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digimon adventure

sailor crimson

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*Tori walked slowly out of a door as it slamed shut behind her, she had a peice of paper in one hand and a suitcase in the other, she had just been kicked out of her sixth forster home, and she had the address for her new one*
Tori: Hmmmph, it wasn't my fault that the other guy was in the way of my fist.
*tori fought a lot and was kicked out because she hit her foster mother's son*
Tori: oh well
*she ziped up her sweater and put her hat on as it began to rain, she walked down the steps and never looked back. Later as she was looking for her new home, something in a dark alley caught her eye*
Tori:what was that?
*she walked into the alley and she saw a strange blue puddle of light. without thinking she stuck her hand in and coudln't pull it out*
Tori:help m-
*she was sucked in before she could finish her sentence*
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At the shoulin temple:
"Kenjiro my son, let us begin the initiation! The masters will decide if your soul is pure enough to train"
"Yes master", said Kenjiro
Kenjiro and his master, Hando, entered the room of the elders!
"Welcome grasshopper", said the elder.
Kenjiro bowed.
"Let us begin the initiation", said the master.
He waved his hand, slowly a portal was opened, Kenjiro was instantly sucked in! The portal closed behind him!
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Leona Mikono was walking home from school. When it started to rain. She sighed, and said. "Just great... I flunked my math test, and now it's raining, and I'm gonna' get soaked... Just great..."

As she walked home, trying to stay dry, her cell phone rang. She stopped, and looked to see who was calling. It was an unknown number, but she answered anyway. "Hello? This is Leona." No one answered, so she hung up. 5 minutes later, someone called again. "Hello?" No answer. This kept happening, all the way to her house. She shut her cell phone off, irritated. And walked into her bedroom, to use the computer.

As soon as she turned the CPU on. The cell phone rang again. She looked at it curiously. And thought to herself. [I] I thought I turned my phone off... Oh well...[/I]

She picked the phone up, and heard a squeaky voice on the other end say. "LEONA! LEONA! LEONA, CAN YOU HEAR ME?" She quickly answered. "Yes, I can hear you. Who are you?" The voice answered her. "Leona! My name is Renamon! And I'm your Digimon!" Leona thought this was a practical joke. "A digi-what?"

But those were the last words she said, before, the phone fell to the ground, and the computer flashed a blue light... And Leona was gone...
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Tori was walking around in a forest for what seemed a good half hour, "where in the bloody hell am I?" she asked not expecting an answer but she got one,
"you're in the digiworld tori" said a small voice.
Tori turned around to see a small blue rabbit looking thing with wings.
"what are you" said Tori with a shaky voice.
"I'm a digimon!" said the rabbit thing, taking a step closer.
"digi-what?" Said tori taking a step back and raising her fists.
"listen just stay away from me you.......thing"
"the name's usagimon, and you don't need to be afraid of me."
Usagimon jumped up on tori's shoulder, Tori didn't know what to do, she was terrified"
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The giant ape smashed into the dragon with all his might. The dragon let loose a poverizing Flameball and sizzled the monkey to dragon chow. The words Level 39 completed. Ryu jumped up and down excitedly. "Last level and I got this game beat!"

Suddenly, like on cue, the lights went out and his game shut off. "Aww.. man! Just great." He grabbed a flashlight and went outside. The storm was getting harsher and he had to fix the wires in the water. "This is very dangerous but I'm not about to lose. A light started to come and blinded Ryu so he put on his bandana on his forehead to shield it.

The lights of the house went on quick and Ryu cheered. He entered his house again and went into his room where his game flickered. "What the?" He sat down and grabbed the controls. Suddenly, a monster came on the screen. A little red dragon monster. "What are you?"

Like the creature could hear him, it said, "I am Guilmon. Your Ryumon!"

"Huh?" The phone rang and Ryu got up. "One sec, uhh... Guilmon." He answered the phone and a girl's voice was heard.

"Hello? This is Leona."

"Umm.. Hi. I'm Ryu." No answer. He waited and then heard it hang up. It rung again. "Better not be that Leona girl again."

He answered and heard, "Hello? Hello?"

"Who are you? Stop calling!" Ryu exclaimed.

Another voice was heard then. "Ryumon. Come to game. Ryumon. Come to game."

