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Anime Stereotype High School


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[quote][center][b]Solo Tremaine[/b] -- Sabre Tremaine
[b]Ajeh[/b] ?- Bebbieroth
[b]Sara[/b] ?- Hana Morimoto
[b]James[/b] -? Jin Hazuro
[b]Desbreko[/b] -- Raifus Knil
[b]Juuthena[/b] -- Athena Asamiya
[b]Final Flash[/b] -- Hiro MacLoveable-Takahashi
[b]Outlaw[/b] ?- Goon Dam
[b]D*Star[/b] -? Reiko Motomiya
[b]Panny Chan[/b] -- Timako Atasima
[b]Shinobi[/b] -- Shin Bangkai
[b]Kaiba's Angel[/b] -- Miha
[b]Nerdsy[/b] -- Mestil[/center][/quote]

[color=darkblue][i]The auditorium is packed with students from all across Tokyo, as usual. Budget cuts have forced us to overcrowd the schools, which only means more work for me. My name is Gendo Fujimatsu, and I have been the Principal of this school for the past 10 years. Many consider me to be a good leader, someone they can trust. But they are all fools, my dark power goes far beyond that of Principal-ing!

It is a tradition for me to give a short speech on the first day of a new semester. I hate giving speeches in the auditorium the speaker system never seems to work properly, but I turn on the microphone and begin talking to the sea of anxious youth...[/i]

[b]Principal Fujimatsu:[/b] Hello students, this is your Principal Gendo Fujimatsu. I would like to welcome each and every one of you to a brand new semester of classes at Tokyo High School. This semester will hopefully be an improvement over the last one; we have introduced our new ?Power Free Campus? rules. If any students decide to dress in colorful costumes and battle on campus they will be faced with a detention. In a lighter note we would like to congratulate the Tokyo High ?Maximum Aggressive Brown Bears? for their consecutive victories in Soccer and Dance, Dance Revolution. [u]All students are to report to their classes[/u] immediately, that is all?

[i]I turn away from the microphone, and begin muttering to myself.[/i]

Foolish children. Soon my master plan to rule Tokyo will take effect, and I will destroy each and every one of them individually. The world will be mine, and nobody can stop me!!!

[i]My secretary screamed at me from elsewhere on the stage.[/i]

[b]Secretary:[/b] Principal Fukimatsu, the speaker system is still turned on!

[b]Principal Fujimatsu:[/b] ?oh. Attention students, the previous message was a a false alarm. Thank you. *click*[/color]
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Whee! I got in! ^_^
[size=1]Reiko giggled, while she was shoving her coat inside her locker. She grabbed her books, flung them in her bag and raced to her homeroom. She took definate care in her outfit for the day, a pale pink tank top, white jeans and tennis shoes with pink and purple laces. She had her cheerleading outfit stashed in her locker, ready for cheerleading practice after school.[/size]
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[color=indigo]Standing up from his chair in the back of the auditorium, Raifus ended up falling backwards over it. A few seconds later, he was a bit surprised to realize that he had flipped completely around while falling over the back of the chair, landed on his feet, and had started heading to his class. That is, anyway, until the crowd of other students caught up with him.
Amid the jumble of students, he made his way through the crowded halls, until he came to door.

Walking in, he sat down in a chair in the far, back corner--and then realized he was in the wrong classroom. Getting up once again, he managed to keep from falling over the chair. Instead, he just forgot to turn the doornob, what with all the funny looks from the other students, and smacked straight into the door, before finally opening it and going out and finding the right classroom in the now empty halls. Walking into his class, he came through the door just as the teacher called out his name, taking roll for the day.

[b]Teacher: Ah, Raifus, I presume?[/b]

[b]Raifus: Um, yeah, that's me.[/b]

Sitting down in a chair near the front of the room, the ones in the back having all already been taken, Raifus waited while the teacher finished taking roll. Sitting in the front always made him nervous, and the tips of his ears started to turn a faint red. Raifus could tell they were starting to turn red, and knowing this made him think that people would notice. And, knowing this made him even more nervous, and in turn, that made his ears all the more red. It was a downward spiral, doomed to eventually hit bottom. This, Raifus also knew, but he tried not to think about it.[/color]
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Sabre eyed the other students suspiciously. Eyeing people was easier with just the one eye. You had to do less work. His depth perception wasn't great, but he could tell they were all too close for his liking. He marched angrily through the corridors, giving an evil one-eyed glare to anyone he didn't like the look of (which was most people) on the way to his locker. He punched it open and the metal door swung round, hitting another student and sending him sprawling onto the floor to get carried away in the forest of moving legs. Reluctantly, Sabre placed his large rifle into the metal container and left, kicking the door shut behind him.

