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Computer addictions

Ice Dragon v2

How long can you last without your comp  

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  1. 1. How long can you last without your comp

    • 12 hours (sad, very sad)
    • 1 day (sad but not as sad as above)
    • 1 week (its average)
    • 1 month (complete withdrawal)
    • 1 year (is that even possible)

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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]i can go w/o a cpu for as long as i HAVE to... but if there is one i tend to get on as much as possible thou i CAN go as long as is nessasary w/o one... there are other ways of entertaining yourself... ex: playing ALL 8 peices in monopoly :wigout: is my fav... then all 6 in risk... then...........[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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the internet is the main thing i use the comp for. a week is my limit, but i wont freak out. ill jus get irritated and bored, thats how i was all the time before the net entered my life, the video games got tiring the tv was boring at times. outside was jus stupid games. i thought id never feel the fun i have at recess at home. till one summer the net came. the mising puzzel to my life. i took a chunk of normal spending time and put it into computer time. and today i get frustrated when i cant get on the comp sometimes. i jus walk around wonderless and eat for no reason at all. bored out of my mind.

heh, but you peeps that cant go 12 hours....sigh you guys do need lives.
i mean 12 hours isnt so bad, heh, i can have sex for 12 minutes, think about it for 30 and sleep 11:28

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