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Star Wars: Voyages of the Chu'unthor

Boba Fett

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[CENTER][B][SIZE=3]Star Wars: Voyages of the Chu'unthor[/SIZE][/B]

[COLOR=orange-red] Before the rise of the Empire, during the Height of the Jedi Order
a magnificent starship roamed the galaxy. The [I]Chu'unthor[/I] was
a ship like no other, a colossal Jedi vessel that searched out force
sensitive children and trained them in the space between the stars.
It was described as a mobile Jedi temple, a welcome sight for those in need.

But after the defeat of the Empire, Luke Skywalker found this majestic vessel
rusting on a distant planet, destroyed and crumbling. What could happen to
cause such an important ship to be wrecked on a forgotten planet without
a single mention in the history books?[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]So, if you want to find out what happened to the four thousand Jedi and their ship hundreds of years before [I]Episode I: The Phantom Menace[/I], why not sign up?

You can be any of the races described below, and use any weapon named further down the page. If you decide that you really want to play a species not mentioned below, or use a weapon not mentioned, don?t hesitate to ask me via PM. I will most likely allow you to. However, if you decide you don?t want to PM me and post your question here, I will kick you out of this RPG faster than Han Solo can draw his blaster.

I also have a few rules to set out:

1) Only Jedi are allowed in this RPG, and I will only accept only 2 Jedi Masters and Four Jedi Knights. The Master's will be expected to be teachers, while the Knights are expected to help run the ship.

2) Posts that are OOC only or ridiculously short are not acceptable.

3) If you don?t understand something about the Star Wars universe, don?t hesitate to ask me or somebody else who does know. I'll be happy to help.[/COLOR]


These are the species you will have to choose from:


Homeworld: Many, Alderaan, Coruscant, Corellia, etc.
Appearance: Human?
Special Ability: None
Disability: None
Other: Human's wary widely in appearance, personality, likes/dislikes, and just about everything else.


Homeworld: Bothawui, other colony worlds in the Mid Rim.
Appearance: Humanoid, with long pointed ears and lots of facial hair. They are short, and covered in fur that ranges from light pink to dark blue; although many dye their fur.
Special Ability: [I]Contacts[/I] Virtually all Bothans are members of the Bothan Spynet. Bothans who have contacts in the spynet, or who are in the spynet themselves may be better informed than other species, and have a knack for acquiring needed information.
Disability: [I]Distrust[/I] Not many species feel confidant confiding in Bothans.
Other: Bothans are not usually adept at physical combat, and are better fighting from behind the scenes or from the seat of a vehicle.


Homeworld: Cerea
Appearance: Human from the neck down, but their heads are twice as tall as normal and contain two brains.
Special Ability: [I]Superior Intellect[/I] Cereans have photographic memories and are very good with computers.
Disability: [I]Pacifism[/I] Cereans have a strong non-violence tradition and will normally avoid conflict. Cereans who actively pursue violence are shunned by there peers and tend to become completely deranged psychopaths.
Other: Cerean Males are often nervous and subservient, since Cerea is ruled by a Matriarch.


Homeworld: Duro
Appearance: Duros have dull grey or brown skin, large yellow eyes and no hair.
Special Ability: [I]Technology[/I] Duro is covered in Imperial toxic waste, so most Duros have grown up in the space stations that orbit their world. They have been around technology all their lives, and make excellent technicians.
Disability: [I]Wilderness Survival[/I] Since Duros spend most of their lives in spaceships or space stations, they aren?t very good at surviving in wilderness areas.
Other: Duros have such amazing technical skills that they could give Jawa scavengers a run for their money in quick repairs, and are sought after mechanics.


Homeworld: Endor
Appearance: Furry. Small. Watch Return of the Jedi. I hate Ewoks?
Special Ability: [I]Wilderness Survival[/I] Since Ewok civilization is still extremely primitive, they are adept at surviving in uninhabited areas.
Disability: [I]Religion[/I] Ewoks believe in a golden god, (Who apparently looks like a C-3PO unit) and are prone to worshiping strange golden droids on sight.
Other: Ewoks don?t speak Basic normally, so it takes great effort to learn and speak Basic


Homeworld: Gamorr
Appearance: Slightly shorter than humans, Gamorreans look like fat, green pigs who walk on their hind legs. They have humanoid hands.
Special Ability: [I]Strength[/I] Gamorreans are extremely strong, and can usually defeat opponents in battles of pure strength.
Disability: [I]Intelligence[/I] Gamorreans are stupid. There's no other way to put it. The only Gamorrean who has achieved high status off Gamorr is genetically modified to be smarter than an average human.
Other: Gamorreans are renowned for their stupidity, so flying a starship or performing any complicated action is unwise.