Sabre hated it here. It wasn't just the fact that it was school, it was school with humans. And he hated them too, much like almost everything else in existance apart from sandwiches. They were alright.

The corridors had started to empty as he made his way towards the classroom. His metal boots made a harsh stomping noise on the floor- he enjoyed the ominous edge it gave his presence. Sighing in disdain, he opened the door to the classroom and strode to the back, glaring at anything in his field of view before sitting down to await the start of the lesson.
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Tima walked down to her class, looking at her schedule. "Room 134," she spoke, entering an open door class. The students stopped and looked at her.

Tima looked at the teacher, "Did I miss something?" the teacher just shook his head as she walked to the back of the class. She sternly looked at the girl who sat at the back seat, warning the girl to move. The fearful girl moved to another seat, wanting to avoid arguments. Tima sighed, sitting down in her seat as class began.
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[i]Shin stood up eyeing up any ladies he can see. Puffing out his chest, he swaggered through the crowd, many moved to the side, feeling his 'superior' aura and huge size. He just snorted at any one 'inferior' to him. He finally spied a lovely looking chick, almost pefect in his eyes. He hoovered over to her through the sea of heads, as soon as he was going to flex his biceps she ran away shouting " THERE HE IS! OH JIN! I LOVE YOU!". Shin growled and pivoted to find....The Jock! With girls surrounding him, pampering him and groping him. He pulls a smile and nods a greeting to Shin. Shin erupts mumbling and grumbling he barges into Jin as he walks by him and storms off down the corridor as he puffes out his chest, he swaggers away with a big cheesy grin on to his next class. As he walks in the door he pushes off a small geeky boy from the back seat. He turns to face a guy to his right and says:[/i]

Shin: See, up the back, it's great for checking out the girls *nods* YEAH! You might even catch a glimpse or two of a Thong...*cheesy grin*

??: Uh, yeah...whatever

[i]As the boy turned his back to Shin. Once again, Shin erupted flipping the table, to himself he said "Yeah, the ladies will now see who da man is, baby...."[/i]


[i]The boy turns to face Shin who is really pumped and ready for action, flexing his muscles at every chance.[/i]

Boy: Dude....Your....A Prick...Get it?

Shin: W-W-WHAT!?!? I'll kick yo a*s so good! It's...um....YEAH!...SO GOOD!

[i]As Shin raises his fist the teacher walks in and 'shushes' everyone to a calm. He gestures Shin to sit down. Shin grins and nods at the boy and points...[/i]

Shin: Your Dead.....PUNK!

Teacher: Right right..Enough....Ok.....Millisa Deans?

??: Here Sir!

Teacher: Greame Angus?

[i]As the teacher runs through the roll, Shin can't keep his eyes off the girl in front of him, it was the same one from the corridor. "Man, She is so fine...." thinks Shin to himself.[/i]
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[COLOR=purple]Mestil wandered around the school, looking for the Flight 01 class. This was his first day in his new school, and it was a lot bigger then his last school. Of course, that's not surprising, considering his last school was actually in a garage, and there were only two rooms: the garage, and not-the-garage.

He looked at the piece of paper that told him what Room he was supposed to go to.

[i]Hmm... Room 817...[/i]

He looked at the room he was right next to. It was Room 16. He sagged over.

"Aw, why does this school have to be so big?"

Right when he said this, the bell rang, signaling that he had one more minute to get to class. He gave a scream and started running down the halls, counting down the room numbers as he ran.

[b]Mestil[/b]: "17, 18, 19, 20.."

Distracted by the counting, he didn't notice the door that was opening up in front of him, and with a loud "BANG!", he ran right into it, and fell over. He sat up, pouting.

[b]Mestil[/b]: Owo...That hurt.

[b]Man[/b]: Watch where you're going, if it weren't for this door you would have ran into me. Shouldn't you be going class by now?

Mestil looked up, and turned white.

[b]Mestil[/b]: M-Mr. Fujimatsu! Y-yes sir, I-I was, uhm... I was just, I mean... Uh.. I... can't find my class.

[b]Principal Fujimatsu[/b]: What class do you have?

Seat started to condense on Mestil's forehead. He didn't like confrontations with authority.

