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    I's is a furry and i Listen to metal and techno/dance
  1. Altorin

    Death Race

    I Considered It, But ONLY Because Death Race 2000 Was So Retardedly Awesome. I Never Got Around to it though... Perhaps I'll Rent it.
  2. Water = BAD!!!! but bullets and rockets = no Problem. - Halo Giant Snakes Made of Rock/Steel WILL fit into a ball that looks to 2 1/2 Inches In Diameter and Filled with Mirrors. (As Will Giant Whales) - Pokemon if a Priest is Wearing a Rolex and Driving a Ferrari, But is Still a Priest in a Small Southern town where NO ONE GOES TO CHURCH!!!!, Run. - does it matter? it helps in life.
  3. I Randomly Say "Du Bin ein Berliner", Which is German for "You Is A Jelly Doughnut" (Yes, I Know I am An Idiot.) and just random Spanish words...
  4. Cradle of Filth - Thornography Just Friggin' Amazing. Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown Just The Simple Fact That it Doesn't Come Out for another Month, and that I Am Listening to it right now along with the fact that the music doesn't sound much like any other dragonforce CD. Caramell - Supergott (Speedy Mixes) Caramelldansen. No other word needs to be said.
  5. POWER METAL FTW!! Although Symphonic Metal does kick some major *** as well... So Does Melodic Death Metal, And Speed/ Thrash Metal, And Prog. Metal, And... TOO MANY CHOICES!!! Metal Rules.
  6. Altorin

    Daft Punk

    If You Like the Vids and Discovery, Try to find the Movie. It's Called Interstella 5555 : The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.
  7. Altorin

    old songs

    There Are 2 Main Ones: Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin This you can blame on Bioshock. And The Monkey and The Engineer - Grateful Dead What's Not to Like?
  8. Stay - Cradle of Filth. The song is Only On the Harder, Darker, Faster Thornography Album (Which is on itunes.) It isn't Like any other Cradle song. But that is probably because it is a cover of the Shakespeare Sisters. Very Good Song. Nemo - Nightwish It's Nightwish, so it's bound to be good. Ghost Opera - Kamelot Great song, Symphonic power metal. I'm Really Not good at Describing Music...
  9. Thought of Another one... "He Didn't Get The Memo that Capes Do not Give you the power of Flight."
  10. Mmm... Bacon. It's only Good if it's Crispy. I'm going to go make some now.
  11. I Normally Tend To Snack Around 2:30 in the Morning... And I Usually snack on a sammich composed of 2 Pieces of Bread, A Pile of Roast Beef, 2 Pieces each of Swiss and American Cheese, And A Couple pieces of Crispy Bacon. (And Mustard, Can't Forget the Mustard.)
  12. Apparently He Could Touch This. or I Can See Up Your Skirt. WooT!! I'm Not Original!!
  13. Just to get this out of the Way... Avenged Sevenfold Caramell Children of Bodom Coheed and Cambria Cradle of Filth (Woot! New Album In October!) Daft Punk Dimmu Borgir Disturbed Dragonforce (New Album Already Leaked) Ensiferum Fort Minor Gackt Good Charlotte (Before GMR Only) Grateful Dead H.I.M. Hammerfall Kalmah Kamelot Korpiklaani Led Zeppelin Linkin Park (Before M2M Only) Malice Mizer Metallica Modest Mouse Moonspell Motion City Soundtrack My Chemical Romance Nightwish (And No, Nightwish Without Tarja IS NOT NIGHTWISH!) Norther The Offspring Opeth Pantera Rammstein Red Hot Chili Peppers Rob Zombie Scum of the Earth Slayer Slipknot Sonata Arctica System of a Down Tenacious D Thats What I Listen to Everyday.
  14. Lets See Here... Pokemon Pearl : Total Time-367 Hours and 25 Min. And Counting. I HAVE EVERYTHING!!! Pokemon Emerald (Before I Restarted...) 206 Hours 43 Min. Call of Duty 4 - Close to 120 Hours... I Don't Tend to Play Most Games after I Beat them, So I Don't Have Many that have over 100 Hours.
  15. I Agree, Most Metalcore Does Suck. But there Can Be Exceptions. (As With All Types of Music (Except Rap.)) They're Cover of Metallica's Welcome Home Was Pretty Decent IMO. But what do I Know I Listen to Power and Symphonic Black/Death Metal. (GO DIMMU!)
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