Homeworld: Naboo
Appearance: Jar-Jar. They all look like him.
Special Ability: [I]Underwater breathing[/I] Being a primarily aquatic race, Gungans can breath underwater through the use of gills.
Disability: [I] Speech Impediment[/I] Grammar teachers the galaxy over hate Gungans with a passion, since there hasn?t been one yet you can speak correctly.
Other: Gungans are rather silly creatures, so having a character named "Darth Binks" probably won't intimidate your enemies.


Homeworld: Ithor
Appearance: Ithorians have humanoid bodies, colored in almost any shade of brown or green, and have odd heads. Their necks slope forward, and then rise likes the head of a hammer-head shark, with one eye on each side of the head.
Special Ability: [I] Plant Growth/Breeding[/I] Ithorians are the best ecologists and plant breeders in the galaxy, and they are so concerned for their home planet's environment they live above it in giant hovering cities.
Disability: [I] Love of plants[/I] Ithorians love plants so much that they will do anything to protect them. They have been known to give great secrets away to protect their plants.
Other: Ithorians are calm and non-violent, and aren?t predisposed to violence.


Homeworld: Dorin
Appearance: They look like Plo-Koon from [I]Episode I: The Phantom Menace[/I]. They have skin that can be any shade from peach to deep red. They must wear special breathing devices and eye protectors when off Dorin, since they breathe gasses unique to their world. Their heads are lumpy where their ears are, and they have clawed hands.
Special Ability: [I]Force Tradition[/I] Dorin has a long tradition of Jedi Knights and Kel-Dor are more likely than most to become Jedi.
Disability: [I] Gas Breather[/I] If their gas mask is removed, Kel-Dor begin to suffocate.
Other: Kel-Dor believe in swift justice, rather than wait for lengthy trials to decide the fait of criminals.

[B]Mon Calamari[/B]

Homeworld: Mon Calamari
Appearance: Admiral Ackbar from [I]Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi[/I] is a Mon Calamari.
Special Ability: [I]Aquatic Technology[/I] Mon Calamari are adept at building machinery that can be used in water and wet environments.
Disability: [I] Water Dweller[/I] Mon Calamari tend to dry out and become sick when in environments with little or no moisture, such as desert worlds.
Other: Mon Calamari are frequently diplomats and successful military officers.


Homeworld: Omwat
Appearance: Humanoid, except their skin is blue, and their eye color varies from light to dark blue.
Special Ability: [I]Gearhead[/I] Omwati are brilliant designers, and a team of them created the first Death Star plans. (Screw the hologram in Episode II, this was the first story)
Disability: [I]Weakling[/I] Omwati are not as strong as most other species, and an adult Omwati could easily be beaten in a wrestling match by an adolescent Trandoshan.
Other: Omwati are adept with most kinds of technology, since they understand how it works and why.


Homeworld: Mon Calamari
Appearance: Quarren have humanoid bodies, with heads that are broad. They have many tentacles that cover their mouth and large ears.
Special Ability: [I]Unimaginative[/I] Unlike Corellians, who never seem to care about the odds, Quarren lack hope and imagination. They frequently give up when they think their goal is unattainable.
Disability: [I]Realist[/I] Quarrens are very conservative and logical, and don?t like people who are forever thinking about the future or who are obsessed with ideals.
Other: Quarrens hate Mon Calamari.


Homeworld: Rodia
Appearance: Greedo from [I]Episode IV: A New Hope[/I] is a Rodian.
Special Ability: [I]Underworld[/I] Almost all Rodians are connected to the underworld in some way and are a familiar site in seedy places, if not a welcome one.
Disability: [I]Hutts[/I] The entire Rodian culture has been subjugated by the Hutts, and most Rodians are in Hutt employ.
Other: Many bounty hunters are Rodian, although none of them are very good.


Homeworld: Sullust
Appearance: Nien Numb from [I]Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi[/I] is a Sullustan. Sullustans have humanoid bodies, although their heads are slightly larger and they have a ridge between their nose and mouth. Their ears are slightly larger than humans, and their heads are hairless.
Special Ability: [I]Pilot[/I] Most Sullustans have innate piloting abilities.
Disability: [I] Spice Allergy[/I] Sullustans have severe allergies to Glitterstem spice, and as a result often lose lucrative, if illegal, smuggling jobs.
Other: Sullustans have strong ties to the galactic government.


