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War of the Fay


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[color=green][size=3][b][u]War of the Fay[/u][/size]
~Nymphs are from Venus, satyrs are from Mars~[/b]

[i]Once upon a time, not so near from here yet not so far either, there was a realm of myths and magic known as Faerie. It was ruled by the courageous King Auberon and the beautiful Queen Titania. But one day a shadow fell upon the whole realm, as a wandering human got lost to the secret land of Faerie. His strangeness mesmerized Queen Titania, and she fell in love with him. Furious of this, King Auberon took those loyal to him and left to the Summerpalace in Sarashan Heights. Titania stayed at the Winterpalace in the capital city of Illusia with her human-lover. A bitter war started between the king and the queen, and whenever their supporters met, an instant battle took place. But there were also those who wanted to restore peace to the once so euphonic land. Those members of the fair folk called themselves ?Rainbow Alliance?, as they consisted of people from all races. But how can they end the feud between the two of the most powerful beings in the world?[/i]

[u]The Fay Folk (players):[/u]
[i]Rainbow Alliance:[/i]
*Callisto ?Catmint? Florafleur (Sage) ? young male fairy
*Alatariel Tasatir (Rhys Mayiessen) - adult female elf
*Sakura Shadima (Ohkami) - young female fairy
*Sakhi Rishta (Mina) - adult female harpy
*Tawn Duelton (Dmitri) - adult male dark elf
*Rienna "Rei" Faustus (oekakiotaku) - young female angel
[i]Loyals to Titania:[/i]
*Zelaelas Tatylanavi (Deedlit) - young female elf
*Kira Yuri (Logan)- adult female pyromancer
[i]Auberon?s Followers:[/i]
*Nerok Lortar (KnightOfTheRose) - adult male centaur
*Basilogaus "Basil" Meyrhern (Krillen) - adult male elf
*Floke Goldthorn (Geist) - young male fairy
*Laelia "Neuvox" Shalistrae (Raiha) - elder female faun
*Ilmiwyrth de Ralquire (The Harlequin) - elder male demon

[u]This is the beginning...[/u]
One by one people from all over the land of Faerie arrived to the secret hide-out located under a huge oak.
Dimly lit staircase lead them from the secret door, that opened only to those who knew the password, to a massive hall full of creatures from almost every race imaginable. At the center a dark-green-skinned male fairy prepared to give the gathered group a speech.
* * *
Catmint looked at the huge crowd gathered to listen to him. [i]This is it...[/i], he thought. [i]This is our big chance... C?mon, Catmint, you can do it![/i]
He did a little spell to make his voice so loud that everybody in the hall could hear him.

[u]Catmint:[/u] ?Excuse me! Can I have your attention, [i]please?![/i] Now, ladies and lords from all races; fairies, sprites and elves; gnomes, leprechauns, halflings and dwarves; orchs, goblins, trolls and gremlins; kelpies, selkies, mermaids, sirens and other merfolk; nymphs, satyrs, minotaurs and centaurs; dryads, ents and treemen; angels and cupids, furies and harpies; genies and nagas; cyclopes and giants, imps and...?
[u]Crowd:[/u] ?[i]Just get on with it![/i]?
[u]Catmint:[/u] ?Eh, yes... First of all I want to thank you all from coming here. My name is Callisto Florafleur, and I?m the leader of Rainbow Alliance ? an organization fighting to restore peace. Now, as you all know, not so many months ago, a human wandered to Faerie from the Lands Beyond, and seduced our Queen Titania. This lead to King Auberon fleeing the capital city of Illusia, taking half of the population with him to Sarashan Heights. Since then a bitter war has taken place in this world, and many have lost their lives already. I knew something had to be done before it was too late, so I summoned all you, who still value peace, here. We need to discuss how to end this war once and for all.?
[u]Gremlin:[/u] ?Let?s take the power to our own hands! Down with the witchy queen and the poleholding king!?
[u]Dwarf:[/u] ?Why don?t we just wait ?till they kill each other, aye??
[u]Siren:[/u] ?I say we cook that human who caused this all!?
[u]Other sirens:[/u] ?[i]YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!?[/i]

After getting his sense of hearing back, Catmint raised his hands to silence the roaming audience.
[u]Catmint:[/u] ?I?m sorry, but I don?t think this is going anywhere. Doesn?t anybody have a better suggestion??

