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  1. Raze_3103

    Sign Up Shifted

    Well its been a while since I came here. I can't say i didnt miss it..hence why im back heh..well here it is..somethin that has been in my head for a while... [CENTER]-------------------------------------[/CENTER] [SIZE="2"] [B]"Good morning everyone. I know that this is a somber moment for everyone. We just lost one of our most valued personell." [/B]The elderly woman sitting behind the desk let out a tired sigh. She was in her eighties, but still had the brainpower to make most people in the country go blank when trying to out think her.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Ma'am, we have the report on what killed Dr. Duvise." [/B]A younger gentleman, roughly twenty-eight in age, handed his supiriour a manilla folder, bowed, then returned to his original position at the back of the room.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"]Mrs. Duvise studied the folder for a few moments, then moved her shaking hand and slowly picked it up, opening it an studying the contents. A few moments passed by as tears started to form around her eyes.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Ladies, an gentlemen, it seems we have a problem on our hands. They have decided to strike, and hit us first, where it would hurt the most. They took the person who had the most information that we knew."[/B] She slowly removed her glasses and then wiped the tear away from her eye.[/SIZE] [B][SIZE="2"]"I am quite sure that some of you, the older ones of course, know who I am refering to. For the younger members, the group I am refering to is known only as 'The Zern'. "[/SIZE][/B] [SIZE="2"]There were a few gasps as a couple of the individuals gave shocked expresions an then became stiff. The older of the group opened an eye or two an raised an eyebrow, obviously expecting the news.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"That is bogus, there is no way the Zern are still around. We destroyed them years ago at Kalif. If was the biggest battle in history, we wipped them out compleatly." [/B]A middle aged man stood, fear racking his face, showing in his eyes as sweat poured down his brow.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Do you really think you killed them all, boy?"[/B] A woman, roughly the same age as the man, stood an laughed. All eyes turned to her as a dark aura started to surround her. [B]"For one, there were some members that decided to infiltrate your facilty an gather information. I love to say it, but you all have grown soft." [/B]She let out a blood curling howl that seemed to turn into a roar as her body began to change.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"]"[B]SOMEONE, QUICKLY, KILL THE ZERN!" [/B]Mrs. Duvise rose quickly from her chair, pointing at the changing woman. As everyone stared, the woman's body began to grow in size, doubling its already large stature. Her skin turned to a scaley black as her face changed to that of a lizards.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"The Zern have returned, an will never fade from the lands of Roakmal." [/B]She let out a blood curling laugh as her change finished, leaving behind a figure that stood roughly eight feet in height. It had the skeletons of wings on its back, an a face that resembled more of a dragon's than a humans. Her black scales refelcted the light from the bulbs overhead as smoke drifted out of her gaping mouth.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Die, beast." [/B]A man stood up in the front of the room an removed his jacket in a fluid motion. He kept his gaze on the dragon like creature, she never taking her eyes off him. [B]"You do realize that you will not leave this room alive, do you not? Yet you still risk everything reavealing yourself here. What are the Zern's planning?" [/B]He looked set his jacket on an empty chair, an then smiled at the dragon like creature.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Just who do you think you are, old man?" [/B]The Zern let out a snickering laugh an then charged at the man, tossing bystanders out of the way as she made her way through the room.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"]In a quick motion, the man tightened his muscles as his own body changed, slowly taking on the shape of a wolf, yet remaining semi-human. The wolf-man let out a howl, then charged at the Zern. In a quick motion, the female slashed forward with her clawed hand, taking the head off a person in the way, blood pouring from his decapitated body. She never flinched as the wolf-man's claws dug into her chest, peicing her chest cavity. Blood dripped from his claws as her eyes started to go vacant.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"You will all perish. My fellow Zern will slaughter you all." [/B]With her final statement, her knees buckled, and she fell to the ground, lifeless. the man removed his hand then stood, tall, shaking his body as if he had been drenched with water.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Good job, Damian, and thank you. I have a feeling that she was the one that killed him."[/B] Mrs. Duvise slowly sat back down in her chair, exhausted from the events that had been occuring recently. [B]"Damian, I have a task for you. It will not be easy, and you won't like it."[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"What is it, Josline? I'm getting old here, doing nothing but sitting by, waiting for the next events to happen. My fangs are itching to taste the blood of a fresh kill once more."[/B] He snickered as he walked up to her desk.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"Here, this is a list of the personell that you will be responsible for. Train them, teach them how to become what you are, a Xeberth. We need them more than ever." [/B]There were dark patches under hey eyes as she slid the folder in front of him.[/SIZE] [SIZE="2"][B]"I understand, and yoru right, I don't like this, not one bit. I understand, howerver, so expect it to be done."[/B] He turned away from her, leaving the folder on the desk, walking out of the room, yet still staying in his half wolf-half man state.[/SIZE] [CENTER]-----------------------------------------------------------------[/CENTER] There you have it. Now is is a little information on the events that happened. The land of Roakmal is broken into 3 main and 3 minor provinces: Main: - [B]Derg[/B] : This is the first land, as well as the largest. Its capital is named after its county's name, Derg. - [B]Sloakein[/B] : The polar country to the north of Derg. Its capital, Namul, is known for its frozen homes, made out of blocks of ice. - [B]Zerg[/B] : The marsh country to the south of Derg. Its capital, Karn, is said to be long since destroyed to nothing but rubble during the previous war. Zerg is also the homeland to the once thought lost race of Zern, which has the ability to change into dragon like creatures. Minor: - [B]Horve[/B] : Located to the east of Derg, it is the smallest of the 3 minor provinces. Its landscape is coverd in nothing but trees, which have horrifying, as well as enchanting stores eminating from its depths. - [B]Burgos[/B] : Located west of Derg, its baren landscape is covered in nothing but sands and rocks. It is the harshest province in any land, yet still maintains one of the highest population of inhabitants. - [B]Wudluve[/B] : The largest of the 3 minor provinces, its also the least inhabited. Located between Zerg and Derg, its covered in nothing but marshlands. Deadly creatures luck in its waters, both horrifying in appearance, as well as charming to the eye. Races : There are a multitude of races, none being dominant over the other. They range from normal humans, to the most demonic, and horrifying creatures to ever set foot on the land itself. they range from two inches in height, to nearly ten feet. Now a little information on what a Zern and a Xebirth are. [B]Zern : [/B]From the land of Zerg, there is 7 levels to them. Depending on their strength, an their abilities depends on their level. It is easy to tell the difference due to the fack that each lever is color oriented- [B]LVL1[/B] - Blue, concidered a newborn. Extreamly weak, barely stronger than their alter forms. [B]LVL2 [/B]- Green, slightly stronger that a blue Zern, its skills focas on damaging quickly, and precisely. [B]LVL3[/B] - Yellow, stronger yet, their skills are based off of psysical damage done to tanking targets with blunt force. [B]LVL4[/B] - Light blue, sky look to it, their basis is on being able to take damage with no ill effects. [B]LVL5[/B] - Red, blood look to them, their skills are based around dealing damage to multiple targets at the same time. [B]LVL6[/B] - White, the healers of the groups. [B]LVL7[/B] - Black, the strongest of the group by far. Their skills incorperate all of the aboce to one degree or another. [B]Xebirth[/B] - A group of induvituals with special abilities. They came about roughly the same time as the Zern. Their skills enable them to shift into creatures or animals. They are restricted to one alter form, yet in that form, their skills will vary, depending on the creature they take. It is also possible that there are Xebirth members that are working for the Zerg. Ones that are not dragon related, yet still work with them. This information has yet to be concluded. [CENTER]----------------------------------------[/CENTER] Now for the signup sheet Note : Noone wil lbe on the side of a Zern. If you wish to be one, and participate on the side of the Xebirth, please describe it in your signup. [B]Name:[/B] Easy [B]Age:[/B] can be anything between 10 and 90, bud to remember that your age will refer to your ablilities as well. [B]Gender:[/B] Again, easy [B]Race:[/B] This is for you to make up. It can be anything you like, jus give a descrition if it is not known. [B]Appearance:[/B] Either a nice picture, or a detailed descrition. [B]Alterform:[/B] What creature, or animal do you take shape. [B]Alterform skills:[/B] What special skills does your alterform introduce to the team. [B]Alterform appearance:[/B] Either a nice picture, or a detailed description of what your form looks like. [B]Personality: [/B]I would like it if it were semi-short, so that way during the rp, there is a chance for further character development, as well as a little hint of mystery behind the characters. [B]History:[/B] How did you come about becoming a Xebirth, or Zern, and how were you found by the group of Zebirth? Well thats it. If i missed anything I will add it in later. Have fun y'all. Edit : Thanks for pointing that out. I for got to add that. The age that this is influinced in is modern times. Somewhat slightly in the future, but not terrable advanced.
  2. K.G

    Sign Up The Witches

    [CENTER][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="2"]!!Mature Warning!! violence, alcohol, drugs, maybe sexual content. You have been warned.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]April 21st, 3011 For as long as I can recall I have been special, and not retarded kind of special either, not the kind of special that you have to where a helmet for; no way. The kind of special I'm talking about is the kind where in the old days you'd be burned at the stake for, the kind that you see in the movies. Yeah, that kind. I can't remember much about my past but I do know that I killed my father, or adoptive father I should say. Grubby bastard tried to kill me when he found out what I could do...so I killed him instead; didn't blink about it either, in fact kind of felt good. But on to the point, I was found roaming the streets living off what food I could find here and there; they said I wasn't alone and that I could be useful, although at the time I doubted it I went with them anyway. Come to find I'm not the only one, there are plenty of us out there and we're called witches, kind of old timey right? No kidding. I went to school with others like me, learning math and English, all the things the normal kids learn, than there were the other things that they didn't get to learn, like weapon management and tactical training, things like that, things that made us weapons as well as people. I was placed in a group of people like that. We were all kids at the time; we've grown up together, all of us have our own unique 'talent' and our own style of dealing with things; our own little addictions to make us forget what we were, some of us smoked, some of us drank, others just ignored it but we all did what we were there to do and that's learn how to fight and kill. That was years ago and now we are known as the best team in the facility, Geno Squad; besides the main unit that goes on missions above us. We graduate tomorrow, and I hear it's not pleasant from the other teams that have made it have said, out of the history of this place, it being here for centuries, there are only us and one other team and who ever is the best out of us graduating I hear is taking their work. Which makes me wonder just what the graduation exam is going to be like. Saying it like that makes it sound kinda brutal, like it's going to be an all out death match, and whoever lives gets to be the Mission Team. I hope all of my team make it; I don't want to get to know a whole new team, and field work would be so much more fun with the team I have now than this classroom bullshit we have to sit through all day. We've been together so long, since most of us were kids and are synced with each other to the point of reading one anothers minds that I don't see how we can't be the ones to be chosen. But the other thing is, I'm not sure I'm ready to lead the others, I mean who am I to decide how and where they are to put their lives on the line and for things that they my not even believe in? How fair is that? Not at all if you ask me. But in the end I suppose it's their choice. Weather they follow me or stay behind to be the organizations lap dogs it's their choice; but in all honesty, not that I'll ever tell them, I hope that they all stay by my side... Name: Shan Ookami (Translation: Beautiful Wolf) Age: 23 Ability: Military Experiment (Elaboration) The Subjects mother was used as a test subject to the fusing of different DNA strands and after being raped by one of the scientist and becoming pregnant with the subject the experiments began to take their tolls on said subjects mother more and more until she had to be put on life support, the scientists unknowing that the tests that had failed on her mother had worked on her DNA with no complications what so ever making her what would be considered a natural born Werewolf in the old days with some differences. No full moon, no weakness to silver or any of the other stupid fiction claims from the movies. But with all the strengths, heightened senses, faster reflexes, elongated canines and nails along with other physical alterations to the subjects appearance. After being born she was put up for adoption and raised by other til the day she killed her father and was found on the streets. Since than the subject has been trained to be a lethal fighter and efficient killer. She is one of the organizations greatest achievements.) Profile Picture: [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime+wolf+girl/galactic_empire/anime/wolf.jpg?o=10"]Shan Ookami (Beautiful Wolf)[/URL][/FONT][/COLOR] Okay, I would like for the sign ups to resemble this one to a degree. I short journal entry and a small file of what the 'Organization' has on you. I would like it to be a reasonable length. Have fun and be creative if you please.