Homeworld: Dosha
Appearance: Tall and Reptilian, Trandoshans are a very intimidating sight. Their immense strength and large teeth support their dangerous nature.
Special Ability: [I]Strength[/I] Trandoshans are physically strong, and are dangerous in melee combat
Disability: [I]Mutual Hatred[/I] Wookiees hate Trandoshans. Trandoshans hate Wookiees. They go out of their ways to hurt each other, and are in constant danger if a member of the opposite species is around.
Other: Trandoshan Jedi are rare, but usually come in large amounts since they have many children.


Homeworld: Ryloth
Appearance: Humanoid, except for long "head tails" called lekku, sharp teeth and large bumps on their foreheads.
Special Ability: [I]Underworld Respect[/I] Twi'leks as a species are almost all under Hutt employ or slavery, but are usually in high positions. This gives them a great deal of respect in the underworld.
Disability: [I]Lawlessness[/I] Since almost all Twi'leks are involved in illicit activities, they are a target for anyone with a bone to pick with the Hutts, or criminals in general.
Other: Twi'leks with red skin are rare, and prized as slaves.


Homeworld: Kashyyyk
Appearance: Chewbacca from [I]Episode IV: A New Hope[/I] is a Wookiee.
Special Ability: [I]Loyal[/I] Wookiees are some of the most trusted friends in the galaxy, and are respected for their highly moral society.
Disability: [I]Mutual Hatred[/I] Wookiees hate Trandoshans. Trandoshans hate Wookiees. They go out of their ways to hurt each other, and are in constant danger if a member of the opposite species is around.
Other: Wookiees are extremely dangerous if they are angry, and often smash something. So let the Wookiee win?


Homeworld: Iridionia
Appearance: Human, except for devil-like horns on their heads. Darth Maul and Eeth Koth from [I]Episode I: The Phantom Menace[I/] were both Zabrak.
Special Ability: [I] Strength of Will[/I] Zabrak have great mental fortitude, and can withstand great physical pain.
Disability: [I]Religion[I/] Humans have some kind of superstition about evil creatures with horns on their heads, and may distrust Zabraks because of this.
Other: Although Zabrak are not physically stronger than humans, they can use their ability to endure great pain to perform feats of great strength.


Here are the Jedi weapons you have to choose from:

[B]Training Lightsaber[/B]

Purpose: Training for use of real lightsaber
Damage: Stuns living creatures, and cannot harm objects made of metal. May set fire to flammable objects.
Used by: Jedi learners
Other: None


Purpose: Combat
Damage: Cuts through just about anything.
Used by: All Jedi down to Padawan Learners.
Other: Blade can be any color, or mix of colors depending of color of focusing crystal(s).

[B]Dual Phase Lightsabers[/B]

Purpose: Combat
Damage: Cuts through just about anything.
Used by: Jedi Masters, or Jedi knights with great experience. May be passed on to younger Jedi.
Other: Blade doubles in length at the flick of a switch as the focusing crystal is changed temporarily to a diamond.

[B]Light Whip[/B]*

Purpose: Combat
Damage: Same as Lightsaber
Used by: Experienced Jedi Master or Jedi Battle Master
Other: A Light Whip is a lightsaber handle that extends a flexible blade that is used like a whip.

[B]Double Bladed Lightsaber[/B]*

Purpose: Combat
Damage: Cuts through just about anything.
Used by: Ownership and use restricted by Jedi Council.
Other: Designed by Exar Kun, a famous fallen Jedi.

[B]Cortosis Weave Armor[/B]*

Purpose: Deactivating Lightsaber blades.
Damage: Negates lightsaber damage
Used by: Closely guarded secret. Known only to a select few Jedi outside the Jedi High Council.

[B]Jedi Battle Armor[/B]*

Purpose: Combat
Damage: Deflects small blaster bolts and glancing lightsaber blows
Used by: Use restricted.
Other: Not used often since the Sith War

Note: If someone wishes their character to have multiple lightsabers (Not including training lightsabers) or any Jedi weapon not listed, well written and polite PMs will be considered.

* - Use must be approved by me, via PM.


