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Gundam Revival: UC 0210


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[COLOR=darkblue][i]It is the Universal Century 0210 and it has been many years since the last real war waged between the earth and the colonies surrounding it. The last known war was started back in UC 0153 and was won thanks to the Victory Gundam and its pilot against the Zanscare Empire.
Now all the previous Gundams and the Zeon mobile suits have been rebuilt etc. and are now currently on display at the ?Museum of Mobile Suit History? thankfully some of these models like the younger models of Victory gundam and a few of its predecessors are the real things. Models like the RX-78-2 Gundam are just reincarnations of the past. So far in this day and age no wars have been waged and the earth once so badly damaged from the constant outbreaks of war or skirmishes has flourished and is now back to normal. As for the colonies, the older ones have been abandoned for the newest ones that were just opened about 5 years ago. But some colonists have refused to go and have even attacked the transport ships. This was all happening within the old vicinity of Side 3 which back in UC 0079 was the main stay for the Duchy of Zeon.
The leaders of this rebellion have claimed that they are descendants of the Zeon royal family and that they will not allow to be removed from the area that the colony once stood. In other words these people were looking for attention. So the rest of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation just decided to let these people have their bottle and let them stay put. Unfortunately this was a bad idea seeing as how within the next 2 weeks 5 transport ships came under attack from unknown mobile suits. The government responded by sending in investigators to the colony from where they came from, unfortunately they too were attacked and killed. So the government then responded by starting up a militia branch, all the loyal colonies (which was all of them except the aggressor) signed a contract saying that they would help in the development of an army to quash this rebellion.
As the year progressed into UC 0211 4 colonies had been destroyed or taken over by the enemy, the E.S.N. was now looking at a dire threat, if these people did what they thought they would do they would drop a colony onto the Earth and they just couldn?t afford that. Not after all that the Earth had gone through to restabilze itself. It was then brought to attention to revive the Gundam building project. The E.S.N. then signed a contract with Anaheim Electronics which was now loyal to them who then decided to build at least 4 gundams. One of them was designated as the first prototype named ?Blade? Gundam, this of course was its name because it was designed for close combat and had an array hand held weapons. The second was named ?Phoenix? Gundam because of the massive wings built onto it so that it could enter the atmosphere without a ship and also because of its fire-red color scheme. The third was named ?Reaper? due to the fact that it had a stealth system but when it made it was armed like a large army, it had one sniper rifle, 3 missile silos built into its chest, and 1 beam saber. The fourth and final gundam had not been named because the scientists considered it a reject and kept it in a hanger separate from the others. It was only registered under the name ?NT-04 Gundam? meaning it had been designed for a Newtype pilot, or someone with the reflexes of one. Now after the completion of these magnificent machines the E.S.N. started scouting around looking at some of the best of the best but to no avail could they find any great adults. So the E.S.N. has swallowed its pride and has now taken to recruiting 4 teenage candidates, except the head people of the Mobile Suit division wasn?t ready for a 4th person to show up. The scientists merely explained that one of these candidates has the reflexes of a Newtype and may be able to pilot the ?NT-04? unfortunately the candidates must first undergo training, hopefully these kids can show their true abilities and maybe, just maybe the Newtype pilot will emerge from the works.
But meanwhile the E.S.N is doing this the military faction has now re-named themselves ?The Elite forces of Zeon?. Obviously deluded that these people belong to the ancestors of the once infamous Zeon they have built a large Mobile Suit army and are currently plotting on taking over all the colonies on the moon so as to pose more of a threat to the Earth and the rest of the surrounding colonies. But since the Earth has taken a defensive stance all of the newer colonies have moved themselves into a defense ring around the Earth and the Moon ?Thanks to the now better navigation system.? And they have all aimed their weapons directly at this rebelling faction. The leaders have assured their men that they will not do a frontal assault but merely pick off the colonies one by one. And as the colonists flee or back off they will then set their sights on the Moon and the colonies and the riches that await them. Little do they know of the Gundams that have been built to defend the Earth once more from the dire threat of destruction.[/i]

Now for this rpg I ask that you have at least a decent amount of the Universal Century Gundam sagas, if not I sugguest you take a peek at [url]http://www.mahq.net,[/url] they have some of the best data on the Universal Century timeline.

Also, I ask this much of you if you are picked to be in this rpg. I only ask that you post clearly and you don't post like 5 lines of nothing and say you'll edit later and not. Sorry if I sound like a jerk but I've had this happen with a few of my rpgs.

And without further ado the last line of my ranting.I will be taking up to 3 applicants for Blade, Phoenix, and Reaper gundams. NT-04 is mine. Or you may be a bad guy.

Here is what I want.

Alliance: (E.S.N. or the enemies.)
General Bios:
Mech description: (Sidenote to those who choose to be the enemies. Please be realistic on your mech, no mechs that are from Alternate Universes. If you want a hybrid of oh say a Tauros and a Zaku. But make it believeable.)

