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Final Fantasy: Crystal Triumph


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When it was given a place in the solar system....
the planet Earth, was protected by the power elements that keeps the Earth in balance known as, Element Crystals.....

Every Millenium...The Crystals lose their power and get taken over by demons known as, Espers

This tragedy makes the Earth completely unbalanced, and it can cause the end of both human and planet life....

Eden, The Earth's divine spirit, calls upon warriors from across thw world to seek out the cyrstals and elimnate the foes that drain the power, before it is too late....

Although this was the only way to restore the earth, It had serious consequences and challenges to the heroes that risk their lives drastically..but they never cared of their health....all they cared was for their people to live in peace, even if it meant wasting their own lives....

Now, the year is 3000, and the earth's crystals once again, have been targeted by the Espers once again....

In the Temple of Light...Eden summons warriors from all over the world and prepare their quest to save the World...

Here you will create your character here

Name: (your character name)
Age: (ahh that too)
Class: (Warrior,squire,knight,mage,ninja,thief, etc.)
Weapon: (Can't forget this.No guns)
Description: (What does your character look like?)
Bio: (Put your heart into this part)

Mine is:
[b]Name:[/b]Sakura/Aiko(you can call me either)




[b]Weapon:[/b]A glaive with a blade on one end and a light sapphire orb on the other end.

[b]Description:[/b]Chocolate brown hair and vibrant emerald eyes.She wears a baby blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside,blue pants and blue and white joggers.

[b]Bio:[/b]She was summoned by the great Eden to serve and restore the crystals to power and expell the evil.She was told to gather others and go out in search of the crystals.Eden told her that she would guide them along their way.Sakura/Aiko was warned that it would be hard work and there would be many challenges along the way.
In the end Sakura/Aiko was finally appointed the job and was given mystical powers to help her along the way.

She's a master mage and a great warrior.But beware off her personality.She's usually very sweet and kind but if rubbed the wrong way she will become very violent.

Sakura/Aiko went out in search for helpers.A few times she almost gave up but Eden pushed her on and told her to never give up.

Okie Dokie.Now that's all the information you need at the moment.BTW No one has met Sakura/Aiko yet.You will in the actual RP.ENJOY!!:D
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Guest visser 3
Name: Chaos

Age: 17


Class: Warrior/Mage

Weapon: Brotherhood Sword

Description: Red Eyes, red hair, red shirt and pants,and a red overcoat.

Bio: Was summoned by Eden to restore peace. He is a expert with his sword, and with his dagger.His sword was given to him by his older brother before he died.He is also very gifted in the way of magic.He is an excellent mage, let alone a excellent warrior.

Hope this is good tell me if not.
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Name: Manatsu No Eve (Called as Eve)
Age: 649 (looks seventeen)
Race: High Dark Elf
Class: Dark Mage (Dark Sorceress)
Height: 5"7
Weight: 120lbs (feels like 5)
Hair: Red w/ Dark purple highlights.
Eyes: Deep forest green

A black cloak which is able to change colors according to weather or Eve's likeness, she wears a Heathrow undershirt, silver belt of protection, scabbard worn around her waist, in it holdign her legendary sword, Shinkoru, and boots with hidden holsters in both sides where she stores very sharp dagger in each. Her pants are made of an almost impenetrable black and purple leather. Also she carres a staff with the carving of a dragons head upon it top. If anyone but Eve voluntary touches the staff the will be knocked unchoncshous.

Short Bio:
Manatsu No Eve, last daughter of darkness. A child of the scared winds and a lover of the forest. She has but one companion, her dragon Ryuu. Eve was one of the 8 heros that rid the world of Nilothakir, the Evil Necromancer. Her skill and power have grown to emmence levels. (if ya wanna know more read the rpg here on OtakuBoards, Seige of the Necromancer, It's finally finished and its realy asome)After Their defeat of Nilothakir the 8 heros stuck togather, but eventually dispersed, Eve wanders with Ryuu through the world looking for adventure.
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[I]This looks interesting, mind if I join[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] [I]Ageta/Khan the Destroyer[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]27/1238[/I]

[B]Male/female:[/B] [I]Male[/I]

[B]Class:[/B] [I]Warrior Mage/Demon[/I]

[B]Weapon:[/B] [I]Ageta?s main weapon of choice is his sword forged from ancient, treasured metals, although he does have a variety of other weapons (See Bio)[/I]

