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Art Feel my wrath! Evangelion wall.

DarK DeatH

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[color=orangered][font=times new roman]Heh very nice as always DD...Oh and ofcourse he would pick toji...Why? Because he pilots a BLACK eva :p

As always I love the background effect and the text...I cant really make out if thats bardiel or unit 1 in the background...

Anywayz nice as always...A good DD wallpaper...Stylish yet functional :D (The empty space on the left is SUPPOSE to be there :laugh: )

:devil: [/color][/font]
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He reminds me of a black-haired version of Knives from Trigun. heh

You make some good wallpapers Dark Death. I almost thought about setting this one as my new desktop background, but I didn't want to get rid of the one I have just yet.

I haven't seen Evangelion, but I really want to.
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Guest Cee-4
It's nice, I especially like how you left room for icons on the left.

(most people aren't kind enough to make a blank space for icons)

The japanese font is blended nicely as is the character. Nice job :)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by dbzanimegrl17 [/i]
[B]I haven't seen it either... But that wallpaper is still awesome! I think there should've been more people though... Like Asuka, or Rei. Them and their EVAs. That would make it more colorful. [/B][/QUOTE]
How many more times will this have to be said?
It WAS NOT supposed to be colorful... Get it? It's dark and has contrast, not lots of colors, and not lots of characters either...
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