[b]Mestil[/b]: Uh... F-Fli.. uhm, Geometry, sir. I mean, Mr. Fujimatsu, sir.

Principal Fujimatsu looked at Mestil like he had a giant owl growing out of his head. After a few excrutiating seconds of this, he sighed and pointed behind Mestil.

[b]Principal Fujimatsu[/b]: Right there.

[b]Mestil[/b]: Ah! Thank's, sir!

Mestil raced into the classrom, seconds before the final bell rang. Principal Fujimatsu looked started down the hallway.

[b]Principal Fujimatsu[/b]: Don't we have some sort of Entrance Exam for this school, so we can keep kids that stupid out?

Inside the classroom, Mestil found the seat with the least people around it, and sat down. He realized that there were very few people in this class, and wandered why. He thought flight was a big attraction to most people. Who wouldn't want to fly? Suddenly, a large broomstick smacked down on his desk.

[b]Flight Teacher[/b]: [b][i][u]PAY ATTENTION![/i][/b][/u]

This shocked Mestil right out of his thoughs, and made him jump nearly a foot in the air. That was nothing compared to the shock he was going to get, though. The second he turned to look at the teacher, he jumped even higher and fell out of his chair, knocking over three other desks beside him. He had just seen the ugliest face he had ever seen: it was green, with a long protruding nose ending in the wart he had ever seen. And the breath-ug!

[b]Mestil[/b]: Ahh! An ogre!

[b]Flight Teacher[/b]: Oh, so we have a comedian, huh? Well, we'll get along just fine. And I'm not the ogre. Mr. Haiachi, the English teacher, is. Class! My name is Miss. West, and I will be your teacher for the next six weeks. We will meet every day, and you will go through the most rigorous training of your life. Oh, and don't berate yourself because you haven't been able to learn basic Geometry on your own. Over the course of this class I will do that for you. I will continually point out your tiniest flaws, your simplest mistakes, and constantly insult you until I destroy your self-esteem, your spirit is broken and you no longer have the will to go on. Oh, and if anybody touches the Hello Kitty plushie on my desk, [i]you will pay[/i].

[b]Mestil[/b]: Well, this will be a great weak-up class.

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OOC: Uh, thats Goon Dam, not Good Dam. But it really doesn't matter.

IC: [i]Goon Dam's 1st class was Home Ec. What a foolish human class. Foolish Humans making food and clothing. Goon Dam needed not these things.[/i]

Goon Dam: Human teacher. I need not know how to make a pie. I feed on level 7 I-X40 Unanium Cells.

Teahcer: Well isn't that special dear. Now sit down so we can continue class.

Goon Dam: Ha ha ha, that is humourous. I do not need this class. Goon Dam will crush ALLLL!

[i]With that Goon Dam fired the rockets in his back and blasted through the roof of the Home Ec Room and into advanced physics above. He had thrown most of the students in the class as he blasted through the floor. The teacher finished his equations on the board before turning around.[/i]

Prof.: [i]In an atrocious German accent[/i]Ahh, anaza shtuudent. Pleace take a sheeat. And ze rest of you, clean up that mesh.
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The bell had gone about 10 minutes ago. Bebbieroth was still out in the hallway though. He had heard the bell. But he couldn't go to class with his long blade. It wouldn't fit through the door. And attempting to sit in his desk probably wouldn't go very well either. He sighed, and gave up trying to fit his Mogamune Blade into his locker.[/i]

[b]'Shouldn't you be class by now?'[/b]
Bebbieroth turned around to see Principal Fujimatsu; eyes glaring, and hands crossed.[/i]

[b]'Mr Fujimatsu! My uh.. sword doesn't fit in my locker, sir.'
'What?! Another sword freak with locker problems?![/b]

[i]Another? With a... sword? One that was big enough to not fit in a locker too?[/i]
'Oh for goodness' sake. Just stick it in through the top. Can't see anyone running off with that long thing...'
'Yes sir'
'Bebbieroth, Mr. Fujimatsu sir'
'Bebbo, eh? Well I'll be keeping close tabs on you too. Now hurry and go get to class!'[/b]

