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Yeah....RPG by me ^_^
[I]She fell from the Heavens,as feathers from her wings fell with her.Her eyes where open,and she saw them seem to pause in the air.She soon fell,and hit Earth.As her long white silk robes where around her,she was in a darken ally of the United States of America, her eyes seemed to glow.She laid there,for what seemed to be forever,and was soon sent to the police.They put her in a foster home,and they soent most of their time with her.School time inched closer to every minor's summer,and with her looking so young,she was sent to school.[/I]
Ok,this is a drama RPG.No blood,not of lot of things,as you see,it is about the Fallen Angel(Ohkami) who does not remember her past of being a angel.She is sent to Middle School,and meets new people in her class.Also,I'll give you a thing where you go,and give you the choice of band,strings,and choir.In band and strings,you will have to pick what insument you play,and in choir,you pick your voice type...which I have forgotten-_____-If anyone will help me I would like that.

This is what you need to sign up.We are in 7th grade,and that is 13-14.

Name:Anything.Don't make up one wierd one,please.


Description:What you look like.What you always wear,how you are built,eye color,hair color,hair length,height,weight.Anything eles is good

Bio:You do not know the Fallen angel yet,and don't know if she is a angel.You can put your character's family life,favroite things to do,what their grades are like,personalityand so on.

Scedule:I'll pm you it.Just copy and past it to here.

Items:Books,backpack,and anything eles that you bring to school.

Ok...that's all.I hope you people know your school rules...

Also,I know I have some spelling errors.I'll fix them later.Ohakmi is the Fallen Angel,and I'll post mine later.....
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Name:Kimana (Ki) Toki

Age:Looks 14

Description:Ki has chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes and when she was in heaven she wore long flowing white robes.Now she's on earth she wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside that has a coiled up Chinese dragon on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nike joggers and she wears silver,reflective sunglasses over her eyes so you usually don't see them.

Bio:Well pretty much in the First Post and my other post on Page 2


Items:Stationary,Books,File all in her Backpack,a Cell phone...If I think of anything else I'll post it or If I'm missing something tell me.
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Name: Julieana Vencroft
Age: (aYokano 7th grade is age 12-14!Me was in 7th grade last year!) 13
Description:Black Hair, Emerald Green eyes(is going blind in left eye), White t-shirt with a strange symbol on it, Blue Jeans, Red and Orange tennis shoes, 5"4, 98lbs, very scrony(skinny).

Bio: Julieana is a small girl. Some say she is malnuroished. But she isn't. She had to repeat 7th grade because she had to many sick days last year when she was 12. She dosen't have many friends but that dosen't bother her.


Items: Green notebook. Black pens and pencials. Blue bookbag. Books.
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Sounds Neato!

Name: Dan Inosanto


Description: 5'7", 114 ibs, athletically built, but still slim. Black, slicked back hair, emerald eyes, slight tan. Usually wears baggy colthes and long shorts. Hangs with the basketballer/rap crowd, even though he likes punk rock along with rap and he really doesn't use ebonics (ghetto english). Half asian/ half american.

Bio: Born american too a chinese father and a caucasian mother. His father runs a Gung Fu class downtown. Dan is a very comedic type and the class clown. Htis often gets him trips too the office. The rap crowd accptaed him because of his talent in basket ball, his cool, yet comedic attitude, and because he knows alot about hip hop, rap, and punk rock. He is a big prankster and can verbally take a person down with a barrage of clever insults, but if need be, can unleash furious attacks with his body. though it almost never goes that far. He loves basketball and girls. He is a ladies man and a bit of a jock, but doesn't really boast. He treats everyone the same. With a freindly smile and too girls with a charming smirk.


Items: carries around a five-star binder with a bunch of manga drawn all over it and on the inside. A black ink pen, three pencils, and a blue notebook, which he writes down manga ideas in.

(This is highly moddeled around the real me. I'm just not asian or son too a martial arts teacher, but an army Staff Seargent. Just thought you'd like too know!)
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[b]Name:[/b] Stephen (Stee-ven) Ellerby (Ell-er-bee {LRB!})

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Description:[/b] Ellerby has bright pure Blonde hair that shines in the sun. He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small siver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He also has bright blue eyes. He's 5"7 and only 96 lbs. Which makes him very fast. He aslo has a year round tan.

