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  1. A new TV series slated to air in the fall has been announced fairly recently. It is called Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector. It's going to have quite a nice team of people working on it. The mechanical designers have worked on a bunch of different Gundam series, GaoGaiGar, Godannar, S-CRY-ed, and Macross. Also the seiyuu are pretty known people too, besides having voiced the characters they're going to voice in the show they've also voiced some well known characters in other anime. Like the male protagonist Kyosuke Nanbu's seiyuu played Griffith in Berserk and the seiyuu fo
  2. Some characters just seem as if they were created to go head-to-head with one another despite being in different series.  If you could pit two of them against one another who would they be? Here are my match-ups: [b]Spike Spiegel vs. Vash the Stampede[/b] - Spike comes to collect the sixty billion double dollar bounty on Vash's head and comedy ensues.  This one is a no-brainer. [b]Rei Ayanami vs. Yuki Nagato[/b] - A tense showdown to see which one of these shy ladies will break the silence and speak first.  Secondary contest will be held to determine which is cuter.  [b]
  3. [font="Arial"]I don't know if any of you went to the Fantasia Festival 2010 event (which took place in Montreal Quebec, Canada), but did get the chance the chance to attend the festival's screening of "Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection", and it's one of the best 2000s Japanese Animated films I've seen so far, although it's the first "Space Battleship Yamato" (Star Blazers) film ever done without the involvement of Leiji Matsumoto, who was responsible for character and mechanical designs of previous SBY Anime (excluding "Yamato 2520&quo
  4. [B][SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Haven't seen any thread about this but if there is its ok for mods to delete this. Who has seen Hunter X Hunter? I'm currently seeing it now. I just think that the whole "hunter" idea is very original... or is there any anime like it? This really got my interests more than YYH. I personally love Killua for the great assassin that he is and of course Kurapika coz he's so intelligent and his power is really cool. I also have a question coz I heard that [spoiler] Hisoka is Gon's father [/spoiler] is this true? anyway just PM me for the answer or reply w
  5. What anime / manga is this? I don't know what is this. I just saw it in my friend's account. My friend doesn't also know what anime / manga is this. [url="http://img35.imageshack.us/i/34714135709416447105100.jpg/"][img]http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/7563/34714135709416447105100.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://imageshack.us"] [/url]
  6. Gunslinger Girl is a thirteen-episode series that just finished airing in Japan. Created by the studio Madhouse, which is renowned for its slick and innovative action sequences, GSG revolves around the lives of five seemingly innocent young girls.... who are in actuality trained killers. This set-up may sound somewhat familiar; when I first read a synopsis of the show, I figured that it would be similar to Noir. Having never seen very much of Noir, I'm unable to compare the two series, but I like to think that GSG is fairly original--both in terms of content and execution. After experi
  7. Ought to be an interesting conversation. Got the idea from this article. http://www.toonzone.net/blog/blogs/228/why-youre-killing-anime/ (I'm still trying to figure out the whole "url" thing) I thought the article was an interesting read. It basically talks about how the hardcore/elitist fans could be driving away the casual fans with there attitudes towards dubs/subs (and other things) and whatnot. It goes into DVD purchases which I really can't speak on since I don't really buy anime or manga. (Gotta put my money elsewhere at the moment) I really found this one
  8. Who watches Naruto here ^^ Its probably my favorite anime. Newho, I just wanted to see what other people thought about it if they had seen it. And I wanted to ask if neone knows where I can check on the licensing of the DVDS? Meaning to see if they plan to realease them. Thnx ^^ Preston
  9. Hello people, anyway, last night on Adult Swim, they primiered(sp) 2 Animes back to back. The second one was Blue Gender, which i knew well about, but the first one was a funny,confusing,annoying, and attactive anime called FLCL. After seeing the first episode, I still couldn't figure out what it was about, except a lovesick girl, an alien, and a kid with things popping out of his head. So, does anyone know more on this anime?
  10. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-02-11/electronic-dragonball-scouter-wristbands-revealed A couple years back, they made a really awesome scouter and wristband set in Japan! (they always get the good stuff! TT_TT) does anyone know where you can get this is America? or a website that ships from Japan maybe?
  11. Boku Hetalia! Talk about the series, Axis Powers Hetalia! Anyone excited for Funimation's dub on APH?
  12. [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=8190][u]The latest Gundam TV series[/u][/url]. Direction by Seiji Mizushima (FMA); series composition by Yousuke Kuroda (Gungrave); character designs by Yun Kouga (Loveless); music by Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell); opening theme by L'Arc-en-Ciel; main character voiced by Mamoru Miyano (Light in Death Note). Even if this show were totally awful in every other regard, I'd watch it just to see Kouga's artwork. I'm weak like that. But the staff (both animation and vocal) is awesome, and 00 shows a lot of promise. The first
  13. what is your favorite anime item? the keychain youve had forever, the necklace you cant leave without, or the plushies you always sleep with?? For a while for me, it was my naruto silver leaf village symbol necklace (wore it every day for a year), but at the moment i am between favorites.