  3. [COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][CENTER][b][i]2076, Global Warming not yet fully realized or even a concern due to ingenious solutions to the 'energy problem.' Some would say the world is closer to utopia than ever before, forgetting, perhaps momentarily, that human nature is still human nature. Greed is still a highly motivating factor, with pride, passion, and starvation only inches behind. As such the climate of San Francisco's bastions of organized crime is, shall we say, elevated somewhat. Unique innovations in technology and reawakening of alchemical and other 'magical' methodologies have changed the standards of living, as well as the everyday concerns people have. These days you're just as likely to be hit with a truck as you are by a trained gryphon. Alchemy has solved the once insurmountable problem of fresh water, and San Francisco is a slightly less desperate place these days. That is unless you're in the sway or pay of one of the several Brotherhoods that permeate the city like the rats (They still haven't made a better rat trap). Your concerns would then be somewhat more pressing than the average citizen's. I.E. how to pay your debt plus the vig, how to coerce that prostitute from the Sisterhood of the Serpent into not calling your place of employment. Either way, you certainly can't fight them off. So time to pay the piper and eat your ego down to the point where you'd seriously consider joining them. Or at least establishing friendly and mutually beneficial relationships. Don't let the grue get you on the way out.[/i][/b] ******* [i][b]The Brotherhood of Eternal Repose; nickname: The Sleepers[/b] Expansive territory, rigid hierarchical structure with the main Patriarch, The Bear General, acting as CEO of what could be considered by some to be a multinational corporation. Their interests involve imports and exports, as well as some organized fighting, gambling, and the medical businesses. This has lead to some spillover into drug markets, but that has always been a mildly touchy realm, given tensions between the Sleepers and the Brotherhood of the Jade Forest. They have a tenuous, but recently more warm agreement with the Sisterhood of the Serpent, given the Silver Fairy’s very excellent diplomacy and policy of détente that her father has been altogether too happy to allow her to pursue. [b]The Sisterhood of the Serpent;[/b] (Person of Interest/Playable)Lady of a Hundred Paces: owner of one of the most exclusive Serpent run brothels, efficient, neat, and also considered by many to be part demon. This may or may not be true, as such questions usually are never directed at the Lady herself. Granted she does appear to have a remarkably flat face, and canted eyes that may or may not be ...well... serpent like. Nobody knows, and nobody cares to find out for sure. A very carefully maintained grouping of prostitutes and madams that functions very neatly within the greater expanse of various brotherhood’s territories. They do not tolerate violence towards their women unless it is in a controlled state, and do not use violence as a means to control their employees. However, they use violence to a terrific degree to control any intrusions into their territory, and, like their namesakes, can be somewhat poisonous. It is rumored that they have a heavy hand in the poison trafficking business as well as other forms of subterfuge and biological weaponry. [b]The Brotherhood of the Jade Forest;[/b] More like a business consortium than anything, this brotherhood favors decentralized power structures in order to boost productivity without fear of reprisals. The drug market is their area of expertise, and developing new versions of old favorites is a common past time, even amongst the highest ranked members. Generally considered by other organizations to be a mite unstable, the Jade Forest doesn’t seem to particularly care and goes on about their business of subverting other people’s wills through chemical means. [b]The Brotherhood of Heavenly Peace;[/b] A fighting brotherhood that owes fealty to the Sleepers but also has some autonomy due to some very shrewd political games played by their leader. The numerous underground and above board fighting rings under their ownership are notoriously well run and very carefully kept up. Deaths are uncommon in the ring, as the brotherhood does not allow any outside influence on their fighters. [b]Free Agents;[/b] ...are just what they sound like. They act without any particular predictability and are generally focused on their own material and literal well-being. Some have allegiances and favors owed to different groups and relationships with more than one are not uncommon. [b]The SFPD;[/b] If you've joined the city's finest, odds are you are a complete schmooze and also a total sellout. If you're not corrupt it's only a matter of time, and if you're corrupt, your death is also only a matter of time. But since that goes for virtually everyone else too, that's not such a big deal. I hope you like doughnuts. ******[/CENTER][/i] [b]Name[/b]: Silver Fairy [size=1]Make sure you reference either an element, emotion, and/or flora and fauna that are native to China. Wiki is immensely helpful in this endeavor. And make sure you haven't picked a famous moniker from a kung fu movie.[/size] [b]Birth Name[/b]: Ginling Ling-Sum [size=1]Last name first.[/size] [b]Sex:[/b] Female [b]Age:[/b] 19 [size=1]With the zodiac, make sure it matches up. Yes, you will probably have to count.[/size] [b]Zodiac Sign:[/b] Earth Tiger [b]Social Status/Occupation[/b]: Stockholder in the Brotherhood of Eternal Repose’s holdings, Diplomat, Ambassador, Public Relations [b]Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s)[/b]: Daughter of the Bear General, first cousin of the Lady of a Hundred Paces. [b]Personality:[/b] Strong-willed and competitive, highly charismatic, and capable of adapting quickly to bizarre circumstances. Also taught to not show any truly negative emotions in public to avoid losing face. When in a more private setting, Ling has somewhat more riotous behavior, often flinging furniture and clothing while avoiding doing any long term damage to her personal property. [size=1]Please note that your zodiac sign will affect your personality, read up. And for the love of plunder, don't give me an entire personality manifest.[/size] [b]Biography/Motivation[/b]:The Bear General’s only progeny, a creature of both exquisite and delicate beauty and great cunning. She has a serious stake in his business, which she is somewhat responsible for while he is traveling internationally. Using her own appearance as well as her considerable influence to promote her family’s interests is more or less a matter of reflex to her as well as a never ending desire to find a suitable mate to cement her social status. [size=1]Wow me with your ability write in coherent, pretty sentences. 200 word limit.[/size] [b]Appearance:[/b] [IMG]http://www.photogadis.com/data/media/40/crystal-liu-pic-0009a.jpg[/IMG] [size=1]Picture helpful, not necessary, real people or at least reasonably proportioned people please.[/size] [b]Please note that the general tenor of this story will be reasonably mature, given the subject matter, the fact that it's me, and the part where it's relatively unbelievable to have gang members who do not engage in a certain amount of indecency. This is not to say that this will be a purely lewd or perverse story, but don't kid yourself into thinking it'll be suitable for people under the age of...oh...15.[/b][/FONT][/COLOR]
  4. "Die!" screamed the demon, he all the while disguised as a human priest. A blazing roar of sheer undiluted power came roaring at a lone boy, incinerating all that got in its way. The boy merely stared down the fire, unafraid. The fire within mere seconds was upon him, surrounding him. The demon in human form laughed, his howling guffaw rattling the windows of the church. "How foolish to underestimate your opponents..." Said the boy, the flames parting, revealing his black wings, they spreading majestically, the flames going out in response to he beginning to use his true power. The demon's eyes glowed red in the dim light, though his expression of terror was plain as day. The boy's hair changed color, the deep reds shifting to black, and growing down to his ankles. The boy's own eyes changed color as well, from a pretty hazel to a deep red. "A Fallen Angel..." the false preist breathed, before composing himself. "You make me wretch! You presume to be different than me? One who has been cast from the heavens?" The boy raised a gloved hand, looking into it. "I am different. I still fight against evil creatures like you who perverse this world..." A glimmer appeared in the boy's eyes, and wispy, white figures appeared from under the floorboards of the ancient church, and the demon stepped back, disbeleiving what he was seeing. The demons's past victims were now rising, having been found at last, and were most vengeful to the one who had killed them, ripping them apart. They were free to go now, though they had one last desire before departing to the afterlife. "I think I'll let them seal your fate... And I'm afraid they hold no mercy for you..." Turning, the boy could hear the screams of the demon as he wreathed in pain from his victims doing the same to him as he had done to them. With a final roar, the demon burned away from the inside out, and drifted away as dust. Walking away between the pews, he could see peices of the church falling, starting as a trickle of dust and plaster, and then whole beams and windows breaking apart. By the time he reached the large doors leading into this perversed sanctuary, they had fallen from their hinges and the sunlight was shining on the dusty wooden remains of the church flooring, the stone mortared walls having fallen away to the condition it had been in before the demon had claimed this place as it's own. His work was done here, though he didn't feel a sense of being liberated, nor a sense of being blessed. There was more to do, as was his task here in the human realm. He and his allies were different than their bretheren, On stepping outside, three more people greeted him, their own angelic appearences disguised as that of humans. The boy's black wings seemed to let off a dark energy, before they floated away as individual feathers. Their expressions were the same as his, they knew there were many other souls trapped like these had been, and needing to be found and released. Hoping on a motorcycle behind one of the others, they sped off, followed closely behind them were the other two angels. And yet, the man before him wasn't an angel at all, though still serving the same purpose as the boy, a demon who knew the same calling and duties. The line between heaven and hell blurred even more, ever more. --------------------------- In this tale, not every hero is pure. Not every angel is good, and not every demon is evil. Both exist on both sides of the war between these two great powers, while it seems their leaders turn blind eyes to the feuding between their charges. Demonis and divine... where's the difference? We are those in the middle, destroying those who make the humans suffer, whether they be angelic or demonic in origin. We are the protectors of the humans. We are angels, and we are demons, wings sullied by what must be done. Our appearences as humans differ just as much as our other forms, our true forms and where we come from, though we are united in our cause. Also, in either form we are in, we have far more superior strength, agility, and speed than humans. Your muscles might be bulky enough to squash televisions, though there might be someone who hurls tanks around like toys. Will you join me in the hunt? Okay, here's the sign up sheet. Feel free to be as creative as you want, though I want a lot of details. Remember though, that even our second forms are humanoid, and our facial features and muscle structure don't differ that much between the two. All of us also have the ability to partially transform from human to our other forms. Name: Age: Race: (angel or demon) Human Appearence: Second Form Appearence: Personality: (self explanitory) Weapons: (be reasonable, please?) Powers: (what kind of abilities do you have that aren't exactly normal? Do you weild the powers of fire? Or do you control the air?) History: (be creative. Were you human once? Or were you born the creature you are? What have you done in your life until now?) Let's get this party started!
