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  1. Due to the RP Creator being relatively inactive at the moment, I'll start this for now. If need be later, the moderators can close this one and have it replaced with one started by the RP creator. [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58873]Signup Thread[/url] Well, I know what the basic premise of my plans for this RP will be with Odin and Martel. You guys had better stay on your toes, if I get into my old-style game expect anything to come at you. It's been a while since I have played the dark side though, so I'm probably a tad rusty.
  2. Order of checking: 1. Theater, including backstage and auditions 2. Lounge 3. If bored { check other sections for potential interesting threads }
  3. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. [b]Name[/b] Odin 'Loki' Yggdrasil [b]Age[/b] 24 [b]Looks[/b] 6'0", around 160 lbs. He is lean and mean, though still quite handsome even at his age with his blonde hair and blue eyes on a pale and slender body. Typically seen dressed in either a lab coat or an outfit comparable to that of a working-class man, his most notable feature is the faint scar on his neck where an experiment was performed. [b]Personality[/b] Bipolar, he has two known phases. One he actually isn't that evil, helping people and doing what he can for those around him. The other though, he is a mastermind of high ability. Known to be a sociopath, he can and will ruin the lives of people he dislikes given the chance to do so. Though [he's not actually bloodthirsty, he does at times get others to do his dirty work. [b]Bio[/b] Modified Human number 9, he is one of those who has escaped the laboratory and mingled with normal humans to conceal his true identity and avoid the government's attention. Following his escape though, he hasn't just been sitting still. Badly upset by all that happened to him in the labs, and what people do to each other, he has begun scheming to topple the government once and for all in order to spare humanity and achieve coexistence with the fruits of Project NATURE and his own kind among the remains of humanity. [b]Abilities[/b] Blacksmithing: At some point in his teenage years he was introduced to the ancient art of the forge and metalworking. It is likely the skills he learned then are still in his memory and body, and may surface again if needed. Even though no longer actively forging, he usually carries a hammer at all times and can often be seen holding it and looking at it while thinking. Intelligence: Common sense isn't his specialty, but he is a master at solving puzzles and predicting people's actions. In fact, he knew that the project that modified him would fail and had a hand in it's demise as a sort of vengeance for the pain it caused him. Healing: Exposure to radiations and experiments during and immediately after his modification granted him the ability to perform a holy magic of sorts for the purposes of healing and support. It is possible an offensive ability may appear from this power as well, but to date he has not been able to use this ability in that manner. [b]Weaknesses[/b] Strength- He isn't very strong physically. Relying on brainpower for years and years even before his modification resulted in a lot of thought capability but not a lot of strength in his build. While this has changed somewhat due to his activities after escaping the lab, he is still weaker than many normal humans of his age and gender. Sociability: He doesn't like to be around a lot of people or in a heavy crowd. This was from a pre-existing condition before he was modified, but the modifications only made it worse. He will become very annoyed if forced to wait in line or attend social events. There are a few people though that he will tolerate being with though. [b]Name[/b]Martel Stoneshaw [b]Age[/b]22 [b]Looks[/b] [url=http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs30/300W/i/2008/102/a/a/Western_Martel_WIP_by_sheenarocks87.png]A typical outfit for Martel, you would never expect her to be what she really is. In fact it is a part of her cover, she looks just like an ordinary young lady.