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  1. I haven’t been playing much except myself. Divinity: Original Sin every once in a while. Sometimes I’ll pop in Skyrim or Mass Effecf for some mindless nostalgia. Hmm, might be why I’m posting here... lol I kid, I kid. Actually picked up playing Dungeons and Dragons again around the start of the year with some friends and coworkers. That’s been occupying more and more of my free time. Doesn’t feel as stagnant as any of the Far Cry series or Destiny. Getting back into that just reminds me of all the old text RPGs on here. Reminds me of creativity. Why do games feel so boring nowadays?
  2. Chaos

    Gaming Mass Effect

    Haha, I quit lurking to come post in a topic about the game series that literally made me bleed from the nose. I love Mass Effect. It effectively replaced MGS as my favorite series when Lair of the Shadow Broker came out. I F-ING hated the ending. Still can't understand what exactly the developers thought they were conveying with their plothole-riddled corpse of an ending. I won't start a rant, but when I finished my main playthrough, I headdesked and popped my nose out of place. I am a strong proponent of the Indoctrination Theory, to the point it has become my HeadCanon. If they had actually gone that route, it would've been the best ending to a game since Red Dead Redemption. Hell, it would've been the best twist to an ending that I can immediately recall. What we got, however, effectively killed the series for me. I spent over 300 hours and hundreds of dollars at this point on pre-orders and DLC just to pick which color screws over the galaxy. Oh, crap, I ranted. Sorry. Multiplayer is fun. It's neat. Vanguards have always been my favorite, and it's fun as hell when you have teammates pinned down to flank and Charge-Nova-repeat to victory. Anyone on 360, hit me up sometime. I'm hoping they go Dragon Age Origins or Fallout with the endings, giving me a blurb for the "thousands" of things that I've flagged over the years in my playthroughs. Something at least. The DLCs hopefully open up new avenues and add replayability. As it stands, I had the urge to play through the entire series again, and I got to Therum on ME and got so disheartened that I just stopped playing ANYTHING for like four days. FPS Mass Effect? Go play Halo. Turians are Elites, krogan are Brutes, volus are Grunts, yahg are Hunters, vorcha are Jackels, they have shields and spaceships. lmao.
  3. How the Hell am I a two-star User? NEGATIVE NUMBERS, people. Come on. It's not like I'm here, contributing. I expect this to be resolved by the next time I log in.

    1. CaNz


      Did I fix it?

    2. chibi-master
    3. Chaos


      Doubling my star count? For shame. There should be tiny black holes up there. >:|

  4. wonders if he can warn himself into suspention.

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    2. PiroMunkie


      I used to do that to friends on AIM waaaay back in the day, lol.

    3. Gavin


      Wow, another old face. How've you been mate?

    4. Chaos


      James, not like I have anything interesting to say. XD

      John, I remember those days. Friend idling with some snazzy away message? Quickclick the warn button like a shark circling a baby seal.

      Gav, I work too much, I drink too much, I smoke too much. I don't get enough sleep, money, or ass. Other than that, just peachy. You?

  5. CaNz

    Merry Birthday!

  6. is wondering why OB is turning into Facebook...

  7. I live in New Orleans, so yeah. I've had my fair share of hurricanes... Andrew when I was a kid, and a bad flood in May of '95 that ruined my childhood home. Georges a few years later, though he veered east and didn't do any damage to the metro area. Katrina of course, did a ton of damage...we came home and were doing repairs when Rita struck and did more damage. That one broke a lot of spirits in my neighborhood, but we managed to survive. I buried too many friends and relatives in '05. =/ In '08 Gustav did a lot of damage, too, but nowhere near the devastation as the sisters. Still had to fix a third of the roof and the attic. Never lost power though. Odd, right? Seen a bunch of tornados on the north shore when I lived there for a few years. Actually drove through a forming one once, that was a scary experience. Driving rain suddenly pulled upwards and the Jeep swept sideways. Corrected it and floored it. I-12 then became an obstical course of limbs and small trees behind me... Parked under an overpass a few minutes later and laid down in the ditch. Was there for like two hours before the storm passed and drove home. I've had my fair share of close calls before but that, I will never forget. It was like being chased by a train. Had cuts all over my back from the wind and hail. Lightning actually struck twenty feet away from a friend of mine, on a stump he was sitting on a few moments earlier. He's deaf in one ear and has flair-ups of pain in his legs every so often. He doesn't go out much anymore... =/ Friend of my mother's died riding a motorcycle when I was much younger. A bad storm was coming through and he was trying to get home. He was about ten minutes from his house when he hydroplaned and hit his head on the ground when he laid the bike down. He was out on the street unconscious in a flash flood and drowned. I kinda hate the rain, you know?
  8. [quote name='Lady Shy' date='21 July 2010 - 07:45 AM' timestamp='1279716349' post='697583'] Is that a vest of hair? How ravishing. [/quote] Don't judge. It took me years to hunt down enough dogs to weave this fine overcoat.
  9. [quote name='PiroMunkie' date='22 July 2010 - 11:52 PM' timestamp='1279860753' post='697677'] Please no. I only recently had a breakthrough with my therapist. [size=1]*rattles chains in the OB attic* Hi guys. [color=gray]edit - I just happened upon the VV YouTube video and rofl'd when Shinji's name was on the "Member Blocking" part.[/color][/size] [/quote] Zomg it's a John! Quick, tranq it and place a homing tag on it's ear! *pfft*
  10. [quote name='DisrespectWomenEarnALiving' date='14 July 2010 - 03:28 PM' timestamp='1279139291' post='697310'] [youtube]M8H1sMO0F1Y[/youtube] [/quote] I laughed at this way more than I should have... Hooray beer! Anyway, for relevence, this is what you should NOT do at four in the morning,
  11. Lolz. I miss the old formats. =/ Then again, I am opposed to all kinds of change that require me to deviate from the normal course. NOT THAT ANYONE CARES. >_>
  12. I got RDR after my roommate got it and I watched him play for a few hours. That was the most fun I've had just watching someone play a game since MGS4. Awesome game, about twenty-ish percent done at the moment. Just went over into Mexico in search of Billy. So far, everything about this game has meet expectations, if not surpassed them. Except for the Fort Mercer mission. Far too easy if you consider the in-game lore about how fortified and dangerous it was supposed to be. (I'm stuck playing it now, and UFC 10 is feeling neglected. If anyone wants to posse up online, I'm down for it usually. Send me a message and we'll hook up.)
  13. [quote name='Shy'][kuja]Me too. LOL! ;)[/kuja][/QUOTE] I lol'd twice during that sequence, between you and Ken. I joined in the ***-end of '01. A friend told me about the site, walked me through joining and whatnot because I was a newbie to everything internet at that point. Screwed around here a lot, spammed, made enemies. Grew up a little, made some friends out of enemies, made more enemies... Made ridiculous posts and was overly aggressive and generally acted half my age. I'd probably mark that as the highlight of my time here. Joined when V3 launched, so this year will make nine. Kind of scary when you think of how much time I've buried here for such a crappy legacy, lol. I remember almost everyone that has posted here so far...but about only half could tell you something of significance about me I suppose. I guess that means the lurking is effective, mwah-hah-hah. -_- OH! Something significant! I bugged James for like an hour to add this back in...V4? 5? ---> :twitch:
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