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  1. Hmm... Best Dubbed: Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop. Worst Dubbed: Pilot Candidate. Don't ask me why, but some of the voices didn't seem to fit. all of the girls sounded exactly like Kagome's english voice-over, high and whiney-sounding. Hiead's voice was perfect(^_^) for his character, but Zero's voice was awful. He always sounded so...hyper. It was like he was never serious. Just my opinion though. Sailor Moon: It's AWFUL. The japanese voices were ok, but for the English dub they...screwed up somewhere along the way. Usagi sounds like a valleygirl, Ami sounds like she's from England...it'
  2. Yeah, YYH is the best manga in Jump so far. I've seen the whole series of HunterXHunter, and I would be so happy if it was put in Jump, but I doubt it. (It's currently running in Bonzai! in Germany...y'know, the German equivalent of Jump?) Hmm...Jump never would lead too much into what manga they'd put in next. For a while they had me convinced it was going to be Kenshin, but now that they're putting it in manga form, I doubt it. Naruto is my second favorite manga. It's hilarious! I'm a big fan of comedy manga...although I hate sports manga. I tend to stick more to the action/fantasy/sci-
  3. Why I like anime? Easy. Good storylines, awesome art, good music, entertaining, bishounen(^_^) etc etc.
  4. I love Fake, the storyline's not bad & you gotta love the shonen ai ^_^;;--I'm a big fan but normally I read YYH shonen-ai fanfics, HxK. I'm also a big fan of HunterXHunter shonen ai. ^_^
  5. --I like like almost all anime couples except for Heero and Relena... --Miaka and Tamahome-FY --Yusuke and Keiko--YYH --Kenshin and Kaoru--RK --Sorata and Arashi--X --Serena and Tuxedo Mask-SM ^_^;;; ok, you can throw stuff at me now...
  6. INuYasah music mostly...but I love Megumi Oogata's voice(YYH) although the YYH songs I like aren't included in the actual show...just the movie...so I guess they don't really count...also Fushigi Yugi music...The Tasuki song rocks.
  7. I'd have to say... watching Jerry Springer w/ Nuriko and Hotohori on it would sure be funny... also I'd have to say my least fav. couple in Relena and Heero. She's an annoying psycho* and never gives up on Heero, ...for proof, go to the Heero is not toast website
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