Now that you have read, or at least skimmed that information I spent all of yesterday putting together, here is the information needed to sign up:





Jedi Status (Master, Knight, Padawan or Learner*):


Other Possessions**:



Other: (Optional)

* - Learners are those who have not yet been taken as padawans. They are restricted to use of training lightsabers.

** - Jedi strive to serve, and do not have many material things. Keep it brief. No personal starships, outlandish jewelry, etc.


[COLOR=green]And may the force be with you, and my hands, which no doubt will develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all this...[/COLOR]
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Mmmm, Okay. If I get any thing wrong I'll edit it.

Name: Danny Kumina

Age: 26

Race/Species: Human

Gender: Male

Jedi Status: Master

Weapon: Light saber

Other things: None

Description: Short black hair and a black cloak. He has black boots and sliver pants. He is tall, and is taller in legs then body.

Bio: Became a Jedi when he was young. He became a skilled master. His family were killed years ago by an unknown force. He is very posative and hardly gets angery. He respects other Jedi. Very talkative and has a great deal of combat knowledge.

Other: None.
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[B]Name:[/B] Xanko Elg'Hasek

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Species:[/B] Zabrak

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Jedi Status:[/B] Knight

[B]Weapon:[/B] Lightsabre; yellow bladed

[B]Other Possessions:[/B] None

[B]Description:[/B] Xanko is roughly 6'2" in height. His eyes are a vortex of blood red and yellow, and a crown of horns top his head as they do to all his race. To show his commitment to the Jedi, he recently had his entire body covered with Jedi marks and symbols of red and black (you guessed it, to make him look like Maul). He wears black Jedi garments with a large cloak over them of dark brown. His body is of average size, but he is in excellent physical condition, with each muscle clearly defined and complimented by the curves of his many tatooes.

[B]Biography:[/B] Xanko was found by the Jedi at a young age and taken in just like most. Like most of his race, his commitment and desire made him excel in most areas, especially physical combat. Xanko always remained extremely healthy, and found it especially easy to channel the force into developing his sabre techniques and physical feats rather than using it as a seperate ally. As such, not one of his peers could keep up with his physical development, or his deftness, speed and skill with a lightsabre. However, his knowledge of the force remained much more mediocre. This caused some problems between Xanko and his former master, who believed much more in knowledge rather than power. As such, he also believed Xanko to be a danger, as his desire would often borderline on him becoming aggresive and angry. This was backed when Xanko chose his lightsabre crystals, and he made his yellow; the crystals of which are said to be very powerful and used to show strength. Xanko's master was hesitant to allow him to take the final trails, as he still felt him too much of a threat to the order. However, eventually his master could delay no longer, and, as the master feared, Xanko passed his trail with ease. He was now out on his own, free to pursue his quest for strength, unhindered by borders of guidance and superiority. As a promise that Xanko would remain true though, he had Jedi markings tatooed all over his body as a promise that he would not stray. Most say though, that the markings give him a far more demonic and intimidating appearence that he had before.

I hope this is all fine Mr Fett.
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Name: Lennod Neb (for lack of imagination)

Age: 23

Species: Zabrak

Gender: Male

Jedi Status: Knight

Weapon: Light Whip, Jedi Battle Armor

Other Possessions: A picture. (see Bio)

Description: Typical Zabrak. He's humanoid, but has horns. Can endure extreme pain like the rest of his race because of their "Strength of Will."

Biography: Lived peacefully on Iridonia with his family during his childhood. Growing up, he met a girl Zabrak whome he fell in love with. Since he was somewhat shy, he did not outright tell her that he loved her, but was very hopeful that she knew. Before he finally could tell her, she was killed in a incident involving the Sith on his planet. To say the least, Lennod was devastated. He had lost the one person he truly loved (he hated his family) and was not even sure if she knew of his love for her. He now carries around a picture of her with him, and seldom speaks.

Other: Lennod prefers not to kill people. Rather he dismembers body parts, eliminating most threats without destroying their lives. In his eyes, pain is better than eternal slumber.
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[b]Name:[/b] Kelath "Kel" Conotha

[b]Age:[/b] 30

[b]Species:[/b] Human

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Jedi Status:[/b] Knight

[b]Weapon:[/b] Lightsaber; crimson blade

[b]Other Possessions:[/b] None

[b]Description:[/b] Shoulder lenght blonde hair tied back, mustache and goe tee. Blue eyes. 6'4" tall. Normal build.