  5. Well everyone knows or seen a tv special about the crash in 1947 at Rosswell New mexico. Well since man could make weapons their has been a secret family controlling the worlds black markets and technological break throughs. They became known has the Asgaurd family. Since 1949, they have been reverse engineering the alien ship and have developed every single thing we take for granted today. The head family leader had plans to dominate the world using any means necessary. In 2014, World War 3 broke out when Brazilian militerist launched 5 nuclear warheads at the United States Russia, England, Japan, and Germany. Goverments paniced and launched nukes at anyone they thought nuked them. The Unted States eastern and Western coast lines where worst hit with spackle shots across the rest. Hawaii and Alsaska where untouched. 8 years later, when my character was born in, they developed scrubing nanites to help clean the contaminated air. They did well above their expected range but the contamination kept coming back. In 2028, they came up with the 2nd gen nanites that where able to scrub air and water supplise. This greatly improved the lives to all who wheren't in the Asgaurd Hives. At the same time, my character has just been tested to see what his role would be. When the results came back, he was the smartes person since Albert Einstien. So they put him to work on a device that could open rifts to other demensions or universes and allow a person to travel through. The device was powered by alien power cells that seemed to take energy from the air and convert it to energy. Since the cells where too big to fit in anything smaller than a backpack, it would give the user a chance not to loose it. In 2037, he was taken off the Multi-verse traveling device and put on the redesign of the 2nd gen nanites to work on ground contamiations. A week into redesigning them, he found out that they have actually reached the limits of their designs. So he scrapped that and started to draw designs for a new generation nanites that would do more than scrub the air, water, and ground. Since the discovery of nanites contained in a vial abord the ship, he could fit their main program, medical dictionary on all life on the planet, and reporduction tech on an even smaller version. This caught the eye of the leaders and they started to talk to other scientist to se the possiblity of using them has spies or even to kill. He heard of this and perfected the MVBP (Multi-Verse BackPack) by 2038. He also rigged his room to explode and catch fire in order to destroy all data residing to the MVBP and the new nanites. He carried a trauma kit which contained the only (depends on how many people join initially) and the MVBP with all data on him and his research (its stored in the MVBP's onboard 500Terobit memory {which is alot of memory!}). At the same time though, security was right behind him and open fired on him with dummy 9mm rounds at first. A few hit his back and arms. When he activated the MVBP they used assualt riffles on his legs and right arm. The uper right arm was hit and shattered the bone. The lower left leg got hit but the bullet stuck in the bone. The right leg got skinned but isn't life threatning unlike the others. At that same time, a bright light opened up in another universe and he came through. _______________________________________________________________________ Rules: 1: No god modding. Keep universes within the "What If" possiblity. 2: Keep it within real damage. 3: Time to time make things funny! Sign ups: Name: Age: 16-35 Gender: Characteer Discription: (Or photo) Universe Discription: Point out the one or more things different in your universe. Bio: Little snippit: _______________________________________________________________________ I will have this up for a couple of days. My sign up: Name: Draco Asgaurd Age: 16 Gender: Male Character Discription: Draco stands 5'6", dark brown hair, slightly built (do to muscle growth injections). He is sort of a distant person that perfers small groups rahter than lots of people. He is serious yet easy-going, as smart as Ablert Einstien without going crazy, and he enjoys the little things in life more than anything. Bio: Read story intro. Snippet: Read story intro. Ok people, enjoy.
  6. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]The various anime worlds are all connected. With all the violence that is rising in occurance, it has been discovered there are more mercenaries than once thought. Meanwhile, in the Sound village... Tetra stood in front of Orochimaru. "I got you what you wanted... Now where's my pay?" "There is no pay, my dear... I'm afraid I'll have to kill you, for you know too much..." "You son of a...!" Tetra ran from the many ninja trying to kill her. "Don't worry, I'm on my way with the chopper!" Mika was preparing to drop down a ladder for Tetra to climb into the helicopter. "Ok, guys. Hurry back to home base." Neige, the operator, was ready to get them on their next contract.[/COLOR][/FONT] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You get the point of this. It shouldn't be too hard. Name: Age: Gender: Job: don't have to be a mercenary. Appearance: Anime: (Anime you're from) Where are you supposedly from? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Tetra Age: 14 Gender: Female Job: Mercenary Appearance: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/21400631][img]http://public2.tektek.org/img/av/0811/d25/0536/e57070.png[/img][/url] Anime: (Naruto) Border of the lands of Fire and Wind Name: Neige Age: 14 Gender: Female Job: Operator Appearance: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/21400720][img]http://public2.tektek.org/img/av/0811/d25/0551/c11c19.png[/img][/url] Anime: (Naruto) Leaf Village Name: Mika Age: 14 Gender: Female Job: Pilot (Helicopters, planes, you name it) Appearance: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/21400805][img]http://public2.tektek.org/img/av/0811/d25/0602/9cac29.png[/img][/url] Anime: (Naruto) Leaf Village [FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][COLOR=Blue]~~~RULES~~~ No godmodding. Follow theatre rules. if you're going to use a large image, please add a link.[/COLOR][/B][/FONT] Have Fun!!!:animesmil
  7. [CENTER] Welcome to Otakuboards! This website has undergone a tremendous change, we've decided to implement the Quatra gaming engine into our systems, making our site like the extremely popular online game, "The World'. In fact, a downloadable version is available on the site. Now, first things first, while this in all cases an extension of 'The World' this is still Otakuboards. Feel free to use the message boards as you please, however the Arena and the City require that you download the world onto your computer, in order to be able to join in on all of the fun. From us to you, enjoy![/CENTER] Otakuboards has indeed been incorporated into the systems of the game. The game however, has something far sinister instore for all who play. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. Orca of the Azure sky has been reported missing from the game. Helga is trying to recruit players who know something's wrong into a fighting force against the virus. The Otakuboards website is still one of the few places safe from it, as players in the City have to walk through a door/gate to access the game. The virus is not able to infect Otakuboards. What is going on in 'The World' and why are players suddenly going into comas? No one knows the answer just yet. There are already rumors of several players who are unable to log out. But why? Are they lying? Or are they simply having their character stay logged in? Only those few who claim it know the truth. Will you fight what's happening, or will you relish the chance to never go back? Alright. Here it is. I'll let you guys play around with your own sign-ups, and see what we can come up with. This RP is all about creativity. So, my minimun requirements are your real name, your game name, and of course your real age. Also, what kind of character are you?
  8. [B]Pokemon: Age of Darkness[/B] Riku was strapped down to a metal table,and he yelled out in pain as another wave of elecricity was surged through his body. Once it was over, a team snag 'em member called 'Cheif' walked up to him. "So," he said,"Ready to tell us what you did with the Snag machine?" Riku looked up and stared at Cheif. "Burn in Hell!" shouted Riku spitting into the Ceif's eye. The Cheif, doubled over holding his eye, swore violently. Then he straitened up and pointed at the man behind the controls. "You," he yelled,"Increase the maximum run time. Raise the level to 12!" "Um..Sir." the man stuttered. "What?" "Well you see sir...I can't do that." "And why not!?" "Well I can't do that because... there are only 10 levels." "Well then increase to level 10." "But sir, it's already on level10." "Well just run the damned machine." "Sir...the battery ran out." "GOD DAMMIT!!! Just...just take him to a cell." With that, two men came over, unlocked Riku, dragged him across the room, through the door, across a yard, into a long building, and threw him into a cell. "Well well. So those low-lifes caught a kid. This is an all-time low even for them." Riku got to his feet, taken by surprise by the voice. "You Okay kid?" The voice seemed to be coming from the other side of his cell wall. "Ya. I'm alright." Riku replied "That's good to here. Why did they capture you if you don't mind me asking." "They got me for stealing the Sag 'em machine. What are you here for and what's you're name?" "For attemting to destroy this base. And the name's James. Or maybe Chris. I've been here to long to remember. What's you're name kid?" "My name's Riku. And I think I have a way to get out of this dump." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so this is what is needed of the sign-up sheet; I need some people in Riku's party: (the following does not include Riku) min. 4 max. 8 (Riku will be played by me) I need some people to be with team Snag 'em: min. 3 max. 7 If anyone has any suggestions please post them on my thread 'Pokemon RPG Idea' in 'arena underground.' If you have questions PM me. I will permet several months to sign-up, and if the minamals are met then we'll start the RPG. If not I'll permet several more months. However I might make some exceptions if people are to late. Here's what you post to sing-up; Name Age side (Riku's or team snag 'ems team) appearence persoality history starting Pokemon (has to be in first form.And[B] [U]NO[/U][/B] legendarys. And try not to have the same Pokemon as somone else) Pokemon's name attacks discrisption Type those three things for each form of the Pokemon, and yes it is okay to have Pokemon nicknames, self-created Pokemon and attacks. If you want to have two characters that is perfectly fine but you'll have to make two sign-up sheets. I'll do my post once other people have signed-up.
  9. Hello there! I'm starting a new abridged series, Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged. If you would like to join reply to me. Private message me your e-mail (promise I will not spam you or anything). Then say who you would like to be. See the auditions guidlines to see how to sign up. Then e-mail me some auditions or lines of that character. Then I will tell you if you got the part or not. I will send out newsletters on what characters we need, who will do what, and stuff like that. If you would like to help but not voice act, you can help with the video editing. If it says need then you can sign up for the part. If it is taken it will have the person's name next to it. Also if I am missing a character tell me (only characters in episode one) Best of luck! Sign up: Edward: Need Alphonse: Pikaquil Father Cornello: Need Rose: Need Cray: Need Lust: Need Winry: Need Winry's Grandmother: Need Guy whos radio breaks: Need Random People: Need Video Editor: Need
  10. The year is 2100 A.D., nearly a hundred years after the time of Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi. Crystal Tokyo still has not come to be, but Sailor Pluto is not worried. She has seen the future, and she knows that sooner or later the beloved paradice [i]will[/i] come to be. But for now, there is trouble. The Dark Kingdom has been resurrected and the Sailor Senshi have not had the time to be reincarnated yet. More heros are needed, and so Pluto reluctantly activated eight new Sailors. Theyw ere only to be back-ups, used in a time of emergency. But that time has come. And so, eight new pretty soldiers head out to conquer all evil... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now on to the fun part, the sign-ups! ^~ The best part is, you guys get to make up your own, completely original Sailors! ^^ If you want to Play Sailor Pluto or one of the three guardian cats, the only original senshi who are still alive, please PM me and ask first. Now, on to the characters open for play: Sailor Senshi (8 total, 7 avaliable): I'll be playing both the leader of the senshi and the leader of the Dark Kingdom, just to make it all easier, and because I don't trust anyone else to do it. ^^;; Yeah, I'm insecure that way... So 7 senshi are open to play, plus Sailor Pluto. Tuxedo Knights (3 total): You know, the male warriors who swing down from rooftops and make "witty" speeches that would make Tatewaki Kuno proud. Guardian Beasts: (8 total, one for each Senshi) Self explanatory. Each of the Senshi need one, plus Luna, Artemus, and Diana. They don't need to be cats either, just anything small, fluffy and usually harmless. Major Generals: (5 total) The main generals under the ultimate bad guy (Amorrite, whom I'm playing ^~). Minor Generals and Youma (unlimited): Yup, you heard me, unlimited! However, expect to get killed off pretty fast. ^~ But here's the great part. If you DO get killed off, just create another youma and go at it again! **These are the only people who will get to play multiple characters besides me.* However, if not many people are signing up and you'd like to play more then one Senshi, General, ect., PM me. Now on to the form: Name: Age: Gender: Attack(s): Description: Secret Identity (if Senshi or T. Knight): S.I. Description: Species (if Guardian Beast): Personality: And that's all there is to it! Here's my two: Name: Sailor Vega (leader) Age: 16 Gender: female Attack(s): "Lyra Sonic Scream" and "Summer Star Flare" Description: Sailor Vega's colours are light blue and hunter green. Her skirt and sailor collar are green, and her bows, shoes, and the rolls on her gloves are blue. Her shoes are sandels laced up her leg (like Sailor Neptune's). She has white-blond hair about shoulder length, and little earrings shaped like harps. Secret Identity: Miya Kenji S.I. Description: Miya is tall for her age, and looks older then sixteen. She has white-blond hair that tends to stick up in spikes, and green eyes. She usually wears jeans and a t-shirt, or whatever she pulled out of her closet that morning. She's shy, and prefers to be by herself, reading a book. She's not overly smart, and loathes math and science of any kind. She dreams of being a writer someday. Species: Human Personality: See S.I. Description ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Amorrite (leader of the Dark Kingdom Reborn) Age: Unknown, he looks about 20-22 Gender: male Attack(s): He carries a magic sword, but doesn't have any "magic attacks" like the Senshi do. Description: He has long green hair and blue eyes. He's tan, but not overly so. He wears a grey uniform and cape similar to what Kunzite wore during the first Dark Kingdom invasion, but much more ornate. Secret Identity: None S.I. Description: None Species: Corrupted immortal spirit Personality: Evil. Um, duh? He's more of a warrior then a leader, and wishes he could just do away with all the overly-stupid minions and hack the Senshi to bits himself. It's unclear why he wants to take over the world (I'll bring it out later. ^~) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And that's about it! ^^ Once we have everyone (or close to everyone) signed up, I'll go ahead and start it.