[/url] 5'6" and around 180 lbs, she is curvy and perky. Fooling many with her innocent charm and smile, people haven't a clue what she really is until she is about to kill them. [b]Personality[/b]"masked" bipolar, she hides the fact as hers is not very clear and is complicated slightly by some aspects of her body. Though she is known to be not very nice most of the time, and yet will from time to time show a soft spot and help someone. [b]Bio[/b]Experiment Number 1215 of Project NATURE, she was originally a rather weak and sickly human girl before being so extensively modified in the course of the experiments that her body was just about re-engineered from the ground up. Problem is, among the experiments was the insertion of bat DNA into her makeup, which reacted with other portions of the experiment to produce a woman who literally is a vampire. She was originally going to be destroyed after the changes were discovered when she stopped eating normal food, attacking the lab assistants for the blood she really needed instead, but the scientists responsible for the experiment were able to 'civilize' her enough to feed her donated blood and confirm that she had retained sentience and almost all of her original personality. Though they claimed her memories were lost during the experiments, she has indicated that some do still exist in her mind. [b]Abilities[/b] Telepathy: It is an incomplete form, but she is able to read thoughts meant for her to know from people's minds, and project her thoughts back into theirs as though they were hearing her speaking to them. Portals: She is capable of transporting herself from location to location with roughly 3 seconds from the start of the process to her dematerializing. It involves tunneling through a parallel dimensional plane where she can see the reality she is passing through but cannot affect it in any way without returning to normal space. There are limits to the distance of a single span though, and she cannot open her portal more than three times per day due to the enormous strain it puts on her body. Strength and sensory: She is roughly comparable in raw strength to two average men, along with a sensitivity to bloodshed and her surroundings. Also, if there are any lingering spiritual energy in an area, she will detect it and avoid the place. [b]Weaknesses[/b] Self-control: Her thirst for blood is always bearing down upon her, and if she sees blood seeping from a fresh wound she will attempt to feed from it even if it is someone she wouldn't normally consider biting. In addition, she is often quite impulsive and sometimes will do things without thinking. Mentality: Her mind is said to be in a state of decay, according to the researchers by the time she is in her mid-40s she will be almost completely insane as a result of the strain of resisting the feeding urge on top of her mind being overburdened by the thoughts of people around her and managing her powers. Though if their theory holds true, the more she gives in to the thirst for blood the longer it will last. Body Shape: She's surprisingly chunky given her lifestyle and the factors of her modifications. Though people learn very quickly that if this is pointed out she will become either depressed or defensive depending on which phase of the bipolar she is in. Though most people don't have time to notice this, they're too busy trying to keep her teeth away from their necks. I have plans for tying these two characters together, in addition to something of a Mafia-like group led by these two to carry out Odin's plans and bring unity to all humanity and coexistance to all the experimental beings.
  4. Well, I kind of think we should bring in a bit more of the day to day life in the old west, such as the gossip around the brothel or the shootin da bull that goes on at the saloon and Odin's smithy. Plus if need be I can introduce some local rough characters to stir up the mix, we'd have our big bad and then we'd have my ugly who causes trouble but isn't really a bad person.
  5. Not only should they be forbidden, but it is unwise from the standpoint of the people involved in the relationship too. Though it is convenient being together all the time, in the event that one should lose their job it is likely the other one too. Working at separate companies you're less likely to be completely without income. And yes, you run into situations like you are describing. The manager is being impartial due to his feelings, and one of the two should be removed to a different location or terminated in order to better run the business and not make the others jealous.
  6. I'm hoping this comes together and soon, I see a lot of promise in it. Thing is, we kinda nailed our main antagonist right out of the gate, and need something else to do. Like.... what would happen if someone were to find gold nearby? All the ruckus that would appear, and all the rifraff that would move in to search for it. Just a thought in any case, since it seems like we're a bit stalled.