Here is a brief description about the 3 gundams that are availible.

Blade Gundam- A close range gundam that has an array of hand-to-hand combat weapons varying from steel daggers like those of the G-5 Strike Gundam, and at least 3 beam sabers. (Color Scheme is still pending.)

Phoenix Gundam- A medium range gundam armed with a High Output Mega Particle Beam Cannon. It is also equipped with two beam sabers, this gundam is dubbed this because of its large wings (no not like wing zero custom's.) also dubbed Phoenix because of its fire-red color scheme.

Reaper Gundam- This gundam is armed with a stealth system, missle launchers in its chest, a sinper beam rifle, and one beam saber. Color scheme looks like that of the original Deathsycthe.
Okay, here is my character.

Name: Brant Landon.
Age: 17
Gundam: NT-04 Gundam
Alliance: E.S.N.
General Bios: Brant was an ordinary Highschooler hoping that one day he?d be able to go to space and visit the colonies and learn new things. Unfortunately his dreams were squashed when he heard about the rouge colony and the other colonies surrounding the earth and moon so as to prevent the two planetary bodies from being invaded. But his dreams were renewed when a scout came to his school and took him inside an empty office and explained why he?d had his eye on Brant, he was a candidate to pilot a gundam. When Brant asked if it was like the gundams in the Mobile Suit Museum the man simply laughed and told him these were much better than those outdated models. He then handed Brant a map and a keycard with some identification tags and told him he was excused from school indefinitely if he excepted, of course Brant?s heart was thumping inside his chest so he said yes without hesitation. He was then escorted to a limo and was driven off to a large military establishment, it was Neo Anaheim Electronics and that?s when he toured the hangars and he then saw the NT-O4 gundam sitting in a hangar and when he asked if he would be piloting the NT-04 the man that had brought him here guwaffawed in laughter and said it would be amazing if any one could. After briefly passing through that hangar he was brought into a larger hangar and saw the NT-04 being hauled in with 3 other gundams. And that?s when he saw the other three pilot candidates.

Mech Design: It looks a lot like this. Very much like this. It is named the NT-04 because it is based off the design of the RX-78 NT-01, CODENAME "Alexander" So here it is my gundam.


and I hope you enjoy this rpg ^^[/COLOR]
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i'm in

Name: Aorashi
Age: 18
Gundam: blade gundam(thats the one i would want)
Alliance: E.S.N
Bio: Aorashi joined a mobile suit camp. where they saw what it was like t be a pilot and opperate one. they did this by useing virtual based simulators and passed battle data to make the battles more real. through this camp the teachers noticed Aorashi to have amazing reaction time and able to preform monuvers like none other. they gave his name to the E.S.N, and he was sent to the base in Jabro.
Mech disign: well, the Blade gundam. since the colors are not set i'd say...black and silver with a hint of blue on the detaled parts.
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Name: Arus Ikame

Age: 17

Alliance: E.S.N.

General Bios: At the age of 3, his father died. He had been in the military for wuite some time and was a skilled mobile suit pilot. He died in an armed outbreak in the colonies.

One year later, his mother died of a deadly virus and left all the money she had to send Arus to space to live with his 22 year old sister. His sister had gone to space working for a division of Anaheim electronics dealing with super computers.

Her intelligence must have rubbed off on Arus. At the age of 5, he was able to build his own computer. When he was 10 years old, he became an uncle when his sister had her first child. During the its first year, Arus did most of his sisters paperwork so she could take care of the baby. At the age of 17, Arus has pulled straight A+ since he began school.

One day while walking home from school, Arus is pulled aside on the street by a stranger that he has never met before. The stranger leads him to an alleyway where no one can see or hear them and introduces himself as an E.S.N. military scout. Arus is told that he has been under surveilance for the past 7 years by the military and that he has been chosen to be a pilot of one of the new gundam prototypes.

Arus agrees to become a pilot and is taken to a military base by a limousine. The scout gives him a decision of what his gundam is to specialize in. After a brief moment, Arus choose the stealth-type Reaper Gundam. He is taken to a hanger where he meets the other pilots.

Mech description: Reaper Gundam- This gundam is armed with a stealth system, missle launchers in its chest, a sinper beam rifle, and one beam saber. Color scheme looks like that of the original Deathsycthe.
The only difference between this Reaper and the others is that all the yellow on its body has been subsituted for a dark green color.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Name: Xion Rai

Age: 17

Alliance: E.S.N

General Bios: Xion, as a young boy, was left for dead after his parents were killed in a Gundam-type war. After that, a retired Gundam pro and retired Military Captain took him in. Xion was taught how to pilot a Gundam and how to fight in a full-on battle. He was taught very well until his tutor died of a complex heart-disease...