  11. [center][img]http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/6491/pfllogocopy5te.jpg[/img] [color=darkblue][size=1][b]A Katoko Production Pokémon Fighting League: Introduction[/b] There are a great many mysteries in the world, each more enveloping than the last. In the past, many beings that appeared to be paranormal, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and several others were spotted worldwide, no one knowing what they really were? Then, in 1998, the truth behind these creatures was revealed. While they weren?t exactly what the world was expecting, these creatures certainly sent a shockwave through the masses. These strange creatures could use even stranger powers and seemed to have the very elements at their beck and call. These creatures?were Pokémon. Upon their discovery, scientists everywhere took up the cause of studying these mysterious creatures. In the process, many have lost their lives, underestimating the fierce power of some of them. But now, thanks to their efforts and the work of several others, it is the strong belief the world over that we?re starting to get a grasp on the Pokémon world. During the time that most scientists were searching for a way to study Pokémon, there were others developing technology to help capture the creatures and use them in a way that was beneficial to humans. After several years of development, scientists successfully created the first PokéBall in 2001. Once proven to be able to capture the creatures, they were mass produced and sold to the public at a reasonable price. People seemed pleased to be able to harness the Pokémon?s powers for themselves and used them to help them in their daily lives. Not long afterward, some members of the younger generation began using the Pokémon to fight each other. These were the first Pokémon battles. As time went on, Pokémon battling became a worldwide phenomenon. It eventually became an international sport, with the very first World Championship held in Tokyo, Japan in 2006. During this tournament, several Pokémon were seriously injured and it was decided by the newly formed Pokémon Battling Commission that such treatment was cruelty to Pokémon. For this reason, Pokémon battling was banned worldwide until special hospitals were built for the medical treatment of Pokémon. The first was built in India in mid-2007 and others were finished around the world the same year. Due to the fact that trainers often met together for the sole purpose of their Pokémon, they earned the nickname ?Pokémon Centers.? The term is now permanently associated with the Pokémon hospitals. The ban was lifted once all the hospitals were complete. Though there is one in every major city, there are also several scattered throughout the world in forests, plains, deserts, etc. Pokémon battling tournaments continued and technology advanced over time. In 2098, records dating back to the infancy of Pokémon research were found in the computer records of Bill, the man who created the first Pokémon Storage System, who was also known as ?PokéManiac Bill? among trainers. In the records, Bill underwent an experiment which went wrong and resulted with his DNA being crossed with that of a Pokémon. Going on his records, scientists recreated the experiment and eventually managed to find a way that would allow both people and Pokémon to ?merge? together into one being: one that would retain their basic human form, but have all the abilities (and some features) of a Pokémon. It took several years to perfect the technique and in 3005, scientists announced that they had done it. Soon afterward, watch-like devices called ?Mergers? began becoming available to the public. Mergers work only after a trainer has captured a Pokémon by normal means. Once a Pokémon has been captured, it is given a band that will only respond to the signal from its trainer?s Merger inside its PokéBall. The Pokéball itself will then be transferred to the individual trainer?s storage space, which all registered trainers have. It can be called out through voice-command from the Merger anytime afterward. While it may be possible for a Pokémon and trainer to merge right after capture, the likelihood is low due to the fact that the Pokémon?s level of affection toward the trainer has been found to significantly affect whether a merge is possible or not. In 3007, the Pokémon Battling Commission changed its name to the Pokémon Fighting League and began specifically using Merger technology for official events and tournaments. Each year, the World Championship is held in a different place, with last year?s Champion claiming her title on the Fiji Islands. Pokémon trainers the world over continue to participate and start journeys of their own in hopes of obtaining the title of Pokémon Master and this year is no exception? ***[/center] 254 Tatakai Tokyo, Japan Dear Trainer, Congratulations! I?m pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted and you have been registered into our database with the following information: Name: Age: Gender: Nationality: Appearance (picture or written description is acceptable): Pokémon (up to 3; [b]the use of Legendary Pokémon is prohibited[/b]): Biography: Once you confirm your registration, you will become an official PFL trainer and will be able to use all benefits and facilities located around the world. Please find enclosed the PFL standard Merge Watch which you should use from now on, a Lapras Pass which will allow you to use any ferry or ocean liner you may need to use on your journey and a Pidgeot Pass that will allow you to board special flights only for PFL-recognized trainers. (Please note that these items will not become active until you confirm your registration.) If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your local PFL representative located at the nearest International Pokémon Centre. I wish you the best of luck in your battles and I hope to see you at the Championship this year! Best regards, Kei Kamagawa Trainer Relations Overseer Pokemon Fighting League HQ Enclosure (3) KK [center]***[/center] Hey there, everyone. As you can probably tell, this is one Pokémon RPG that kind of breaks the mold. Jokopoko and I have been working on it for a while, so we hope you enjoy it. [b]The Underground thread, [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=677921#post677921]Pokémon Fighting League: Trainer's Database[/url], is now available for viewing.[/b] Thank you and have fun! ^^ [b]Note:[/b] Sign-ups will close on [b]Saturday, Sept. 3.[/b] The only way someone can enter afterward will be to PM either Jokopoko or myself with your sign-up and we will determine if you can join. Thanks for understanding. ^^[/color][/size]
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    Parts anyone can join. I have only 1 rule no yaoi. No gays.
  13. [size=3][b]Part-Time Assistants Wanted (Downtown)[/b][/size] Date: 2009-12-01 1:14PM PST Reply to: [email]job-n3qfj-1490339933@kurtslist.org[/email]Part-Time Assistants Wanted from across the city to investigate STRANGE PHENOMENON happening both on the streets and online. I am looking for reliable individuals with a professional demeanor who have strong writing ability, knowledge of the occult, and their own transportation. Experience in social networking and word proccessing a +. Responsibilities include answering multi-line phone system, interviewing subjects RE: STRANGE PHENOMENON, heavy research and DEFENDING THIS REALITY FROM BEING BREACHED UPON BY THE OLD GODS. MUST WORK WEEKENDS. Please respond with some detailed information about yourself, salary requirements, and a photograph. [size=1][list][*]Location: City [*]Compensation: Negotiable [*]Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. [*]Please, no phone calls about this job! [*]Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.[/list][/size][FONT="Book Antiqua"][center][b][size=6]The Nameless City[/size][/b][/center][/FONT] Reality has shifted. The Ancient Ones have been bound out of this physical plane since the beginning of time, but have been slowly corrupting our thoughts, our emotions, and our views. Unknowing, uncaring, unthinking, the Internet has become a tool through which to spread the gospel of the Old Gods.Their will is spreading like a cancer throughout the hearts and minds of the entire world, and only a handful are prepared for what is to come next. [indent][b][color=red]deb0rah17[/b][/color]: Wut is going on with the sky tonight??? Not 1 star? [b][color=blue]AndiForShort[/color][/b]: RT @[b][color=green]Yog-Sothoth[/color][/b]: Imagination called up my shocking form ? only a congeries of iridescent globes, yet stupendous in its malign suggestiveness.[/indent] This is a world with frightening monsters, ancient cults and YouTube. We will be drawing largely from the work of H.P. Lovecraft, however the world is largely unaware of what horrors lie beneath its surface. You will be a small group of characters who have been hired to investigate what is going on in, around and underneath The Nameless City. It is my hope that together we can build our own mythology for this world and come up something truly unique. The Internet is a BIG part of this story. I hope to see blog posts, Twitter updates and the occasional video inter-spliced with your traditional storytelling. As always, questions, comments and concerns may go here. [size=1]-Shy[/size]
  14. Ok, so i had this rp up on another site, but the site closed down. Then i tried to remake it here, but it got closed. so now i am restarting it up, here goes. The world has changed abruptly since the Rosen war. The Furries of Terra have all tried to relax. Abrinth, the city of wolves has finally stepped up and announced their domination over the other race's on Terra, but the others aren't waiting to sit by. The pack leader of the Silver wolf Brigade, Rimmen, has taken his warriors and disbanded from the king of wolves, Spade. A lone wolf named Alistar, (Me), was just a pup when the Rosen War first began. his brother was taken as a hostage during the seige on Abrinth. Now he must find a way to rescue his brother. The Dragons of Terra, more or less the guardians, have waited for their opportunity to strike against the Wolves of Abrinth. D'illongeal, The dragon city has awoken to this new threat against Terra. With their ability to skill-link to another creature and bond with them, the Dragons now try to recruit those worthy of their bond. A skill-link, (Sorry Robin Hobb, it's from here series The Farseer and Tawny man) is an ability to somewhat speak one's thoughts to another. Skilling is the act of speaking telepathically and forcing one's thought's onto another. A bond is a physical/mental connection to another by any means. Touching, holding, etc. When a person is bonded and skill-linked they are privy to each other's thoughts. So post your race and dragon. Any special powers that either one has, where they are from, a description, and if possible a picture of them both. Name: Alistar Race: Arctic Wolf Color: White Age: 19 Ability: Weilds two swords. HIs left hand has a magically inbued enhancer, which deflects some magic. Personality: Funny and energetic. Has a soft spot for chocolate and the ladies. somewhat a comedian and loves pulling pranks. Appearance: A long black trench coat, and black pants. chains around his neck and paws.[url]http://images.wikia.com/furry/images/a/a7/The_Chained_Wolf.jpg[/url] Birth place: Abrinth Name: Icefyre Race: Dragon Color: Silver and red Age: ?? Ability: Ice breath and ice shields. his talons turn into icicles and reform if thrown. Personality: Somewhat of a fire head, despite his cool appearance. Puts up with Alistar's pranks, and sometimes pranks back. But never anger him, or you'll see a side of him you don't want to. Appearance:[url]http://images.elfwood.com/art/v/a/vanacker/red_dragon_in_grass2sm.jpg[/url] Birth Place: D'illongeal
  15. "In other news, police captain Bates has openly commented on the actions of the alleged Vigilantes. We go now live to the police station in downtown Shell." "Let me make this clear, the vigilantes are nothing more then criminals who have no regard for the law! We are working as hard as we can to bring them to justice, and I encourage anyone who has any information regarding the vigilantes, please come forward and te-" [SIZE="4"]KRACKZZZT![/SIZE] The old TV fell to the ground, the heavy telephone clanking next to it's shattered frame. He stared at the broken glass, wiping the blood off his machete. His gaze turned to the dead man laying on the bed. Gagged, his arms and ankles tied to the bed posts, and his throat gashed open to the spine. The machete wielding man finished wiping the blood off his weapon and stared at the screaming face. The eyes had been stabbed out, the blood trickling down the man's face. The overall appearance was a screaming, crying corpse. A chuckle emanated from the machete man as he slid open the window to the 10 floor hotel. Sidling his way out onto the ledge, he shut the window quietly, and began to scale the wall upwards, chuckling still. --------- ((Welcome to Vigilantes. In here, you will play as a masked hero, searching for answers to a grand mystery. What mystery is that? Well, you'll just have to join and find out, because I'm not about to tell you. A few things to consider: As a masked Vigilante, you're actions HAVE consequences. If you kill criminals, the common folk may like you, but a large portion of the people think you're dangerous and insane, ESPECIALLY if you subscribe to a capital punishment method of justice. Also, YOU ARE NOT A SUPERHERO. YOU HAVE NO POWERS. NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO POWERS. You are nothing more then a regular person whose been pushed too far. You have a costume, maybe some interesting skills that help you *like fighting skills, weapons training, etc etc* that give you an edge over untrained criminals. BUT YOU HAVE NO SUPERPOWERS! Finally, unless you work something out with the other RPer, we don't know each other's identity. We have no clue. The vigilantes generally don't socialize much due to different beliefs. A capital punishment advocate would think a 'bring em in' type to be too soft, whereas a 'bring em in' would find the capital punishment too harsh. Now that's out of the way, let's get going. Name: Vigilante Name: ((What are you known as?)) Age: Gender: Costume Appearance: ((You're costume. NOT YOUR CHARACTER'S PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, just his/her costume)) Appearance: ((Detailed description or picture. I'd prefer a description.)) Weapon: ((Nothing fantastic or anything. Guns, knives, axes, stapler, things that people ACTUALLY have access to.)) Day Job: ((How do you fund your endeavors? Are you a reporter, laborer, etc. NO MILLIONAIRES without asking me first!)) Personality: ((What makes you tick? Make it unique, this will make or break your character. Remember to include his Vigilante personality as well.)) Bio: ((What happened to you to make you become a masked vigilante? Tell about your past in Shell City, family, etc.)) Name: Bennen Card Vigilante Name: Weep Age: 27 Gender: Male Costume Appearance: Weep is well known for his trademark Crying Mask, a thick white porcelain mask styled to look like the weeping man from Theater symbols. Cresting the top of the mask is a crown of bright scarlet feathers, around a foot in length, that sweep back across the top of his head. Other then that, Weep wears nothing other then a heavy black neoprene bodysuit, thick black gloves with hard rubber on the knuckles, and heavy black boots. His trademark machete is strapped to his left thigh. Appearance: A thickly built man, Bennen weighs in at around 280 lbs of heavy muscle. He stands around 6'3", and has short brown hair. With dull green eyes and no real distinguishing marks, Bennen easily blends into a crowd. Tends to wear simple blue jeans and t-shirts. Weapon: A heavy machete made of black steel. Day Job: Janitor for Lenning & Connor Law Firm. Personality: Bennen is a suprisingly quiet man, considering his role as the possibly insane Weep. He speaks with a stutter, and generally comes off as awkward. Bennen tries to do his job quietly and not attract too much attention to himself, though he's friendly enough. Even when others make fun of him, he merely walks away and ignores them, though it's noted that he goes out of his way to be mopping or sweeping right where they need to walk the next day. Incredibly patient and docile, Bennen is the epitome of average. His stutter seems to get worse when talking with girls. Weep is the polar opposite of Bennen. Weep constantly laughs, and speaks very eloquently. He subscribes to a "One Strike" policy of justice, and has a special vendetta for rapists and sex criminals. His complete and utter lack of mercy towards these criminals has made him a surprisingly popular vigilante with women. Overall, Weep comes off as insane, and many people consider him unstable and incredibly violent. Bio: Bennen was once a surprisingly successful artist who was on the rise in the industry. However, when his closest friend was raped and murdered, Bennen caved in emotionally. He stopped drawing, his bills piled up, and his friends slowly drifted away from the increasingly depressed young man. Eventually, during a drunken torpor, Bennen was bombarded by news reports of rape crimes, sexual assaults, and the familiar phrase by the police of "We're doing the best we can" Enraged, Bennen began to feel that since the police wouldn't stop the crimes, he would. To prevent anyone else from feeling the loss he felt, he donned the crying mask, and became the laughing, merciless vigilante known as Weep. Weep is currently one of the top "Most Wanted" in Shell City, though the people who have been rescued by his timely arrivals have dubbed him "The Crying Angel".