  7. ~ Martel, near Seven Sisters Brothel~ [b]Well, how are you lot doing today? Been busy with the men folk in there? [/b] Martel asked of the brothel sisters as they arrived at their house. While not particularly fond of the bunch, she was not as bothered by them as some people would be. They definitely lived in a very different way than most of the townspeople, and Martel could understand a little of what that was like because she wasn’t exactly ordinary either. [b]Martel, please tell me you didn’t take a job here. [/b] A voice was heard behind her, causing her to jump and turn to see her beloved Odin standing behind her. Odin was covered head to toe in soot and sweat again, and holding in his hand the blade to a farmer’s plow he had just repaired. [b] Your father would cry if he found out you were in this part of town.[/b] [b]Odin, why are you in this part of town? You weren’t planning to sneak in there and stare at them were you? I was headed over to drop off this sandwich at Mr. Peabody’s corn field since his wife forgot to make him lunch today. [/b] Martel answered, her eyes taking a bit of an evil look as the brown mare she rode snorted behind her. [b]Not a chance. I’ve got enough woman to deal with just having you around. Though I was taking this plow blade over to Mr. Peabody as well. He had sheared it a few days ago, but I was out of the right steel to make a replacement until today when a shipment arrived from the mill. He told me to bring it to him when it was ready. Hopefully he hasn’t taken to busting shovels and horseshoes trying to get his fields prepared without this.[/b] Odin remarked back calmly, he wasn’t the kind of guy to go to a brothel anyway even though he was often teased about them. Martel’s horse snorted again, she didn’t like this part of town one bit because of the brothel and all the shady people that tended to gather around it. Odin looked at Martel’s horse, and whispered to it so it would quiet down [I]Steady Bear. You’ll be out of here soon, back home with Martel. [/I] Martel noticed her horse having quieted down and Odin quietly saying something, and remarked [b] You being a horse whisperer again? Keep that up, and she might just follow you around instead of her trying to follow me all the time. Also, if you get a chance later you should check her feet. I think one of her shoes is working loose, and needs to be replaced soon.[/b] [b]It’d be interesting at least, though I don’t think Bear would follow me into my shop. She gave one heck of a fight last time your dad brought her down for me to shoe. Then again, it wasn’t as bad as trying to shoe a fresh mustang. The last one left me bruises. [/b] Odin replied, blushing slightly. [b]Well, I’ve got to get this delivered and then get back to my shop. Martel if you want me to take a look at Bear’s feet bring her over later I will check it out. Good day. [/b] Martel sighed; Odin seemed to be always about business first. Though he did nod and smile in her direction before continuing down the lane. [b] Well, it’s good seeing you all again. I’d been wondering how things were going.[/b]
  8. Out of curiousity, did anyone think the last three paragraphs of my post were a bit funny? Also, I'm actually showing a blank for what my next move will be. Probably just Martel getting drunk, and then wandering over to talk to Odin more.
  9. I post on forums like this when I am resting but not sleeping. It's actually pretty good I think, because I am still thinking a little and sorting out my thoughts, but not entirely asleep nor hyperactive either. Only problem is if I get too comfortable while posting I will fall asleep.
  10. ~ Odin Yggdrasil, Smoking Aces Smithy ~ A series of gunshots ran out in the street near the saloon, just in time for an explosion to burst the windows and send smoke flying from the blacksmith shop. Apparently it?s owner has messed up one of his tinkering, that or he had finally lost it and was about to blow the whole place sky high. There was a bit of a ruckus among the crowd that had spilled out of the saloon to see the gunfight that the Sheriff had interrupted, and a voluptuous woman fought her way through the crowd to the blacksmith shop as the smoke began to clear from around it. ?ODIN! Odin are you in there?? She demanded of the building as soon as she was within earshot of the doors. Giving them a mighty pull, the latch gave way under her will and more smoke billowed out as the doors opened. ?I?m alright. Just triggered the flash pan a little bit to soon.? A man coughed from inside, standing near the iron contraption that was the epicenter of the explosion. Nearby a forge smoldered softly, having been ignored for a bit while Odin worked on his project between customers. ?Apparently mixing 5:1 is too much, it detonated instead of burning nicely and made a mess of my equipment.? Martel sighed as the town blacksmith came into view, a fairly slender and attractive young man who was covered head to toe with a layer of soot. ?You know I worry when you do stuff like that. Just what were you trying to do?? ?I was hoping to make a more powerful type of gunpowder. But that one went so hot it melted the flash pan, I doubt I could make a