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Sephiroth Versus Final Flash


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[as the people on earth carry on their normal days, everyone stops]

person1: hey, can you feel that?

person2: yeah, you don't think its...them, do you?

person1: I'm afraid so, looks like they're gonna have a huge fight

person2: I gotta call the camera crew, people worldwide MUST see this!

person1: definately!

[a while later, a man going by the name of sephiroth, lands at a desolate place]

seph: hmmm, I'm sure he will find me here, I'm sure of it....

to be continued....
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[I]Flash slowly hovers down from the sky, and lands on the rocky ground... dust blows past, as he stands like a rock, not moving an inch... From the outside, he is smirking, and appears to be completley confident, without any fear of losing... But deep down, he is concentrating, thinking about all possible options...[/I]

Sephiroth: Flash, you're here...
Flash: Indeed I am, Seph... Shall we begin this dance?
Sephiroth: Heh heh, alright...
Flash: I'll even let you make the first move..
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha, big mistake...

[I]Sephiroth springs off the ground, and launches himself at Flash...[/I]
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[as flash defends himself, sephiroth speeds right through him]

flash: wtf?!

[and again, sephiroth speeds right through him again, but the 3rd time was the real sephiroth, who landed a huge right punch at flash, sending him bouncing on the ground]

seph: heh heh, an interesting technique that the kaio-shin of the north had taught me
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Flash *getting up* Oh really? Well here's a little thing [I]I[/I] taught [I]myself[/I]!

[I]Flash throws a huge punch at Sephiroth, who easily dodges it...[/I]

Sephiroth: What? Is that all you've...

[I]As Seph is turning around to catch Flash, Flash's arm swings around, and wraps him up, then lifts him up off the ground, slowly begining to choke him... He looks down at Flash... Somehow, his arm has grown to be at least 5 metres long...[/I]

Sephiroth: What!? *cough* how?
Flash: Heh heh... Lemme put it like this, I'm not all Saiyajin...
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seph: I'm....not full....saiya-jin either!

[sephiroth begins to elbow flash in the ribs, after a while flash lets go, and as soon as he did, sephiroth grabbed him from the back, jumped high into the air, and landed with flash in front of him hard into the ground]

seph: heh heh

flash: *getting up* what the hell was that? reminds me of yoshimitsu's move from tekken 3 where he grabs you from behind

seph: yes

flash: oh, I see, heh
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sephiroth [/i]
[B]well, not much of a match when both participants are away from their computers, and flash is not on until much later on.... [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]And I know that all too well... Considering your ego and Flash's, this match will keep going all through 2002.
Sabirsing: ...really thrilling...can't wait for the next part... Who do you think will win?

Spirits: Sephiroth...

Sabirsing: Amusing...they're evenly matched, in strenth, speed, and pride...[/COLOR]
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and ego's too, although I suspect flash's ego is bigger than my own....


announcer: hurry up with that camera you fool! they've started already!

cameraman: yes boss!

[they arrive and are standing at a battlefield]

announcer: ladies and gentlemen, KTV is proud to bring you this exclusive report, as we speak, sephiroth and final flash are battling each other, now lets take a look at whats happening....

to be continued....
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Flash: Try this on for size! Udebunrikogeki!!

[I]Flash pulls off his right arm, and throws it towards Sephiroth... Then his left arm falls off and also flies towards Sephiroth... They float in Midair, attacking Sephiroth with rapid, harsh punches from all directions... While Seph tries to defend against Flash's arms, Flash himself appears behind Seph, and kicks him swiftly in the back of the head, sending him sprawling into the dirt... Flash's arms float back over to him, and reconnect... Flash stretches, then cracks his knuckles...[/I]

Seph: ...Ughh... What the hell are you?
Flash: Ha ha ha, you'll see...
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seph: try this on for size!

[sephiroth puts both hands in front of him]


flash: ah, the good old kamehameha!

[flash puts up his arms in defence when suddenly sephiroth disappears]

flash: huh, what the?!

[sephiroth suddenly appears right in front of flash]

flash: $hit!

seph: HAAAAAAAA!!!!

[the whole of the kamehameha hits flash at point blank range]
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[I]After the smoke clears, Seph and the onlookers view where Flash was once standing... But now, instead of seeing Flash, they see only his lower torso... The upper half has been completley vapourised...[/I]

Sephiroth: Aww, your kidding me! That was way too easy... D@mn, I thought I was in for a challenge..

[I]As Seph begins to walk away, Flash regenerates... After about 7 seconds, Flash is completley healed... He looks at Sephiroth, and flies at him with a huge Forearm-smash, decking Sephiroth easily from behind...[/I]

Flash: Ha ha ha, I told you I'm not all Saiyajin...
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[sephiroth gets up]

seph: and how many times have I told you before that neither am I!

[both warriors grin at each other]

seph: now, let me test out your power!

[sephiroth concentrates and suddenly there are now 4 sephiroths standing in front of flash]

flash: hmmm, multi-form

[all four sephiroth's surround flash and put a 2 fingers on their foreheads, charging up with energy, suddenly they all point their fingers at flash]

seph: MAKKENKOSOPPOU!!! (special beam cannon)
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[I]Flash waits until the last second, and then jumps clear of the beams.. They all smash into each other, exploding violently... He lands nearby, and grins at the 4 Sephiroths...[/I]

Flash: Hmmm, Let's count... One, Two, Three, Four Sephs... Heh heh...

[I]Flash powers up, and holds his hands out in front of him... 8 small blobs of Flesh appear, and then land on the ground... In a few seconds, they all grow into small Flash juniors...[/I]

Flash: Ha ha ha... Flash Juniors... Nice trick, eh?

[I]The Sephiroths grit their teeth, and take on the Flash juniors, 1 on 2... Flash speeds over, and begins to give assistence to his 'Children'...[/I]
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seph: nice trick, but with one thing wrong

flash: oh?

seph: when I use multi-form, NONE of the sephiroth's lose any power, each are as strong as I am alone

flash: hmm, didn't think that was possible

[as the sephiroth's clones and flash jr's battle each other, it becomes clear that they are equal]

seph: ok, sephiroth's, gather around and join me!

[all the sephiroth's fly high into the air]

seph: heh, try this on for size, FINAL FLASH!!!

[the the sephiroth's power up and each one fire's a final flash]
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Flash: Son of a... That's my attack!

[I]Flash shouts something to his Flash juniors, and they all do something amazing... in an instant, they all fuse into each other, so now there are only 4 Flash juniors, but each is now more than twice as powerful..[/I]

Flash: Ready!? Do it!!

[I]All the Fused-Flash juniors grasp their wrists, and power up an attack...[/I]


[I]The 4 Mini-Flash's each fire a powerful beam, each of which counters one of the Sephiroths energy beams... A huge Ki war ensues, each Warrior putting as much power as possible into their blasts...[/I]
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