[b]Biography:[/b] Born in Coruscant, he was constantly surrounded by aliens and Jedi. When it came time for him to make his lightsaber he didn't make the crystal for it. He did it the hard way and mined for his crystal, which was no easy task. When he finally completed it he was surprised that the blade turned out crimson. He trained very hard with his saber and became very good with it.
Now he is traveling the galaxy making sure peace remains.

[b]Other:[/b] None
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Name: kyp kiro

Age: 18

species: Human

Gender: male

Jedi status: knight

Weapon: purple light saber, jedi battle armor

possions: unknown

Description: Black hair tied into A pony taill, tan jedi knight clothes, black boots, brown cloak, green eyes and gloves cut of at the knuckles

Bio: kyp had A good life untill his parents were killed raiders on his familys ship. He was the only one who made it out alive. His father had said there was some thing about him that others didn't have. When he was piloteing back to his home in coruscant in A escape pod he found A crystle with A blood red dot in the middle. He does not like to see others be hurt and is willing to do what is needed to save others. He mostly trains mentaly.

Other: none
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]eeee! Boba's back! *huggles* ^ .^


[b]Name:[/b] Celestine Kittana

[b]Age:[/b] 24

[b]Species:[/b] Human

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Jedi Status:[/b] Jedi Knight

[b]Weapon:[/b] Lightsaber: Purple Blade

[b]Other Possesions:[/b] None.

[b]Description:[/b] Celestine is tall and slender, with pale skin and raven-colored eyes. She has straight, long reddish-brown hair, with purple streaks along the bottom.

[b]Biography:[/b] Found by a Jedi after an accident, Celestine doesn't remember a single trace of her past. She was taken to the Jedi temple, where she trained to eventually become a Jedi Knight. During her years as a padawan, her training based around speed and offensive moves, rather than defensive. Her attacks also revolve around her skills with a lightsaber, rather than her mind to use the force. All those years, she kept a cresent-shaped necklace, which she was wearing the day she was found. Still unsure of her orgin, Celestine hears screams at night, but never speaks of it. However, the cresent on her necklace can sense fear, and glows a reasurring light. Since she considers the jedi her family, Celestine swears to serve in any way she can.

[b]Other:[/b] None.[/color] [/size]
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Name: Corvus Caldar

Age: 38

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Jedi Status: Master

Weapon: (to be approved)

Other Possessions: A beaded necklace with a small crystal hanging from it

Description: Corvus is 5,7 in height with shoulder length, dark brown hair, grey eyes and a thin scar running from the middle of his left eyebrow to just under his left eye. He is lithe and prefers not to wear the brown cloak by most jedi. he wears the white tunic and pants but covers them with a long black coat, his hands covered by black gloves. There is also a tattoo of a raven on his right shoulder.

Biography: Corvus trained as a jedi from the age of 4, the son of a travelling merchant. After earning his lightsabre he chose to leave the school and travel the universe. It is true that fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate and Corvus came close to the darkside through his anger. This anger was directed towards the killer of his love, which took place many years ago. He chose not to kill the murderer, but let him go and he lives with that regret to this day. The raven tattoo is to remind him of her. His jedi skills focus on his strength of will and endurance...based on strength of attack more than speed.

Other: None
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[size=1][b]Name[/b]: Lucas Vallon

[b]Age[/b]: 68

[b]Species[/b]: Human

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Jedi Status[/b]: Jedi Master

[b]Weapon[/b]: Dual Phase Blue Lightsaber

[b]Other Possessions[/b]: Picture of his family

[b]Description[/b]: Lucas is an old man, he has short grey hair and a well kept grey beard. He could appear to the untrained eye to be a feeble and decrepit old main, but this is far from the truth, the power of the Force courses through Lucas to give his strength and agility in his old age, which he never takes for granted. Lucas stands just over 6' foot in height and dons the normal robes of a Jedi Knight and keeps his lightsaber within them on most occasions.

[b]Biography[/b]: Lucas was just over 4 years old when a passing Jedi on his homeworld of Naboo noticed Lucas and saw the Force within him. He was taken for a medichlorian count and the figure was found to be well above average, Lucas was brought to the Chu'unthor to be trained in the Order's ways. Lucas chose a blue crystal for his lightsaber because he saw it as a representation of his philosophy. Lucas believes very much in peace and respect for others and will actively avoid conflict until the very last options have been exhausted and will even then have reservations. Lucas uses a more defensive style of Lightsaber combat believing it to be a reflection on himself. However even though Lucas is quite pacifistic he is very able with a lightsaber and excels in combat, Lucas believes very strongly in the protection of life and would give his own readily if it meant protection of the innocent. Lucas has formed good friendships with Xanko and knows through all of his aggression he wouldn't fall to the Dark Side.