Mech Description: The color scheme is as follows. His exterior is mostly silver, except for his shoulder armor, which is a mettalic blue. He has two twin beam sword that hide under his wrist guard. (The blue thing on yours' arm, Domon.) His other beam sword rests on his back, like Link and his Master Sword. (The swords of course are unactive and only turn on when his thumb touches a little button on th handle.) His chest plate is silver with some mettalic blue here and there.

Um, I have a pic of what I look like. Here it is. (Ignore the monster in the back.) Is this info good for my application?[/color][/size]
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Okay I just want to re-emphasize this. We are just ordinary kids that are living out our normal lives when we were scouted by millitary agents. We know nothing about the gundams until we are brought to the base. I hope this clears things up.
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[COLOR=indigo]Jeez poor Domon how many times have you said that we're normal kids now? Oh sorry Domon I couldn't get the pic working I got a virus in my PSP and I can't get the color scheme to change...

[b]Name[/b]: Noyade Tre'vista
[b]Age[/b]: 16
[b]Gundam[/b]: Reaper
[b]Alliance:[/b] E.S.N

[b]General Bio[/b]: Noyade lived his whole life in an average home. He was always a reserved child and only expressed himself completely on the baseball field. He has been playing baseball since he was 5 and has found that to be his main escape. He thinks of himself as no different than any other kid.

He tends to dress in darker clothing (mainly black) and is known to spike his hair up. His hair is naturally blonde and he has light blue eyes.

His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother. His mother works at Aneheim Electronics, which is how Noyade was selected to be a pilot.

He has few memories of his real dad, and has not spoken with or about him in many years. He avoids thinking about the past at all costs and shares nothing with anyone he doesn't trust.

His original name is un-known to any one besides himself, his father, and his mother. After the divorce and after leaving his dad forever Noyade changed his name. He thought that changing his name would end the torment his dad had put him through.

[b]Mech Description[/b]: Reaper Gundam- This gundam is armed with a stealth system, missle launchers in its chest, a sinper beam rifle, and one beam saber. Color scheme looks like that of the original Deathsycthe.

Unlike the other Gundams the creaters of the Reaper made a slight change. Instead of the usual green glow of a Gundam's eyes the Reaper's eyes glow black.

The Gundam is mainly black with few strands of red and dark green in the mix. Its a very versatile Gundam and can be used in almost any mission and perform its duties without a hitch.

However where it excels in offense it lacks in defense. The Reaper's defense is the lowest of the Gundam's and relys on its stealth, speed, and ranged attacks for most of the battling.

The Reaper is, however, extremely deadly with its beam sabre.

Oh and if we end up needing a bad guy I'll be willing to switch around a bit. We'll see how this turns out.

Hope the sign-up is ok.
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[b]Name:[/b] Josephine Rix

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gundam:[/b] Phoenix Gundam

[b]Alliance:[/b] E.S.N.

[b]General Bio:[/b] Josie is generally a loud individual, confident in everything she does, and not afraid to do things that'll spell trouble for herself and those around her, providing she sees a way out of the trouble in the end. This tends to make her a little headstrong and overconfident, but if someone doesn't like it, they can go talk to someone else.

Josie (also known as Joe amongst her friends) generally doesn't take much interest in politics, although the current situation between the rebel faction and the earth/colonies has captured her interest. She was more than a little surprised to discover she'd been spotted by military agents, and greets the proposal with mostly disbelief. However, she doesn't take much convincing after the time had been taken to talk her through the proposition, and accepted the offer readily.

[b]Mech Design:[/b] A medium range gundam armed with a High Output Mega Particle Beam Cannon. It is also equipped with two beam sabers, this gundam is dubbed this because of its large wings (no not like wing zero custom's.) also dubbed Phoenix because of its fire-red color scheme.

[i][b]NOTE:[/b] Just so you're aware, my knowledge about any series of Gundam, other than Wing, is very limited... I'll do my research, but I just thought I'd tip you off before you started selecting people.[/i] ^_^
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I have to admit I know Wing the best myself. The first time I watched Mobile Suit Gundam was last summer at my cousin's house (He has all of the existing gundam DVD's). I think Wing is the best of the gundam series. :) LOL.
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All right, I have 1 more slot for Blade, Phoenix, and Reaper. So those who want to apply for those three better get it in high gear and sign up. And if you do happen to miss the sign ups for the gundams there is still the choice of signing up as a baddie. Just remember that if you are a baddie you can't have an all powerful suit. It's your piloting skills that makes your MS good.
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[b]Name:[/b] Frank Baum
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Alliance:[/b] E.S.N

[b]General Bios:[/b] Born on Earth in a military researcg and development installation, Frank grew up with a love of science and natural curiosity. Both of his parents were always busy working on classified projects, so Frank ended up becoming very self reliant and independent. Later in his teens the government began recruiting test pilots for his parent's secret project, and he joined, hoping to make his parents proud. It was revealed that they had secretly been working on a new form of energy to help fuel a powerful fleet of mobile suits.