  16. The year is 3000 and the Earth is in Ruins. After Apocolypse finished off the X-Men once and for all he subjugated all humanity and mutant kind alike and since then they have been made as slave's to the Beast and his 4 Horsemen. But now Apocolypse is not the enemy, Evil has a new face, one even darker than apocolypse himself. This Menace has dubbed himself The Herald of Oblivion and arrived on earth in 2980, there was a huge war between the two titans of evil in which after 10 years of battle and countless lives lost wether innocent or not there was only one victor... The Herald of Oblivion. The time is now back to the present... Human kind has been all but whiped out and the Mutants go into hiding for fear of utter annihalation by The Herald. In these dark times however there still lies hope. That hope rests within a new breed of mutants, one that may very well finally have the power to destroy The Herald once and for all! Sorry I couldn't give you more of a plot but I dont' wanna give away all the good stuff now... The Most important Rule: If you play a mutant, your power cannot instantly kill The Herald or Any other player's Character without their permission first! This is what your character sheet should look like. Name: Mutant Name: If applicable Age: Sex: Mutant Ability: If one Bio: Short Physical Description: Personality: Character Snippet:
  17. [center][U][B][I][SIZE=7][COLOR=Black]Bleach:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/U] [U][B][I][SIZE=7][COLOR=Black] Crossroads[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/U] [I][U]Its time to find out who we really are[/U][/I] [B]Always Joinable.[/B] ___________________________________________________ [/center] [SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue]How it first occurred to us is a mystery. But once we realized it, we knew we were right and even if all the Zanpakuto of Soul Society turned against us, our belief would not waver. The Hollows, our brethren had no right to be killed. Were they not formed by our negligence to perform a proper soul burial on time? Yet we try to erase their existence in order to correct our mistake. The solution lies not on the hilt of the sword but on simple gesture of peace. It also dawned on us that the only way to bring the two, Hollow and Soul Reaper, closer together was to break down the walls that divided us. This pursuit led us to a series of startling experiments that made us to what we are now. Half Soul Reaper, Half Hollow, we stand on the border. Soul Society apparently has a name for us, they call us 'Vizards'. Yet, they weren't too happy when they found out. Our good intentions was labeled treachery by the dictators of central room 46. They ordered our execution. As a result we had to leave behind soul society and so made our escape to earth. It was here we found an island in which we could live side by side with the Hollows, how it was always meant to be. We call it, Kurakura island. But we have known. Soul Society never forgets. A time will come when we will be tested against our beliefs. The question remains, will we stand firmly by our faith? or will we be forced to choose sides? And even than, [I]which side will you choose?[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][center] [center]________________________________________________________[/center] [/center] [COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]It was the despised Soul Reapers that first came up to us. We intended to prepare a cero until we saw them lay down their Zanpakuto. They began to talk and explain. At first we thought of it as trickery. Soul Reapers talking about peace? How unlikely. But their ideals began to make sense. The more they talked, the more we dreamed. We would not have accepted their treaty of peace, until something peculiar happened. One of them summoned a mask, identical to ours, and we began to sense the aura emanating from it. Very Hollow like, yet mingled with the Soul Reaper stench. They called themselves Vizards and promised us to make us more like them. We have also grown tired of the endless fighting. We wish to live in peace, sadly that is not possible in Hueco Mundo. Hence we agreed. After experimentation, we now also stand with the Vizards side by side, living in peace. We are named Arrancars, and we have left our old ways behind. We share the same dream as them, a future free from bloodshed. [I]Old instincts die hard...[/I] That is what the wise say. And how true it is. Maybe friendship is no way for a Hollow, we are much stronger than before, why not wipe out Soul Society and create the future we dream of? Yet for now we side with the Vizards. But a time will come when our faith will be tested. Will we succumb to temptation and revert to our old ways? or will we stand by our new friends? [I]What choice will you make? [/I][/SIZE][/COLOR][center] [center]________________________________________ [SIZE=4][B][U]Synopsis[/U][/B][/SIZE] Soul Society has finally got wind of the Vizards that had escaped to earth. Infuriated to discover the existence of Arrancars as well, they are bent on destroying them. Aware of the potential power both Vizards and Arrancars hold, they avoid direct combat. The 13 captains of soul society decide a different tactic. Time is nigh, Soul Society is making its move. The peace known by the inhabitants of Karakura island is about to be shattered. Each and every one is standing at a crossroad. It is a test of loyalty. [I]Can you distinguish friend from foe?[/I] [I]Which path will you take?[/I] [center]________________________[/center] hope you guys liked it. [center]____________________________________[/center] [SIZE=3][B]RULES[/B][/SIZE] 1. No GOD MODDING. Just because you're captain doesn't mean you can kick the ass out of everyone. 2. You can make as many characters as you want if you can give each and everyone a reasonable amount of time. I suggest 2 at max but its up to you. 3. Must use comprehensible English. 4. Must post once in every three days. 5. Must write at least 5 lines per post. 6. No cannon characters. 7. Romance is allowed. I don't care if its not pg 13. 8. Write 'Its Bankai time' on the top of your post. 9. Please make your template as informative as possible rather than getting it over like a chore. 10. Have as much fun as you possibly can. 11. No Captain can be a Vizard, Period. [SIZE=3][B]Positions[/B][/SIZE] Soul Society: 1st Division Captain/ Captain Commander: 2nd Division Captain/ Head of Special-Ops: 3rd Division Captain: 4th Division Captain/ Head of the Healing Unit: 5th Division Captain: 6th Division Captain: 7th Division Captain: 8th Division Captain: 9th Division Captain: 10th Division Captain: 11th Division Captain: 12th Division Captain/ Head of Technological Department: 13th Division Captain: Vizards: Arrancar: [SIZE=3][B]Templates[/B][/SIZE] Name: Age: Sex: Zanpakuto Name: Shikai(For only Vizards and Captains): Bankai(For only Vizards and Captains): Kido: Released Form(For only Arrancars): Appearance: Biography: ... and anything else you might want to add. Well than make this RP historical. Remember, its always joinable. ___________________________________________________________[/center] EDIT here is my template. though its still incomplete. [COLOR=Blue]Name: Hayate Shinji.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Age: Looks around 20 though his true age spans several decades.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Rank: 1st Division Captain/ Captain Commander.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Sex: Male[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Zanpakuto Name: Murasama and Masamune. One of the few Zanpakuto of soul society that exist as a pair. Both blades contradict each other. Murasama signifies bloodshed whereas Masamune signifies peace.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Shikai: [I]Reap, Murasama, Masamune...[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Shinji sprouts two angelic wings, a black one on his left side an a white one on his right. Apart from this obvious change, he floats a few inches from the ground and develops amazing reflexes and senses.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] [B]Murasama[/B] undergoes changes, it assumes the form of a large and broad scimitar which he holds in his left hand. With a pure black blade and hilt, it is around 4 feet long. Murasama shows vigorous increase in power and emits intense reiatsu from itself. The blade seems to be living as it consumes reiatsu in order to attack. This is supplied by either the wielder or Masamune. Despite its bulky look, it can be used for speedy attack and its broad blade helps in defending against various attacks. [/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] [I]Moves[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Bloodshow: Inflicts wounds that result in the constant loss of blood. The move can not be treated except with the highest level of medicinal skills.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Endless Vortex: Murasama rips open a vortex in space which sucks and absorbs all sort of kido, cero or other beams shot at it. It appears for a few seconds disappearing afterwards. [/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] [B]Masamune[/B] also show strange changes. It assumes the form of a Wazikashi (meaning "side arm") and is held in his right hand. With a pure silver hilt and blade, its function is rather curious. The blade is not longer than 20 inches. Masamune, unlike most swords, does not damage the victim of its attack, it rather heals them. If it is used to slash a wound, the wound will patch up and heal itself instantly. It can also be used in various other medicinal cases. The blade does, however, have another unique purpose. It can also be used to extract reiatsu from whomever it touches. Masamune switches between the two function on the will of the user. The reiatsu it extracts is stored in the blade and can be transferred to the either Shinji or Murasama upon contact.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] [I]Moves[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Heavens Flash: With is sufficient amount of reiatsu store up within Murasama, It releases it all in an instant which causes a blinding white light to flash. Rendering the opponent stunned for some time. The more reiatsu stored up, The greater effect the attack has.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Bankai: working on it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Kido:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 58: Kakushitsuijyaku - Invocation of the tracking birds[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] This technique allows the user to contact with anyone and can be used to contact more than one person.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • bakudou 61: Rukujyoukourou - Luminous Prison of 6 Bars[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Kidou used to bind strong opponents much stronger than First Restraint Obstruction.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 75: Gochuu Tekan[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] A strong Technique used to bind the opponents limbs[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 77: Tenteikuura - Heavenly Rickshaws of Silken Air[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Incantation: Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly through the heavens Effect: Transmits messages to anyone within Soul Society, works better is used in conjunction with Bakudou #58.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 99: Bankin[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Huge box appears then drops from sky to crush opponent[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 4: White Lightning[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] A powerful attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 31: Shakkahou - Artillería Carmesí[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Kidou comes out of users hands like a strong ball or blast of power[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 33: Soukatsui - Way of Destruction[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Kidou comes out of users hand like a big blue ball of spiritual pressure[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 54: Waste Flame[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Generates a fire is able to completely burn and incinerate a target of a low reiatsu.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 63: Raikouhou - Lighting Tiger Canon[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Kidou is gathered in hands and then shot off in a destructive blast[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 90: Kurohitsugi - Black coffin[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Very powerful technique and is very difficult to use. It is generally considered forbidden kido.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] He also uses shunpo or flash steps. These are suited for battle as well as travel. Few in soul society can match his speed.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Appearance: [URL="http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/5923/974z.png"]Hayate Shinji[/URL][/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Personality: Shinji has a strong sense of justice and believes in enforcing laws. At the same time he ensures the laws show reason and are not unfair. He is a quiet type and is teeming with determination. He takes his position seriously and makes sure no one doubts his credibility. Shinji believes a Soul Reaper's greatest strength lies in his comrades, this belief has made him well respected amongst his division and amongst the others in general. He shows respect to those who deserve it and expects respect from those who it is due.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Biography: [/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue] Theme Song: You found me by the fray.[/COLOR][/center]