[B]Description:[/B] [I]Ageta?s body consists of two souls. One soul is his and the other is a demonic entity (See bio). Normally Ageta is 5?10?, average build and what you would consider handsome. He has short, light brown hair, which is spiked up. He usually wears jeans and some sort of blue or white tight T-shirt. There are occasions when the entity powers his body and thus alters his appearance. He becomes a good 4-foot taller and he becomes amazingly muscular. His usual brown eyes get a red tint and his teeth sharpen slightly. His hair spikes up in regular points resembling horns slightly. Also the skin under his eyes becomes darker.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]Born into a family of priests and mages it was customary for Ageta to learn to become a mage himself. Ageta did so, and very well I might add. On his thirteenth birthday his father gave him the weapon used by all mages in his family, a sword crafted from ancient metals, rumoured to be unbreakable. He practised with it and found it difficult at first but it got progressively easier. It wasn't until Ageta?s twenty-fifth year that he was changed forever. The soul of a long since dead demon had forced its way out of hell and into the nearest living entity cable of sustaining it. This happened to be Ageta. The soul was that of Khan the destroyer, a demon who once roamed the earth hunting men and all those who stood for the cause of good. This demon had incredible strength and had various powers which where, in his weakened state, transferred directly into Ageta?s body. At first Ageta?s body couldn?t handle having too entities within it but when the demons power grew too weak Ageta?s body collapsed and he was fine once more. Ageta had no recollection of this sequence of events and went on with his training in magic. He found that he had a strange knowledge of spells and found it much easier to carry out the tasks set for him and it pleased him greatly. Ageta began to experience nightmares about the forgotten unification with the demon and it all came clear to him. This demon in its weakened state could be controlled to Ageta?s liking and he could use its powers for good. Ageta discovered that he had been symbiotically bonded with this entity and they were now one. Ageta found that he could rearrange the clothes on his body to instantly change them at his will and create weapons from his clothing just by thinking about it. These were just a few of the powers that Ageta had yet to master. It was at this time that Eden selected Ageta to quest for these sacred crystals. Ageta ignored these strange feelings to explore and look for items which he had no idea existed and so carried on his training for two years until the urge became too strong and Ageta set off in search for...he didn?t know. He just had a feeling that when he had found what he was looking for, he would know. (more will be explained on the demon thing as the story progresses)[/I]

[I]Hope this is ok[/I]
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Cool you guys.You're all in.Chaos I hope this will be good.
We'll wait a while longer before starting the actual RP.
We need about 7/8 people to join before starting.
We have 4 so 3 or 4 more to go!:D
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[font=courier new][i]Name[/i]: Lucas

[i]Age[/i]: 28

[i]Male/Female[/i]: Male

[i]Class[/i]: Mage/Knight

[i]Weapon[/i]: Lucas's primary weapon his broadsword, it is forged from the ancient, revered and unbreakable metal adamantine, which according to old Greek legend traps the Titans in their prison of Tartarus. It has travelled down his family line over 300 generations.

[i]Description[/i]: Lucas is just over 6 feet in height and weighs about 140lbs., he is quite muscular and what most people would consider good looking. He has fair hair, and dark blue shining eyes. He most wears a long sleeved white and blue T-shirt with oriental designs on the front and back, faded jeans and a pair of white and blue trainers. When the need calls from it he can also activate his retracting armor which covers his entire body in a silvery metal.

[i]Bio[/i]: The family from which Lucas comes from has been made up of Knights for as many generations as any of his family can remember. Lucas however is the exception, his father for the first time in many years married a woman who was not a Knight, she was a Mage and as such some of her powers passed on to her son Lucas. He began training in both the ways of a Mage and those of a Knight from an early age and befriended a young man named Ageta who lived in the same area and was also training to be a Mage. Ageta was always the stronger Mage but Lucas was stronger in Swordsman.

Lucas saw changes in Ageta after his merging with Kain the Destroyer, but only in his strength and power and thankfully not in his personality. He was amazed how easily Ageta could control Kain who had been destroyed by Lucas ancestor Knights a millennia before hand. Lucas ignored these changes and continued sparring with his friend. Lucas began to get strange dreams regarding the Crystals about the same time as Ageta did and consulted his Grandfather, who told him of the Crystals, he urged him to go on the quest to find them and so he too set out on the journey with Ageta in search for them[/font]
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Guest cesar906



Class:Shaolin Buddhist

Weapon:Double edge sword

Des:Tall,always winning attitude tuff guy

Bio:He is a shaolin buddhist that always does what he wants and turned to shaolin when his parents were killed and was summoned to the eden
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I hope i'm not to late!

[B][B]Name[color=red]:[/color][/B] Max/Genesis

[B]Age[color=red]:[/color][/B] 16

[B]Gender[color=red]:[/color][/b] Male

[B]Class[color=red]:[/color][/B] Fighter/Ninja

[B]Weapon[color=red]:[/color][/B] I'm a fighter I don't have any weapons! But I do have Iron gloves and Spiked Soles on my shoes.