Then a voice spoke from the shadows.
[u]?:[/u] ?What about if we take the human and send him back to the Lands Beyond.?

Everybody turned to look at the one who spoke.
* * *[/color]

[size=1]offgame: I?ve attached the map of Faerie to this thread. I hope you can read the blurry texts, but if you can?t, just notify me, and I?ll ?translate?. You can also add new places not shown in the map if you want to, but I?ve put a few ?extra? locations on the map as well, so you?re welcome to use them too. Well, let us get this started!

NOTE: the recruitment is basically on through the whole game, but you have to send your character by PM if you want in.[/size]
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[I]Unbeknownst to King Auberon and the rest of his men, his messenger, Floke Throngold, was flying out of the Sarashan Heights on his own mission to see the queen. Floke knew that if he could sneak in and talk to Queen Titania, he could convince her to leave the evil human that had invaded their land, come home to her husband, and end the war. Not that Floke exactly hated fighting, he'd do anything for his king. He just didn't like to see the royal couple seperated like this.[/I]
"It's all his fault! That evil human...if he hadn't come here, this land would still be as cheerful as it once was. All humans seem to be incapable of leaving anything alone!"
[I]He had almost left the boundaries of the mountains, when he ran into a few elves. He hid inside a bush, and waited for them to leave.[/I]

[B]OOC: I know that the human didn't actually invade their land, that's just how Floke sees it. He doesn't trust humans. Also, if you want to, Krillen, you could use this to make you're opening post. (i.e. Your character can be one of the elves, Floke is hiding from.)[/B]
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Tawn looked at the voice that spoke. He was amused to see such a character speak here. He hoped the person would be flogged. He stepped out of the shadows of the building and shielded his eyes from the glare of the sun. He stood close to the podium that Catmint stood. Tawn wasn't a big name in the Rainbow Alliance but he was still attending this little get together as he like to call it.
He still hoped the speaker would be flogged by the crowd.
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[COLOR=purple]Sakhi Rishta perched lazily on a protruding balcony. Her subjects, harpies like herself, were around her in a strict bodyguard position. Sakhi opened one violet eye as soon as she heard the mysterious suggestion.

This was something that could work. But how to pry Titania away from the human? And how did this human actually feel for Titania?
Well, whatever their feelings, this couldn?t go on. Either the King and Queen came up with a reasonable compromise themselves or the Rainbow Alliance would do it for them! As a princess, Sakhi had considerable influence over her vast territories and she put this to good use. Atleast half of the lesser clans had joined her and the more powerful ones eith paired off with the royals or joined the Alliance. Now if only she could exert her mind to think up an idea.

The sirens, even though they had a point, only wanted what would later bring a bigger disaster. Well fitting for their snide conniving ways. The harpies, no matter how they were portrayed by the mortals, considered themselves quite refined. True, they thrived on blood, but it was a part of them, they atleast had rules and restrictions contradicting the humans? stories.

Sakhi grinned. Only if she could fly to that human and.....well, this certainly wasn?t the time to be thinking about this. She unfurled her purple streaked wings and spiraled down beside the elf spokesman. She scanned the crowd silently and said:
?I think to support this suggestion.? She said softly, although her voice still had a screeching edge. ?It is the best I?ve heard so far.?[/COLOR]
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Sakura sighed and looked into the sky from the branch she was perched on.The wind whipped at her hair and clothes.Sakura tucked a strand of chocolate brown hair behind her ear and continued to watch.

Sakura fluttered off the branch and back to the ground.She was now part of the Rainbow Alliance.It was what she wanted so why did she feel so sad?Then she thought of her parents and realised that was why she was so sad.Sakura shook her head and returned to the main area of the Rainbow Alliance and sat down.
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OOC: Thanks for the oppurtunity to give me an introduction Geist. Greatly appreciated. :)

My Character:Basil
Appearance: White Hair with blue strand. Blue Tunic.

[i][COLOR=green]Basil walked along a dirt road with his Elvish companions Deadrock and Kilika. He met them a few days ago when the followers gathered at Summer Palace. He is now on his way to the Marsh which is located just a bit Northeast of the Palace. His reason's for going there are to seek out a man by the name of Menesca, a dwarf which wields a powerful unknown stone with the ability to awaken hidden powers and strength. The King ordered the 3 Elve's to do so because he thinks it could be of some help to the alliance.

