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Ta da!!! Anyone else wants to join, go post in "Shrunk!!!"!!!

Now how am I going to type my message into the keyboard when I'm only 5 cm tall? Hmmmmmmmmm.......


[COLOR=red]Ryu is in the gym, trying to break his record for weightlifting which is 120kgs!!! *Gulp*[/COLOR]

Ryu: :mad: :mad: :mad: Almost...There... :mad: :mad: :mad:

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, everything around him gets bigger, and a giant shadow looms over him[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Eek![/SIZE]

[COLOR=red]One of the balls with weights inside almost lands on him, but he jumps out of the way[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Whats going on!?[/SIZE]

[COLOR=red]Walks around a bit, then some guy almost stands on him[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Hey watch it stupid! You almost-Hey wait a sec, how could he step on me...?[/SIZE]

[COLOR=red]Realises he's shrunk[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Oh no! I've been shrunk![/SIZE]
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*out of character*

Gold_Angewomon is in the gym, drawing a picture, while waiting for her friend, Ryu, to finish his work out.

*in character*

*looks up to where Ryu should be lifting weights* Huh? Where'd he go? *stands up, and puts her stuff in her back pack* Ryu? Ryu? hello? Where'd you go, man? Come on... I've got to go! We've got to get to the resteraunt and meet Izzy there. We're already a half hour late! Where the heck are you?

*walks around, looking for him* hello? *shrinks*

*sigh* oh well, I guess I'll just leave without him. Koushi's waiting...

*goes to pick up her backpack, and realizes she shrunk* AAAAAAHHH!!!!!! I'M SMALL!!!!!!!!!
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*Walking home from school* *As she passes over a small bridge she thinks she hears some noise near the bushes. She looks but there is nothing there. Raye sits doen on the brigde and closes her eyes.* *When she open's them up again she almost falls backward into what now looks like a huge river.*

"Ahhh," screams Raye.

*She catches her balance*

"What is going on? Can somebody, anybody help me?"
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Ryu: [SIZE=1]Oh man, this sucks eggs out of chickens![/SIZE]

[COLOR=red]Runs around the enourmous gym, trying to dodge ppls giant feet[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Hey you! Yeah you! Hey hey hey! Come back! Can't you even hear me!?[/SIZE]

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, a little kid holding his mums hand comesinto the gym and picks up Ryu[/COLOR]

Kid: Hey wook mummy I found da toy!

Woman: Timmy! Put that down! You don't know where thats been!


[COLOR=red]Throws Ryu[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Noooooooooooooooooooo[/SIZE]

[COLOR=red]As Ryu goes flying through the air, he lands on something and goes SPLAT![/COLOR]

Ryu: :eek:

Guy: HiYA!

[COLOR=red]Starts punching the punchbag which Ryu finds he is stuck to[/COLOR]

Guy: Huh? Some little toy? Whats it doing on the punchbag? Oh well.

[COLOR=red]Grabs Ryu, and flicks him into the wall[/COLOR]

Ryu: [SIZE=1]Ow...[/SIZE]
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OMG.... I'm little... This isn't good, this isn't good...

[COLOR=red]*walks around the huge gym, wondering why she's small*[/COLOR]

Oh, man. How am I gonna' get out of this one?

[COLOR=red]*almost gets stepped on by a kid*[/COLOR]

AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!! Watch it, kid!

[COLOR=red]*the kid picks her up, and says to his mom, "look mommy, I found another toy!", mom: "Junior, put it down, this instant!", "aw, mom..."* *the kid throw her on the ground* [/COLOR]

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Ok I posted there.
Cecil was at the internate and he was posting at one of his favorte messages boards when he notices that the moniter is gettin bigger and it gets harder to type.

Cecil: AHHHH Im shrinking!

He shrinks to a size of 5 cent. 2mili. he lands on his keybord and tries to right help but it turns out like this "hgfdertyuiolp"

All the people reading his message: What does that mean.
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Cecil: hmmm... I dont think there is going to be any help from the internet... hmm have to find a way down.

He looks around desk in front of monitaur and keyboard and finds and electric pencal shapener.

Cecil: I guess I could climb down this wire.

Cecil grabs on to the wire and jumps over the edge but the penical shapener falls down with him and he fall multible times his own height.

Cecil: Ow... I guess I survived cause im small kinda like a bug. Now I have to figure out a way down the staris.
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Raye- screams,"Can anyone help me."

*Sees a happy couple crossing the bridge. Starts running for her life.*


*They almost step on her but they pass right above her.*

Raye- "Don't panic Raye. I'm sure this couldn't be a forever thing. Is there any small ppl around here." screams Raye. "Hello!"
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Cecil: I know how to get down! Jump! BANZAI! ochies. Now I have to wait for someone to open the door. No! Im home alone for 2 weeks WAAAA!

Suddenly there is a guy wearing black with a black hat and some black face paint coming toward the house.

Cecil: AHHH! its a theif in the middle of the day! Maybe he can let me out!

Theif brakes in and Cecil senks out.

Cecil: Hmm... Where do I go now? Why do I talk to myself alot? Do i ask alot of questions?
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geez, i didn't know this small alley could seem so....um.....[SIZE=4]Big![/SIZE]

*sees that sidewalk is clear from travelers gets out into the open and starts running, to where no one knows*

there has to be something i can do! I wonder if there are other shrinkers here? where could they be? blast, i don't know what to do!!
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Suger- "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Dude were did you go? Wow what a pretty cloud. Is that cloud getting higher or am I getting smaller. OMG It's the apocalipse. A giant cat. Oh no I'm tiny."
*Starts running for her life and see's a mouse hole. Dogdes into the hole.*
"Now what?"
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Cecil: Hmm... Where do I go? I know the School! Maybe there are other shrunk people there. If not I can always ask the Science teacher.

Walk cautisly to the School and finds that the door to the gym is open he walks around the corner and bumps into some one his size.

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*Walks up to her front door.*

Raye- "No! I'm locked out. Now what."

*She starts walking out into the street and bumps into someone.*

Raye- "You're little too. Thank God! What's your name?"

[COLOR=blue]I need someone to help me with this. Okay my question. Who bumped into me? __________ Fill in the blank.[/COLOR] :)
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[I]Warwick emerges from the forest of grass blades, and sees the entrance to the gym only a metre away.[/I]

Warwick: "[SIZE=1]I feel like I'm in a "Honey, I shrunk the kids" movie.[/SIZE] "

[I]He runs towards the gym and enters. Straight away a man almost steps on him.[/I]

Warwick: "[SIZE=1]Hey, watch were you're going![/SIZE] "

[I]He turns, and sees someone else who is little.[/I]

Warwick: "[SIZE=1]Well, looks like I'm not the only one.[/SIZE] "

[I]Warwick runs towards the other little person...[/I]
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