  18. I wonder if I can call myself the digiqueen? nahh, no one would vote for me... Anyway, this digi-RPG does not deal with saving the world, yet it deals on the life of a digimon. So just pick your chara and have fun... No real info required except for: Name Domain (where your digi resides) Level Attacks (so no one forgets) evos (if they can digivolve) Profile (let's know a bit about your digi) Mine Name: Renumon Domain: The Virus forest Level: Rookie Attacks: Diamond twister, Power Paw, Beam Hypnosis Evos: Youkomon (champion), Doumon (ultimate), Kuzuhamon (mega) Profile: A sneaky a clever digimon, though she refrains from viscious pranks because of her height and inability to get away without being seen. She's much of a lone wolf type character, so she's usually alone, but she does have friends (BlackTerriermon and BlackGuilmon).
  19. [COLOR=red][COLOR=black]This will be a different type of RP, focus will be taken away from combat (though there will be plenty) and instead the focus will lie on good storytelling.[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Lincoln arrose to the sounds of cannonfire in the distance. Apparently the King of England was not apt to sitting idly by even a single night without death. [/COLOR] [COLOR=#0000ff]The fighting had been raging on for nearly a year with neither side gaining much ground, both sides losing more then they bargained for when taking on this hopeless war. [/COLOR] [COLOR=#0000ff]Taking a pen, Lincoln began writing his latest journal entry.[/COLOR] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]"15 of September 1410"[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]As you see, I no longer write "year of our lord" for I cannot abide any god willing to so throw away the lives of thousands of good souls bound for heaven, sworn to protect their countrymen.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]The King of England has set his sites again on taking back the fields of Croughton, this time he has launched a night offensive. Though the fields are miles away, and there's no possibility our commander will allow us to join our brethren. We're protecting much more important cargo, myself in particular has been given the task of protecting the King and her royal highness the Princess on our caravan of peace with England.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]It makes me sick to sit idly by while the princess is going to be given to the King for marriage, I know with this offering peace will be restored to our lands. I just don't understand why we're to be the ones giving OUR princess, her beauty and grace are far above that barbarian of a king. Besides, it is us that has taken English soil, not the otherway around. We are the ones in control of the war, the King of England should be groveling at our feet, begging for the kind hand of peace to be shown to him. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]Orders are orders however, and I have no choice but to obey with my life. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]This will be my only entry today, I know it is still the early morning hours and today will be full of events I am sure. But today is the day we are to board the boat that will take us around this fighting, and away from greedy barbarian English troops.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]Lincoln Delroe"[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=red]As I stated before, this will be a different type of RP. There will be set battles I will have prepared in advanced. For a tad of an insight there will be at least one battle at sea, multiple open combat (as being caught up in real battle battles) and up close and personal combat such as within castle walls or other close quarters.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ff0000]There will be a couple stipulations on characters, there are a few I absolutely have to have before we can get started since we cannot run the RP without them. There personalities, looks and names will be yours, and they will all be trained in basic combat so you don't have to be afraid of taking on a role and getting caught up in a battle. [/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ff0000]1) The Princess of Spain: [COLOR=black]With her father growing severly ill, the princess has been put through grouling courses of leadership, and tact in preperation of possibly taking the crown. Her beauty and grace have been told in things of stories, and many prince and king from across the globe has tried to obtain her hand. She is to be promised to the King of England's son as a wedding present to end the war.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ff0000]2) The King of England: [COLOR=black]The older King (40-60) has been striving for power, some think it due to an illness and he wants a large kingdom for his son. Others think he has gone mad, still others think his reasons for war are his own. Either way he is an expert tactician, and devilishly cunning. None understand his reasons for wanting the princess for his son, but none question him.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ff0000]3) The Prince of England: [COLOR=black]The oldest son(18-25) and crowned prince of England, the prince has made his father proud. He excels at military tactics, leadership, ancient history, combat, and everything else to make him a king. Nobody truely knows if he wants the princess' hand or if it is all his father's duties. If the marriage goes through, then the Prince will become King of a united land, if not then he will one day take up the battle.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ff0000]4) England's Assassin: [COLOR=black]A black cloaked man said to be the greatest killer in England's arsenal. He has been given a task by the king of England himself, and none, besides the King, know of what hell he is to bring. There is only one to match him in combat, only one to stop him.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ff0000]5) Spainish Assassin: [COLOR=black]A red cloaked man said to be the greatest killer in Spain's arsenal. He has been given a task by the King of Spain himself and none, besides the King, know what hell he is to bring. There is only one to match him in combat, only one to stop him.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][COLOR=blue]I will be allowing people to play roles such as English or Spainish Soldiers, but I'd like to get these filled first. I am willing to change the King of England to Queen if a lady wishes to play that role. The assassins are unisex so its up to the person who auditions. The Assassins are incredibly important and will receive their assignments from the Kings (well from me I suppose).[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]The reason the King of Spain isn't an option is going to become apparent early on as he will quickly become less of a focus as the main story will revolve around the characters I have mentioned and mine. [/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]I'm going to be keeping a journal with every post of mine, the journal will be a sort've...summary for anybody who goes missing for a few days and loses track, or for any lull we have in the RP. Its not a replacement for reading the RP to catch up, that is still a must but it will allieviate some pressure.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]I'll use my story as a typical sign-up, I'm not going to take everyone who signs up so I do encourage competition. If you are not selected for a role I will tell you so you can adjust for another.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=gray]The sun was low as Lincoln starred across the fields of Croughton at the British garrison sent to retake the fields. He cringed when he saw the faces, how young these troops were. The King had sent a group of inexperienced, ragtag men to use as cannon fodder. The shear cruelness of this manuever sent chills down Lincoln's spine. [/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#808080]The battle had been short lived, and soon the English were routed. As Lincoln's scouts went on Patrol, he retired to his tent. Entering he fell to his knee as the King of Spain was standing in Lincoln's quarters.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#808080]"Rise Captain Delroe, I come to you on a matter most important." The King explained the marriage, and the need for secrecy.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#808080]"I understand my liege, what is it you ask of me?" Lincoln stood in a position of respect, he'd followed the good King through many of battles and though he knew it wasn't neccesary he couldn't bring himself to give anything but the upmost respect.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#808080]"I need you and 20 of your men to escort us by sea and throughout the meeting with England. I ask that you keep the matter secret from even your men, please find something to tell them that won't make them suspicious. We depart early tomorrow morning for the port of Thorus in the east." Without another word the King left to a once again kneeling Lincoln. [/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#808080][I]"A special mission eh? It appears this captian is ready for another promotion[/I]." Lincoln smiled, at least he tried when he thought of losing the Princess to England...England, the country that would soon be the one he must bow too.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic][/FONT]
  20. [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]In the year 2050 a nuclear war broke out. Every country that had them launched a warhead almost simultaneously. It seemed the end of the world was upon us...little did we know that we would've been better for it.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]As the warheads closed towards their targets, a bright light shown upon the world and a sound of crackiling lighting and crashing thunder shook the world by its core. Everywarhead that was in the sky was vaporized by an unheard of blast of electrical energy.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]All countries at once began monitoring an anomoly in the middle of the atlantic ocean, along the planets equator. A great mountain grew forth out of the earth, a mountain so large it eclipsed Mt. Everest by miles. It's peak finally stopping somewhere inside a haze of clouds, that gravitated around the mountain as if by some unseen force.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Days, weeks, even months went by as the people of the different countries sent probes, unmaned vehicles, and fianlly soldiers and scientists to explain the anamoly; none of which were ever seen or heard from again.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]As a full year passed, and most of the world forgot about the mountain. Went back to their lives as they were before the war, nobody seemed to care that there was an energy radiating off the mountainside, an ancient energy that couldn't be detected by conventional methods.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Finally an omnious image filled the sky, a bearded figure straight out of mythology covered the sky across the globe. [/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]"Mortals, bow down to your returning King. For over a millenia I have watched you wage wars, destroy my planet, and kill one another in the name of non-existent gods. You have viewed yourselves as masters of this planet for long enough. Bow down in joy and fear as your God King returns, all love and fear ZEUS!" As if a repeat of a year ago the sky flashed white with lightning, over and over again. Each time something was taken from the humans...[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]First thing that went were all the humans modern weapons. Guns, missiles, bombs, anything the gods perceieved as a threat to them was gone leaving only weapons and hunting tools from their time.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Secondally the gods pulled toe continents back to their original form, everything united as one continent surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean of blue. United at the base of Mt. Olympus[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Lastly the gods stripped the humans of all vehicles, including aircraft and sea faring vessels.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]For over a century now the gods have controlled everything. All television and radio broadcasts were now shortwave and harwired, since satellites were shot out of the sky... For over a century, their was no hope.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Finally a single man, some said he was the son of a god, others just a crazy lunatic, snuck onto Mt. Olympus and stole the most important thing the gods possessed...Ambrosia.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Ambrosia was the food of the god, but when a mortal ingested it they became a demi-god. Given powers similar to that of gods, but on a much smaller scale. This man spread the ambrosia around, a single serving to certain tribes he handpicked. [/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]The last hope for humanity's freedom hinged on the right people being choosen for god-hood. The right people to kill the gods...[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][/SIZE] [COLOR=black]Time to whip on the gods themselves. As you've guessed we will be playing the choosen, X number of people choosen for the task of becoming immortal, well immortal in age. We can still be killed by conventional means, its just harder.[/COLOR] Time for sign-ups, be advised this is going to be a short RP. I'm thinking maybe a couple months if the posts are pretty consistent. I'd like to get this started next week sometime, so I'll probably get it rolling as soon as we have 4-5 people. Name: Age: Sex: Appearance: (Feel free to be as creative as you want, its no telling what the ambrosia will do to a person.) Weapons: Though the gods destroyed everthing, mankind has triumphed. Different tribes have been able to come up with some weapons such as guns, small explosives. Feel free to melee it up or go for distance, just try and keep it one or the other. If you are a marksman you probably won't be real good with close combat and vice versa. Powers: The powers of the gods are sort've construde throughout mythology, of course there are the norms (Zeus' lightning, Hades power over the undead) so feel free to deviate, but remember we are not gods. All of us will have super-human strength and speed so don't bother with that, but otherwise everythings games. Personality: Bio: (How'd you get selected, what'd you do before you were picked) Writing Snipet: Let us get inside your characters head, let us see his/her personality and demeanor with this. Doesn't have to be combat, infact I prefer it not be.