gun hold up to it.? He remarked, wiping himself off a bit. ?Did you hear the gunshots outside? A couple of guys picked a fight in the bar and went to settle it in the street, and the sheriff took them both to jail for it.? Martel inquired of Odin, knowing what his response would be. ?I hadn?t the foggiest. My ears were still ringing from that old anvil, and after that explosion I?m surprised I can still hear you.? Odin replied, dragging the remains of the contraption to a dark corner to be reprocessed as scrap metal. ?Anyway, what can I for you today?? ?Odddinnnn?? Martel moaned, causing him to look directly at her as if puzzled. ?Well?? Martel ran at him, sweeping him into a tight embrace and making him blush extensively because of her lush curves and ample bosoms. ?Don?t worry me like that alright? Otherwise I?ll hug you.? ?I?m sorry Martel. But you know me; I?m a survivor. I probably could be shot and not feel it until a week later. This one is going to feel nice for sure.? Odin remarked, returning her embrace while the two were out of sight behind the still-closed half of the shop door. ?And actually, I do need something today. Paaw went and broke his shovel, and then went and threw the pieces off a cliff in his madness about it. I?ll be needing another one from you.? Martel remarked, looking over the shelves of wares that lined the walls but glancing back to Odin every few moments to make sure he wasn?t staring at her. Odin was staring at her of course, and she knew it. He had been too out of touch with reality to respond to her advances when she was younger, but ever since she outgrew her dresses a few years ago all of a sudden he couldn?t keep his eyes off her when she was around, while many guys wouldn't give her a second look because of her new figure. ?There should be one over there, I had made a bunch of them last time I had the stock for it. I?d have to scrap-salvage if I was to make another now.? ?Ah here?s one. Thanks Odin, put it on my father?s tab alright?? She remarked, picking up the shovel and them moving her body ever so slightly to push Odin into a fantasy. Sure enough it worked, a drop of blood appeared at Odin?s nose and he quickly blushed and looked away saying ?Sure thing Martel. Will you be in town again later?? ?Oh probably. You know where to find me if you do want to talk more. Though if I know you I?ll be the one looking for you.? She answered, putting the shovel over her shoulder and heading back down the street towards where he horse was tied up. ?Be careful alright? I worry about you sometimes.? A few feet outside the door of the shop, another guy stopped Martel and started talking to her. Odin couldn?t hear what was said, he had already begun working and just noted the shadows. A sharp crack rang through the shop, louder than the anvil, and Odin looked up to see the guy holding the side of his face and Martel nowhere to be found. ?Best leave that one alone you know. She?s the devil in human clothing.? Odin remarked with a smile to the pain-riddled man, before inquiring if he required any ironwork, to which the man replied that his gun had jammed and needed service.
  11. Ah I'm a bit late. Sorry guys, I will get a post together ASAP. Though it should be interesting at least, given that there's already a barfight and shoot-out based on skimming the existing posts. Should be a nice cover for my opening, and tie in neatly. Edit: Alright, Odin and Martel are introduced, in their somewhat "normal day" style. Status Quo ftw. Yes it is perfectly normal for Odin to just about blow up his shop, though usually it doesn't go with a bang like that one.
  12. [quote name='Aberinkula'][size=1][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]You live in Upstate NY? OMG I live near the border of Canada, that's strange... and I mean I live near the border by like 20 miles. God... this is a small world. As for terrible weather, a few years ago we had a microburst that tore some trees down, knocekd trees down, and knocked power out for at least a day or two. Other than that it was pretty cool. We also had a blizzard about a month and a half ago. And of coarse I'm stuck with the chore of getting wood from the woodshed. I was knee-high is snow. ****ing christ sakes it sucked, the next day the snow was HUGE, and me and my father had to go out and plow too.[/COLOR][/size][/QUOTE] I'm still a good way south from you though. If you look on a map and see the southern end of Keuka Lake, the shore right there is about 30 minutes from where I live. I'm in the "backwoods" region in the finger lakes region where NY meets PA right around the middle of the state. Last night's storm was a bit weak though. I only saw one lightning strike, and didn't hear anything other than a good solid wind blast and some rain. Darn, I was hoping for a big one.
  13. [b][i]Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix[/i][/b] Thanks for introducing this to me guys. It's friggen addictive, and now every time I look at the girls in the OB banner it gets stuck in my head. Seriously, I should never have watched that youtube video. But this song makes me smile, it is so random and clever to have it paired with popotan like that.