During a routine test flight one of the new mobile suits became unstable from the huge amount of energy inside, and it errupted. Everyone on the base was killed, except for Frank who was inside the protective armor of his mobile suit at the time. This traumatized him greatly, and turned him into a much more reserved person. The E.S.N. quikly came looking for survivors, and after discovering that Frank was the only one they recruited him a special shadow project.

[b]Mech description:[/b] Blade Gundam- A close range gundam that has an array of hand-to-hand combat weapons varying from steel daggers like those of the G-5 Strike Gundam to several beam sabers. It also has a powerful array of firepower, including several missile launchers.

[b]Mech Design:[/b] Very similar to the design of the original Heavy Arms. Chest pockets open up to launnch missiles, and all of the hand-to-hand weaponry are contained within the arm of the suit. It is colored black and green in an attempt to give it a certain amount of camoflogue. (sp?)
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Hello Domon, sorry about taking yonks over these two but I had to have a bit of fun ^_^

I've got the two main baddies done as you requested:-

Name: Radmal Ken
Age: 40
Allaiance: Bad guys
Eye colour: dark brown
Hair colour: Black

Clothes: plain black trousers, black shirt lined with silver, sensible shoes, grey tie and black leather gloves

Additional: Gold bracelet around right hand wrist and has scars around his eyes and mouth, one eye completely covered with a diamond encrusted patch

Bio: (It does go into detail but you'll see why) Used to be extreamly loyal to the E.S.N and was highly respected by many of it's repective members. Married in his late twenties to Arrashbell and was completely devouted to her in every repect. Three years ofter their marriage, Arrashbell gave birth to twins one girl, one boy. Everything in their lives was perfect and then things went wrong.
No one knows who was hired or even why they were hired but someone somewhere wanted rid of the Ken family and on the eve of their wedding anaverary, Radmal's wife and son where shot dead by an assassin and he barley escaped with his and his daughter's life. All he can really recall of that night was the shrill scream of his wife and son, grabbing Alma and leaping out of a stained glass window which left him scarred and bruised and fuelled by a strong desire for revenge. He guessed that a rival from the E.S.N had attack him and therefore turned his back on them and became their sworn enemy.

Personality: Mean, cold hearted, out for revenge, determind, sceaming, nasty in general, plotting...but has a tender caring side and shows a great deal of effection and love towards his daughter and is prepared to do anything for her, has been known to yell and scream at her but with appolgiuse continusly and rewards her with exquive gifts

Name: Alma Ken
Age: 12
Alliance: Baddies...but could possibly change
Eye colour: light brown
Hair colour: Black

Clothes: green short sleeved blose, black knee lenght skirt, sensible black shoes and green fingerless leather gloves

Additional: Wears green Alice band to keep her hair out of the way and often wears a silver choaker with many charms on it and slight scarring around her eyes

Bio: Practically the same as her fathers, just in difference she opted to remain with him as he is her only living relative she knows about

Personality: Cute and cuddly to a certain degree, but has an authoritvie side and can manipulate situations if she so desires. Can often seem quiet and down because she feel's that she has lost part of herself, due to losing her twin, and can become very silent and remouseful if he is ever mentioned, does have a nasty side to her and once angered is very hard to calm down.

there ya go Domon, anything I need to edit? If there is just PM me about it.

And can I rp as these two cause I know what they're like? Please
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Okay...I'm gonna play as Alma so Radmal's open for grabs...but please don't wreak him...he's evil I know that but he's got his reasons and is not along the usual lines of Anime bad guys. Sorry to rant...I'm a bit hyper at the min ^_^
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Okay, tis fine Walnut. I'm planning on starting up the rpg tomorrow or Thursday so get those sign ups in soon!

Well I've gone ahead and decided who will be in the rpg. Here's the list. It was a close call. But there are still sign ups for baddies. Like Walnut said the main baddie is availible for the takings or you can be a baddie pilot.

Piloting Blade Gundam: Shy

Piloting Phoenix Gundam: Braidless Baka

Piloting Reaper Gundam: Lalaith Ril

I'm going to go ahead and start the rpg now I hope you all's enjoy.
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Name:Waya Tengi
General Bios:A boy raised to hate everything, even himself.He was born of Earth in a scientific lab seeking to go into space, and one day destroy everything.He didn't have a normal life as most kids do...He was 'strange'...He had never been to any educational school or anything...he never talks...He had never seen his actual parents, but was raised by enemy forces.He has a short-temper.He was taught how to pilot a mobile suit at the tender age of 9.He hasn't stepped into a mobile suit since then...but now...it's time...
Mech description:Rig Contio
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