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which is better?


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sia [/i]
[B]thanx to someone saying pokemon was like zelda[/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=purple]Whaa?? How is Zelda, at all, like Poke'mon? LoL, whatever...... Um, I chose Zelda because I think the game's pretty cool..... However, the only Zelda game I've played is Link's Awakening for old-school Game Boy -_-;[/COLOR]
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Guest Master O Beans
Definitely Zelda! It's been around for a long, long time! I still remember playing for hours on end for NES!! that's old skool right there. :) and Link!
Heh, if you want to hear an amusing song, download "System Of a Down - Legend of Zelda" It tells the entire story of Link/Zelda, it's awesome! 4 out of 5 me's love it!:D ...and it's funny too!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by zanza [/i]
[B]I'm the only one who likes Pocket Monsters? O_o [/B][/QUOTE]

I said Pocket Monsters!

I love the first opening theme to Pocket Monsters :) ::listens to it:: hehehe you know, if the American Ash spoke Japanese, he would sound similiar to Satoshi... For those of you who don't knwo, Satoshi being the Japanese name for the character Ash before your beloved WB ripped it apart and sold it to the devil... anyway....
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