[i]Bebbo? That guy was so going to get it to him. After schooltime, of course.
He slowly made his way into his first class. Dance Theory.[/i]
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Miha went to her locker and her books fell on top of her. She was used to that, since it happened everyday. She apologized to her books and walked to class.
[B] Miha: [/B] It says here that my first class is math. Oooh, yay! *trips over her own foot* Why me?
When Miha finally got to her nuclear physics class in Room 417 (she was quite a few minutes late), she sat down in the last seat available... Miha looked up at the ceiling and started thinking. She had forgotten that she was holding a book, and she put her hands on top of her head, unclasped them, and she accidentally sent her heavy book flying across the room, and it hit Raifus in the face.
[B] Miha: [/B] Sorry, Raifus!
[B] Raifus: [/B] *in too much pain and shock to speak yet*
The teacher gave a speech about how wonderful the new semester was going to be. Miha wasn't listening to him, though. She was drawing what she would look like if she were an anime character.
When the teacher started the lesson, he called Miha to the blackboard to do a problem from her book. Miha did one in 3 seconds and then explained how she did it in 2. In that little time, half the class had fallen asleep.
The teacher rapped his ruler on an empty desk and everyone woke up instantly.
[B] Miha: [/B] Don't you know how rude it is to fall asleep when someone is talking? It makes them feel insignificant. *walks back to her seat*
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Listening to the teacher call roll, Tima sighed, laying her head down on the desk. [i]When is class going to be over?[/i] she thought, hearing the ruckus that some [i]boy[/i] who just came in was making. Stretching slightly, she leaned back into her seat, looking at the boy behind her. She smiled slightly, sitting back up quickly in her seat.

"Timako Atasima." she raised her hand slightly, waving in the air to get the teacher's attention. "Timako Atasima? Is there a 'Timako Atasima?" she gritted her teeth, jumping out of her seat.

"I'm right here!" she yelled. The teacher cleared his throat,

"I know, Miss. Atasima. I would rather you say 'here' than raising your hand." Tima slanted her eyes and folded her arms, sitting down in her seat again. Frowning slightly, she sank lower into her seat, feeling someone staring at her. [i]It's going to be a long period.[/i]
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[color=indigo]After the pain of getting hit in the face with a rather large book at high velocity subsided, Raifus was able to look up and see where and who the book, and apology, had come from. He saw a girl on the other side of the room smiling a bit nervously. [i]Bad way to start the day,[/i] Raifus thinks as he tosses the book back. And, even though he wasn't good at throwing and the girl didn't seem to be too good at catching, either, those two factors somehow came together, ending with the book landing safely in her arms. [i]Hey, my face is all red from getting hit with that book, now! My ears actually match, and no one will notice them now![/i]

So, throughout the class, Raifus sat, not worrying about having to sit in the front of the class. Still, his face hurt--a lot--and he sat trying not to grimace from the pain. And, to keep himself from doing just that, he forced a look of interest and attention onto his face, as he stared at the teacher and chalk board. Really, he was listening, and he was somewhat interested... It's just that his face hurt--a lot. [i]Yes, definitely not a good way to start the day,[/i] he thinks, as he takes a moment to glance over at the girl who had "dropped" the book. As she notices him, he quickly turnes his attention back to the teacher. He could tell his ears were starting to turn red again, but he didn't care. [i]Hah! Go ahead and turn as red as you like! ...But dang, my face hurts so bad![/i][/color]
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Sabre looked around at the classroom in boredom as the teacher started taking a roll call. His first lesson of the semester was Astrophysics with Applied Spacetravel. Not bad, but he wanted to get it over and done with so he could get off the planet, and maybe steal something to take with him, so he could remember to hate this place wherever he was.

He examined his desk. Feeling around underneath it, he felt something hard attached to the underside of the desk. He ripped it off and looked at it. Someone had told him that people stuck gum to their tables. Humans seemed to like gum.

Vaguely interested, he popped it into his mouth. It was hard and tasted horribly metallic. He couldn't see why they liked it at all. Another thing to hate.

"Sabre Tremaine?" the teacher called.

Sabre spat the rock-hard piece of gum out of his mouth, sending it flying across the room and lodging itself in another student's ear.

"Here." he grunted. It was going to be a long year...
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]Athena's eyes dazed wearily. Her head began to nod, snapping awake several times. It was nice having a tall jock sitting in front of her. That way, she might be able to catch up on sleep rather than World History. The hands of the clock seemed to take an eternity to tick. She had forgotten the first day was today, and had slept rather late.

[b]Mr. Sakazaki:[/b] Mina-san, ohiyo gozaimasu. (Good morning everyone.)

[b]Everyone:[/b] Ohiyo.

Mr. Sakazaki cleared his throat, and began rummaging through his desk drawer. The students watched curiously. Soon, he rose from his seat and picked up a brand-new piece of chalk. On the board, he wrote down a page number, and tapped at the text firmly. The students each straightened their backs, and immediately opened their textbooks to page 127, as it was written on the board. He looked over each row, leaning over and checking off names.