[b]Bio:[/b] Ellerby's the school Running Long Jump Champ and is also one of the best runners on the Track team. Though he's scared about the High School Track team. He has the normal family. His mom and dad are normal parents. His brother has gone to Law Enforcement College. Ellerby is born Canadian and is proud of it though when he moved to America he thought that everyone might hate him cause of it. He'll just have to find out in his first year of "High School" Dun dun duuuun. When ever Ellerby likes a girl he'll draw a picture of her in Anime form on a peice of paper and slip it in her locker. :blush: Ellerby is one of the kindest guys around. One time his girlfriend had to give him permission to kiss her. He's very sociable with everyone. And very funny.


[b]Items:[/b] Ellerby has a red and black Backpack. In it he carries a Big Black binder with his own style of Drawing covering it, some pencils and some books.[/size]
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@_@ I named it high school angel....not middle school angel........well high school sounds cooler.....

Ok.....all of you are in.Also,Ohkami,Ki is confused and shy....sorry I nevered telled you...
Also I'll be giving everybody their Scedule,and can only meet up with other characters if you are out of school,or in the same class at the same time.Not everybody will be in the same class.Luanch and other things is where we can also meet,or we can always start a fight get in I.S.D:p

Here is mine.

Name:Austin Tomey


Description:About 5'3",he has light blue eyes and light brown hair.He wears a white t-shirt,blue jeans,and white tennis shoes.He also wears glasses,and a green vest over his t-shirt.He is medium built,and skin is lightly tan.

Bio:Austin and shy,and lost most of his friends when he moved to another school when in middle school.He was friendless,and always tried to make new ones,but never did.His mom and dad are divorce,and he now has a step dad.He has three brothers and two cats,and he likes anime and manga.He is on no clubs or teams,and gets ok grades.He doesn't like to fight,andwhen gets bullied he just takes it.He doesn't have a girl friend,and doesn't speak much to anyone.

Items:Black backpack filled with school books,traperkeeper,pens and pencils.He takes his cell phone to school,and can't use it,a GBA SP with games,and manga.

Ok....that's all.We all have to have a bookpack,because after a bellrings,we go to a different class.
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LoL, im 11, and im goin to 7th grade...:p But when skool STARTs ill be 12....okay, no one wants to hear my life story:sweat:..here's my character...
[b]Name:[/b] Joey Shawn

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Description:[/b] Black Shirt with a sword and two snakes coiled around it. Blue rayon-type shirt over the black shirt(un-buttoned) with black thuder designs all around it. Knee-legth Red shoirts with a Dragon on it(looks like swimmiing shorts *but isnt*) Fairly short, and black hair going everywhere.

[b]Bio:[/b] Joey is shy, caring, and queit. Freindship is the WORLD to him. Joey has a 4.00 GPA. He's really smart. Joey doesn't enjoy fighting. But if he must, he will. He has studied Tai-Kwan-Do For the last 4 years with his grandfather. He is the youngest of 2 brothers, and enjoys to read manga.

[b]Scedule:[/b] ------

[b]Items:[/b] Black (jansport) backpack filled with Nintendo-Power Magazines and COmic Books(he keeps most of his books in his lockers...Err... If we have lockers...). Which he reads during his spare time. He has a small folder, and is [i]very[/i] well organized.
Yea, hope thats ample....
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Can I try too?