Ryu started to sweat. "Okay. This isn't funny little girl. Stop this. I'm hanging up."

"Good. Come play game, Ryumon." Ryu did just that. He hung up and picked up the forgotten controls. Guilmon was still on the screen, using his back leg to scratch his neck.

"Okay, Guilmon or whatever. Let's play." Guilmon immediatly stopped scratching and jumped at the screen. Light, filtered the room. Suddenly, Ryu was gone and the control dropped to the floor.
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Koja:Boy this is some boring day.

*koja walks outside of the guitar shop with his skateboard and it is thundering.

Kuja:Ahhhhhhhh Noooooooo.

*He runs outside ans sees some girl walking down an alley.(this is when leona is near the puddle)

Kuja:hmmmmm...whats that pretty girl doing out here in the cold rain. better go check it out.:smirk:

*As he is running towards here she reaches her hand in the puddle for some reason and gets sucked in.

Kuja: Holy.....

*he runs over to the puddle and barely gets sucked in before it closes.

*He is in a mysterious jungle and he sees the girl.

Kuja:hey you...erm..girl, yah you.

*She doesnt answer

*Kuja walks towards her and out of no where a blue monster jumps on him.

kuja: eekkkkkk(screams like little girl

Leona: (giggles) hey dont be scared thats my digimon, dont you have one?

kuja:Digi whatcha ma call it?


Kuja:I want one too. (wines):(
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Ryu wanders around a forest area wondering [I]Where am I? Where's my game? Why did the phone stop ringing?[/I] Suddenly a phone rang. "Scratch that." He walked around, wondering where the phone was.

He soon came across a telephone booth. "That's odd. Where did that come from." He opened the door to it and walked in. The phone was ringing so he answered.

[B]Not too far off...[/B]

Leona walked on, the boy walking slowly behind, avoiding the blue monster. She also heard a phone ring. "Huh? THat's odd. A phone booth way out here." He opened the door, entered and found a phone. She answered and said, "Hello?"

Ryu jumped excitedly, "Hello! I need help! I'm trapped in some forest!"

Leona jumped. "Me too! Where are you?"

"In a phone booth in the middle of nowhere!"

"But I am in a telephone booth in the middle of nowhere."

"Huh?" Ryu and Leona both turned around and saw eachother. Somehow, both booths latched together and they both were next to one another. They hung up the phones at the sametime. When they did, the booths dispeared.
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Kenjiro awoke on a beach near a forest.
Where am I? He pondered.
Suddenly, he saw a swift movement underneath the sand. He instinctively drew his sword when something leaped out of the sand at him! After a short fight the creature stapped.
"Ah, It is you Kenjiro", said the creature.
"What are you and how do you know me?" Kenjiro said.
"My name is Katanamon, I am a digimon, and I knew you were Kenjiro because only you could have defended that attack I made."
"Well, my instinct tells me to trust you, lets go" said Kenjiro!
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Jim: *pant* I thought England was that way?

Jim's stuck in the middle of the Pasific Ocean. He was going to England, finding the love of his life. With the directions given to him by his sister's spirit, he continues his swim to England.

Jim: Oh great, another whirlpool. It shouldn't be that hard.

Jim's been avoiding whirlpools in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly his sister tells him to swim into the whirlpool.

Jim: Here goes nothing..... Yeehaaaa....

Upon reaching the whirlpool, his palm pilot starts to spit sparks.

Jim: Nooooooo..... It's the newest edition. My dad's gonna kill me.......

Forgetting about the whirlpool, he quickly check his waterproof palm pilot. He draws closer to the whirlpool.

Jim: Oh, I forgot about the whirlpool....... Ahhhhhhhhh......

The adventure begis.....
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Kenjiro enters the forest with his knew found friend.
"Where are we going", said Kenjiro?
"We are going to find a girl named Tori, she was also summoned to this place and she not to far from here", said Katanamon.
Suddenly, they saw a rustle in the bushes! Kenjiro drew his sword and Katanamon put up his claws.
A girl slightly shorter than Kenjiro stepped out of the bushes with a small blue rabbit!
"Are, you ............. Tori?" said Kenjiro
"Yes I am" said the girl.
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Suddenly the bushes starts to shake.

Tori: Who's there?

Jim: I'm lost. Please can you.....

Jim cannot finish his sentence. In front of him stood his angel, love of his life.

