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New Link Banner


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Dude, nice, crisp, clean, clear. *applauds*

Maybe make the three words on the left a little darker. If there was a way you could...*winces*...rebuild the banner, using the same background, but finding someway to make it look more ancient treasure map-ish, I think you'd have a definite winner.

Booteefull. I can see me using this banner next to Des' most recent Wind Waker one.

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Why thankyou very much. I will try that soon.

But as of now im in quite a dilemma.

Maybe you guys can help me out.

I copied the Url on my banner and used the img tag in my signature. Problem is, its not working and I dont know why. Can someone help me out?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GinnyLyn [/i]
[B]I do believe that, in order for an image hosted off site to show, it needs to be a .gif. I've had this problem myself.[/B][/QUOTE]
[color=indigo]Hmm, no, images don't have to be gifs to be able to be used here on OB. All five of my Wind Waker banners are jpgs, and they work fine. It's probably something about the host.

Good banner, though, that's one of my favorite pics of Link. (Where'd you find it, by the way? I haven't been able to find a full version of that pic, just part of it). I also think it'd look better if the pic were moved up a little, but it still looks good as it is.

I always save a copy of the banners in psp format (Paint Shop Pro's file format), though, in addition to a jpg or gif copy with everything flattened. That way I can go back and make little changes like that, and then just save it as a jpg/gif again.[/color]
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Hmm.....I'll try and remember Desbreko...

I usually just site search until I find somthing good. I never book marked it, so if I come by the site again. You'll be the first to know.

[COLOR=limegreen]Edit: Your in luck Desbreko, I found an earlier version of the picture I started with, I'll post it soon.[/COLOR]

Here is another banner by the way. This one is pretty similar bud I added more layer styles to it. How is it?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sara [/i]
[B][size=1]I like your first, better. The three faces in the seond make it look too cut-and-paste. Do you understand what I mean, or am I making no sense?[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=indigo]Yeah, that's what I thought, too. It just looks like three pics of Link were slapped onto a background and some text added. Not much depth to it.

Also, the "Link: Hero of Winds" text is a bit plain, and it doesn't go very well up top with the other text. Try using a different font, and putting it down in the bottom-right corner instead of the top-right. (You may also need to move the Link pics up a bit if you move the text down).

And you should almost always put a border on, too. It's amazing how much better a banner can look just by adding a black, one-pixel wide border around the edge.[/color]
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