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    i'm 16 live in kansas city missouri. i'm a writer by nature, but i'm also into music, religion, vampire neoveks, all things rennaisance, ANIME, mythology, and of curse leaning how to speel (LOL)
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    hehe don't got one of those
  1. heehee my anime crushes!!!! Hotohori Vampire hunter D Eclipse Larva Vincent valentine Amon Aoshi Shinamori alucard kakyou kaduki i want to jump their bones sad isn't it........... :animeswea
  2. [B]phantom of the opera[/B] - best musical of all time. [B]grease[/B] - hehe [B]Dancer in the dark[/B] - my god the saddest muisical i've ever seen. i bawled. don't see this unless you feel like a really good cry
  3. I love a perfect circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have three of their albums myself, i highly suggest Mer De Nomes, very good tuff. if you don't know anythinga about them i'll give you a few tidbits. the lead siger is maynard james keenen who is also the lead singer for tool. he also did some work on the Underwolrd soundtrack, very very good.
  4. i listen to everything. classical, heavy metal, techno, classic rock, emo, pop, folk, jazz, gothic music, anime music, chamber, hmm i could go on, right now if i had to pick a favorire genre it wuld be female goth rock (gotic rock/metal bands with female vocals) like evanescence, nightwish, within temptation, ellis, lacuna coil, leave'es eyes, theater of tragedy, qntal. Within temptation is my absaute favorites though i am obsessed, everythinga bout that band.
  5. i have very zilch room to talk on this subject. in my little world staring me, eclipse (demon diary) is the mna by which all others are judged..... :rolleyes: we are sad, sad human beings, which is why we are otaku......
  6. i feel the same way, i just loooked at every thread i've posted on so far, and hardly any othem have posts after mine. this has been true on every otherv forum i've ever been on too. life just sucks that way i guess. at least now i know i'm not alone, LOL :catgirl:
  7. ok there have been so mnaay, but if i had to pick just one it would be this one, it is the weird dream by which alll of my other dreamjs are judged. me my father,and a guy friend of mine are being chased down the street by jellow thrwoing nazi's (n seriously there are nazi's throwing jello at us) then there's this huge tidal wave, and we know if we don't get away we're all gonna drown, so we (and i have no idea how we manged to do this because in real life this would have taken forever, and water is fast, but we did) we grabbed chizeles and started chizeling through this really thick hard wall. we're wrokinga s fast as we can, wroking for or lives, what wedon't know it that inside this wall there is a couple who have lives inside of it for almost 30 years, finaly we break through, and by this time, we're scared half to death, and we're trying to push through, when suddenly theers his big kind looking face on the other side of the wall stareing at us, and he first thing out of this guys mouth is "Do you like jhon wayne" and that's all i remeber....
  8. roses are red violets are blue i have congenital herpes and now you do too :D
  9. this is debateable, but i find it to be abpsalute fact.... takeing a long drag off a cancer stick (ciggarette), holding it in and then drinking a long chug of cofee then exhaleing is a religious exsperience worthy of nirvana. :animesigh
  10. wow.....well manga it would take allot longer for me to list, i used to read it religiously, but i've kinda slacked off, thogh there are still a few series i really would like to finish. ex. model, vampire game, under the glass moon. i have complete stes of chobits, demon diary, mars, and a whole lot more. i'd have to dig around a while for all of it, but oh well.