The Elves walk on telling eachother past life stories of their own adventures. Basil hears a rustle in the bush. The Deadrock and Kilika continue on because they didnt hear it. The other 2 Elves turn around to see Basil staring at a bush with his bow in hand.[/COLOR] [/i]

[b][COLOR=red]Deadrock:[/COLOR][/b] [COLOR=orangered]Come on Basil, this isnt the time for target practice! Let's hurry up to the marsh![/COLOR]

[b][COLOR=sienna]Kilika:[/COLOR][/b] [COLOR=chocolate]Yah, Man lets go! The King need's that stone.............hey........whats that in the bush?[/COLOR]

[b][COLOR=royalblue]Floke:[/COLOR][/b] [COLOR=royalblue]EEP![/COLOR]

[i][COLOR=green]The young Fairy leaped from the bushes. As he started to flee, Basil quikly grabbed and arrow and shot at the Fairy. The arrow pinned the Fairy against a tree by its clothing.[/COLOR] [/i]

[b][COLOR=darkblue]Basil:[/COLOR][/b][COLOR=blue]Talk now! Who are you? What do you want? Who's side are you on? Talk I said![/COLOR]

OOC: Hope I didnt make too much plot developement, but it seems right for the scenario. And I was'nt sure if your character had clothing or not, Giest. So correct me if I was wrong.

Sage, I made a quick drawing for your character. It was only a pencil sketch I made at school, and I put it in Photo Shop and made them poster edges, so If it looks bad sorry. Happy Birthday!
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Rei sat back, watching everyone. She hadn't expected someone to actually listen to her, let alone agree. Everyone had turned to look at her, but she looked at another, hoping they wouldn't think it was her. Now she stood. "I agree." Her voice was a little high and musical. As much as she tried, she couldn't get rid of that. Her wings fluttered a little as she sat down again.
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Tawn smiled evily, then without being told he went out into the crowd and grabbed the one that had spoken.
"What is your name?" he asked still wearing the smile.
She looked at him with a little bit of fear, "Uh.. Rei."
He pulled her up beside Catmint, "Why don't you tell everyone the plan you have just mentioned?" he urged, his eyes burning with evil delight.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Neuvox stood on the rooftop, waiting patiently. They were coming. Fools. Trusting fools. She tightened her grip on her blade, then let the wind ruffle her dark fur for a moment. They passed underneath her. Like a furred thunderbolt, she dropped down on them. They had time for just one scream, then it was all over. She stripped them of their valuables, then ran. Stopping at a strange looking house, she unlocked the door with her abnormally long nails and let herself in.

A hooded man was sitting at a table. He gestured to the glass of wine. She took it in one hand, dropped a small portion of iodine into it, then swallowed it in one go. He spoke.[/i]

"You have them?"

"I had to slit a few throats, but they're here."

"All of them?"

"They were carrying only 5."

"Get the last one."

"Yes master."

[i]She set down the goblet and walked out the door. His voice echoed in the depths of her mind.

"Neuvox.....get them and you will be rewarded."

She shivered slightly. Perhaps it was the sudden wind.[/i][/COLOR]
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[b]Nerok-[/b] "Sir, you cannot be serious. We simply do not have the resources." I watched him carefully. The man was still blinded by rage. It would soon consume him.

[b]Auberon-[/b] "Nerok, you of all people shoiuld know I don't often kid. Now assemble a small strike force. You will lead them. Engage Titanias forces and attempt to destroy the pig." I bowed slightly and made my way from the room, listening to the clop clop of my hoofs on the floor. Being a centaur had its advantages. We were strong. We lived a long life. And we were smart. But we were also large. I knocked over a vase and watched it clatter to the floor and break. I winced. There was hardly a piece of pottery left in this place.

[b]Nerok-[/b] "Soldier!" A soldier passed me and doubled back.

[b]Soldier-[/b] "Yes Captain?" I looked around to see that we were alone.

[b]Nerok-[/b] "Tell General E'Lee to assemble an infantry of three hundred. Have it ready by morning." He nodded and ran off. I shook my head. I hated to do this.
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Sakura listened to the conversation going on about how to stop the raging war.Sakura took in everyone's suggestions.