  14. I asked this question in the "Random Question" thread in Otaku Lounge and no one answered -so I decided to make a thread for it. My question is -if you were stranded on a deserted island(no one knows you are here- no chance of rescue), which anime character(1) or object would you have with you? I think I would want Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. He is strong and if I can get him to care somewhat for me-he can cure me when I get sick. I know this is ridiculous because he could fly off and leave me anytime he wanted to! :animecry: Thanks a million to everyone who posts in this th
  15. [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]Back in [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/44260-the-state-of-anime-in-the-us-and-abroad/]this thread[/url] I discussed how if anime distributors weren't prepared to embrace streaming or online legal downloading as a method of dissemination for their product then they might as well embrace their own financial destruction. I'm not sure how many people followed it or supported it but in the last few weeks Crunchyroll launched a campaign to secure Bleach for legal simulcast and fansubbing from Japan, suffice to say they have been
  16. [font=franklin gothic medium]So, I think it's now time to hold a second vote for another new anime forum. The idea is for members to get involved - I want you guys to decide which anime you want to see featured at OB. Last time we had 108 voters, let's see if we can get more people involved this time. For this poll I have included the highest-rated anime from the previous poll, plus some of your suggestions posted at OB and theOtaku. As you can see, this list is significantly larger than the last. I wanted to include a bigger range for everyone to choose from. Feel free to discuss
  17. With just a few days until the first crop of spring shows make their debut, it's finally time for me to get off my lazy *** and start the new thread! Hooray! Spring 2009 had some solid shows -- among them [b]FMA: Brotherhood[/b], [b]Eden of the East[/b] and [b]Cross Game[/b] -- and hopefully the same will hold true for this season. For a quick peek at the shows, [URL="http://chartfag.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/spring-2010-v2march.jpg"][b]the seasonal chart[/b][/URL] is your best bet, and if you want more detailed looks into each show, [URL="http://hashihime.blogspot.com/2010/03/49-spring
  18. [COLOR="Blue"]Hey out there everyone. The other day, I found a very chilling message from the president of "BANG ZOOM!" entertainment released a chilling message on the fate of anime in the USA on Anime TV.com. It's in dire danger of dying out. If you look at the facts, you can see that's it the truth. Geneon USA shut it's doors, ADV films went under, Central Park Media went bankrupt, Ban Dai fired 90% of it's staff, and anime magazines NEWTYPE USA and Anime Insider were canceled. You may have also noticed that less and less titles are coming out, too. He continued to say that
  19. After seeing 2009's "Astro Boy" (which I enjoyed regardless of how it tried to distinct from the "Astro Boy" Manga), I thought it's time to open a poll listing Anime/Manga titles that I believe could work out in having a North American film/T.V. series re-interpretation so that you, the responders can offer your opinion indicating which title(s) should be given the North American entertainment treaments, even though none of the titles I listed is really next in line to be licensed a North American film/series take. Also say your reason for your vote, and you're welcome to comment which format
  20. Which seiyuu or voice actors have impressed you lately? What are your all-time favorite performances? I thought of this while rewatching AIR for the [i]n[/i]th time. While the show is spectacular to look at and does a great job of evoking its characters' emotions through visuals alone, it wouldn't be the same without the acting of [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=14929][u]Daisuke Ono[/u][/url] and [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=526][u]Tomoko Kawakami[/u][/url]. As Misuzu, a female character with a cute, high-pitched voice,
  21. [COLOR="Blue"]Hey out there. I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG tortaments at a local game store. I hate to say it, but I lose a lot. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me a hand with my deck. It's an Elemental Heroes Deck. It contains: MONSTERS 1 Elemental Hero Neo 2 Elemental Hero Wildwing 2 Elemental Hero Sparkman 2 Elemental Hero Clayman 2 Elemental Hero Avian 2 elemental hero burstinix 1 elemental hero necroshade 1 elemental hero stratos 1 Neo-spacian grand mole 1 neo-spacian dark panther 1 dark blade 1 elemental hero ocean 1 elemental hero
  22. Anyone into them? I have been for a long while and has been looking around for other people who watched them or even cosplay. I happen to cosplay from both, I cosplay as Gilbert Nightray - Pandora Hearts, Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji, I also do Nihon from APH. Just another little thing I am into. So all in all just wondering.
  23. Hay people Im just starting out making my first podcast and am looking for people to join me, the podcast will generally be about cosplaying, anime, manga and the latest conventions. There will be other topics but that'll be sorted out as and when it starts. The start date for this will be set when i know how many people are generally interested and when i know everyone is available. Anyone interested or have any ideas for me e-mail me at [email]randomeena@hotmail.co.uk[/email] or add me on skype - Galadrella Thank you
  24. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/DaggerIX1/haruhi.jpg[/IMG] [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=6430][u]ANN's Haruhi information[/u][/url] [url=http://www.haruhi.tv/][u]Official Japanese site[/u][/url] [url=http://www.yayapapayaz.com/handofgory/2006/04/20/dance-steps-for-melancholy-of-haruhi-suzumiya-ed][u]Haruhi ED dance steps[/u][/url] [url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=FSpwiGFyvo8&search=haruhi][u]Live-action Haruhi dance[/u][/url] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u12gN1s6lik&search=haruhi][u]Gundam parody dance[/u][/url] [url=http://www
  25. [COLOR=DarkOrange][center][img]http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20060711/gaina01.jpg[/img][/center] [B]Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann[/B]! (First Heaven Penetration Gurren Lagann) Pierce the heavens with your drill! The true man lives by the path of his soul! Never turn back! Press onward toward the heavens! Never be defeated! Now, let us do battle! Welcome to the world of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! This new drop from [B]GAINAX [/B] has everything you could ever want! It's got action! Insane comedy! An over-the-top GAR factor! And the girl in the bikini with the huge boobz! t
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