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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Klinanime1
[B]Her shoulders look odd, as does her chin[/B][/QUOTE]
[COLOR=coral][SIZE=1]That's why I called it a minor disaster. I can't draw anyone sideways, so I don't know why I even tried.^^
As for the shoulders, I'm still working on how to draw arms in such a sleeve.
I'm quite proud of the coloring myself. ^^ I did it with a mix of crayons, pastels and colorpencils. My best combo. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=coral][SIZE=1]Heh..yeah, she isn't too pink.^^ The original color scheme for her a metallic pink and gold, but it never worked out. Once again, I don't like the face too much (looks like play doh)

It's cut off prolly cause it was too big. I resized it and it looks extremely scrunched up though.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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ok here goes:
The head could be placed a little forward. Now it looks like shes cold or sumfin and pulls her head back. ^-^ 2nd the arm begins very thin and goes to pretty thick. Looks a bit like popeye lol.
Also i like how you did the biggest wings. The one near the "camera" is big and spread and the other one is sidewarts, so it looks flat, thats well done. THough the pink ones are both fully spread so it looks a bit like the fartest points forward Oo;;... And last: Her hands and Feet are a bit small...
Though the expression is succesfull like you said.
But ehm... I know how hard it is to draw sidewarts bah. I can only draw dragon heads sidewarts but when it comes to human bodies i suck -.-;;
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