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    i'm just your average friendly otaku^_^
  1. ~*vixen*~

    Art Kaisuke, your art request XD;;

    cool. its really good. i really like it. umm..i can't seem to be able to see b&w version cuz it says page can't be found. neways,cool pic! keep up the good work!
  2. ~*vixen*~

    Anime Weiss Kruez

    i've seen the first and second series(gluhen.its pretty cool but i like the first series more. i don't like how they look like in gluhen. neways,i like weiss kreuz. it has a cool story,hot bishonens and a pretty good soundtrack^_^ and maladjusted-san,i've seen gluhen.
  3. ~*vixen*~

    Art Saiyuki Banner

    i love it juna-san! oohh....is it ok for you if i save it? i really love cuz its cool and its sanzo(heheh,he's one of my favorite saiyuki characters along with hakkai). your work was great! the color/background goes really well with the pictures. great work! keep up the good work!
  4. i love it! its awesome! really original i like the black and white version(the very first one) cool! keep up the good work! the auron berserker is also cool!
  5. ~*vixen*~

    Art Utada Hikari

    yup.that's much more better! good work!
  6. ~*vixen*~

    Art New Avatar & Banner

    i really like it. its calming and elegant. its good the way it is! you don't need to add or take off anything!
  7. ~*vixen*~

    Art My New Animated Kenshin Banner

    cool! i really like it. hehehe,i agree with the others it look like a movie preview. its so cool! keep up the good work!
  8. ~*vixen*~

    Art Utada Hikari

    cool! i like it. its simple yet cool! but i think you should've embossed the words,so it would've been clearer.
  9. ~*vixen*~

    favorite american cartoon?

    i like family guy,the simpsons,futurama and southpark. i also like undergrads.
  10. ~*vixen*~

    Anime Which Animes Are Dubbed Best/Worst?

    well,i really don't think is the best and i really also don't think that its the worst.i think its ok cuz people who can't understand japanese would be able to understand the anime even without the subtitles but sometimes,they don't really say what the character is supposed to say.
  11. ~*vixen*~

    Anime Anime Music

    for me the video game that has the best music are: -ffviii -ffix -ffx -ffx-2 -thousand arms - xenogears and the anime that has the best music are: -saiyuki -rurouni kenshin -sakura taisen -hunter x hunter -jigoku sensei nube
  12. ~*vixen*~

    Anime Hamtaro and Beyblade

    i don't like beyblade but i do love hamtaro. the ham-hams are so cute,bu i don't like bijou and howdy^_^; anyways,i like hamtaro^_^
  13. ~*vixen*~

    Anime I love New York!!!(About Anime Shops)

    i usually buy my anime at planet hobby(located in a mall here at mississuaga),suncoast,HMV and best buy. and sometimes i also buy online. like [url]www.animecornerstore.com[/url] & [url]www.animerus.com.[/url]
  14. ~*vixen*~

    Anime Anime Network

    i think anime network is only available at philadelphia,well,that's according to the animerica magazine,that i read.
  15. ~*vixen*~

    Anime Rurouni Kenshin

    rurouni kenshin! for me its one of the best anime ever created(together with cowboy bebop^_^) it has a very great storyline(though the manga is much more better thanm the series),the animation becomes better as the story evolves,and the character also evolves along with the story and it has such a great soundtrack! i love everything about rurouni kenshin! may it be the soundtrack,the manga,the series, OAVs and the movie! its the best!