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Reality Crafters... Mages...


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What if? Reality was just a dream, something you can shape into whatever you please? What if we are all part of a higher conscious, and we are not really here?
So little time? So many questions? whatever the reason, you have decided to craft reality into your own little paradise? you are a mage? a reality crafter?

Info on magic? your non-element magic is going to be 1/10th as potent as your main element. When using spells, remember to exercise some bit of.. Well? just don?t go overboard, you are not a deity.

This takes place in a fantasy setting, medieval times ofcource

Here is the info you need to join

Name: Obviously your name? you need a real name and a celestial name, your celestial name is your name of power, the name that if someone knows? they own you, the end

Element: The element of magic that you are best with, everything else is going to be very minor? there will be? Life, Death, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Time and well? if you make a good suggestion Via PM then ill let you have it

Appearance: what your character looks like, what s/he wears

Equipment: Artifacts, Relics, Weapons, Armor (pm me for requests for magic gear, give a suggestion ill give one out per person)

Bio: Your characters look on life and past

Strengths: Your character has 3 points to strengths, they are things that are naturally more powerful then other things about you, if you have a point of something in a strength it is 25% more powerful then normal so 3 points in dexterity makes you almost twice as fast as most people? yeah you get the idea you can also take negatives, negatives are just like strengths but its -25% instead of +25... For every 2 negatives you take you get an extra strength, unlimited amount of negatives?

Name: Xavior (Arogyth Xavior Kioski)

Element: Wind

Appearance: Xavior stands at about 6?2, he has long, strait white hair and green eyes, he tends to wear white robes with a gold lining and carries with him a staff? he is 23 years old, with a slender build

Equipment: His staff carries a blue magical gem on top of it, this gem can store a spell which he imbues it with, taking no thought he can throw it forward to unleash the spell. Also, under his robes he wears studded leather armor

Bio: Xavior became a mage at a very young age, seeing that he had the power to bend reality to his whim, he was a natural at it? The learning came later, after he realized his power. He spent his years up to 15 in his own home before he went away with the man that taught him everything he knows, his master left him alone as his final test. He hasn?t seen him since and he ventures to find him.

Strengths: 3+Magic, 1+Inteligents,
Negatives: 1-Physical Strength, 1-Wepions
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[color=009966]Ooooh! Good job! This is going to be a great RPG! ^^

[b]Name:[/b] Elsyan Airserke (Zelaisyan Cesthrai)

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Element:[/b] Time

[b]Appearance:[/b] Elsyan has long redish-golden hair, emerald-green eyes, stands at about 5'3", and slender. She wears light leather boots, white robes with silver runes stitched in along the edges, wears a leather pouch attached to her belt, and wears a dark blue cape. Her staff is about a foot taller than her, the shaft is wooden, and on the top there is a dark green crystal with a cresent moon surrounding it, and the sun's flames borderlining the cresent moon.

[b]Equipment:[/b] An hourglass that is about 8 inches tall that helps her when using her time spells, one magic ring, a hidden dagger that she wears in a concealed sheath on her forearm, and she doesn't wear any armor.

[b]Bio:[/b] As a child, Elsyan had alot of deja vu. It was mainly because at night when she dreamt, she would wake up to find that she was experiencing the dream again, or what had occurred in her dream had occurred in reality. That was when she first discovered that she could bend reality into fantasia.

Her parents sent her to the School of Magic where she could learn more about her magic. The professors were surprised at what she could do, and they also found out that she seemed to be gifted in the Art of controlling Time. They worked with her and taught her many things that she would need in order to use that magic properly. At the age of 15, they could teach Elsyan no more, so she left and decided to take to wandering for a bit.

[b]Strengths/Weaknesses:[/b] Dexterity: +2, stamina: +1, magic: +2, strength: -2, weapons: -2

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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Raven Telecanter

Element: Death

Appearance: Six foot tall, and very slender. Hair is black, and falls freely to his shoulders. Wears black pants and a black brigandine that leaves his arms bear. Black leather bracers with onyx inset. Also wears a black sleeved cloak.

Equipment: Asiding what he's wearing, he also carries a black dagger, the blade waved, the hilt skeletal, the pommel a skull. A channel for etheric negative energy.