Jim: I... I'm Jim. Nice to meet you. Can I have your autograph?

Kenjiro: Huh? Why are you wet?

Jim: I was swimming when suddenly a scary thing chased me. It looked like Death....

Tori: A Deathmon. I think It's your digimon. Even I have one, Usagimon.

Kenjiro: Here it comes...

Deathmon: Jim, wait for me....

Jim: Your my.... pet?

Tori: Seems like it...

Jim: Well, nice to meet you. If I'm going to get out of here alive, I better stick with you guys.

Deathmon: Here, I fixed your palm pilot. It should be fine now.

Tori: I'm the leader here, so you only obey me. Let's go.......
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[COLOR=red]Hajime slowly walked home after another day of being bullied at school[/COLOR]

Hajime: *[COLOR=blue]Sigh[/COLOR]* Mums gonna kill me now...She only just got me this shirt and it's already been ripped...And all becuase I like Computers more than Football (Soccer for Americans)...

[COLOR=red]He walked into the house, and tried to hide the rips in his new shirt, but his mother saw right through him[/COLOR]

Hajimes Mum: Let me guess...Another beating?

Hajime: I'm sorry mum, it's just-

Hajimes Mum: I know honey...Now let's just forget about it.

Hajime: Ok...:(

Hajimes Mum: Now haven't you got a room to tidy young man?

Hajime: Ok...:(

[COLOR=blue]He plodded up the stairs and entered his room, and began tidying, but some instinct in him told him to go on his Lap Top while his mum was downstairs[/COLOR]

Hajime: Hmmm...I guess it can't do too much harm...

[COLOR=red]He ran over to his desk, with his lap top PC on it, but tripped up on one of his toys, but when he thought he was going to crash into the desk and everything would fall over, he didn't crash...And nothing fell over...There was only a bright light, and the next thing he knew, he was in a desert...[/COLOR]

Hajime: Huh...? T-This isn't...My bedroom...

[COLOR=red]He noticed that his lap top was in his hands, and opened it[/COLOR]

Hajime: T-This isn't that unreal...T-T-Theres got to be a good scientific explanation for this all...M-Maybe there was some kind of...Rip in the dimensions or something...And it transported me into the desert...? W-Well, all I have to do is take a look at my lap tops interactive map, and take a look where I am!

[COLOR=red]He typed on the keys at in incredibly fast rate, and was on the map screen in no time at all...[/COLOR]

Hajime: And now I just have to find out where I am! And with my new mobile phone internet connection, I can just e-mail somebody for help!

[COLOR=red]He quickly fumbled in his pocket, and got out a little phone, along with a wire, and connceted the phone to a little port in his laap top with the wire[/COLOR]

Hajime: Ok then, lets see where I am!

[COLOR=red]He pressed "enter" to start the search, but no results came up[/COLOR]

Hajime: J-Just a g-g-glitch...

[COLOR=red]He pressed it again, but no answers came up[/COLOR]

Hajime: M-Maybe it h-has a v-v-v-virus...

[COLOR=red]He pressed it over and over again, but each time, there was no signal to where he was...[/COLOR]

Hajime: This isn't good...I know! I can use the phone, and call for help, and they can track where the signal's coming from!

[COLOR=red]He then pressed a few buttons on his phone, but all he heard was a loud buzzing sound...[/COLOR]

Hajime: Oh no...Things just can't get any worse...

[COLOR=red]He put his head down, ready to give up, but then saw a figure in the distance![/COLOR]

Hajime: A...A person! I-Its a person! I'm saved!!! OVER HERE!!! HELP!!! I'M LOST!!!!!

[COLOR=red]But as the figure came closer, he noticed that it was incredibly small for a person...and it was red.[/COLOR]

Hajime: Huh...?

[COLOR=red]It came closer and closer, and the next thing he knew, a little red monster, with spikes down its back and a cute little face, but with big teeth was smiling at him...[/COLOR]

Hajime: :eek: ...D-D-DON'T EAT ME!!! P-PLEASE! I DON'T TASE GOOD!!!

[COLOR=red]He started biting his arm[/COLOR]


???: I've been waiting for you for a long time, but I didn't expect you to be this crazy! :D

Hajime: W-Who are you???

???: My names Flamemon!!! :D :D :D
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