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This is a new installment in the Lord of the Rings saga and I will be taking only 7 people plus the villian so here goes:

500 years have passed since the Dark Lord Sauron's great demise Aragorn and the warriors of Gondor and Rohan keeping a close eye on the blasted land of Mordor. After the last battle Baradurwas deserted and with it the land of Mordor. The Dark Lord's followers fled and the Nine Horsemen vanquished. But the happenings of late have aroused Rohan,Gondor, and the surrounding lands. Orcs,trolls, and other dark creatures have begun to resurface and enter the Dark Gates once again. A light shines from Baradur and the fires of Mt. Doom flare. The people of middle earth fear for the worst and rumors are beginning to spread that the Dark Lord has risen once again. When the people of Middle Earth begin to feel safe again their hopes are thwarted by the appearance of the Nine Riders. The horn of Gondor has been sounded and the people of middle earth once again are called to arms. The army will march to Mordor once again and fight for the freedom of Middle Earth.

Okay here are the requirements.....
Everyone will be a leader of one race: People of Gondor, People of Rohan, Elves, Dwarves, Ents, Wizards, or Rangers. Then one to be Sauron the leader of the army of orcs,trolls,goblins,dragons, etc.

Name: You can make one up or be a real character
Race: above (you can make your own race but within reason I mean not all powerfull)
Weapons: Your armies weapons (within reason this is the middle ages)
Specialties: your races spcialties
# of men at disposal: not too many

This is what I am:
Appearance: scraggly shoulder length black hair. Piercing green eyes. Athletic build as of all rangers. traditional ranger garb.
Race: Rangers
Weapons: Swords, Bows, Daggers
Specialties: Tracking, Swordplay, Herbs, fighting ability
# of Men at disposal: about 100

Follow these guidelines
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wouldnt Aragorn be dead? ^_^' Hey, there can be females who kick butt too right?

This is what I am
Name: Arici (female ya foo)
Appearance: Very short blond hair, blue eyes, scar acroos cheek, and wears a tunic, pants, belt and some other this and that doohickys...
Race: Rohan
Weapons: Glaive, Dirk, and a few daggers...
Specialties: Swordsmen ship, speed, scouting
# of Men at disposal: 50
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Name: Nova (F)
Appearance: Delicate long blonde hair. Pale, nearly translucent skin. Bright blue eyes. Slim and tall. Elven gear.
Race: Elves
Weapons: Mainly bow and arrow, but also light swords and long daggers.
Specialties: Wisdom, amazing archery, knowledge of nature, speed and agility, some healing abilities.
# of Elves at disposal: about 80 (I can make this more or less if you'd like.)
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Name: Keiomer
Appearance: Short dark hair, thin goatee beard, Grey eyes, long black coat and leather pants, dark green lather jerkin, black hooded undershirt, 5'8, lithe and muscular
Race: Human/Gondor
Weapons: Swords (of course), bows, spears
Specialties: Hunting, tracking, leadership, fighting ability and swordplay, general ranger abilities...plus those of a general (this is gondor we're talking about)
# of men at disposal: 50 (at the very most)
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Name: Pulmongor
Apperance: Short about 5"6, Hairy Feet, Long Red Curly Hair, Long Beard, Blue Eyes, Kind of Fat, I'm wearing.... nothing just kidding a brown Tunic with some brown goats skin pants. Wearing one of the rings given to the Dwarves by Sauron on my finger.
Race: Mothers a Hobbit Fathers a Dwarf...so a Dwobbit
Weaopon: A Huge Ax with a little hammer like Marvels Thor on my side
Specialties: I'm very strong and can lift 500 pounds, A skilled Woodman. I am Miner. Immune to my Rings power I have control of its magic or does it control me.
# of Men: 25 We Dwarves don't leave the mines much
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Name: Koris Orcbane

Appearance: Short with braided brown hair. Like all men of the dwarves, he has rough skin from being around furnaces of molten rock all of the time.

Race: Dwarves

Weapons: A wide assortment of axes, generaly one battle axe and two throwing axes for each soldier.

Specialties: Immune to all types of fire from working in furnaces.

Number of men: 75
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Hey, this is my debut return to otakuboards, My family has had to move several time because of my fathers death. I don't care to talk about it however, and just wanted to assure you that the residence is now permanent. I hope i can join.

I'd like to play an evil guy if possible.

Name: Gorthol (Literally sindarin for "Dread Helm" a mockery of turin turumbar's alias of the first age)

Race: Nazgul (I dont want to be sauron.. So i'm assuming this would be his left hand man.)

Appearance: Without the ring he has taken a more physical form, a great man of blackened flesh, grey hair billowing from his helm like smoke, and peircing black eyes rimmed with silver. His face appears skull-like and sunken, his skin streched across his jaw create a death-grin. He is larger than his previous, etherial, form.

Weapon: A great ball-and chain, the ball modled into the semblance of a human skull. He carries a two handed sword on his back for more "personal" engagements.

Specialties: Immune to fear (he's to busy fearing sauron), inhuman strength and fortitude, Absolute intimidation, Command over the weak, Mastery in his sword "Grist" and mace "Grond" (lotr fans will get the reference).

Number of creatures under his control: 1 flying beast (if allowed as a mount), 20 trolls, 10 Olag-hai, 50 uruk hai, 150 lesser orcs. The other eight nazgul follow his lead unless specifically required by Sauron. (Note: i'm not trying to be gratuitous in my supply of men, i just consider the average orc much weaker than a gondorian soldier for example. If you want me to add or subract any of these numbers, by all means i can edit.)

Edit: Is anyone playing this?? no replies in a few days.. I'm not sure if it's going under or what.
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