Sakura:Catmint.I think we should rest and think about it.We can't do anything rash like take the leader captive or the other Faerie folk may be caught in our problems.

Everyone and Catmint looked at her.She had been quiet the whole meeting.Catmint nodded and closed the meeting for today to be resumed tomorrow.

Sakura sighed and walked outside and fluttered onto the branch again.She looked out into the setting sun and watched it happily.She hadn't noticed but someone came up and sat next to her.
[Anyone in Raindow Alliance enter here!!]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]OOC: Don't worry Sage, this isn't Heaven vs Hell. This is Hell vs anyone with a chip on their shoulder...

[I]It was cold. Very cold. Almost annoyingly cold. If he wasn't a creature of living darkness of course. Ilmiwyrth de Ralquire, emissary, if you will, of the lower realms to the material plane, looked around, and found himself in the mountains. Judging by that, and the temperature, he was somewhere near the Winterpalace. Not that it really mattered where he was, until peace was threatening, he was here passively. If it did, he'd engage in some covert assassinations or perhaps merely some political maneuvering, but until then, all he had to do was watch and kill anything he felt like.

Which suited a half shadow Baalor just fine. Especially one raised by the single most powerful coterie the underworld had to offer. Ilmiwyrth stretched upwards, his normal nine foot frame creeping out to nearly half again that. His dark wings blotted out the sky momentarily, then furled, pinions extended in cruel relief. A quick observation revealed no heterotrophic life except the occasional fungus, so there wasn't anything he needed to hide his prescence from. Not that he would anyway, but in theory he was supposed to. Theory wasn't much of a concern to him though.[/font][/color][/I]
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[color=009966][i]Zelaelas wrapped her cloak around her more tightly. For some reason, the Winterpalace was colder than usual. She walked silently into the throne room where Queen Titania sat uneasily. She drummed her fingers on the armrest of her chair. [/i]

Zelaelas: "Is everything alright, Your Majesty? And where is His Highness?"

Queen Titania: "He is unwell today. These humans are so frail, and the cold here must be very uncomfortable."

Zelaelas: "It is a bit colder than usual."

Queen Titania: "I know. There seems to be a tension in the air as well. Has the scouting party reported yet?"

[i]Zelaelas opened one of the pouches she wore on her belt and drew out a crystal ball, no bigger than a marble. At one magical word, it expanded until it was about one foot in diameter.[/i]

Zelaelas: "Yes, Your Majesty. In fact, they're already waiting to report."

[i]The colors swirled round and round, then gradually slowed and formed the image of a face. It was a nymph, the captain of the scouting party.[/i]

Queen Titania: "Hello, Niran. What's the news?"

Niran: "We've caught a few of Auberon's minions, spies or assassins, no doubt. We've tried to interegate them, but they refuse to talk no matter what."

Queen Titania: "Is that all?"

Niran: "For now, Your Majesty."

Queen Titania: "You have done well. Continue your search and report back if you find anything else."

Niran: "Yes, Your Majesty."

[i]The colors in the crystal swirled again, and the image of Niran vanished. The surface of the crystal was still again.[/i]

Queen Titania: "It's just like Auberon to try and have my husband killed. He's jealous, that's all. He can't stand the thought of my love towards someone else."

Zelaelas: (*thinking* [i]"Here we go again...."[/i])

Queen Titania: "Well, I'll show him. Next time he tries to do anything to him, he will pay dearly."

[i]Zelaelas bowed as she left the throneroom and closed the door. [/i][/color]
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[color=red]Red leaned on the wall behind her. She put her elbow in her palm and rested her head on her free hand. Her red hair draped down in her face, only showing her pure red eyes through patches of hair. She didn't know whether or not to go along with this plan; it might work, it might not.

That was what she had always been taught. Never expect what you believe. Disgarding the human might do the King well, but what about Queen Titania? She obviously loved the man and breaking that would put the Queen in a load of pain. Red stood up straight.

"We must not harm or ban the human," she said, "afterall, we're the Alliance to the Queen, right? The Queen obviously loves the human, yet so much more then the King. Bring the King and the Queen together will be disasterous to her heart."

