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!!pirates crusade!!

kakkarot ssj4

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ayyyyy me mates. looks like we landed on the island of otaku..
maybe we could gather more mates for our "pirates of the world"

we plan on sailing the seven seas. looking for jewels and other treasures. ayyyy. maybe we will meet pirate ships of others n have the joy of boarding their ship and banking them of their money and jewels.argggg.

if u want to be on the "pirates crusade" then state ur name. ur job (wht u want to do on the pirate ship).u can be a fighter. lookout. or just a tough,pretty girl whos gives out the drinks.or a man thats looking for a fight. but i bewarn u .. if u cause too much havoc on my ship u will walk the plank and join the dead of the seas.arrrgggg.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i]
[B]I'll join. My name will be "Ryu" and can i be a wandering warrior that just SO HAPPENS to come across you peeps? If so, that's the job for me :D [/B][/QUOTE]

sure me matey.

who else wants to join the "pirates crusade.i need about 15 members..
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonballzman [/i]
[B]It's ok, I switch RPG names alot of the time, at first I was always Dbzman, then Max, then Hajime, then Ryu, And now I think I'm starting to like Hajime a bit more now ;) It's what happens when you spend most of your time on the boards in RPGs! [/B][/QUOTE]

I'm just wondering Dbzman, do you know what Hajime means in Japanese?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RicoTranzrig [/i]
[B]Shimmer me timmers, mayhap I be a theif. [/B][/QUOTE]

no thifs upon this ship . anyone who steals from another shipmate get all there limbs burned off and trown into the ocean waves to the sharks.arrrggg.

anyone whos on has joined.sorry i waaa a little late. mmmmm i think i have enough members.anybody else who wants to come can join .

lets start off with a voyage to england.a ship deploys there at sunrise and we go to captcher it.arrgggg.

hoist the sails!!!
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