  21. Warning: This is an extremely violent and mature RP. God modding is not going to be tolerated. Anyone caught modding will have their character either killed off or subsidized into a non important roll. The year is 2024 and we are trapped behind enemy lines.First Armored Recon Second Platoon, Acting Captain. We have no food and little water. Ammo is whats left in the guns and I have lost most of my squad due to a sneak ambush by the United Middle Eastern Coalition or U-MEC. We have the radio guy but he said we should wait till we are better situated to male a mayday call. I feel sorry for the tank crews. Poor sons of a bitches got hit by anti-tank missiles first. I saw the crew member manning the turret of tank #3 crawling out burning alive and we couldn't do a dam thing to save him except put a bullet in his head. If we make it back alive and they court marshal me. So be it but my first priority is to get the rest of my men out alive. I write this letter in any case we don't survive and friendlies find our bodies. My name is Privet First Class Combat Medic Mike Anolic. Captain Andrews was shot several times and was mortally wounded. I pulled him behind a destroyed tank and patched him up. A bullet clipped his aorta and he is bleeding internally and I can't do a fucking thing to save him. Blood was oozing out of his wounds and he was trying to get me to look at him. When I looked at him, he gave me an order. Its an order I can't refuse. That order was to get the rest of the platoon out alive. That last order made me Acting Captain but I was just a simple medic. Hopefully someone that survived can help me lead us to a safe zone 54 miles to the south west. I'm a medic and only had training in pistols and and just a simple instructions on assault riffles. How am I going to lead the rag tag team of battle toughen soldiers? May God have mercy upon our souls. Privet First Class Combat Medic, Acting Captain; Mike Anolic. United States Army. ___________________________________________________________________ Sign Ups are simple yet hard. Someone must take Radio responsibility please. Also First person view when the main thread is suggested but not a rule. Last but not least, any branch of the military is welcomed just explain how you met up with us. Name: (First/Last) Gender: Age: (21-35) Rank: (Up to Captain) Profession: (Heavy Gunner, Radio, Sniper, etc) Bio: (What was your last employment before joining? What made you join the military?) Snippet: (How you survived the ambush.) ___________________________________________________________________ Name: Mike Anolic Gender: Male Age: 24 Rank: Privet First Class Profession: Combat Medic Bio: Mike graduated high school at 18 and got into medical school to be a paramedic. He graduated medical school at age 22 and got a job at a local hospital. On his 23rd birthday, Congress reinstated the draft to call on people with skills they need. The next day he got a letter saying he is drafted into the Combat Medic units. Two weeks later he was in boot camp. Eight weeks later Mike completes Basic Training and was station first state side for 6 months. Then stationed over to the middle east. Snippet: Mike was riding shotgun in the Humvee, from the briefing it was just to be a simple recon with little resistance. Some intel on that. When the tanks got hit, the driver of the Humvee told him to get out and stay behind the jeep. That was the Captain Andrews. When he went to grab a guy pinned downed at the tank, he was hit several times. The guys manning the 2 mounted .50 cals provided covering fire long enough to pull the Captain behind the jeep.
  22. [color=darkblue][size=1] The only sound in the room was the drumming of fingers on the oak table as Morty sat back in his chair, contemplating. [b]"How long ago were they spotted?"[/b] [b]"About 12 hours, sir,"[/b] responded the young scout, the sheen on his face belying more than the heat outside. [b]"One of the Shuppet drew our attention to the area. We confirmed and came to report immediately."[/b] [b]"Rate of progression?"[/b] [b]"Double-time."[/b] [b]"How large are their numbers?"[/b] [b]"At least two full companies, sir."[/b] [b]"So. They want to run me down before the war even starts."[/b] A creak from the scout's boot on the floor met his words and Morty looked at the young man. His fists and jaw were clenched tightly, more sweat started to form on his brow, his eyes darted subtly to the side now and again, the obvious thought going through his head: there was going to be fighting, people were going to die and one of those people could possibly be him. How many more would be like him once he informed the rest of the troops, Morty wondered to himself. A lot, more than likely. Both young and old were mixed in the ranks that had been quickly formed in Ecruteak to defend against the very thing headed their way. Different levels of experience, different perspectives...and every one of them had something to lose, no matter how small it may be. There would be a lot of uneasy minds in the crowd once the news hit, but it came with the territory. War is an unsettling beast. [b]"Be strong."[/b] [b]"Sir?"[/b] [b]"Be strong. For yourself, your family and the people that will be counting on you to survive,"[/b] Morty said, standing and looking him in the eye. [b]"We're all in this together now."[/b] [b]"Sir,"[/b] the young man said after a hesitant moment, giving a sharp salute. [b]"Dismissed."[/b] As the scout left the office, Morty stood and turned to his window, pulling the slatted blinds up to look over the city proper. He knew it wouldn't be long before he and his own troops would be fighting for their lives—and their freedom—on those very streets. Actual combat was the last thing he wanted, but there wasn't a choice anymore. The League wouldn't listen to reason: their way was the new way—the only way. So time for lines in the sand had come and the League was putting the first foot across. [b]"We're all in this together,"[/b] Morty murmured to himself. [b]"Either we'll all rise or we'll all fall."[/b] He looked to the Pokéballs lining his belt and thought all the times he and his Pokémon had been tested before and knew that none of them compared to the battle they were about to face. [b]"...Ho-oh protect us,"[/b] he said, and turned to rally his men. [center]---[/center] [b][center]The League[/center][/b] [b]Surge[/b] — Vermillion City: Military veteran; brash and efficient. [b]Sabrina[/b] — Saffron City: Head research scientist; cold, calculating and extremely terse [b]Blaine[/b] — Cinnabar Island: Scientist; incendiary specialist; scatterbrained and seemingly unstable [b]Falkner[/b] —Violet City: Tactical strike unit leader; cruel, arrogant and narcissistic [b]Bugsy[/b] — Azalea Town: Head tactician; soft-spoken, determined and thorough [b]Jasmine[/b] — Olivine City: Support; skittish and timid; willing to help anyone [b][center]League Protesters[/b][/center] [b]Morty[/b] — Ecruteak City: Opposition leader; strong, loyal, faithful, charismatic; thinks in terms of damage control [b]Flint[/b] — Pewter City: Second in command; eye for detail; wise and likes to think three moves ahead [b]Misty[/b] — Cerulean City: Financial backer; steadfast and popular; very famous in the Kanto and Johto regions [b]Claire[/b] — Blackthorn City: Strike team leader; brash and easy to rile; doesn't consider a job done unless the enemy is routed [b][center]Neutral Parties[/b][/center] [b]Erika[/b] — Celadon City [b]Pryce[/b] — Mahogany Town [b]Chuck[/b] — Cianwood City [b]Janine[/b] — Fuchsia City [b]Whitney[/b] — Goldenrod City [center]---[/center] [b][center]Sign-up Sheet[/center][/b] [b]Name:[/b] [b]Age: [/b] (Note: Individuals must be at least 17 to be considered by recruiting agents.) [b]Gender:[/b] [b]Appearance:[/b] Either description or image will suffice. [b]Allegiance:[/b] [League sympathizer/protester] [INDENT] [b]The League:[/b] An organization of Leaders and members of the Elite who have stepped in and formed their own government in the sudden absence of the Champion. They have set forth strict rules and regulations that completely replace the former system of leadership and emphasize a solid regiment of uniformity. Everyone works toward the common goal of prosperity.[/INDENT] [LIST] [*][b]Sympathizer:[/b] You believe the continent needs order, and you believe the League can bring that order. But order must be enforced, and intelligent creatures or not, Pokémon are tools to further that end. Those who disagree merely need some ... convincing. [*] [b]Protester[/b]: You believe the League's actions are nothing short of an overt seizure of power and must be resisted. But individuals cannot stand against a unified whole, so you look to those already leading the way and join them. Sometimes force can only be opposed with force. [/LIST] NOTE: Although sign-ups for League will be accepted, protesters are preferred. Any League sign-ups must be approved by the creators, and the judging criteria are totally subjective. No League slots are guaranteed; all who wish to submit a League sheet are encouraged to have a protester variant sheet as back-up. [b]Status:[/b] [Gym member/freelance recruit/mercenary] [LIST] [*][b]Gym Member:[/b] Specify under which leader your character is and how long they have been with that gym. Gym members are more likely to have early leadership roles. [*] [b]Freelance recruit:[/b] Specify which leader recruited the character. Recruits will not usually start out in high positions, but their versatility may make them more valuable over time, depending. [*] [b] Mercenary:[/b] League sympathizers only. Specify which leader hired the character, and remember: money is a flimsy allegiance at times. Some mercenaries live and die by the contract, some sell to the highest bidder. [/LIST] [b]Bio:[/b] Brief summary of character’s history. Don’t want the life story, just the important bits. How they started, influences, goals, defining moments, etc. [b]Personality:[/b] Same: brief. Don’t give us the entire rigamarole up front. Give your person room to develop. [b]Primary Pokemon:[/b] These are your main boys. Your A-team, your go-getters. Battle experience and prowess should vary among them (no critters are trained equally), and some minor weaknesses are encouraged. Gym members will probably have a list skewed slightly towards the type of gym they fight under, while recruited trainers will likely have a more diverse set. Lists composed solely of overpowered Eevee evolutions, or similar broken sets, will be summarily refused. [center]---[/center] Keep in mind, this is intended to be a story-driven game. Battles and fighting will play a large part, but they will not be the entirety of the game. Characters with more inexperience and room to grow and become valuable of their own accord will probably be more fun to play than characters who are locked into a certain avenue and whose value is already predetermined, and will be looked upon more favorably in many instances. Build your characters with that in mind. The backstage will be up in due time. Until then. ;3[/color][/size]
