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  1. BurnerMan

    Gaming Final Fantasy Series

    [QUOTE=Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I'm pretty happy, I just got four Final Fantasies in One week: FF IV FF V FF VI FF: Crystal Chronicles And I got Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Front Mission 4. No, I'm not a fanboy, there was a huge price drop in them, and Front mission was free. But anyway, I just got to the part where you get in front of the castle where Tellah's daughter is in in #4, and [spoiler]the whole freakin' place gets bombed!!! :eek: [/spoiler] I feel a little bad that I giggled a bit, but I couldn't help but laugh when Edward said, "They blitzed us..." :animesmil Why is that so funny? :rolleyes: I haven't played a lot of FF5, but I'm pass the part when you face-off against Siren... And in Six, Terra went in front of the [spoiler]esper and went berserk![/spoiler] Wow... Pretty much all I need now are FF7 (which my brother owns), FF3 (which never came out here) and FF11 (can't get online yet...:() and I'll own them all!!! :p [/FONT] [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Ahh yes, FFIV and FFVI are really good games. FFV seems a little to bland though... like tofu.
  2. Let's just say, that was one big cookie I got.
  3. BurnerMan

    Naming weapons...

    Let's see, I have a bokuto, and I have 2 others, but I really want a halberd, being my all time favorite weapon, so, uhh... I don't know what I would call it.
  4. I was up all night watching ADULT... SWIM. And playing Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones at the same time. Oh, and on the internet. And I swore my parents would wake up, the people across the street let off like, 1000 fireworks and firecrackers.
  5. (c)-copywrited, I will hunt you down if you so much as write something similar to this. "Eternal Darkness" I am shrouded in the eternal darkness, for I have recieved the night's dark kiss, I will stay there forever, And I shall see light never, If the light were to draw a map, I could be free from this trap, But the darkness blocks the light, So I am to never be free with the help of the bright, So I stay shrouded in this darkness, as an outcast. So, uhh, tell me what you think!
  6. BurnerMan

    Gaming Crappiest Game You've Played

    [QUOTE=Shinmaru]Heh, you must not have played that many PSX games if you have Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as the worst lol. That game is brilliant, in my opinion...it's actually my favorite game on the PSX. NES - I didn't really own [i]that[/i] many crappy games for the NES, but Golf was the worst game I owned. I hated that game so much. It wasn't even a matter of me being a crappy gamer when I was a kid, because I play it on Animal Crossing and it still sucks. The controls are evil. Very evil, indeed. SNES - I have the dubious "honor" of actually owning both Home Alone games. Yes, you may start the laughing right now. Both games are pure garbage, not even worth playing to see how bad they are. The controls were horrible, the gameplay was worse and every time you died (which was often), you were treated to a soundbite of McCauly Culkin screaming. Ugh...I feel ashamed for having even touched both of those games. PlayStation - Bubsy 3D is just one of those games that just makes you want to kill yourself. The graphics are bright to the point of destroying your corneas, the controls are dyslexic and Bubsy is an annoying character who I would not hesitate to torture and maim if he was a real person/animal/thing. I took me a couple years to regain the IQ points that I lost playing this game. N64 - I hate Donkey Kong 64. I always have and I always will. Donkey Kong 64 [i]used[/i] to be good...when it was called Banjo-Kazooie. There was just way too much random crap to collect in DK64 and most of the odd-jobs you had to do to get all of those golden bananas were really, really boring. The last boss fight is what saved this game from being a total train wreck, for me. That was pretty fun. GameCube - Surprisingly, I don't really have any crappy games for my GameCube, other than QB Club 2002, which my dad bought. That whole series just sucks, from the controls to the graphics to just about everything else. Luckily, everything else I have for the GameCube is pretty good. And I don't own any crappy Game Boy games, since I don't realy have that many in the first place.[/QUOTE] I happen to like DK64.... Anyway, I don't have crappy games on NES, SNES, but on N64, Gauntlet Legends 2 pretty much stunk up the series.
  7. BurnerMan

    Gaming game where you killed most time on??

    Possibly Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones, that game is addictive, I just played it for 8 hours straight, while watching the Naruto New Year's Marathon.
  8. BurnerMan

    Gaming how do you choose what games you buy?

    I stick to my Zelda games, they're my best friends. Other than that, any game that appeals to me, especially the classic NES series.
  9. BurnerMan

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    Well, basically, you get your information from here: [url]www.zeldauniverse.net[/url] personally, I spend more time here than anywhere else on the computer. It's a freakin' sweet website, and has all the latest stuff on TP.
  10. BurnerMan

    Gaming Shadow the Hedgehog

    It's really ruining the series, as if it already hadn't been ruined -_-' I'll stick to the first 4 Sonic games.
  11. Me, well, I'd master all styles of Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts. I'd fight with my bare hands and also study light magic. (Ex: Lightning) I would wear blue pants, a blue headband, and have a sleeveless blue shirt.
  12. BurnerMan

    Manga plz, manga help

    Yeah, i beieve there is a section on art.... Tips: use shadowing under hair and body that is similar in shape, don't use flat colors, try to find colors that really make the pictures stand out.... and just keep practicing.
  13. BurnerMan

    Boyfriend to Best friend

    My best friend is my true love. Of course, she doesn't like me back, but She will eventually (her hormones haven't developed and we're in high school)
  14. BurnerMan

    What would you choose Love or your Dreams?

    Well, technically, my dreams are about love, so there really is no choice there.
  15. BurnerMan

    Random Questions

    [QUOTE=DarkStar666]i have a question. if you had to choose between being invisible or being able to fly which would you choose?[/QUOTE] Flight, if i get trapped on an island, I'll just fly off. If I was trapped on an island, i would choose my best friend linzee.