[B]Description[color=red]:[/color][/B] Dirty Blonde hair and Sapphire Eyes. He has a Fighter's suit with a "Ninja hood" on it. It's all black! Iron shoulder pads.( The suit is like the one from the fighter in Dragon Warrior Monster II)

[B]Bio[color=red]:[/color][/B] Max is your ordinary teenage 16 year old boy. He has no clue about Eden and the crystals. All he knows is for some reason he is "Gifted" with major fighting skills and Stealth. Never wake up max on your own he will instantly awake and grab you by the throat! Heh, heh...jus' kiddin'. He takes Karate and is the top of his class. He just received his black belt! At age 16! Now Max likes to wonder with his friends in the woods...but when he goes there and his friends never come back, something inside Max changes him forever.....[/B]
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Is there still time left for me to join?

Name: Strife

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Class: Mystic Knight

Weapon: Katana

Description: Black spiky hair with one white streak of hair. Dark red eyes. Back pants. White bandages around wrists. White sleevless shirt. Whering a coat that look like a raincoat but made of cloth. It sags with white cloth around his neck. Carries a sword sheath on his back.

Bio: Strife is an adventurer. He travels around the world looking for anybody that is looking for a companion for an adventure or he just goes by himself. This year he is intresed about about Eden's calling.
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Eeks! This looks really cool! Mind if I join? ^_^

Name: Umeko Bik
Age: 15
Male/female: Female
Class: Thief, but can cast minor masking spells and such
Weapon: Mostly her intellect and martial arts
Description: Messy, kind of spikey white hair and deep green eyes. She wears goggles on the top of her head, thick gloves, a tight white capped-sleeve shirt and baggy black pants.
Bio: Umeko trained with her father to be a great martial artist. He had plans that she would one day defeat the Espers single-handedly, but then he was killed in a riot. Many people from Umeko's village were angry that Umeko's family lived in such comfort while they starved. The mob murdered her parents and Umeko, being only 12, lived on the streets and learned how to be an excellent theif. She's very happy-go-lucky and cheerful towards any idea as long as it's logical. Umeko only becomes serious in the face of true danger.

I'll draw a pic and post it later. See you guys in the actual Adventure! ^_^;;

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I'll take a shot at this, if nobody minds.

Name: Ayako
Gender: Female
Class: Ninja/fire-mage
Weapon: Which one? Uses black obsidian daggers, a pair of twin swords, and a long staff with equal aptitude and efficiency (also uses other weapons, which will be described when she takes them out. Just be aware that she has all sorts of weapons concealed on her person).
Description: Black hair tied in two braids. Red eyes, enhancing her fire magic. Usually wears a black tunic, black tight-fitting pants, and a red cape. I?ll add a piccie when I make it.
Bio: Ayako was born to a pair of stereotypical ninjas. Her parents trained her as well as they could, then turned her loose to fend for herself. Ayako has indeed fended for herself, and she has surpassed most people with her ninja skills. Nobody knows where her fire-powers came from, including Ayako. She got a late start on training her special abilities, so right now, she can do little more than to light wood or tinder on fire. She does not speak much, and generally nods or shakes her head to get her opinion across. When she speaks, she says no more than is needed. She is a bit of a loner, but when others earn her trust, she is fiercely loyal.
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Name: Akira Taiinheart

Age: 14


Class: warrior mage/ninja

Weapon: shuriken, katana, double sais, dragon dagger, and magic

Description: Akira has shoulder length cherry brown hair, hazel brown eyes(changes with moods), she wears black pants, a red spagetti strap tank top, black sneakers, has a [URL=http://members.asianavenue.com/AA_cute_pic_4_u/divideheart.jpg]tattoo on her upper left arm[/URL]. She also wears a waist long black jacket, white gold necklace with crystal orb, and silver bracelet.

Bio: Akira had no home and she landed in front of Tifa's bar. Tifa came out and saw her on the ground fainted. She brought her in and cared for her. She also gave Akira a job as an entertainer/waitress. Akira was a younger sister to Tifa. That is how Akira learned of Eden and the crystals.

One day a letter came to Tifa saying they needed her. In truth, they needed Akira. Akira was a great fighter and ninja. She was the best mage out of all the kids. Tifa told her that she needed to go and fulfill her adventure and so she did. Akira is loyal, intelligent, quick, strong, and very well mannered. She also knows how to take care of people who don't belong in their place.
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Guest dayday
Man everyone's posting late, I hope I can too.

Name: Saina

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Weapons: twin swords, dagger, bow and arrow

Description: 5'5, black ninja outfit, (but when removed...) black hair goes halfway down back, blue eyes, scar across left cheek, silver chain (always shows) with blue moon and blue wolf inthe middle of the pendant.

Bio: Saina was raised in a village of ninjas and martial artists. She is very quiet and a bit of a loner but not really. She always looked up to her older sister but then her sister was killed while trying to save Saina's life when she almost drowned. She remembers that day a lot ever since then.
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