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The 8 Mages


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Hey guys!
Here's another Element RP!

The greatest warlock of all time, Merlyn, is at his last days, and he needs some mages to take over for him. 8 have been chosen. These 8 are too the jobs of what Merlyn did, protecting, trading, and making potions.

Here are the eight mages:

[color=sandybrown][b]White Mage-Healing-Krillen[/b][/color]-SandyBrown
[b]Black Mage-Uses basics of all types-Rhys Mayiessen[/b]-Bold
[color=red][b]Red Mage-Uses high fire magic-Kouberei[/b][/color]-Red
[color=green][b]Green Mage-Uses high Earth magic-Outlaw[/b][/color]-Green
[color=orange][b]Yellow Mage-Uses high wind magic-Mina Karusala[/b][/color]-Orange
[color=blue][b]Blue Mage-Uses high water magic-Mighty mandy[/b][/color]-Blue
[color=indigo][b]*Silver Mage-Necromancer-Draagul[/b][/color]-Indigo
[color=teal][b]*Gold Mage-Druid-Sakuramon(Me)[/b][/color]-Teal

When you choose your Mage, you fill out this:

Age: (lower than 30)
Weapon: Part of it has to be staff like.If you need help look at mine below.
Armor: (Please don't use TOO heavy armor, you are a mage after all)

*A Necromancer calls upon the undead.(IE, Skeletons,Golems)
*A Druid calls upon animals and nature. (IE, birds,plants,animals.)

Here are the starting spells:

White: Heal1, Cure1
Black: Meteor1, Earthquake1
Red: FireBall1, Lava Flow1
Green: Earthquake2, ForestAttack1
Blue: TidalWave1, Flood1
Yellow: Tornado1, Winds1
Silver: Skeleton1, Zombie1
Gold: Squirrel1, Raven1

Weapon:A glaive with a blade on one end and a goldish amber orb adorned with a pair of small angel/birds wings on the other end.
Armor:A robe with magical qualities in it like shielding and other protection magic.

Sign up and Enjoy!!
Once we get all spots filled I will start the real RP.
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[color=skyblue]*Stamps feet on ground* Someone took Necromancer! Oh well I'll just choose something else....

Name: El√ęgaith

Age: 25

Mage: Black Mage

Weapon: A staff that looks like an ordinary branch of wood that has extrodinary power even though it looks like nothing.

Armor: Doesn't wear any, doesn't think it is nessisary for him.

I hope that's okay!^^;;[/color]
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Name: Mako
Age: 17
Mage: White Mage-Healer
Weapon: A medium lengthed wooden staff with a clear glass Orb mounted on the top. A bright Aura surrounds it with Rings Orbiting it.
Armor: A white robe with a blue sleeves and a blue belt that emit a reflective shell that greatly reduces Magical Attacks but is more weak to Physical Attacks.

This RPG looks fun, lets make it happen. Join people! ;)
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Name: Aria
Age: 20
Mage: Yellow Mage
Weapon: A long staff with a spear point. Two blue and yellow ribbons hang down from it ending in small bells. The staff itself is copper.
Armor: She wears an oriental robe in yellow and has gauntlet arms. Her robe has the ability of blend in with the air.
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Name: Peter

Age: 29

Mage: Green/Earth

Weapon: A long entirly wooden staff with a thick club like end.

Armor: Light chainmail tunic made of a dark metal, along with dark green cloak and pants, alowing him to seemingly blend in with the forrest.
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[COLOR=blue]Well, you need a red mage, don't you? I'm here to fill the position.
[B]Name:[/B] Kalpadare
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Mage:[/B] Red Mage
[B]Weapon:[/B] Red staff with ruby at the top and a blade [URL=http://bigsplat.net/personal/bluefactor72/swords_chinese_kwandao.jpg]like this[/URL] at the other end.
[B]Armor:[/B] A red and yellow robe with a light breastplate underneath.
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