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RPG Shrunk!!!!


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This RPG is pretty simple, the goverment were testing out their new weapon...


General: Is the gun ready???

Soldier: Yes sir!

General: I don't think anyone would care if just a few ppl went missing...Heh heh.

Soldier: Y-Yes sir!

General: Fire!!!

Soldier: Firing!

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, a giant laser rises out of the ground, and aload of blasts come out of it, and spread across the world...[/COLOR]


And YOU are one of the ppl that get shrunk!!!

Just your:

Name: Ryu

Age: 20

Height: 5 4'

Whatever your height is, you get shrunk like this:

5 Foot, 4 Inches >>> 5 Centimetres, 4 Millimetres

So join up, and YOU can get shrunk for absolutly FREE! Isn't that nice to know? :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonballzman [/i]
[B]Yeah! Isn't it great? I've always wondered what it's like to get shrunk! All the dangers off falling off the table and going splat, having the cat think youre a mouse and try to eat you, getting stepped on, being pummeled by giant raindrops, it must be great! :D [/B][/QUOTE]

*looks around and notices her moniter is bis as her house*
er...*looks down at the edge of the table*

this is too strange here!
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Shrunk status...

Name: Gold_Angewomon (G_A, for short)

weapon: a toothpick

age: 17

Gender: Female! (like I'd be anything else...:rolleyes: )

Shrunken height: 5 centimetres and 3 milimetres

Biggest fear: Nothing!! I laugh in the face of fear! *hears a cat* AAAHH!!! *hides* (J/K!)
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