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Tower of Fangs (Signup and Explanation)


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Well this is a game and story thing. You are a young sorcerer who has the potintial to be great, so you go to the tower of fangs where the greates sorcerers/mages recide (Of course we also accept sorerecsies (sp?) ) and train.

Just post you charcter and their preferbly type of magic (elements and stuff) I will post 2 differnt charecter 1 which runs it and the apprentice me.

Name: Orphen
Prefable Magic:Fire
Rank: Master of Tower of Fangs
Lv. Max
(you will be giving a rank of trainee to start, and the longer you praticipate the higher rank you will get, you wil level up to a master rank)
That is all I can think of for now if you want more post it.

Name: Cecil
Prefable magic: Thunder
Rank: Tranee
Lv. 0
Ok now the ranks.
Jr. Sorcerer/Sorcereris
Sr. Sorcerer/Sorereris

The first 2 ranks you will stay in The Tower of Fangs and as soon as you are a apprintice you will have a teacher/master select you and you will go out as a duo as mercineres (You have to pay for everything some way)

This will work kinda like an rpg based on levels and exp. Every time you level up a certain amount of levels you will be awarded a new rank.

The Expirince works like this for each level starting up (I will only put the first 5 levels hoping you will see the pattern)

(If you stink at math or I screwed up it adds 55 each time you level up.)

If you want Include you stats in you sig.
I also think we need at lest 4 people to start and I hope you understand it.
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Thanks for joining but the first one is basiclly the teacher because he is the only one who can actually use magic well, but later on in the game I will have sorcerers (you) teach when you are at a high enough level. My other character is one I made for fun and if we dont get enugh people I will put him in.

PS: You might want to put your character stats closer together cause it gets long.
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Ill add that to what I had, since this is a school, I was thinking that everytime they a student learns a new skill or takes part in a traning exercise you will get a certain amount of exp. and the teacher, also will get exp for teaching, (unless Orpen teaches since he already is a master Sorcerer) We could also have it that students have training matches with each other and when an apprintice and his master/teacher goes on a mission they get exp for that too.
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Ok this will be a little confussing. Dragon warrior if you go to the tower of fangs you notice that you where not a student at the time of my lesson. So that means you missed it and you will not be able to complete it and gain exp. BUT one of my students (Krillin or Sia) will teach you and they will get exp for teaching you, of course that is once they master it and get an ok from me. I hope you understand but I want there to be a few students ahead and a few students behind so there is more balnce, get it?
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Ok, first Dragon Warrier. At the time of my lesson you where not a student so you could not hear it, Get it? So to get 1 of student some extra exp they will teach you. You will not be sai's apprintice all it is is kinda of like a tutor helping you catch up. Now I hope you get it.

Next, SuperSayian4444 what are you confused on?

Yikes this had a sudden blow up but the real one is being ignored.
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Safer Cloud you are at a disadvatage because you have 2 prefable magic which means you learn wind and fire attacks easy which results in lower exp. BTW Sia you better go over to the tower of fangs and learn the first skill because you are the only one that can teach them right now, if you do you could have about 80 exp.
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