[b]Mr. Sakazaki:[/b] Akasata, Tomeyo.

A tall, lanky boy in the front row raised his hand. The teacher nodded, and checked off his name.

[b]Mr. Sakazaki:[/b] Asamiya, Athena.

He glanced around the room, seeing all the seats full. In the back row, he noticed there was one seat left.

[b]Mr. Sakazaki:[/b] Asamiya, Athena!

Athena's head popped up from behind the jock's shoulder. She bit her lip to conceal a yawn, and raised her hand. Mr. Sakazaki stared at her for a few moments, and continued down the list.[/color] [/size]
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[i]Shin was glaring at the girl eyeing her up, she was perfect! As soon as he looked up to the teacher she turned around and smiled at him. As soon as she was facing him, he perked up from his slouched manner and contracted his muscles visibly showing through his small, tight black T-shirt. She gave smile as he pulled off his usual cheesy grin, flicking his hair back with a sharp head movement. The girl swung back round as she raised her hand to the name Timako Atasima. "Timako Atasima eh? Let's just saw Timako might be a very lucky girl today." he said to himself, as he pulled once more his almost signature grin. Snapping out of his 'dreamy mood' he once again frowns at the fool who dissed him earlier. He was getting bored already, and it was only 5 minutes into the class period! He just wanted to strut his stuff out in the yards in front of the girls. He decided to pull of his 'gold'. "Tima, you better get ready for some [COLOR=crimson]HOT[/COLOR] chat up lines...YEAH!". He tapped her shoulder and she swung around in her seat.[/i]

Tima: Yeah?

Shin: Hey, what?s your name?

Tima: :\ Uh.....Timako, why?

Shin: Nuttin'...I just think your pretty damn hot!

Tima:.....Riiight. Yeah.

[i]Tima was in mid swing, when she was turning around, but Shin grabbed her by the shoulder.[/i]

Shin: Wait!...Aint ya gonna ask mine?

Tima: :laugh: Man...Your not good at this are ya?

Shin: What?

Tima: You aint the best at...Chatting up girls.


[i]Shin lifts up his T-shirt to reveal his toned body. Tima merely smiles as The Teacher shouts on Shin.[/i]

Teacher: Shin Bangkai! No one is interested in your 'sexy' body, or so you claim. So stop your shenanigans and sit quietly.
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[size=1]Reiko glanced at the boy sitting a few seats from her. He looked like he was in pain. As she retreived the book she dropped, she paused to speak to him.
Reiko: Are you okay?
Raifus: Uh, um [blushes] yeah.
Reiko: Okay...
Reiko frowned at him, thining he was a bit weird. She mentally shrugged, and got on with listing to the teacher. Rei knew that she was always misjudging of people, and disdainful. Raifus looked down at his desk, trying to concentrate.[/size]
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[i]Goon Dam sat in his half destroyed Physics classroom, absorbing the knowledge his teacher fed him. After another half an hour, class was over, and the teacher dissmissed the students. They all limped out of the room, battered and brused from being thrown around the room.[/i]

Goon Dam: TEACHER! Is that all you have to teach?

Prof: Why, yes, but just for to...

Goon Dam: Unexeptable, prepare to be terminated.

Prof: Whaaaaa!?

[i]Goon Dam pointed his left arm at the professor as a giant flame thrower poped out of his fore-arm. He fried the teacher to a craps and walked out, smashing the undersized wall frame as he went. Back in class, the teacher slowly raised up in a classic cartoony style, covered in black burn marks.[/i]

Teacher: Oy, they get worse every year.