She nodded, as if agreeing with herself. She leaned back on the wall, then held up her right hand. A flame suddenly lit around it as she waited for someone to object. Someone [i]always[/i] objected.[/color]
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[B]OOC: You're welcome, Krillen. Also, my character does wear clothes; he has a brown tunic and cap.


[I]Floke tried to free himself from the arrow, but it was no use. He wasn't strong enough. Basil readied another arrow and aimed it at the fairy.[/I]
"I will not tell you again. Talk!"
[I]Floke raised his arms in defense.[/I]
"I'm on your side, don't shoot! It's only me, Floke Thorngold. I'm...I'm on a special mission for the king. Please let me go..."
[I]Basil lowered his bow and thought for a moment. He didn't know of any special mission for the king. Then, Kilika walked over and said.[/I]
"Perhaps he's talking about the dwarf and his stone."
[I]Basil looked over at Floke who was listening to their conversation. He nodded. Basil removed the arrow from the tree.[/I]
"Alright then, little friend. You can come with us."
[I]The elves continued on their way, with Floke flying along with them.
"For now, I'll have to stay with them until I get a chance to escape." He thought.[/I]

[B]OOC: Krillen, if you don't want my character to come with you, then just have him escape. Okay?[/B]
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OOC:You can come with us Elv's, Geist.

[B]Bandit 1:[/B] I spotted travelers to the south of us, sir.

[b]Head Bandit:[/b]Travelers, you say? How many?

[B]Bandit 2:[/B] Three of them, sir. They appear to be Elvish. No big deal though. We can take them. *Laughs evily.

[B]Head Bandit:[/B] Very well, deal with them. But if you fail, you will not be happy, and neither will I.

[I]The 2 bandits scurry off into the darkness of a nearby forest. [/I]

[b][COLOR=darkblue]Basil:[/COLOR][/b] [COLOR=blue]So Floke, why are you headed in this direction? I was given orders to find the stone also, were you given the same order?[/COLOR]

[b][COLOR=firebrick]Deadrock:[/COLOR][/b] [COLOR=red]Maybe........maybe the King does not want us to know something. What if he sent us here to get us away from something that is going on elsewhere?[/COLOR]

[b][COLOR=royalblue]Floke:[/COLOR][/b][color=sky blue]The King wouldnt do that?!................would he?[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Ilmiwyrth stared. There was a strange female Faun, watching him with half shut eyes. Not only was she reclining against the hard rock as if it was a lounge, she was also smiling partway at him. Neuvox stretched luxuriously, then looked at him, lying on her stomach. He thought about changing shape again, but it was too late. If she had been here as long as he thought, she wouldn't be impressed.[/i]

Neuvox: Nice....a half Baalor.

Ilmiwyrth: And you are?

Neuvox: A Dark Faun. One of the last.

Ilmiwyrth: ...why are you watching me?

Neuvox: You're adorable....in a twisted sort of way. Do you have a name?

Ilmiwyrth: ....try and guess.

Neuvox: Hello Ilmiwyrth. If I knew your species, there's a good chance I know your name. Helps to be friends with the snakes.[/COLOR]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Ilmiwyrth: Helps to be related to them as well. An inquiry though, if you will.

Neuvox: Someone's being rather polite for a denizen of the lower planes, particularly one with such auspicious parents.

Ilmiwyrth: Actually my question is rather pertinent to that, though the real reason is that I find it rather amusing to humour mortals.

Neuvox: Oh?

Ilmiwyrth: It's a strange trait. To the point then. You know my name due to my parents, or due to exploits of my own?

Neuvox: Vanity. Interesting.

Ilmiwyrth: Very. Are you intending to answer the question?

Neuvox: Not really.

Ilmiwyrth: Didn't think so. Tell me then, why is a Dark Faun showing interest in the kind of being who normally doesn't take well to the intervention of such creatures?

Neuvox: Do you work anything out for yourself?

Ilmiwyrth: Not if I can manipulate others into saying it for me.

Neuvox: And you think it's working now?

Ilmiwyrth: I sincerely doubt it.

Neuvox: Then why try?

Ilmiwyrth: Because despite quite a bit of contact with this realm, this is the first time I've been here.

Neuvox: And you want a tour guide?

