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I like (not in order of favorite to least...)
1) Cruel Angel Thesis (personally, i like Rei/Asuka/Misato ver.)
2) Ending Theme for Gundam Seed (Forgot the name -_-)
3) Opening Theme for Gundam Seed (Again, forgot the name -_-)
4) Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
5) Mononoke Hime (The one sung by a guy which sounds like a gurl)
6) Kenshin Opening Theme
7) Kenshin Ending Theme
And I understand them all cuz its in Japanese :)
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Well to not make this a favorites reply all the way im going to say that mostly like Jazz (even though i hate most jazz, but i guess since my friend says its electric jazz its alright by me), or anything thats got a lot of rythum in it that brings out the content of the anime and its actions. Besides that i am going to say i loved the music in Cowboy Bebop since it went perfectly along with the anime and just brought it alive...espically the song "In the rain".
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I have thoroughly embarrassed myself in front of my metal pals with accidently having the anime music too loud. They will never understand.....

I am real into the bebop songs. I absolutely adore the menchi song in excel saga. Jupiter jazz never ceases to put me to sleep. Y know from bubble gum crisis 2040. Of course the inuyasha songs. Nadesico christmas is a pure gem.

starts to ramble..........hn
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i am a big cowboy bebop fan, love the song "rain", and many others, also this one song called "piano bar 1" (off the vitaminless soundtrack) basically the entire song is a guy asking a girl to have some coffee with him over and over again in different ways and her responding with "no" in various fashions as well. very amusing.
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Rurouni Kenshin has some really nice music but then most anime has nice music especially Cowboy Bebop.

I have a question though, on Cowboy Bebop episode 2 they are playing this song when Spike and that oter guy were chasing after Ein. I was wondering what is the name of the song?
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I love almost all of the music from .hack//SIGN (except for 2 songs-- Bear and Sora's BGM from his first appearance). Other songs I like include most of the Inuyasha OPs and EDs, the music from Cowboy Bebop, most of the character songs from Angelic Layer, and most of the Yu Yu Hakusho music I've heard.
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I'm trying to make this have at least an oune of thought...:D

[COLOR=blue]I'm very into X1999' opening theme song eX Dream by Myuji. Although the lyrics are about the end of the world a is the show) It is a cool song. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=orangered]I'm listening to Nightmare right now, actually. Ish a YYH song sung by Kurama and I find the lyrics very powerful[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]I also like HunterXHunter songs, and the music that plays in the background of suspenseful moments of Ruroni Kenshin[/COLOR]

[COLOR=sienna]The music from .Hack//sign is very relaxing. [/COLOR]

That's about all the thought I can put into a post like this.. ciao!
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Oh boy, let's see if I can remember all of the one's I like...

Tank!, The Real Folk Blues, Through the Night, Y'know (Bubblegum Crisis), The Winner (Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory), Just Communication, White Reflection, Last Impression, Chance (Candidate for Goddess)...uhhh...My Will, I post more when I think of 'em.
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