[b]Other[/b]: I think I've covered everything.[/size]
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[SIZE=1] [COLOR=teal]Glad to see your back Boba, more Star Wars RPGs now, now for a change of font. [/COLOR]
Name: Kw'iak Nuckuc

Age: 53

Species: Quarren

Gender: Male

Jedi Status: Jedi Knight

Weapon: A Dual Phase Light saber with a curious pure white blade. His crystal is actually not a crystal, but a sorta of hybrid of a pearl and a diamond.

Other Possessions: A small Pearl Necklace passed down from generation to generation in his family. It has endured over 200 years in his family.

Description: An adult Quarren with a head that could be mistaken for some mutated Octopus. Despite his plain look and how he looks like any other Quarren, he is actually quite different. He usually speaks about the great philosophers and old proverbs. He still has a grudge toward any Mon Calamari since the two races can never seem to share their home planet. He also seems to have developed a very small form of hope. Though he can rarely use it, Yoda believes this is because of his abilities with the force.

Biography: Kw'iak was about two years old when his parents were told he was destined to be a Jedi Knight. They where shocked with this revelation because no one in their family had every done anything so extreme as to even join the armed forces. But they surprisingly let Kw'iak go with no reluctance, for they knew that it was for the benefit of the Galaxy. He was first trained by Yoda with the other young students, and soon he became the Padwan of Jedi Master Ro'nuk Cornuk, also Quarren. Kw'iak had many missions with Master Ro'nuk; including recon, peace keeping, and hostage rescue. When Kw'iak finally turned to age, Yoda told him he was ready to become a Knight. He has only been a Knight for a year and has yet to receive a padwan, but Yoda tells him he is doing an exceptional job.

Other: None.
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[COLOR=green]Here we go.

All those listed below have been accepted into this RPG. If your name is [I]not[/I] below, it is because of the poor quality of your sign up. Please try to be a little more creative, use spell-check, and put more time into your post.

Those accepted are:


I will be starting the play version of the RPG today. Here is my sign up:

[B]Name:[/B]Abob Ttef

[B]Age:[/B]12 (almost 13)



[B]Jedi Status (Master, Knight, Padawan or Learner*):[/B]Learner

[B]Weapon:[/B]Training Lightsaber

[B]Other Possessions**:[/B]His mother's dual phase lightsaber (Blade of deep blue, with a synthetic blue diamond that gives the same color to the extended blade. The hilt of the saber is a silvery metal, with recessed controls and ancient Jedi symbols etched all over it.)

[B]Description:[/B]Abob, being an Omwati, has light blue skin the color of shallow water. His eyes are a dark blue, and his hair is white-blond. He is slightly smaller of stature than the other Learners of his group, due to a combination of race and genetics.

[B]Biography:[/B] Abob's comes from a long line of Omwati Jedi, and has several relatives in the Order. He was first taken to the Jedi Temple, and trained there until his mother's death. Then the council felt it would be better for him to be with a smaller group of trainees, and sent him to live on the [I]Chu'unthor[/I]. He has done well for his age, scoring among the best in his age group in most tests and trials. He hopes to be taken as a padawan learner next year, but doesn?t want to leave the [I]Chu'unthor[/I]. This is a feeling he hides, since Jedi are not supposed to become attached to things. AS a compromise, he has decided to try and impress the Jedi knights and masters on the ship, in the hopes that one of them will take him as a padawan.

[B]Other:[/B]Abob's mother was a Jedi knight killed on the edge of the Outer Rim twelve years ago. The reason for her death was unknown, although the Jedi physicians detected an immensely powerful poison in her bloodstream, and several snake-like bite marks.

EDIT: It appears as if we have way too many Jedi Knights. However, due to the quality of the sign ups, I will be allowing all those accepted to keep their status.

Just a reminder. The [I]Chu'unthor[/I] is a Jedi exploration/training vessel. All knights will have to instruct Learners or "Younglings". The age group is up to you. Also, when you are not working with the children, you are expected to help with the operation of the ship.

With status comes responsibility.
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