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  1. My first manga was Fruits Basket. Didn't know that mangas exsist until I worked in a book store and it was hard not to notice them on the way to the break room (they have two different areas for them depending on the age level of them and there are a couple displays in other areas of the store). It was also the introduction to the anime/manga world beyond sailor moon, dbz, and pokemon. (A little limited when you are in a country that you don't speak the language and books that I can read I have to order on line.) Since then my little collection has grown alot and have been introducing them to
  2. [SIZE="2"]I really enjoy this series in both the Manga and the Anime. Sadly though the anime stops at in the middle. Genshiken has a deverse characters that is easy to relate to (I have taken a bit of a liking to Ohno and Tanaka, probably because they are alot of the same characteristics as me.) The comedy is low key but funny if you look at life with a light-hearted perspective. Humans are just to funny to not laugh at our own stupidity. Although, I could have sworn that the characters are in college from the way they talk about jobs and Ohno's coming into the picture. [/SIZE]
  3. The things that I look for in anime varies. Sometimes there would be somethings off beat about it that makes stand out from the others. Typically I go for those that play off of mythologies and/ or astrology. I also have a thing for anime the portrays a female character who goes against the crowd in personality ( tough with a heart). Besides that I'm into comedy. Life too serious to not laugh along the way. Not the perverted jokes or those that aren't really all that funny (get plenty of that at work), but those jokes that you get by following the story or knowing a bit about the basis of the
  4. I would have to lean more on the anime at this time. Due to my current lifestyle and schedule it fits in better. Can't really read the manga unless I'm surrounded by water because my cats want attention when I home (one will try to eat the pages if I don't get the hint). Anime also gives me a chance to download after a long day. I also enjoy the artwork and some of the characters. There are some stories that I do prefer the manga over the anime though. All in all I enjoy both of them but at the time I am more into the anime.
  5. I got into anime when I was overseas and pretty much watch dvd's for any television entertainment. What got me into anime even more was that the characters typically have more depth as far as personalities. There is also the storylines and the artwork. The fact that some of the stories were things that I'm really into didn't hurt anything in that direction either. :catgirl:
  6. You can get it through either [url]www.bestbuy.com[/url] or amazon.com. I'm sure that there are others out there if you look around some.
  7. [quote name='5th Hokage']of all the great animes that have had only one season (trigun, cowboy bebop, outlaw star, DNA2, ect)which should be brought back for a second chance.[/quote] [COLOR=Indigo]The series that I would love to see another season to would be [COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Fruits Basket [/FONT] [/COLOR] and [COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Loveless[/FONT][/COLOR]. Both are great stories and I love the personalities of the characters. Both of them had also ended with a feeling that the story wasn't complete :animeangr . Beginning to feel as though my taste ru
  8. Does anyone know what the deal is with the Loveless series? Is there going to be anymore? :animeshy: [INDENT][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]Welcome to OtakuBoards [B]Hiniku[/B] To avoid confusion we ask that you do not create another thread. Please go ahead and post in the current one no matter how old it is. Before you post any thread, please check the [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38208][COLOR=Sienna][B]Official Threads Directory[/B][/COLOR][/URL] to see if there is already a thread on that topic. It is also a good idea to perform a forum search on that subject to make su
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