  23. [SIZE="1"][color=darkred][B][U]Warning: This thread will have violence, possibly nudity, and possible suggested sexual themes you have been warned.[/U][/B] For untold thousands of years balance between good and evil has been in place. The demons stayed in Hell and came to Earth every now and then to cause trouble, while the angels stayed in Heaven and only came to Earth to act as the law. For years upon years that was the way it was with the occasoinal war beween the two that always ended in stalemate. Centuries passed like this each side knowing in the back of their mind that it would never change and both sides were completely content on that. Each realm with their gates wide open and unguarded without any other thought. But neither one bothered to watch the humans in their rising technology and diplomacy.... Now the entire Earth is united together and are sick of having the angels and demons using their world for their own benfit and have put a stop to it. They have succeeded in creating an interrealm gate that opened a portal straight into Hell. Armed with weapons and armor that have been blessed, massive armies invaded the Devil's domain taking both angels and demons by surprise. The demons caught unaware by this move where slaughtered by the thousands and even some of Hell's finest where killed or captured. The Devil locked himself in his private throne room shutting the doors on all of his followers. Though the humans had the power to take Hell the magic on the throne room was too strong and instead put an entire force on it waiting to see if the Devil would try to retake his home. After seeing this unfold the angels shut their gates allowing no one to enter for fear the humans might entier theirs soon, not even waiting to get the angels on Earth back home and left them trapped to fend for themselves on Earth. The only problem was that it was only a matter of time before the humans constructed another gate and invaded their home. On Earth maddness broke out as machines where built thaat could detect demons. Technology to be used against the angels wasnt perfected yet but was almost complete. Military organizations went from home to home across the globe hunting every demon in disguise and either killing them or putting them into slavery. Angels were caught every now and then when they slipped up or their disguise faltered. Desperate to get home several of the angels have come up with a plan to destroy the facility where the one gate is and the other being built along with every remnant of technology that was being used against them. But the only way to do this is by enlisting the aid of the demons that were in slavery. [B]Today[/B] Vaznix cringed under the crack of the whip as it lashed across his back driving him to his knees. He could feel the holy water that it was soaked in sizzle into his flesh. The other demon in front of him he did not recongize thankfully. Granted he hated killing his brethern in this arena he hated more killing the ones he knew personally. It already seemed like eternity since he had been caught and through in this hole to fight for his life constantly. Oh well he wouldnt die this time either...... If you cant already tell the humans have rose up against the demons and angels. The demons were the first to go and the ones that werent killed are enslaved to do low jobs. They are used for entertainment in the arenas, menial back breaking jobs, maids, butlers, even some of the female ones are used as whores. Every downhill job the demons have taked and are constantly beaten by their human taskmasters. Their powers are locked away by a blessed collar around each demon's neck making sure no upprisings would happen. Several angels still hiding have decided to fix this problem and return the balance but they are going to need to get some of their demonic counterparts out of oppression. Here are the signups [B]Name: [/B] [B]Age:[/B] just dont make it too outlandish [B]Gender:[/B] [b]Race:[/b] [U][B](Demon only)[/B][/U][B]Slave Job:[/B] what they have you doing if your a demon. [B][U](Angel only)[/U][/B][B]Disuise Job:[/B] you get the drift [B]Appearance:[/B] [U](a pic or a very detailed description[/U]) your angel/demon form [B]Human Appearance:[/B] [U](a pic or very detailed description)[/U] Demons you must put one though you cant be in human form until your collar is removed [B]Weapon:[/B] The angels will have theirs but the demons are locked away along with their powers due to the collars [B]Powers:[/B] This is for both [B]Personality:[/B] Please be creative i hate seeing the same thing whenever i go through them [B]Background: [/B]what you did before the war ([U]i dont want toee alot of 'Head of Demon army or top Demon Hunter or killed thousands of angels/demons' that sort of thing. It makes it interesting when your char has weaknesses.)[/U] [B]Character Snippet:[/B] Just a normal day of your life right now Its been awhile since i made a thread so hopefully i got it right pm if you have questions[/color][/SIZE]
  24. [SIZE="1"][B][SIZE="3"][CENTER]The Mixed Experiment IV[/CENTER][/SIZE][/B] The night was beautiful. Four white moons kept watch over the planet as it slept into the night. The very technology advanced city was quiet, which was un-heard of at times for its always need to grow its technology to a new level. Yet the city kept quiet, only the lights of billboards and passing cars starred the night. [B]"Jahat."[/B] The deep, dark voice came from the depths of the room. A Shadowy figure appeared from the corner, eyes gleaming at him. His presence was disturbing as he had blood pouring off his body like sweat. He smiled as Jahat regconized him. The monster closed his eyes and sarcastically sniffed the air. [B]"Mmm....Can you smell it? The end of Humanity is coming...." [/B]Malvok grinned as he licked his blood covered lips. [B]"Oh will it be a breath taking day for me....They're blood will run through my body!"[/B] Jahat kept silent and turned to the giant window that overlooked the city, Delirium. By then, clouds managed to creep in and pour its tears onto the dark city. Thunder pounded its chest and gave the people a battle cry that shock the land. [B]"Im sure you're eager too...Able to feast on human souls..." [/B]Jahat opened his eyes and began to walk to the door. [B]"Let's go...Adam awaits us."[/B] **** Gale opened his eyes and gasped for air. He laid flat on his back, trees surrounding him with sunlight peering from above. Rising up, he checked his body. [I]Im alive? How? What the hell is going on...I was in that odd world and now...?[/I] His clothes were still damaged from the fight with the Elven Warlord, but his sword was gone. Where was Achilles? Emilio? Sarin? More important, Chrys.... Gale rose from the soft glass, but was completely fine. His cuts and bruises have vanished. He looked around and found his father's sword lodged into the ground at the edge of the trees that surrounded him. After cracking a few bones, he made his way to receive the sword from the ground, but was stopped by his view... There stood his kingdom, Fujin, on one side. On the other side was a very advanced technology city. Explosions could be heard as Fujin's magical airships took flight against the metal-like airships from the other side. [B]"Son of a bitch..."[/B] Gale equipped his sword and ventured off to the battlefield. [U][SIZE="2"][B]Information Desk[/B][/SIZE][/U] This is the fourth Installment of the Mixed Experiment Series. The sequel to the II one since the III one took place in a new era with new characters and story. Not required, but if you would like to see the previous ones for history, here are the links. [B][URL="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=49825"]The Mixed Experiment [/URL][/B] [B][URL="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=51276"]The Mixed Experiment II: The End of The World[/URL][/B] [U][SIZE="2"][B]Sign-Ups[/B][/SIZE][/U] You did not have to be in the previous ones to be in this. I welcome anyone who wants to join. If you would like to join here are some things to keep in mind. *You can either be from [COLOR="Red"]Fujin Kingdom[/COLOR] or [COLOR="Blue"]Saturn Federation [/COLOR], (technology city at war with Fujin) *when you pick a city, you will still will be part of Gale's Fraction, which, is the good side. Your character can be on the bad side, but must eventually come to the Hero's side. *The city you pick, your weapons will come from that. Any technology advanced equipment(armor, guns, etc.) comes from Saturn Federation side. Fujin is (swords, bow and arrows, old armor, etc.), but comes with different races and the power of magic. [B]Name:[/B] Any type is fine [B]Gender:[/B] Simple. [B]Age:[/B] old if you're a demon [COLOR="Red"] *Fujin[/COLOR] [B]Race:[/B] Humans, demons, or elves. Be creative if you pick a demon. [COLOR="red"]Fujin only[/COLOR] [B]Position:[/B] Soldier from Saturn or Soldier from Fujin [B]Personality: [/B]this is how people will judge your character, so write this well. [B]Appearance:[/B] Picture or written description, both would be great. [B]Weapon:[/B] Anything works. Broadsword, shuriken, handguns, shotgun, *depending if which Fraction you're coming from (Saturn or Fujin) [B]Mechs: [/B]a very small, combat mech your character uses for battle... [COLOR="Blue"]*Saturn only[/COLOR] optional* [B]Abilities/magic:[/B] abilities, say you can jump father and higher then a normal person. Magic, can summon fire or heal any wound. Make your abilities and Magic different from others. [COLOR="Red"]*Fujin only[/COLOR] [B]Character Snippet: [/B]Your character in every day life. Could be something from the past. [B]Bio[/B]: if you don?t want to do a Character Snippet, then you can write a Bio for your character PM for questions[/SIZE]
  25. Rated M for Mind-blowing. May contain violence, strong language sexuality and other mind-bowing wrongness. The Hokage stood atop his man office with pride as he addressed the mass of ninja that had gathered before him. They came from every nearby shinobi village, all had gathered for the main event, the Grand Tournament! One event every many decades where the villages offer any ninja willing into a massive competition. The point of which to defeat rivals and prove your strength in combat. The prize, a law, one law chosen by the final victor to be passed in all participating villages. Such an open option gives every ninja something to fight for with all their might. The Hokage spoke "You all know why you are here. The Grand Tournament!" The crowd roared in response. "This year will be no different from any other, al participating ninja will be given a crystal coloured by rank. Blue for gennin, yellow for chuunin, and red for jounin. Each crystal is worth points, blue are worth one, yellow three, and red are worth five. To gather crystals is the objective, acquire them from any ninja you can, by ay means necessary. The first five ninja to accumulate 30 points will move on to the second round. From there, the first ninja to acquire all remaining crystals will be the victor! Again the crowd cheered. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There you have it! You are one of the many ninja entering this competition to get whatever law you want passed. You can be from any village, and know virtually any jutsu real or fictional. Try not to overdo it. Also you can be of extinct clans (uchiha, kaguya) as long as you have a really good story behind it, that means no simple "my mom from kaguya clan ran away randomly before I was born" I want something creative and interesting. Otherwise, just have fun. [B]Name: Age: Appearance: Personality:[/B] [B]Rank:[/B] (gennin, chuunin, jounin) [B]Village: Style:[/B] (mainly taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu or specify other) [B]Main jutsu/techniques: Bio: What law you want passed:[/B]
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