Name: David Reid
Age: 13
Description: 5'11", brown hair, green eyes, white t-shirt with "Nova Scotia" written on it, as well as one black sleeve and one red sleeve, dark loose-fitting blue jeans, New Balance sneakers.
Bio: an exchange student from Canada, David is usually quiet and misanthropic. He finds it difficult to make friends or get a date, and he always feels that there is work to be done. He is a writer and dramatist, and good at both. He is also a pacifist, and might crack an insult at someone who doesn't like him, but that's it.
Schedule: 1st: Homeroom: Mr. White
2nd: Math: Ms. Kim
3rd: English: Mr. Knight
4th: Gym: Mr. Brown
5th: Art: Mrs. Denko
6th: Mrs. Scott: Science
7th: Lunch
8th: Mrs. Bacon: S.S.
9th: Homeroom: Mr. White
Items: Roots backpack with many notebooks and school textbooks, as well as tons of looseleaf paper with his illegible cursive written on them, a pencil case with everything in it: pencils, pens, erasers, geometry sets, sharpeners, calculators, you name it. Nothing for personal entertainment.
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Dan Inosanto's Schedule.

1st Period: Homeroom-Mr. White
2nd Period: Math-Ms. Kim
3rd Period: Art- Mrs. Denko
4th Period: Gym- Mr. Brown
5th Period: S.S.- Ms. Kim
6th Period:Science- Mr. Brown
7th Period: Lunch- Ms. Kim and Mr.White
8th Period: Lang. Arts- Mr. Brown
9th Period: Homeroom -Mr. Brown

I am the Basketball teams captain. I hope i share classes with some females. Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm... *licks lips*:tasty:
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This sounds cool but where is the location?

Name: Sang Ly (Lee in pronounciation)
Age: 14
Description: 4'11" medium build, short black hair always wears a Bears hat backwords, wears clothes like Sean John, Mecca, and Roc-a-wear. has dark brown eyes.
Bio: Most people don't know about him, he has three followers that are his best friends, two are identical twins that are pranksters, and the other one is largely built and always defends Sang. His grades are average and has a mean streak of defying whatever he thinks is wrong and defends what he thinks is right. He hates jocks and preps, and always is looking at girls.
Items: A black backpack with normal school supplies most of them missing because he usually borrows stuff from people, a CD player with big headphones, and has graffiti all over every thing he has.
Schedule: Per. 1: Homeroom - Ms. Kim
Per. 2: Lang. Arts
Per. 3: Math
Per. 4: Art
Per. 5: Gym
Per. 6: SS
Per. 7: Science
Per. 9: Go home

Edit: Can I keep my name like it is, Im supposed to be from another country.
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[B]Name:[/B]Kyle Lockard


[B]Description:[/B]Usually wearing the same type of blue jeans, he usually wears black t-shirts. His brown curly hair covers his blue eyes. Though he always sports a black baseball hat, which his hair poofs out from the sides. He has headphones around his neck constantly, and his CD player is located in his back pocket. He is of average height for a 13 year old. He is kind of skinny, but most of his build is in the skill of his feet.

[B]Bio:[/B]Not one of the smart kids, he spends most of his time skating or just sitting around the house playing Videogames. He transferd from a different school to the one he is currently in because he got booted out. He has no friends, because of his transfer.

1st Period- Mrs. Kim- [B]Homeroom[/B]
2nd Period-Mrs. Kim- [B]Language Arts[/B]
3rd Period- Mr. Brown- [B]Gym[/B]
4th Period- Mrs. Scott- [B]Science[/B]
5th Period- Mrs. Denko- [B]Art[/B]
6th Period- Mrs Kim- [B]Math[/B]
7th Period- Mrs. Bacon- [B]Social Studies[/B]

[B]Items:[/B] He carries his back pack, that has straps for his Skateboard. Inside his backback is his Binder, which is a mess un-contained. The rest of his backpack is filled with incomplete homework that he forgot to do, or just didn't feel like doing.
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Name: Clyde Madigan
Age: 14

Description: 5'9, medium build, always wears a t-shirt with jeans that are all black. He has short black hair and blue eyes.

Bio: Clyde is a loner. He doesnt really have any friends but some people just talk to him from time to time but he doesnt really care. When ignoring some people it sometimes causes fights. Many girls like him but are too shy to talk to him and are afraid that he will just turn them down. He has a younger, annoying sister. He mostly stays home and plays videogames or use his computer. He is a big fan of rock music.