[i]He fell back into the ruble of his room.[/i]
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[size=1][color=firebrick][b]Solo Tremaine[/b] -- Sabre Tremaine--[i]Surly animal hybrid that hates humans[/i]
[b]Ajeh[/b] ?- Bebbieroth--[i]Cold hearted evil fanboy bishy with long sword.[/i]
[b]Sara[/b] ?- Hana Morimoto--[i]Dizty intellectual girl.[/i]
[b]James[/b] -? Jin Hazuro--[i]traditional Jock/Captain of the Soccer Team[/i]
[b]Desbreko[/b] -- Raifus Knil--[i]Stupid Elf Boy[/i]
[b]Juuthena [/b]-- Athena Asamiya--[i]Sweet/Lighthearted girl with psychic powers.[/i]
[b]Final Flash[/b] -- Hiro MacLoveable-Takahashi--[i]Hard-*** middle-aged guy with a heart of gold.[/i]
[b]Outlaw [/b]?- Goon Dam--[i]Transforming Mecha[/i]
[b]D*Sta[/b]r -? Reiko Motomiya--[i]Popular cheerleader[/i]
[b]Panny Chan[/b] -- Timako Atasima--[i]The kick*** seductress[/i]
[b]Shinobi[/b] -- Shin Bangkai--[i]The Huge Muscular Guy/Attention Seeker.[/i]
[b]Kaiba's Angel[/b] -- Miha--[i]Smart Girl with a Knack for Getting into Trouble [/i]
[b]Nerdsy[/b] -- Mestil--[i]Goofy Protagonist.[/i][/color]
[b]Characters appearing:[/b]
[i]Hana, Shin, Tima, Reiko, Athena, Miha, Mestil[/i]

The bell rang, and Hana was blissfully released from her first hour class. [i]One more year, and I'll be out,[/i] she reminded herself. [i]Just one more year.[/i] It was promising to be a long one.

She glanced at her schedule for her second hour class, and her heart sank. [i]PE.[/i]

"Kill me now," she groaned softly, turning from her locker. "God, I hate gym class."

"Hey, purple-hair!"

Hana spun around, eyes wide and glasses askew, scanning the mob of students. "Wha?"

A hulk of a teenager stood before her. "Do you have a quarter?" he asked slyly.

Hana's mouth worked silently for a few seconds before she was able to find her voice. "I--I--uh---[i]why[/i]?" she managed finally.

"My mama told me to call her when I fell in love," he winked. She stared at him in stunned disbelief.

The boy tried again, this pick-up line having had no effect. "My name' s Shin, what's yours?"

"I--ah--bu--" Hana felt her face turned scarlet. Usually she at least made it to lunch without this happening!

"Hey, Hana!" someone called. The flustered girl looked around gratefully. Her savior was Timako, who jogged up to her. "This goon giving you a hard time?" she asked.

Hana nodded weakly. Tima rolled her eyes. "Bug off," she suggested to Shin. He gaped at her. "I said get lost!" she said angrily. He complied.

"Boys," Tima rolled her eyes at Hana. "Can't live with 'em..."

"Can't live without them," Hana echoed uncertainly. She smiled. Back in the company of a friend, she easily regained her confidence--at least temporarily. Tima had adopted the shy Hana during their first year together at Tokyo High, and had managed to pull the dorky girl out of her shell--at least a little.

"Ready for PE?" Tima asked.

Hana groaned loudly. "I despise gym class. It's degrading."

Tima shoved her, laughing. "You're too shy for your own good, Hana. I mean, c'mon. The uniforms alone should make it worthwhile."

Hana shook her head. "You're such a flirt. I swear, the uniforms break school [i]dress code.[/i]"

Tima shook her head. "You're hopeless. Come on, we're going to be late."

They reached the locker rooms as the bell rang. Hana looked around. She recognized Miha from their first hour class--the girl had been called on several times after showing off. She seemed not to mind it, though. Hana stifled a laugh, remembering poor Raifus.

In another corner of the locker room were the cheerleaders. Hana winced. She had had a run in with the cheerleading squad last year, and it had [i]not[/i] been fun. Reiko laughed happily, talking with her friends. Athena stood nearby, also in a good mood.

Hana sighed heavily. "I hate this class," she informed Tima, who only rolled her eyes.

"You've hated it from day one; might at well try and get used to it," she smirked, already halfway into her gym uniform. She glanced at Hana. "Better get dressed, the teach'll be here any minute."

A figure walked into the locker room. "Hello, is Miss--" The speaker froze, and stopped mid-sentence. His mouth fell open as he turned several shades of red, staring at the occupants of the room he had entered. "I--I'm sorry, I--I thought this was--"

Mestil's clumsy apologies were drowned out by the eruption of screams his appearance had caused, and he fled the room, pelted by numbers of shoes and other objects.

Tima was laughing helplessly. "Oh, did you see his [i]face[/i]?" she cried. "Priceless!" Several of the other girls were still screaming loudly. Tima elbowed Hana. "Come on, admit it. That was great, ohh...hehe." Hana stared at her friend, mortified.

"He looks like your type, Hana," Tima added slyly. This remark startled Hana out of her stupor, and she shrieked shrilly, tackling her friend.

