

Botan-"Thats all we know. The thief didn't leave a trace of who he/she was."

Cara-"So how do we know were to start?"

Botan-"By how many lifes have been taken the most out of all the citys. The radar says we should go to Tokyo Japan. Now lets hurry!" *Everyone runs out.*[/COLOR]
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[i]Finally, they arrive in Tokyo. The streets and sidewalks are crowded and so they have a little bit of difficulty getting around.[/i]

Kain-I wish it wasn't so crowded here. That just makes our mission harder.

Botan-*sigh* yes, it does put us back a bit.

[i]The group continue wandering in some random direction all day, and they hadn't found a single clue.[/i]

Charlie-This is nuts! The jewel is supposed to be somewhere in the city, but we can't find a single foot print, unconcious body, or sence any Spirit Energy.

Hayato-We might be wandering for days like this!

Botan-Come on, everybody. Cheer up. It's not that bad.

Cara-What if the thief took the Jewel to another city?

Charlie-Or even another country?

Cara-I say we find a hotel and rest for the night. We're obviously not going to find anything soon.

Botan-But we have to find the Jewel as soon as poss----

Kain-Come on, Botan. It's the middle of the night. I second the idea of finding a hotel. I'm tired of walking. That's all we've been doing all day.

Cara-And there's one right there! *points to a hotel across the road*

Botan-hey, Wait!

[i]But they were already heading towards the hotel while Botan was just standing there when her communicator turned on. [/i]

Botan-yes, Koenma?

Koenma-How's the search? Any clues?

Botan-No clues, Koenma. *sigh* And it seems that we will be taking the rest of the night off.

Koenma-WHAT?! No! No, no, no, NO!! You can't! The entire human race is in danger!

Botan-There's nothing I can do about it. They refuse to continue for the rest of the night.

Koenma-*sigh* fine. They can rest, but they must continue again in the morning.

Botan-Yes, Koenma.

[i]Botan turned off her communicator and ran to catch up with the rest of the group at the hotel as they each got their own room for the night.[/i]
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[i]The group walked into the hotel with Botan slightly behind when to there surprise they saw Tani sitting in the lobby.[/i]

Tani: I was wondering when you all would decide to show up.

Cara: And where exactly have you been?

Tani: To a resource in the Spirit Realm. A place called Demon Square. I got some useful info there.

Kain: And how exactly did you do that?

Tani: *smiles* I have my ways. Now do you want the info or not?

All: Yes!

Tani: Okay, okay. Don't have to yell. Look, it's like this. Sinaki, that's the main guy that knows everything that goes on in Demon Square. He's a Shadow Demon, so he gets around. Anyway, two nights ago, he overheard two lackeys that work for a lady named Shimati Arimora talking about a big job, and some sort of gem that would take them all to the top that they were going to steal from the storage center at Koenma's. Sinaki didn't pay it any mind, thinking they couldn't get past security, and no jewel could get somebody absolute power.

Botan: So, a woman named Shimati Arimora stole the Jewel?

Tani: That's my assumption. And according to this little gizmo I picked up, she isn't here in Tokyo.

Botan: Isn't that a Spirit Energy Locator? I've got one here, but it's not picking up anything.

Tani: I kinda tweaked this one a little bit. It goes a farther distance and picks up the slightest trace of Energy.

Hayato: Well, where is she now?

Tani: Not too far away. She's in Osaka. I suggest we get some rest, and head there in the morning to investigate. I've already got all of us some rooms.

[i]The unlikely group went up to their rooms for a good night's rest, not knowing that they were being tailed by one of the most feared assasins in Spirit Realm......[/i]
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[i]All of them went up the stairs and into their rooms. Botan arrived in hers and flopped down on the bed when she heard another little [/i][b]beep![/b][i] but it wasn't her communicator. It was the Spirit Energy Locator. She stared at it in disbelief.[/i]

Botan-what? But...this says that there's a strong source of Spirit Energy somewhere in this hotel. And by the looks of it, it seems to be nothing but evil.

[i]Then there was a knock on the door. Cautiously, (in case it was the owner of the evil Energy) Botan grabbed a chair and slowly opened the door. It was Tani.[/i]

Botan-Phew. You scared me. I thought you were---

Tani-the person with the strong Spirit Energy?

Botan-Exactly! Did your Spirit Energy Locator detect it too?

Tani-yes. We should warn the others.
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Charlie is going out to his room to get some snacks. Right when he opens the door, Botan was going to knock on his door. Her fist stopped just before she hit Charlie.

Botan- We gotta get the others!

Charlie- What's wrong?

Botan- There's someone with high Spirit Energy. We suspect that he's the thief.

Tani- Come on, let's go!

They dashed to the next room.
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[I]Boom![/I] "Stop right there!" Tani yelled as the red haired beauty looked at her sharply. Tani turned her head to see
Koenma standing there beside the girl.

"Well about time you all came...this is Kyoto, another partner." turning to Kyoto "why don't you introduce yourself to them?"

Kyoto justed looked at them "Just stay out of my way and you'll live to see another day." she said, as she brushed past them.
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