1st period: Mrs. Scott-Homeroom.
2nd period: Mrs. Scott-Science.
3rd period: Mr Brown-Gym.
4th period: Ms. Kim-Math.
5th period: Mrs. Denko-Art.
6th period: Mrs. Bacon-SS.
7th period: Lunch.
8th period: Mr. White-Lang. Arts.

Items: A backpack with his binder, homework (whatever's completed) and CD Player with CDs. The color is also black.
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Ok....everybody is in.All sports and clubs are after,or before school.I'll post them here.If you what to join one pm me.Also Jubei Yagyou....I really didn't think of one ^_^;;;

Here are the clubs and sports.[B]Pm me to get in.This will not be done here in the thread.[/B]All sports are afternoon,and all clubs are both morning and afternoon.Pm me to tell me what time you what your club to be at.

Base Ball(Mr.Brown)-
Basket Ball(Mr.Brown)-Double_B_Daigo
Art Club(Ms.Denko)-
Math Club(Ms.Kim)-
Beta Club(Mr.White)-
Kendo Club(Mr.Kuga)-Legacy
Field hockey(Mr.Brown)-

That's all I really have....I'll start after three more people sign up.Also,everybody signing up after this must be a female...we have to many guys,and fighting over two girls well be....you know...most of use well be I.S.D ^_^;;; So you can be girls if you what to sign up.Ok...I need some sleep....get the Scedules done,and we can start.

Sign Ups are done in...1 day,but I don't what this thread to be close,cause I would like to re-open after some time.

P.S:Double_B_Daigo,please delete your last post,and put it in you sign up please.
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Name: Lorelai (Lor) Beckett

Age: 13

Description: 5'1, light brown skin, hazel eys, red hair (dyed). Usually wears black tank top, low rise jeans, and Tims.

Bio: Lor prefers to be left alone and usually draws in class instead of paying attention, though you'd never know by her grades. She's kind of interested in Clyde, but won't admit it.


Items: textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, sketch diary, CD player, several CDs, backpack.
Question: Can there be field hockey or lacrosse?
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Name: Rodrica Ness


Description: Brown eyes, short black hair, height 4'11, 86lb, pale skin, weres a studed dog collar, black tennis shoes, black pants, long sleeve black shirt, and samller dog collars on right and left wrist.

Bio:Rodrica often is seen reading or drawing. She has good grades, nothing ever below any B's. But it dosen't seem like it, she comes off as an all grades F student. Rodrica is a goth, and a punk. She usually fighting other student, and can be seen in detention or study hall for her miss-behavor. She mostly hates things that are happy, pink, lovy dovy, or anything else of that stupid junk. Dosen't like talking or being with anyone, and can confuse anyone with the words she speaks. Anyone who makes a wise crak at her is surly to end up with a black eye, or may not be seen for a few days. aka, total gothic/punk.


Items: Text books, note books, regular S.K. books, stekch book, 3 pencils, 1 black pen, and black backpack
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Name: Andrew Hatfield

Age: 13

Description: Where's glasses. Is slightly tanned, has green eyes and brown hair. Kind of pudgy, but still in good shape.

Bio: What's to say? He's just a normal 13 year old kid that does the normal stuff. He likes music, paintball, and the occasional hunting trip. He has a bigger brother that can be a bit of an *** at times, but he is still cool. He also likes to read a lot, so he's a bit of a nerd.


Items: Red an black backpack. CD player, with a wide variety of cd's. A pencil that he has had for 2 years, a notebook, a novel, a paintball magazine, and a few little things of minor importance.
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*looks at all the responses* Hmm mum mum? You were saying, SilpheedPilot? :therock:
Yeah, I'm going to 7th this year and just turned 12 on the 2nd. :huh:

Name: Jordan Kyuko

Age: 13 :grumble:

Activity: Band-oboe

Description: Has ear length brown hair with chin length bangs. Has icy blue eyes and likes to wear two necklaces around her neck all the time. Likes wearing carpenter jeans that are faded and ripped up (that she did herself). Wears a white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and a sky blue vest. Built to kick butt, not run fast. Been described as somewhat of a punk and is kinda tan from summer.