[color=firebrick]Took a couple liberties with characters; hope no one minds too much. ::grins at Lance::

Panny, if that isn't the characterisation you had in mind for Tima, I can change the name. I thought it worked pretty well, though. ^_^

[b]I think I've got all the girls in PE right now.[/b] Seemed like a good place for some character-interaction. [/color][/size]
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[i]Shin stood stunned. That was one of his greater lines, and it didn't work! "That stupid Tima, I thought she was cool too!" mumbled Shin as he pulled out his time table.[/i]


[i]Shin started to run, smashing everyone out of the way as his shoulder rammed everyone in his line of contact. He ran almost like a huge Gorilla, his hands drooped at his side swinging like large pendulums. He skidded around the corner, spinning to the left when...[/i]

[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4][b]BANG![/b][/SIZE][/FONT]

[i]Shin arises to find one angry old dirty face, snarling at him. It was Mr Takahashi. The janitor, he has hated Shin since the first time he set foot in Tokyo High.[/i]

Mr Takahashi: You son. You gotta watch were the hell your going!

[i]Grabs his stuff and walks away, still snarling, then it breaks into a grin and laugh. "kids" he mumbled. Shin continued his spree to PE. He wanted to get there before...Jin. Even the thought of him made Shin's blood boil. Jin has beat Shin in every possible way. By looks, girls and soccer. The only three things Shin cares about. He finally arrived at the PE Changing rooms, in almost two seconds flat he flew in the door and out, before the door even shut, he was ready. His PE kit consisted of navy blue shorts with once again a tight almost transparent T-shirt. There was no real point in him wearing it, as soon as any girls come on the scene it will be whipped off. He runs into the games hall to fetch the balls. He practised his skills?mainly belting it off the wall as hard as possible. When it came to soccer Shin was a defender. He was big, good at tackling and great at smashing the ball up to the other side. Suddenly he hears a tipper tapper echo from the other side of the games hall...it was him.[/i]
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[color=indigo]When the bell finally rang, announcing the end of class, Raifus slowly got up from his chair, and stumbled down the hall to the men's restroom. Grabbing some paper towels, he wet them in a sink, and buried his burning face in them.

[b]Raifus: Aaahhhhh...[/b]

His face had felt like it was on fire for the entire class, and the cold water felt incredibly good. After about a minute of holding the cool paper towels to his face, he turned to exit the restroom, and slipped on the small puddle of water on the floor. Flailing his arms and legs in mid-fall, he opened his eyes to find his face half an inch from the floor. His arms were stretched, palms down, holding himself up from the floor, and his feet out, up against the counter containing the row of sinks, wedging himself between counter and floor. Needless to say, it was a rather awkward position, and made all the more so when another student walked in the door.

[b]Student: Don't tell me, 'cause I don't want to know.[/b]

Standing up quickly, Raifus hurried out the door, and to the locker room to change for PE. After changing into his dark green shorts and light knit, white t-shirt, he made his way out to the field. It was soccer today. Raifus didn't particularly mind soccer, but he didn't like being a forward; people always seemed to do bank shots off of him, and getting hit with a fast-moving soccer ball in the wrong place could hurt.[/color]
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Sabre rolled his eye as he exited the classroom. It had only been an introductory lesson, but he knew where the stars were. At least he had another book to throw at someone.

He pulled his partly-shredded schedule from his pocket and looked at it.

"PE?" he spluttered, stopping dead in the middle of the hallway. "You're kidding..." he looked up the corridor. A large student had just bumped into the janitor. He looked rather fierce. If Sabre wanted to escape the lesson he'd best try and do it elsewhere. He gave him a quick glare as he walked past anyway, just for good measure.

As he wondered around the corner, he saw the changing rooms ahead of him. Seeing no teachers about, he quickly turned round... straight into the Janitor.

"That's no' jewelerry, is it?" the janitor boomed.

Sabre sighed. "It's an eye-patch." he grumbled, straightening his nose.

"Shouldn' you be gettin' to yer lesson?" Mr Takahashi said, giving him a strict eyebrow-raise. Sabre hurried into the changing rooms, muttering something obscene under his breath.