  14. I've had two tornadoes come down in my backyard in the past 10 years. I live in Upstate NY. Usually though when the sky turns green and the house begins to shake with thunder and driving rain, it is time to open the trapdoor and take cover. This house has been standing for over 100 years, and has been kept in good repair. I trust only a direct tornado impact would damage it significantly. Though I have been nearly hit by lightning twice now, one hit a tree about 20 feet away and the other one struck the barn I was in while repairing a cow sorting gate that was damaged when the herd panicked due to an ATV on the fence line earlier that day. My favorite part though is given that I live on a hill and have a 360 degree view of the hills around, after a storm front passes I can sometimes go out to the crest of the hill and watch the lightning flash all around me. Usually I will sit low to the ground when doing this though, because if you can see lightning it is possible to get hit by it. Edit: Oh, and I am on the end of the line as far as power goes. The lights flicker and grow dim a lot even without thunderstorms, however when there is one in the region it is like a horror movie the way the power flickers. Only with battery-backup and heavy power filtering can I stay online during those times, and I have to use a generator during the worst of it.
  15. I rather like having the Caramelldansen girls on the regular blue OB skin, since that avoids the humiliation of one of my classmates looking at my screen while I write and seeing an all-pink forum.
  16. They really made one O.o *passes the time watching the girls in the banner dance while imagining the song* I think I need a new sig and avatar as well.
  17. Edit: it is alright if I take the blacksmith role off your hands correct? I am a blacksmith in reality, and am known to provide a lot of detail in my scenes that include the trade [B]Name: Odin Yggdrasil AKA Stone Mountain Shaman Gender: M Age: 21 Physical Description: [/B]An out-of timeline nerd like build, in a sense a forerunner of what is to come among intellectuals. Though he does have more muscle than a modern tinkerer would have, given the amount of manual labor required to live. 5'6", 150 lbs. Blonde Hair Blue Eyes. His left arm is somewhat more muscular than his right, due to his being a blacksmith and always forging parts for his inventions in addition to supplying the town. [B]Personality Description: [/B] He appears to be a sane and business-minded person most of the time, but in reality has a dynamic personality that will suit whatever is around him or what is happening in his life. He likes to gossip a bit with people he knows well, and is usually either spreading the good word or talking about one of his ideas that some people think are just plain crazy, while others find them rather entertaining. [B]Biography: [/B] Born to a pair of peasant farmers who immigrated to the US and then made their way westward in a wagon train while Odin was but a sapling, his first exposure to blacksmithing was when the wagon broke it's axle on a steep hill and the smith among the group had Odin gather fuel and man the makeshift blower while he performed repairs. On arrival, Odin could never be kept on the farm, he was always at the blacksmith's shop helping out, and eventually became an apprentice. Following the retirement of his master smith, he bought the rights to the shop and operates it as his own, his parents having been killed by natives shortly after he completed his apprenticeship. He remembers a fair bit of the journey to the town despite being so young, but rarely will speak of it as so many people in their group died, including a girl he had shared affection with. In addition to the normal blacksmith front of making and repairing tools and ironwork, he also had a back-end workshop involving his studies and dreams. Despite being limited to steam and wind as his only power source, he has been able to produce a number of experimental devices that foreshadow what we know would become the industrial revolution. The notable ones are a portable engine in the form of a traction engine, however it cannot be used outside the town due to not enough power for climbing hills. There is also an early steam hammer, which he uses to speed up his work on heavy pieces lacking an apprentice of his own; and has a small electric lighting experiment sharing the boiler that warms his shop and provides steam for his stationary experiments. Though so far he doesn't have any working lights aside from the arc lamp in his experiment room. His shop is located across from the saloon and is set slightly away from the rest of the town main street, so that if it catches fire it won't be as likely to take the whole town with it. His cabin is nearby, it stands on a hill a short distance from the town where his parents chose to settle. (Ok, Female bio up. I like to run my characters in pairs) [B]Name: [/b]Martel Eisenhower AKA Goddess of Cookies [b]Gender:[/b]Female [b]Age:[/b]20 [b]Physical Description: [/B][url=http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs30/300W/i/2008/103/5/c/Western_Martel_by_sheenarocks87.png] Not exactly the most slender thing at 5'7" and 180 lbs, she's actually somewhat heavy-set for a lady. It's all the