  11. i decided it was high time to have a first thread, and if my first thread get's closed i will cry, but here it goes anyway. kk otaku look at your designated anime shelves. what's sitting on it right now? list list list!!!!!!!! (yes and also weather it's subbed or dubbed) and it has to be anime you yourself own.... mine is... Sailor moon *promise of the rose* The Movie R (D) *Hearts in Ice" THe Movie S (D) *black Dream HOle* the MOvie S sUper S (D) Tenchi Muyo trouble hatches (D) Slayers Volume 1 (S) ah my goddess Moonlight and Cherry Blossum (S) Ninja Scroll (D) Samuraie X The motion Picture (D) Trigun Volume 1 THe $$60,000,000,000 man (D) Texhnolyze (note still need 2, and 3) (D) *Volume 1 Inhuman and beautiful *volume 4 Suspicious *volume 5 Lies and Despair *volume 6 Death and serenity Hibane Renmei (complete set) (D) *Volume 1 New feathers *Volume 2 Wings of Sorrow *Volume 3 Free bird *Volume 4 Day of flight Lain (complete set) (D) *Volume 1 Navi *Volume 2 Knights *Volume 3 Deus *Volume 1 Reset Chobits (Complete set) (D) The perfect collection (condensed Box set) Vampire Hunter D: Bloodust (D) Miyazaki's Spirited away (D) X/1999 THe movie (D) Princess mononoke (D) ANIMATRIX vampire princess Miyu (complete set) (D) Perfect collection (condensed box set) Fushigi Yuugi (complete set) (D) THe perfect box set (semi-condensed set) *Suzaku box (season 1 eps 1-27) *seiyu box (season 2 eps 28-57) *oni and eikoden box (oav 1 & 2) wow........i'm actually tring to sell some of it, but oh well, makes me feel rich, even though i got most of it for dirst cheap...... :D
  12. hmm actually not as much as usual, but i hiope it still gives you a good idea of my odd tatses in music. i'd love to list my entire collection but i have over 120 in it so i'll just stick to what's in my cd case right now. 1. within temptation - mother earth 2. sorten muld - mark 2 3. queen of the damned - ost 4. cher- belive 5. tori amos - little eartquakes 6. bjork - selamsongs 7. H.I.M. - razorblade romance 8. dargaard - the dissolution of eternity 9. flogging molly - drunken lullabies 10. Dominion 3 - hand and the sword 11. magnolia - ost 12. loreena mckennitt - book of secrets 13. a perfect circle - mer de nomes 14. nine inch nails - the downward spiral 15. evanescense - fallen 16. the dresedn dolls - self title 17. inkkubus sukkubus mix 18. elvendrums - drumstruck 19.deep forest - boheme 20. bjork - homogenic 21. cher - if i could turn back time (chers greatest hits) 22. TATU - dangerous and moveing 23.nightwish - once 24.TATU - 200 KM/phr in the wrong lane 25. faeries - a musical compainion to the art of brian froud 26. within temptation - silent force 27.HIM - dark light 28. a perfect circle - the thirtencth step :animesigh
  13. i read the mnaga to tokyo mew mew a long time ago........i realy likes it, ddn't get to finish though. [INDENT][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]lady_liege, Welcome to Otakuboards. The forums at OB may be a little different from most of the boards out there. The administration tries to encourage friendly conversation and high post quality. Since intelligent conversation is hard to accomplish with just one liners, a little more post content is usually required too. Next time, to try to keep your posts from being moderated, try to improve your spelling and grammar. Also, if your posts are really short (like this one) explain your reasons to help move the conversation along. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any of the other mods. Thanks -Arvi[/SIZE][/COLOR][/INDENT]
  14. i like hellsing myself, but vampire hunter D bloodlust is one of the most impressive peices of anime i've ever seen, i was dissapointed that it was only an hour and a half long. i started reading the book series before i wabtched it, and the first novel was so amazeing i just mnade the the misatke of watching the original Vampire hunter D. yuck......Bloodlust is infinately better. it's breathetakeing.
  15. i've never heard about this? a sequal to hellsing???? wooooooooo :catgirl: :catgirl: :catgirl: [INDENT][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]lady_liege, Next time, to try to keep your posts from being moderated, try to improve your spelling and grammar. Also, if your posts are short to the point that they don't add to the conversation (like this one) it might be best to reconsider posting or at the very least taking a little extra time to assure the content of a post. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any of the other mods. Thanks -Arvi[/SIZE][/COLOR][/INDENT]
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