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Mixed Banner Thingy


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[b][size=1]Recently, I've gotten into the trend everyone's been getting out of, lol.
You know, how everyone makes the complicated swirly backgrounds that you can stare at for ages and not get bored... them.
And as a few people may have noticed, I used a little of that stuff in a few of my previous banners. (Compliments of Kenjeh =D)
Well even more recently, I've gotten into those pixel fonts that everyone uses too, lol. (Hey, I like small fonts..)

So yeah. I'm trying to mix that stuff a little into my usual ploppy 'style' (lol) of random banner-making a little more.

[/b]The first one I've made so far.. comment/criticize, everyone? ^_^[/size]
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]oo... *stares at the pretty colors*

That line going through the middle was really creative. The 'Deeper than you think' fits in perfectly with the whole mood of it, too. ^^

9.8/10.[/color] [/size]
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Bleh.. same banner, lol.

Kenji recommended a lil tweaking, so I did that, and this is what it came out as.. I dunno.. looking any better?[/b]

And I know I didn't make it any less plain, lol. Partly because I wanted the same sorta look; partly because I was only aiming to 'tweak' the thing; and partly because I'm that lazy.


Anyway, a little better, thanks to some Nephy..:
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THERE we go! 2nd banner, 2nd banner, 2nd banner, WOOT!

Bad me: Frelling bevel and emboss it!
Good me: Ah, so you like it now?
Bad me: Shut up!
Good me: No, YOU shut up!
*fight ensues, Good me wins*

Just a touch more tweakeneth, and it's a solid 1o for me.
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