whiskey she drinks mostly, and is a regular at the bar. Her body is voluptuous and soft, and coupled with her soft brown eyes and chest-length brown hair, is reasonably popular among the menfolk. Normally she is seen wearing men's pants, the thick cloth and durable material suits her well. Coupled with a *slightly* non-chaste shirt that is too small and does not button enough to cover her well-endowed chest without leaving a good amount of cleavage showing, people either think of her as a total waste of time, or an amazing woman to be able to pull off such an outfit and do so well. Fitted with a brass belt buckle of the likes the sheriff might be seen wearing, and a hand-styled colt .45 on her belt, she will often take people by surprise with the speed in which she moves, and the force that she can muster when angered. [/url] [B]Personality Description: [/B] Drunk: Lusty. She'll flaunt herself at the men, as if asking for them to take her in back, but the moment one tries to she will either put holes in their hat or break their nose for taking advantage of her, having such a tolerance to the drink that she can snap out of all but the worst drunken stupors in a matter of moments. Often a few more off the buttons on her shirt will be undone, as they are stretched by her bosoms and tend to slip out when she isn't really paying attention to them. Usually just one more below the number in the image. Sober: Shy and sweet, she will usually be seen fussing with her shirt to keep the buttons from releasing- a cause for much embarrassment when someone asks her why she is fussing with her clothes. She will usually be off in a corner of the room when like this, somewhat ashamed to be drunk so much and have gotten so big since her arrival in town two years after Odin did. She still gets business done though, and as a single girl still living with her parents, she is often seen retrieving food or tools for her absent-minded mother and rough father. [B]Biography: [/B]She was but a twig of a thing when she arrived in town at the age of 14, underfed because of the food shortages on their journey and underdeveloped as a result. Living with her parents as they established their home, she was at first shy because of all the strange and rough people about, and her being so thin she was once teased about being mistaken for a hitching post. Once they got established though, her family was quite prosperous with their homestead, and are among the most successful farming establishments in the town. She had soon regained an average body type, and made her first rounds with the boys at the time including a bewildered Odin, who wanted no part of women after losing his childhood friend along the trail and was fully occupied by his apprenticeship and working his family's farm, which was not as rich as hers. Three years later, her body developed into a stunning beauty that rivals the girls seen in most modern-day western movies, but she was not happy. Upset that now the guys were talking to her only to feel her up and exploit her body, she at first would sit in Odin's workshop making idle talk with him and admiring his crafts, but soon grew bored of this and took to sitting in the bar. Having acquired a gun through her charm with the merchants after the loss of her innocence to a gang one night, she was soon downing quantities of alcohol, which did her appearances no justice. Soon outgrowing her clothes and the ones she had made to replace them, she realized she wouldn't be able to fit any dresses available and switched to men's clothes since they were available larger. Recently though, she hasn't been drinking quite as much, and has visited Odin once a week since her family's tools that were made by Odin's master have begun to wear out, and he has to repair them often. They are making conversation once again, although a lot of people believe Martel to have died, they don't recognize her anymore because she changed so much. Though if you do talk to her, you soon realize she is still an innocent and charming young lady at heart.
  18. [b]Haddaway[/b] [i]What is Love[/i] Ive had a bad night. Things not going well at all.
  19. [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58849]Signups[/url] [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58877]Main RP Thread[/url] It always seems to give a promising start, but then die on launch. This time though, I may be making some changes. For one thing, I am debating ejecting Momishin from this game. I know it was her I originally waited for, and she did post her bio, but she hasn't even made her first post yet, and I have yet to reach her about the matter. Second thing, is what is everyone's plans so far? I think we need a little coordination here between game plans, in order to cooperate and get things rolling. I will probably be making another post soon, but I would like to know what everyone has in mind
  20. It sounds to me like a censor bypass of slum, or possibly a misspelling or slang term that is being integrated. Though I also get the impressing of Shalom skiing from it... Edit: Um Boo, I think you need to look at what Urbandictionary says about it. It's actually pretty explicit I think, I probably couldn't explain it here without having to censor bypass. It's a high innuendo though apparently.
