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Sign Up Digimon: Expedition


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[b][size=1][center][i]This is the...[/i]


[u]The World:[/u]

[i]In the digital world. There are many wonders in this world. Creatures called Digimon rome free in it. Now, there are 3 types of evolution.

1. Digivolution- Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega.
2. Digiegg- Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, 2 Armors and Champion.
3. Digimorph- Hybrid Human, Hybrid Beast, Hybrid Ancient, Hybrid Mega. (1 and 2 also get Biomerge)[/i]

[u]The Problem:[/u][/center]

But something bad has happened. A human has connected with the Digital world. He calls himself the Digimon King. He has a digimon of his own:

Baby: Kuramon
Attacks- Glare eye

What he does is he enslaves Digimon with an object called a "Dark Ring". He discovered this when he first appeared in the digital world he found a broken one on the ground. He put it together and voila! One Dark Ring! Now, most of the Digital World as we know it is controlled by this thing. If you destroy whats called a Dark Chip then all the Digimon in that area will be freed. But the Dark Chips are so much smaller than the Dark Spire. They're about as big as your palm. Meaning, hard to find. But you don't know this yet! >.< So, forget everything told you! :p You are just a teenager who doesn't even know what a Digimon is. No one does.

[center]Character Sign-Ups:[/center]

Name: (what people will call you)
Age: (12-16 only)
Gender: (male or female?)
Appearance: (what d'you look like?)
Personality: (what d'you act like?)
Background: (what's your family life? no sappy stuff!)

[u]My Character sign-up:[/u]

Name: Matt

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Matt has bright pure Blonde hair that shines in the sun. He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small silver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He also has bright blue eyes. He's 5"7 and only 96 lbs. Which makes him very fast. He also has a year round tan.

Personality: Matt is one of the kindest guys around. One time his girlfriend had to give him permission to kiss her. He's very sociable with everyone. And very funny.

Background: Matt's the school Running Long Jump Champ and is also one of the best runners on the Track team. He has the normal family. His mom and dad are normal parents. His brother has gone to Law Enforcement College.

[center][u]Digimon Sign-Ups:[/u][/center]

Digimon Class: (1, 2 or 3?)
Each Digimon starts as a Fresh/Baby.

Make sure to include your Digimon's attacks and a picture! If you can't get a picture than PM me and I'll give you one. You are allowed to make-up a Digimon but I'd prefer if you didn't. [url=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidexE.html]This[/url] is a good site for Digimon. It has lots! :freak:

[u]My Digimon Sign-Up:[/u]

Digimon Class: 1.

Mokumon / Fresh / Smokey Blow

DemiMeramon / In-Training / Fireball

Flamon / Rookie / Baby Salamander

Agunimon / Champion / Burning Salamander, Salamander Break

BurningGreymon / Ultimate / Pyro Barrage, Wildfire Tsunami

Aldamon / Mega / Atomic Inferno, Solar Wind Destroyer

KaiserGreymon / ??? / 9-Headed Dragon Ranks, Dragon Flame Attack

The Kuramon pic doesn't seem to be working so if you wanna see the Digimon then do a picture search or something. :p[/size][/b]
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Name: Kitty

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long brown hair w/ highlights at the bottom, green eyes, and is 5'7". She wears a light blue shirt that says "Stay back, my condition is contagious", blue jeans, and sneakers. She has a necklace with a cat charm on it, and a watch.

Personality: She's very quiet and laid back. She's also a tomboy. She rarely talks to anyone even her friends, but can be very kind, but to her enemies, she is very vicious.

Background: Her family ignores her giving her time to do whatever she wants. If anyone bothers her she will literally throw them across the hallway. She is very into art. The only one she talks to at home is her cat.


Digimon class: 1

Reremon/Fresh/Bubbles, Metamorphises

Viximon/In-Training/Killing stone

Renamon/Rookie/Diamond storm, Rapid kick, Power paw, Flaying kick

Kyuubimon/Champion/Dragon wheel, Fox tail inferno

Taomon/Ultimate/Talisman Spell, Talisman of light, Talisman star

Sakuyamon/Mega/Dragon Helix, Spirit Crusher, Talisman Sphere, Twin Blades of Beauty, Amethyst Wind, Crystal Sphere, Scepter Dash

Please tell me the bio merge digimon. I can't find it. The pictures are at your site so just look there. I don't think my computer will let me show pics on this site because it's a pain in the butt.
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Kesaki: No, you only play as the Tamer. Sort of like a Pokemon adventure.

Everyone: I'm taking out the biomerge. So if you take a digimon that has no Mega but a Biomerge (like Renamon) then just pretend the Biomerge is a Mega.

dbzanimegrl17: It's not [i]my[/i] site. (I wish it was though) ;)

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Name: Tyler

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tyler has slighty tanded skin and is always wearing cut-off jeans, meaning the lower area has been cut short. He has dark brown hair and shocking green eyes, he also wears Sun-glasses most of the time. His choice of shirt is normally long sleeved and medium or dark in colour, the lower part of the shirt arms are normally a different colour from the rest.