Ilmiwyrth: If you're offering.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She laughed at him, then blew a kiss in his direction. Ilmiwyrth stared. Here was definetly a bizare creature. Unafraid, proud in general, and totally out to lunch. He wondered what her motive was exactly....until she held out her hand to lead him over the mountains.[/i]

Neuvox: Come on. You don't want to get lost. Or fall off a very large cliff.

Ilmiwyrth: I doub that will be a problem. And why in the world do you want to hold my hand?

Neuvox: You're sexy. That's why.

[i]She rolled her eyes and touched his face swiftly.

"It's easier for me to relay thought this way you idiot. And you want to get all the information possible....don't you?"[/i]

Ilmiwyrth: And here I was actually being flattered.

Neuvox: Your choice dear.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Sorrysorrysorry!!! I was on a 3-day vacation due to this major holiday here in Finland, and I [i]forgot[/i] to inform you! :( But now I'm back to take this game on![/size]
* * *
Catmint saw a young fairy sitting outside the Gathering Tree. It was Sakura Shadima, his distant relative.

Catmint: "Hey, Sakura!"
Sakura: "Oh, Callisto! I'm sorry, I didn't notice you..."
Catmint: "Bleh, just call me Catmint, like everybody else!So, what do you think? Did we make any progress today?"
Sakura: "Uh, well... That angel girl made a pretty good suggestion, don't you think?"
Catmint: "Yes, that is truly worth considering. I thought I could organize some kind of committee to ponder on this issue after the rest. Say, would you be perhaps interested to join that committee?"
Sakura: "Oh, I'd... love to! But are you sure you want me to come and make decisions? I mean, I'm not that noble or experienced or old or anything..."
Catmint: "Hey, those things don't matter in Rainbow Alliance! Though many of the leaders of the races speak alot, that doesn't mean I wouldn't value the word of other people. You're as welcome to join the committee as the bloody highpriest of the temple of Danaa!"
Sakura: "Nice to hear that!"

They took a moment to watch the huge rising moon.

Sakura: "Beautiful, isn't it?"
Catmint: "Yes. In a moment like this I really miss the Fullmoon Orgies in the palace. Nobody could throw a party like our Queen. Unfortunately the time of parties is way behind..."
Sakura: "Don't worry, Catmint. When this is over, you and me can party our brains off."

Then Sakura leaned closer towards the green fairy, but quickly Catmint rose.
Sakura: "Oh no, did I do something wrong?"
Catmint: "No, it's not your fault, girl. You're just not my type."

Sakura blushed with sudden anger.

Sakura: "What?! How come?!"
Catmint: "Well, for first, you don't have a penis. Sorry!"

Catmint shrugged and walked back in the tree, leaving the astonished young fairy-girl sitting on the branch with an opne mouth.[/color]
* * *

[size=1]Tehee! :D Sorry if I meddled with your character too much, Ohkami, but traditional fairies are kinda air-headed - and horny. :p

And Krillen, thanks for the drawing! It's very nice! :D The wings are a bit wrong, but mainly I thought of something like that. ;)

[color=green]Catmint entered the main hall and walked to the platform. People were hurrying back from the break, making the athmosphere quite chaotic.
Catmint: "Take it easy, please! Everybody settle down! Mr. Cyclops there, you can't just go and squash those funguspeople! I wish you'd apologize! Now, are everybody on their places? Good! I have come to the following conclusion: a committee will be formed to ponder more closely on Miss Rienna's suggestion. It will include me and Miss Rienna, of course, but I need three more people to join me."

An enormous choire of shouting begun, as each and everybody in the room wanted to be making decisions.
Catmint: "Quiet! [i]Silence! SHUT UP!!![/i]"

Slowly the shouting stopped. Everybody stared at the fairy waitingly.
Catmint: "I forgot to announce that this committee will [i]personally[/i] be in charge of kidnapping the human, in case we come up with a good plan. Now, any volunteers?"

Suddenly it came as quiet as in desert. Fay folk was really good at not making a sound when they wanted to. But then a voice spoke.
Tawn: "I'll volunteer. I guess I don't have anything better to do."
Catmint: "Great! Any more?"

Sakura Shadima floated to the platform.

Sakura: "You promised I could be in, so you bet you I am!"
Catmint: "Uh, okay... One more?"