Sabre felt at unease in the changing rooms. Him being the only non-human resembling one was rather unnerving, and he didn't have a proper PE kit. He took his jacket off, exposing his grey-furred arms. Sending evil looks everywhere, he followed the line of students outside.
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[i]Shin stood glaring at Jin. Jin gave him a small smirk and raised his eyebrows and nodded. He always does this too Shin, Shin thinks it's just to piss him off. Shin grabbed his football and stormed out of the Games hall swimming though the bodies to the locker rooms, then outside to the playing fields. A couple of people were out there already, the rest will be here soon, including...him. Shin strode up to the pitch with his new Top Brand make soccer boots with titanium studs..."Best Grip In The World" according to the box it came out of, this was a nice time to show them off. They glimmered in the sun, the silver contrasted with the black silky leather. He strode out in slow motion, ripping his top off. Another head popped into scene, it was an Elf boy or something. Shin rammed right into him, sending him flying across the grass. Shin stumbled, but kept his composer...."Oh! Here Come The Girls, Time To Show Off!"

Shin: HOI YOU! ELFIE! Whatcha up to ya little freak?!

Elf: Uh...Uh...I...Didn't mean it....just don't hurt me.

Shin: You bet I'm gonna hurt you!

[i]As Shin raised his fist a loud, screeching whistle blew. It was the Coach.[/i]

Shin: Your lucky, Elfie

[i]Shin still snuck in a sneaky clip to the head as he walked away to show The Coach his new boots before the game commences.[/i]
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Tima laughed heartily, heading out to the field with the rest of the girls. She frowned slightly, looking at Shin, who was pointing at his boots with the coach. "Argh! Will he leave people alone?!" she spoke angrily, dragging Hana with her over to them. She slightly pushed Shin away from the man, looking at him.

"Hey," Shin replied, throwing up his hands. "I'm just showing my new boots...is that a crime?"

Tima looked at him thoughtfully, placing her index finger and thumb on her chin. "Y'know, it should be...in fact you should be issued with a ticket everytime you annoy someone!" she yelled, standing rather closely to his face. The coach rolled his eyes, grabbing Tima and dragging her back to the bleachers, with Hana following them.

Tima plopped down hard on the cold steel, looking at the boys on the field, "Well, at least there's one good thing to soccer. Look at all of these boys!" the coach and Hana sweatdropped, shaking their heads at her. "What?"

"How can you go from yelling at a cute boy to admiring all these boys out there on the field?" the coach questioned, looking at her intently.

"Easy," she replied. "They're not jerks like Shin there, and besides...I like boys, plain and simple." the coach nodded, leaving the girls alone.
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Bebbieroth walked last out the door, shutting it very quickly, and resting his back against it. It was insane the way his professor had been shooting out answers to hypothetical techno dance questions for the most of the hour he had been stuck in the classroom.
He wiped his forehead, shivered off all bad thoughts of dancing, and walked off to his second period: PE
He sighed in relief. If there was one thing he loved to do, it was burn things. If there were anything else, they would include: hurting people, playing 'soccer', and DDR.[/i]


[i]He realised he was late again. And at that, being stared at by every face in the hallway, his hands straight up in the air in joy.[/i]

[b]'Go.. soccer?[/b]

[i]Stare while you can fools. You people are so remembered, hunted down and dead.
Bebbieroth hurriedly ran to the direction of the changing rooms, tripping up on small things along the way. Okay. So he wasn't as cool as you all thought...[/i][/size]
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[COLOR=purple]Mestil stood by his locker, clutching his chest. His heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chust. He couldn't believe he did that. He was so embarassed! It wasn't even lunch yet, and he had already humiliated himself.

[b]Mestil[/b]: [i]I am not going back to that class. I don't care if it is the first day of school, or if we're playing soccer, I'm going to skip that class. I've never been the model student anyway.[/i]

He sat there thinking for a while, when he heard someone talking down the hallway. He looked up, and there was Principal Fujimatsu talking with the janitor. Metil froze: he didn't know what to do. Thought's of "[i]what if he see's me?[/i]" flashed through his head. Suddenly, Principle Fujimatsu stood rigid, like he had just sensed something.

Mestil panicked, and opened up his locker. He reached in and brought out the Duck Cane, and whispered something. Immediately he vanished, and just in time, too. Principal Fujimatsu had turned completely around, and was walking towards him.

He kept getting closer and closer. Mestil started to sweat. Fujimatsu stopped inches away from where Mestil was. He stared right at the spot where Mestil was standing, and leaned forward. He was millimeters away from Mestil's face. Fujimatsu inhaled deeply, and grimaced.

[b]Principal Fujimatsu[/b]: Takahashi, you really need to clean up over here. It smells like something died.

With that, Fujimatsu walked off. As soon as he was out of sight, Mestil passed out.[/color]
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