Personality: He doesn't go for group stuff well but if he has to he will work with the group. He tends to keep quiet while the others discuss maters, much like his Partner Ryuudamon he feels himself and bit of a loner and thinks that power is the key to Digivolution and being respected

Background: Tyler was born in Australlia where he and his parents lived for about 6 years. They moved to Canada because his farther, who worked for a large company, got a better job there and Tyler had to leave his old life and old friends behind and since then he was been quite distant with others

[B][U]Digimon Digivolutions[/U][/B]

Baby: [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/Fufumon.jpg]Fufumon[/URL]
In-Training: [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Kyokyomon.jpg]Kyokyomon[/URL]
Rookie: [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Ryuudamon.jpg]Ryuudamon[/URL]
Champion: [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Raptordramon.jpg]Raptordramon[/URL]
Ultimate: [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Greidorumon.gif]Glademon[/URL]
Mega: [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied/images/Alphamon.gif]Alphamon[/URL]

[B][U]Digimon Attacks[/U][/B]
Fufumon: Small Iron Thorn
Kyokyomon: Metal Straw
Ryuudamon: Iai Blade, Helmet Return
Raptordramon: Ambush Crush
Glademon: Crossing Blade, Double Sword
Alphamon: Sword of Honour, Excalibur Strike
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Name: Meteora

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearence: Looks like Chaos from Xenosaga cept with red hair and red eyes.

Personality: He is a carefree kid and loves making friends. He has a darker side to himthough that not even he is aware of.

Background: He was abandoned when he was a baby so he doesnt even remember hisname so he got his name bylooking at a window and saw it so he decided that Meteora would be his name. He has ha d to fight for himself his wholelife. He found his Digimon when he went on the net after he bought a Laptop.

Fresh - Poyomon: Bubble Blow
In-Training - Tokomon: Bubble Blast
Rookie - Patamon: Boom Bubble
Champion - Angemon: Hand of Fate, Angle Staff
Ultimate - MagnaAngemon: Gate of Destiny, Excalibur, Magna Antidote
Mega - Seraphimon: Seven Heavens, Hallowed Knuckle, Angel Cure

I need help on the one's with question marks.[/color][/size][/i]
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Fresh - Poyomon: Bubble Blow
In-Training - Tokomon: Bubble Blast
Rookie - Patamon: Boom Bubble
Champion - Angemon: Hand of Fate, Angle Staff
Ultimate - MagnaAngemon: Gate of Destiny, Excalibur, Magna Antidote
Mega - Seraphimon: Seven Heavens, Hallowed Knuckle, Angel Cure

We need probly one more.[/b]

-=§=- :wave:[/size]
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Name: Chris Moore
Age: 16 (17 Really)
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'6 Brown Skin, Short Blue Hair, And Dark Brown Eyes
Personality: Quiet At First But Talks Alot When You Get To Know Him. Very Funny Always Telling Jokes.
Background: I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when I was about 7. My whole family loves rap, I dislike (Not Hate) it. Makes friends easily. (Sorry So Short Have To Leave Finish Later)
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Guest DNADigivolve
Can I be?? If so:

Name: Zach
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: A Typical goggle head.
Apperence: Kind of a mix between Takato and Davis but with blonde hair.
Background: He was born in Costa Mesa, California and has lived there since. He has a 10 year old sister named Jenn, and his parents, David and Lily, own the family bakery.


Chibomon/Fresh/Bubble Blow

DemiVeemon/In-Training/Pop Attack

Veemon/Rookie/V Headbutt

Ex-Veemon/Champion/V Laser

Paildramon/Ultimate/Desparado Blaster

Impiraldramon/Mega/Mega Crusher

Impiraldramon Fighter Mode/Mega Mode/Giga Crusher

Impiraldramon Paladin Mode/Mega DNA (w/ Omnimon)/Omega Slash

Other Digivolutions:

Flamedramon/Armor (Digiegg of Courage)/Fire Rockets

Raidramon/Armor (Digiegg of Friendship)/Thunder Blast

Magnamon/Armor (Digiegg of Miracles)/Magna Blast

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[size=1][color="#CC0000"]DNADigivolve, please don't bring back old and inactive RPGs. It clutters up the Inn and it can get confusing when members are looking for new RPGs to join. It's generally a wise idea to stay on the first couple pages when looking for something to join (that, and always check the date, heh).

Just in case you haven't yet, read over OB's rules and the Inn's sticky to get a little more familiar with how the boards and specifically the Arena work before you post again. If you have any questions, you can private message a moderator or take them up in the Suggestions and Feedback forum. ^_^[/color][/size]
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