  21. [quote name='indifference'][COLOR="Indigo"]Even though you're talking to SunfallE, I did make that for her and it's not Zelos. It's Ryu from the BL game White Shadow. :p Glad you like it though. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Actually I meant that in response to the topic creator, not SunfallE. Sorry about that.
  22. Depends on the events leading up to it. If I still had feelings for her, I would let her kill me. I don't die very easily, so she'd probably get a few cuts in on me and then snap out of her rampage and call an ambulance, if not then I can tell St. Peter I died at the hands of my loved ones. If she manages to break off my feelings for her though, I would fight to disarm and restrain, then call the police and let them deal with the situation once I am not in immediate danger. Btw, nice Zelos avatar. (@ Topic creator, not SunfallE. I know Zelos)
  23. [quote name='dposse']so, i'm signing up and it's asking me to pick my field of study and then up to five Majors. The thing is, the Majors are so vague that i have no clue what they are. Can anyone here please define what each of things are and you do in each of them? thanks. 300 - Computer and infomation science and support services 301 Artifical intelligence and robotics (i think i get this. It's learning how to build robots...), 302 Computer programming, 303 Computer science, 304 Computer software and media applications, 305 computer systems analyisis, 306 computer systems networking and telecommunications, 307 Data processing, 308 Infomation sciences/studies[/QUOTE] 300 is stuff like Information Technology and helpdesk. 301 is as it explains, however there's a lot more to building robots than you might think. I've touched on the matter before between the VICKY matrix engine and the GENESIS platform I built a while ago, but even what I've got is barely scratching the surface. 302 is as written computer programming, though that seems to generalize all the programming fields including some AI-related stuff. 303 is if I am not mistaken research and development of computers and computer-related equipment, stuff like designing new systems. 304 is mainly focusing on things like Operating Systems and user software and their support and deployment, most likely it would lead into graphics or a helpdesk type role. 305 is analyzing and designing computer systems as a whole, likely it covers material such as why systems work the way they do or how to find and eliminate bugs effectively. They also often will get into Database system management, as production environment machines are rarely as self-contained as home computers are. 306 is where I am studying right now, networking computers in addition to other telecom equipment that may or may not use common protocols, these days with the popularity of IPphone technology computer networking and telecommunications are becoming highly intertwined. Expect stuff like CISCO equipment and certification, and other training programs like CompTIA Net+. Typically will lead into a network administration field. 307 is as-written, likely it gets into the processor cores and how the computers actually process the information they get. Though it also ties into data collection tools and probably subjects like Digital Signal Processors common in such devices nowdays. 308 I am not entirely certain of, though it probably has to do with internet based data sources and services, how to administer and maintain them, and probably how to construct them. There's a lot of overlapping areas in that list though, and most of the time you can jump from one to the other fairly easily without too much loss of credits etc. Btw, my SAT score back in 2005 when I took it was 1170/1400. Which isn't too bad I think, higher than most of my classmates got.
  24. I still prefer forum-based confessions threads. Doesn't look like there are any here at the moment, but on other forums they're actually quite popular. Typically though they meet their demise when someone fakes a confession that another user misinterprets or is offended by, and the topic often is locked after a bit of flaming.
  25. [quote name='Rachmaninoff']It's the whole basis of the joke that Des pulled on OB. [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caramelldansen"][U]Caramelldansen[/U][/URL] Just look. I have to say though... if Des did create a skin like that... I'm not sure if I'd ever use it or not. I'm sure Gavin never would. Heh.[/QUOTE] Sounds to me like a replay of Leekspin I think. Though still quite the prank to pull on a whole forum. I'm kind of curious what he did to replace everyone's signatures and avatars without actually overwriting them... Edit: Ok that song sticks in one's head very easily. Nice catchy tune, set to dancing anime girls....
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