Suddenly a buzzle started among the harpies, who sat on a balcony. Their princess, called Sakhi Rishta, floated down majestically.
Sakhi: "I shall honor my lair by taking part to this quest, lord Florafleur."

Catmint smiled. Then he turned to the volunteers
Catmint: "So, two fairies, an angel, a dark elf and a harpie is now in charge of bringing back peace to the whole Faerie. May the Old Gods be with us! The gathering is now over."

The five walked to a backroom as the masses began to unload from the tree.

Inside the room Catmint turned to Rei.
Catmint: "So, Rei, what do you have in mind?"[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Ilmiwyrth looked down, a few feet, in amusement. Neuvox looked up at him, slightly amused. Ilmiwyrth gave a self-deprecating laugh and started walking. His legs, which were basically at her head height anyway, meant she had to walk very fast to keep up. He looked down at her and laughed again, the footing doing nothing to hamper his balance.

At last she stopped, hauled him to a stop, and glared up at him. He smiled broadly at her, and promptly picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder. That done, he leapt off the side of the mountain, gliding downwards easily to a lower level. He put Neuvox down, paying little attention to her broad glare.[/I]

Ilmiwyrth: It was a faster way down.[/font][/color]
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[color=009966][i]As soon as Zelaelas reached her room, she immediately closed the door. She walked over to the wooden desk on the far side of the room. It was littered with scrolls, magical rings, plants, and a bit of dust. She carefully pushed these aside as she picked up a blank sheet of parchment and a quill. She dipped the quill in ink and wrote in her crisp elvish writing:

[center]Queen Titania,

I have stepped out for a moment to gather some herbs for my
spells and potions. It won't take long, and I'll be back soon.

~Zelaelas Tatylanavi[/center]

She picked up the sheet and walked over her bed and put the note on the pillow, where it was plainly in sight. Then she walked over to the center of the room, and traced a wide circle on the floor with her finger. Where she had touched it, the circle started to glow with a golden light. She stepped into the circle, and disappeared.

She reappeared just beside Niran and her scouting party. They didn't even jump; they were used to her appearing out of thin air by now. Niran walked over to talk to Zelaelas.[/i]

Niran: "Hello again, Zelaelas. What brings you here?"

Zelaelas: "I just need to gather some herbs for my spell components. I'm running very low on Winterslite and Berrywort."

Niran: "True, but I have the feeling that you're not just here to go picking plants."

[i]Zelaelas smiled. Niran was always very perceptive and keen about things like this.[/i]

Zelaelas: "I need to go to the nearest village and try to persuade them to make peace with Auberon. They're starting to cause riots and kill travelers. They're just so jumpy."

[i]Niran stretched a bit and looked at her out of the corner of her eye.[/i]

Niran: "If I didn't know any better, Zel, I'd say that you were part of that Alliance. What's it called?"

Zelaelas: "The 'Rainbow Alliance?' I've thought about joining it lots of times, but I can't just leave Her Majesty like that."

Niran: "Of course not! Well, good luck, Zelaelas. And be careful. You never know what's around here anymore."

[i]Zelaelas nodded as the scouting party continued on towards the Palace. When they were gone, she headed in the direction of the river by which the village was.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Neuvox: Oh whatever.

Ilmiwyrth: So then...where exactly are we going?

Neuvox: To the city. It's the best place to start.

Ilmiwyrth: ....what exactly will we find?

Neuvox: We'll start with my employer, then we'll move on.

Ilmiwyrth: Heh. Is he your husband?

Neuvox: HAH! Husband?!?? Me?

[i]He snorted, then smiled at her again. She was indignant, but it was only a show. Secretly, she found him fascinating, but not really something to persue. The half Baalor smiled at her. She was easy enough to bait, but something about her wasn't quite right. She pushed open a huge set of doors, large enough for even him, and they entered her haven.[/i]

"Who is this......?"

"He's a Baalor, from the Family."

"Going to show him the sights?"

"With your permission uncle."

[i]The voice paused. Then agreed.[/i][/COLOR]
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Rei looked at the floor. "I know the Queen pretty well, and her human too. So...umm...maybe we could try to kidnap him in the early morning. They have separate rooms. He's staying in the King's Chambers. So...umm...that's my idea. I can give you a complete map if you need one." She kept staring at the floor.
[i]If I don't look up, maybe no one will see how neverous I am...[/i]
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