Bio: Jordan is one of the more...stranger...people in school. She is in no means "popular" *shudders* and doesn't follow fashin statements. She spends more time in her sketchpad than doing work, which causes her to get somewhat bad grades, according to her standards (":bawl: I got a B+" kinda thing...seriously). Smart, mature, and one of the best artists in the school.


Items: Blue and silver backpack, book-sized sketchbook, binder that's covered with various pics from Golden Sun, a trapper with the words "The Otaku Agents Survival Kit" on the front, and her "scared" drawing pencil.
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Hey if there aren't enough girls I can fight guys.
In the Battle Arena I always fight guys...
Now that I think about it I've never fought a girl before...

Our location I think is somewhere in the US.

I've decided to add something.
Ki has always been a fair person and always kind but when it comes to mean people and bullies she turns rough.She gets reasonable grades for someone that has just arrived on Earth.She is an exellent fighter despite what others may think.When she has the will she can do anything...Literally.Now and again she glows with a palish yellowy orange raidience.Only special members of the school can see it(You guys).
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SilpheedPilot [/i]
[B]What is with the Goth/Punks?! Besides...Goth and good grades dont mix...At all..A female who can kick butt isn't too common...Very weird, actually..Just letting everyone know, thats all..Alright, I'm thinking that no one should respond to this or we will have a Moderator breathing down our necks in no time. [/B][/QUOTE]

[font=gothic][color=indigo]You're gonna get a mod breathing down your neck just based on the stereotypes. I'm a goth, and I tend to have a straight A report card, as do most of my non-gothic friends, so I don't know what the hell you're on about there, and I know plenty of females who could probably kick the hell out of you. Of course, several of them are second of third degree blackbelts, and could kick the hell out of me as well....

But onto the point, whether you tell people not to reply or not, posts like that, especially ones less than fact checked, really aren't neccessary.[/font][/color]
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[color=teal][b]Name:[/b]Hideki Kanryu


[b]Activity:[/b]Band - Flute

[b]Description:[/b]Black hair that sweeps across his brow, pale silver eyes that seem to reflect the will of heaven. At 5'3", his frame is well-built, not quite muscular, but still strong. A single scar decorates his handsome face, dashing just under his lft eye straight to his chin. Always wears a green tank top and either tight-fitting white jeans or tight-fitting blue jeans. He usually wears a thin black jacket to cover his arms, which is a superstition with him.

[b]Bio:[/b]Having been s subject of exteme violence with his parents, he lives with his aunt and uncle, the owners of a fine restaurant in town. After his father gave him the long gash on his face for wetting the bed at age three, Hideki began to think he'd become like them. He drove himself to a perfection akin to that od Soichrou Arime from Kare Kano, but even more intensely. He took up playing the flute as a way of expressing the pain of his life in music. His life with his aunt and uncle is very much different from his life with his parents, being much better and more love-filled. He doesn't realize anything about his exceptional skills with the flute or even his looks.


[b]Items:[/b]Textbooks, Schoolbag (one strap severed on purpose), jacket, Thin flute case (in school bag), ordinary school supplies, sometimes carries Magic cards pending on mood of the teachers in class.[/color]
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Name:Anne Margret
Afternoon Sport: Baseball
Description: Long green hair with white tips,always wears blue lipstick,always waers ponytails,5'8",a very lean looking girl,wears a blue turtleneck with a white shirt on top of it that says angel on it,camo. pants that are ripped,and brown highheel boots.
Bio.: She's the kinda girl that doesn't care about what she looks like.She's the stronge silent tipe.She lives with her mom that gets waisted all the time so she has to fend for herself.Her face is ether in books,or hitting someone ealses.She gets in alot of cat fights and fights with boys and wins.
Schedule: 1 period: Homeroom-Mrs.Chue
2 period: S.S.-Mr.Asule
3 period: Math-Ms.Turdykqu
4 period: Gym-Mr.Brown
5 period: Cooking-Mrs.D.
6 period: Science-Mr.Brown
7 period: Lunch-Mr.+Mrs.Judd
8 period: Lang. Arts-Mr.Brown
9 period: Homeroom-Mrs.Chue
Items: School bag,textbooks,pencils,paper,pens,notebook,binder,and bat baseball.
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Can u pm me when we start playing k thank you :)

