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Anime If you could have three things from any anime, what would they be?


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[color=purple] Have you ever watched an anime and thiught, "gee i just love her clothes or man i want that _____?" This thread it tell the ob about it. So if you could have 3, just three, things from any anime what would they be (no, charachters are not an option)
My three are:
Faye's boots (when i first saw them i was like "wow those are the coolest shoes ever!!") ~Cowboy Bebop
Vash's glasses :D ~Trigun
Inuyasha's Necklace-thingy ~Inuyasha
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I definitely want Shishio's sword(Kenshin)... I want to see if I can do that little flame thingy he does...(I'll probably end up burning myself though).. second to that, I want Wolfwood's Punisher(Trigun). I fell in love with that weapon the first time I saw it. And after that... perhaps that Kuroneko from Trigun? I love that cat.
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Guest Anime_Forever
The three things that I would want from any Anime would be Vash's .45 Long Colt, Legato's mind control powers, and Jing's Kir Royale.
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Let me see?

Keitaro's life from Love Hina
Tenchi's life from Tenchi Muyo
InuYasha's demon powers and looks.

Now lets see if i can rap that up.

A handssome white haired demon going to college in Tokyo with 5 beutiful alien girls who all are in love with him... Sounds nice.
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Vash's gunarm -Trigun
Gundam Zero's preminition ability -Gundam Wing
009's acceleration mode -Cyborg 009

You have to relize, that if you did have the three things you wanted from an anime, you'd probably want three different things in about a month
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I would like:

Knives' black .45 long colt revolver ~Trigun
Things to come out of my head ~FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly)
Heie's jigon eye ~ Yu Yu Hakusho

I guess that's what I would want and if not for things to come out of my head then:

Ranma's curse ~Ranma 1/2 (Why? I don't really know.)
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[color=teal][size=1]Three things I would like to have from an anime? Well lets see here.

I've always ALWAYS wanted Gene Starwinds Caster Gun (with unlimited Caster shots of course)

The Guyver suit, to be able to control gravity, cut through anything, and enhanced abilities would be very cool to have.

I can only think of two things.. heh.[/color][/size]
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Three things that i would want:

I would like to have Alucard(Hellsing) appearence/personality, since hes got the coolest hair in the world. Im probably going to try and get mny hair like that but its going to be pretty hard. Also like the personality that he was in which he kills low-life people and takes life as a joke.

I would love to have Kirika's(Noir) Beretta M1934, that gun is great. Its an Italian WW2 gun and it is a pretty powerful pistol (9mm x 17).

Last thing i would want is probably Menchi from Excel Saga (dont ask my why i just couldnt think of anything else). Just think about it, you can either have it as your companion or eat it. Menchi....must eat.
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I would like a spirit gun from Yu Yu Hakusho a sakabatou from Rurouni Kenshin and a Kir Royale from King of Bandits Jing. "GIMME A KIR ROYALE!"
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I'd like the Millenium Eye and accompanying hair from Yu-Gi-Oh. That way I could, you know, read people's minds and stuff....I'd finally know what girls are thinking....

I'd also like Wolfwood's outfit from Trigun. (You think he'd get really hot wearing all black in the dessert...)

Finally, I'd like a cabbit, from Tenchi Muyo. Cabbit!!

Oh...and if we're not limitred to just anime, I'd swap out Wolfwood's threads for Neo's in The Matrix, and I'd drop the cabbit for an alien symbiote from Spider-Man. :demon: Tis' cool...
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The three things I would love to have. Are:

1. Kakashi's skills - Naruto

2. Kazuma's Prgramming abilty - Detective Academy Q

3. Kyuu's reasoning skills - Detective Academy Q

Which would make a Genius ninja programmer with logic like a champ. That'd be sweet. Imagine how fast I could type if I moved my chakara to my hands!! Plus I'd know Japanese ~_o
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I have alot of things muhahah and some things i made up

Vash's leather outfit - but I would have a under suit that regulates body temperature

Older Yahiko's outfit from Samurai X reflections - but his hakama pants would be shorts that tighten up right above the knee, and the keikogi he is wearing would be sleeveless or a baggy sleeve , also the hakama and keikogi would be black, but instead of blue and white stripes on the collar, they would be black and white stripes.
Here is a link to a image of older yahiko so you know what im talking about.


I couldnt find full body shots :( and I couldnt load my seisouhen pics ontu a host :-/ sorry

Also I would have Older Yahiko's body, MUHAHA lol

I would have two sidekicks, Hanya of the Oniwabans, and Yuukyuzan Anji, and since Yuukyuzan is a awkward name, Ive decided to change it to Belenos!

We would form a group called the Three Spirits, we would have a tattoo on our upper back in the middle of three spirits, you know the three swirly spirits on the Spirit Medallion in Zelda Ocarina of Time, thats what it would look like but black, and in a circle.

Our powers would consist of
-Immortality from the great dragon in DBZ!
-Legato's ability
-And the ability of the Millinium Eye, and Millinium Anhk, but the power would be eternal so it could never be takin away nor have to wear something that makes you look like Mr-T.
-Also my weapons would be two specially designed Kodachi's and the blade, adamantium(the uber metal from the X-Men).
-Also have spider since, strength, and acute awareness
-My abilities of the sword would be the combinations of Himura Kenshin, Aoshi, Shishio, and Hiko.
-I would also possess the Eye of the Heart, that Usui of the JG had.
-Vash's marksmenship
-Deadpools and Ninja Scroll ninja abailities
-Also if you ever played Shinobi for PS2, the shadow technique Hotsuma performes, and the Force Dart Technique Hotsuma's brother performes.

Yaya way past the limit of three :P
I know, im a true Otaku
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