Bio: Raven was always closely associated with death, even to his name. Anytime a pet in his village died, he was blamed. Sickness was attributed to him. He grew to love the notoriety, often doing rash things (thus his strengths/weaknesses below) to gain a reputation. His ability to manipulate lifeforce manifested later than average, and in a small way at first. When he got sick, those around him did too, then he miraculously recovered. When something died nearby, he always knew, and his eyes seemed a little brighter. Raven was eventually exiled from his village, and he walked away whistling. He was found by an old, withered man by the name of Sky'jul, who educated him, and schooled his power. Raven now is merely a wanderer, with an uncanny fascination for the macabre.

Strengths: +4 dexterity, +1 weaponry
Weaknesses -2 Wisdom (He's not stupid, but does stupid things) , -2 Social (people don't interact with him well, and tend to hate him)

I'll edit the strengths and weaknesses if required.[/font][/color]
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Name-Capernicous Lund


Appearance-Six feet tall, Red hair that falls below his ears, Slightly inset deep green eyes, mildly broad face, arched nose, thin lips and a squared chin. His body is broad making it easier for him to carry large objects. His upperbody is large and muscular with prominant pectoral muscles and tightly chisled abs. His legs are thick and muscular right down to his ankle's with large feet at the bottom. He wears a pair of brown trousers and a white half shirt that is slit up the middle exposing part of his hairy chest. He also has a long scar going down the left side of his face as a memory of a past battle with an old enemy.

Equipment-General travelling gear, A large maul spelled with an unbreakable cantrip and a lightweight enchantment.

Bio-Capernicous grew up in a small village with not much education... There was very little opportunity or variety for career moves and his body was already tempered for a combat related lifestyle so he just became a barbarian so to speak. One day in a fight with a large garou it swung around taking off his arm with its massive jaws and something happened, his mind snapped and when he came to his arm was back on and there were werewolf pieces everywhere, since then he has striven to master his new ability.

Strengths-Strength 2, Maul Proficiency 1, Intimidation 1

Weaknesses -Short temper 1, Appearance 1(looks rogue-ish)
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[font=gothic][color=darkgreen]Name: Alastuin Sakandre

Element: Water

Appearance: Very long, straight blond hair with black streaks, tall, thin, black flowing dresses and heavy cloaks. Her back and shoulders are horribly scarred for no reason she can remember, and so she avoids human contact wherever possible

Equipment: silver chalice, pack with clothes and herbs and etc etc, long wooden rootstaff with crystal ending, plain dagger

Bio: Loved upbringing in a small village in a far away land. Once her magical talents were discovered she was exiled, and walked for months to the forest she lives in now, an hours walk from another small village. Lives alone with thirteen cats. Magic self taught.

+1 resilience, +2 intelligence, +1 persuasion,
-1 social, -1 physical strength[/font][/color]
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Name:Sakura(Sulabia Nisurence)


Appearance:Chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes.She wears blue pants and a white shirt.

Equipment:A travelling pack,her glaive with a blade on one end and a light sapphire orb adorned with a pair of bird/angel wings on the other end.

Bio:She was brought up in a small village.There she was taught how to fight and they also discovered her magical talents.They trained her magic and taught her how to control it.One day she decided that she had to leave.She took off quietly in the middle of the night and fled away from there.She ran into a forest not too far away.Sakura gained a hawk friend.She found it because it had flown away.She called it Sora(Soarer).Sora sits on Sakura's shoulder and does stuff for her.

Strengths:+2 Magic +2 Physical Strength -2 Patience
I'm not sure if that's right but yeah.If it's wrong tell me.
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You get 3 strengths, so you pick 3 catigories you want to be inclined or you can stack them... so like +1 with wepions +1 with dexterity and +1 with strength (or +2 with wepions and +1 with strength) basicaly you get 3 points... for Adidional points you can take weaknesses... every 2 points in a weekness gets you 1 point in a strength.

a point is also = to 25% so -4 in a catigory makes you at 0, and i will NOT let you do that
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[color=#808080]Miketsmith, please try not to double post. It's against the rules.

If you ever have something that you'd like to add (and if you posted in a thread last), please edit the former post rather than posting another response. Thanks. [/color]
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