Name:Yuri Blake


Description:Long purple hair goes past her shoulders,wears a blue
skirt with a white shirt,wears black dress shoes

Bio:Yuri is very shy she only talks when she is ask to,she likes to read.She is new and does not now anyone yet.She lives in a medium house with her father and cat.Her mother died when she was 5.She likes to swim and walk on the beach.She also love to sing and hopes to
show off in her choir class

1st Period: Homeroom - Mr. White
2nd Period: Cooking-Mr.D
3rd Period: S.S. Mrs. Bacon
4th Period: Gym - Mr. Brown
5th Period: Ms. Kim - Math
6th Period: Mrs. Scott - Science
7th Period: Lunch
8th Period: Choir-Mis.Lizz
9th Period: Homeroom - Mr. White

Items:a blue school bag,class books,note books, loose leaf paper,
folders,hello kitty pencils and pens,binder with hello kitty on it,and a book called Falling Down.
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[B]Name:[/B] Valerie Trina Hughes

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Activity:[/B] Voice - Female

[B]Description:[/B] Chin-length blond hair with red highlights, green eyes, round nose, pierced lip, three piercings on her right ear, wears a jean jacket over a red shirt with "Take No Survivors" printed in blue on the front, black fingerless gloves, dark blue baggy jeans, and black boots

[B]Bio:[/B] Valerie was a very happy child early in her life, and she always expressed it in song. This talent was passed down by her father, Alexander Hughes. But one day, Valerie came home to a crying mother and found out that her father was dying. She visited him in the hospital and talked and sang with him for hours until his voice slowly faded and he passed away. With no men in the house any longer, Valerie took up different styles of fighting to protect herself and her mother; her favorite so far, is Kendo. However, she never lets her training get in the way with her father's wish: to never stop singing. She is currently looking for a punk or metal band to join, even though her mother thinks that she would be wasting such a beautiful singing voice.

1st Period: Homeroom - Mr. White
2nd Period: Art - Mrs. Denko
3rd Period: S.S. Mrs. Bacon
4th Period: Gym - Mr. Brown
5th Period: Ms. Kim - Math
6th Period: Mrs. Scott - Science
7th Period: Lunch
8th Period: Art - Mrs. Denko
9th Period: Homeroom - Mr. White

[B]Items:[/B] A plain red backpack, text books, pencils, throat lozenges, an electronic tuner, a notepad for writing lyrics, a bokken, and a shinai
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@.@ So many things wrong......

Well....Because I will never be able to make the Schedules...Just make one up.Here are some teachers we have right now......Also you must have one of the main teachers for homeroom....I'll show you guys what the Schedules should look like.

Mr. White-Homeroom(if you pick him as a hoomroom teacher),Lang. Arts

Ms.Kim-Hoomroom(if you pick her as a hoomroom teacher),Math

Mrs.Bacon-Hoomroom(if you pick her as a hoomroom teacher)S.S

Ok...Here is the Science teacher Mrs. Scott- Science


Art- Mrs. Denko

Gym- Mr. Brown

Also...Katana and Double_B_Daigo,remake yours.Also people give them english like names.I'll give each main teacher a story and stuff.Like I may have said before,use edit when putting your Schedules in your sign up.

1st Period:Homeroom
2nd Period:First teacher
3rd Period:First Non-Team teacher
4th Period:Non-Team teacher
5th Period:Second Teacher
6th Period:Third Teacher
7th Period:Launch
8th Period:Fourth Teacher
9th Period:Go home time thing....You pack up,and students take up the time to talk to buddies.You are in the same class as your homeroom teacher.

I'm giving everybody four days to edit.I will have school,so if I am not back here in four days,Ohkami will have to start.I may be neck high in work.

Ohkami,if people aren't done with their sign ups,they can't post in the RPG till they are.If we don't have alot of people done,don't start and wait till we have 7.

[spoiler]Sign ups are now CLOSED.[/spoiler]

Hehe...That's a new way to make people to look:p
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