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  1. My faveriote would have to be monopoly.. im not sure why i think it is the money..i like money :) but i dont get to play it very often because 1 i dont own the game 2 if i did no 1 would play it with me cos of the time involved...o well ill have to stick to the computer
  2. I havnt really had my first kiss....ive been kissed but i wouldnt say i have really kissed anyone....im not sure what it will be like......i just hope i do ok!!
  3. im not 100% sure what i want.... i probally would choose more clothes.....i figure u can neva have to many clothes.... and a discman....i still havnt got 1!!
  4. i had a problem like that not long ago.....my wisdom teeth havnt grown through yet but i think they tried to push through but my gums went up with them, soon the gum at the back was alot higher than usual and i couldnt chew, thankfully it only lasted a week then it went down....so im not really sure what happened
  5. No. I do not believe in Angels because I have never seen one, and I do not know anyone who has seen one and I am not religious.
  6. I find fruit works for me, water gives me energy, but fruit seems to give me a longer burst. During a sport game an orange and a drink of water i find really helps.
  7. My Faveriote mythological creature would have to be the Griffon, or gryphon, however you choose to spell it. I like this griffon because of its power, and its ability to fly. The phoenix i also like for its appearence, healing powers and immortality. But if i were to choose between them i would say the Griffon.
  8. Thats a hard question. I have never seen one or no anyone who has. If i see one then yes i will believe it, until then im going to sit on the fence.
  9. Ive stolen things, at school i stole a mouse from the computers, the next day i took it back with a guilty consience, at school we have a competition me and my friends to see who can steal the most pens without getting caught in 1 day. Its wrong i no but its just something to do.
  10. Well like Dogfish i get plenty of homework, but i like sports and reading action type books, o and going on my beloved computer
  11. My good friend Baron Samedi told me about it so i had a look then i left cos i didnt really like it, but i came back on not long ago and i really got hooked now
  12. No its fine to keep thier belongings. I know when we lost our dog i took the day off of school and cried most of the day, we kept his collar as well, i have it hanging up now.
  13. DevilzAdvocate


    Idont believe in God himself, but i do believe in a god, someone or something who created this world, it cant of just appeared out of thin air now could it???
  14. Oh i hate forwards, i read them when im really bored just to get a laugh, one sed it had been going for 80 yrs? correct me if im wrong but i dont think the internet has been around for 80yrs. The other day i opened one saying that bill gates was doing a survey and if i sent it to 15 people i would get up to $50 000, depending on who sent it that i sent it to. lol. I really hate pop ups i might be typing away not looking then i look up and see nothing worked because of this pop up ad!! Yes that email you got is a little strange? i wonder why someone would do something like that?
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